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Building Your Audience with Live Video

Lesson 22 of 26

Create Engaging Webinar Content

Casey Zeman

Building Your Audience with Live Video

Casey Zeman

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22. Create Engaging Webinar Content

Lesson Info

Create Engaging Webinar Content

Here's an idea so I will be sharing you know this how you do it my story of how we went from a broke actor to a failed mortgage broker to creating a six figure successful six figure business built around my terms passion goals through the power of webinars and this is what I'm going to be sharing with you right? I'm going to share these gold nuggets that I've never shared before that that very few people know so that by the end of this weapon are you will learn how you can use this three part system to start selling your product or service is successfully to a hungry audience within forty eight hours right? So by doing something like this as a head of time thing you are creating that anticipation that expectation for what they're going to learn and also why they should stay to learn and at this point so just so you're aware I kind of if you want to think about this this aspect the pre show buzz think about that is almost like a ten minutes okay five to ten minute assumes you started th...

e event itself right getting personal now you just did a little bit right it was a failed mortgage mortgage failed health after three mortgage broker six figures building my business all around my passions and my ideals right that's kind of a concept that you've already you've already shared a little bit about that but now you want to get personal on a deeper level your struggles deeper struggles your pain points the conflict get on a personal level with them anthony will your story was a perfect story share that story on a webinar share that story you know highlight that story in the pre buzz just a little bit just a taste of it but you're now going to go in and talk about who you are and you're also going to now bring in like social proof at this point right so why are you the authority why you're the expert why should I be listening to you if you have anything like publications that you can put on there uh anything at all but your story is enough in my opinion of that of that expertise if your story is I started here and I had to get to a point where you know I had to teach myself t jump these hurdles and finally get here and then so I went through all this process this learning this try on air to finally get to this place dennis I've helped you know x y and z I have held a number of people get to this place in their lives and that's why I'm here to share this with you so that you can achieve the same result and that's the solution right? You're going to talk about what solution you're going to provide them you're not going tell them exactly what content they're going to learn but you're going to tell them that you're there to help them finally with that issue that problem that concern that you had that relates to what they're having yeah now you can as I said, you get personal you khun you know show images in your slides that's oftentimes that's what I do well have any image of me my wife at tahoe and me maybe singing and you know on stage they're just some just some things that make him make a very personal connection right? These are all images that I took by the way so that s o this makes that really personal connection with your with your audience right social proof as I mentioned something like this having having just these little things up let them know why why you can talk about this while you're kind of the authority if you have any of these you don't have to have any of this that if you do it's great if you don't it doesn't matter he wrote a book have the book up there say I wrote this book this is what this is why so anything that will help them understand why you're the expert you know leaders in the trenches in my podcast it's no no no worthy don't feel bad about sharing your awards your success is why people have conceived and see you as that expert this is your time to do that. Ok? Don't feel bad about it. Let that let that come out. Ok. And the content now let's. So getting personal. How long is that? How long do you think you're going to do? Getting personal for five minutes. Or you or you have risen had five minutes. I'd take. I'd say probably more like ten minutes. Yeah, five to ten minutes is what I would say. You know? What about you, jean? Do you do this? I do it. But I I respectfully disagree. Really? What do you do? Well, I mean it's. Not about not being personal it's about giving them enough to connect with them like too much about you. I mean, you only have forty minutes to give your content, right? If you gave ten minutes of pre pre show you gave ten minutes yourself, you're down to twenty minutes of content. It's it's. Not enough. You know I do thirty minutes of content. Ok? About thirty minutes of content, I would say five minutes of sharing who years? What? Your story is maybe five to ten. I think that's that's appropriate. I do two to three. You do two to three minutes I tend to do it longer. And because the reason I do it a little longer is because I want people to know my struggles if I have someone on my weapon are who's been on before? If I know it's a community, if I'm sending to the same community, then yes, yes, I will. I will shorten that that that pitch about who I am personally, you know, because oftentimes in the internet marketing world, yes, people want you to get to the content, but chances are, if you're not in the internet marking world, you're not gonna have you're not going to be a troll, you're not going to be someone who's like get on with the content, those people who tell you that you have to speed up who you are personally, those aren't your buyers, those are people that just want to get what content you're sharing, and then walk away, right? The people that you're you're buyers are going to listen to your story, they're going to listen to the five to ten minutes that you're going to share who you are personally. Okay, now, it's, all should be relatable to what you're going to be sharing your story should still relate to what you're going to sharing it shouldn't be a tangent that you go on, it should have. It should be relative to what you're selling so that's why I say I think it should be five to ten minutes I think it should be you know, three or three slides or so but this is all like the direction that that you're bringing them through right take them through that process that journey because your journey is why they're there that's that relatable position the people that have those issues jean and I know this because I have the same people that say come on, get on with the content get on with content get on with the content of those on your buyers those are the people that are just going there are wanting you to dis feed off that content they've been on other webinars where other people do the same thing and it bugs him and they just want the content and walk away it's a really good point is that now that I'm going back and thinking through in my mind those of the people that would never buy for me and that's why you probably keep it to three minutes because you've had people ask you until you get on with the content yeah if you've seen you look in the comments right and you see get on with the content is that what you see? Sometimes I see it too and that's why and that's why oftentimes I'll do the same thing I'll speed it up but it's not you don't have to those people aren't your buyers ignore those people? Ignore them? The people that are your buyers are the people that have the same struggles as you and can connect and every single word you're saying no matter what that word is you're saying I started off as an actor, I went to the process of, you know, moving to new york, moving to l a on die, you know, I lived on a friend's couch is all the time I had no money at all, and finally one day I decided, you know what? I can't stand this I don't want to live in hollywood's expectation, I want to build something of my own. So first off I went into real estate thinking, well, this is a good way to make money, so I became a real estate broker and I mean great money, but it wasn't what my passion was, it didn't connect with me on a heart to heart level, and I always felt that even during the process, and I was thankful when the bubble burst when that bubble burst in two thousand eight, eight, two thousand nine, I was happy I was scared because I was about to lose my house, but I was still happy because now I have to figure something else out is that that that fear happiness kind of thing that's like ok, well I could let my house go I could start my life over these are things I could do now I have a reason excuse to do this so it was it was a powerful thing that happened at that time in my life but then being able to go from that and realizing that I wanted something more I want to go back to my passion acting inspiration you see, the thing is I haven't really done a show in a long time I actually the last time I did like an abc show is like two thousand ten and I haven't done it in a long time because I don't need to do it for some reason I have my outlet, I haven't, so I don't necessarily need to do it. What I'm doing right now is I created my own business, my own my own in my own essentially monetization around my passions, so I'm fulfilled I'm good sometimes it sucks sometimes it's hard but it's still fulfilling that's what I'm talking about, jean right there what I just did that's exactly why you do that, you want to create that relationship? It depends on who your audience is I know the tech people aren't necessarily thinking, I don't want to deal with who you are as a person I just want to learn but it's okay you're appealing to someone's emotion people buy from other people it's emotional connection more so then anything else in my opinion so yesterday by you sharing that your emotion took it to another level in this by me disagreeing with you you took it I thank you for doing really you disagree with because because I really I feel very strongly about this I was scared about disagreeing with you but I know I'm glad you did because then that's what's really good because we have to have your opinion is absolutely valid it's valid but I've been in that opinion I've had that two or three minutes I sometimes breeze over I used a breeze over who I wass that's what I and the thing is I did less sales when I did it I did less sales when I would breeze over who I wass but and I'm seeing I'm dead serious about this as soon as I started implementing my struggles and the fact that I was relatable now I said, you know, this might be something that you've done in your life you know? If it is then then then then we understand each other now let me get into the content that keeps that's that's the connection that's a personal connection that's absolutely valid and again I've been in that situation where I've done that the tech thing breeze right into the content no sins or low sales the most powerful ten minutes of the last three days. I really think the emotional connection is what it's all about the emotional connection. So ok, let's, let's, get on with the content, okay? So after they actually talk about who you are personally, why they're there to listen to you to connect with you for what you're going to share this, then you're going to jump into the content and the value that you're providing so here's the content value, I'd suggest content value comes around to be about thirty minutes or so. Um, you're going to really give good value here. Good content, riel value ok, you've done the emotional thing now, let's, do the intellectual thing let's appeal. So why? Why? Someone should come through right now if you're a product or service and you know you can see trends in the marketplace that air around your product or service, and this is what you share them, right? You're appealing to both the emotional aspect of someone purchasing as well as the intellectual who, you know, clicks that by now button, right? So show a trend market data research people of research people love to see how it relates in the real world, right? You know, for instance, what I sent tend to do as I say talk about webinars and how powerful they are and I talked about who does webinars and I start talking about usc the university of southern california they do webinars to build engagement hub spot uh uh this helps yeah helps find a very large marketing company they also use webinars in their business so I related to people relate on what the trend is in the marketplace and how it's how it's doing? Well, I also identify a problem at this point that people have like dennis is problem is the reason people are on the weapon or in the first place this is where you bring up that problem again that you mentioned on the actual promo video right? What was that problem that you had a good sized uninvolved jobs or not advertised? Eighty percent of all jobs are not advertised that's the problem so what's the trend that that kind of leads that starts prior to that problem uh ninety five percent of all people looking for jobs seventy million go online to look for an advertised three to five million that's great problem and the problem is what? Well most of them don't even get a response but it's just a job right? This is perfect you see how he's he's exactly doing this thiss content great so s so you do that you'd give mme or more of these you get more of that, you go into depth on that, right? Maybe some case studies, maybe some case studies of who's having these struggles right? If you have, if you know somebody is having these same struggles, yes, I go into that, but I always bring in one or two people that have been successful with my course, which is where I'm going with that I did at the end. At the end, I did at the end, I want to bring some case studies of people that that maybe have I talk about the struggles that they've had initially. So can I can we talk about this but e to I used to bring it at the end and somebody said, you know what? You should bring it to beginning because people don't really wanna listen unless they know that in fact it's going to work, yes, but talk about their struggles and ahead of time talk about the struggles that they had ahead of time. Okay, you can hint to that this person actually came through and has started to see success and then bring up that story later on in the event itself. Okay, right, but do do put that case study in the big in the beginning, but that case say of how this person was at this point in their in their lives and you might be in a place like that in your own life, right? Ok, so that's that's how you're relating it but then you build that anticipation up say there's, we're going to share you know, and I'm going to show you how john it's amazing things to come through that we're going to share with that with you in a little bit here he was hopeless, he found results you're this's hope for you like exactly exactly that's that's kind of the concept of case studies that you can use also case studies of of maybe what's popular what people are often times doing right right? That could be something as well. Okay question we're related to this from broccoli au, whose online because they're saying that they wanted to build this themselves they wanted to build webinars and get their message out, but they currently have another job. Yes, they're very concerned about putting their story because they don't want it to be seen there they won't have another impact on their current world because this is their next step. Any thoughts on that? Well, that and because they're just starting out, they don't really have any social proof it's a very fearful thing often when I when I first started out, I didn't really feel comfortable sharing my story, you know you know webinar I felt kind of nervous about it because I didn't want to be judged based on my story that was my initial concern that I would be judged have that perceived as as a weakness and a lot of times if we do have jobs that you know where where you know you can't post it on facebook who you are, what you do my you know my brother is in search and you know, there he obviously has to be very wary about what he shares personally and that's just seems to be what happens when you're in a job they sent some some places where you work they don't want to know about your emotional stuff they want you to just do the work which I you know, I know that there are jobs out there they're also jobs out there probably like creative live where they are accepting of your emotional person you know that's like so there are jobs out there where that you can do like that but but yeah oftentimes work kind of relates to I can't share my weakness I can't share my emotion I tend to say that these air private events that that are two people who are just who are going to connect with you on an emotional level that you know so you have to start that process at some point it's it's hard for me to say that you can't do that I I think you'd have to start embracing your story even even while you're you're working even while you're doing a job you don't have to necessarily say that I that that I'm trying to move out of my job right so that that would be a problem that would cause some financial hardship for you if you said you know my story is I work a nine to five doing this right now and I don't want to write if you're working still currently you may not want to put that out there and kind of ah pigeonhole your employer correct that might be the issue that you may be having so maybe a better solution is just to tell your personal story and why you are passionate about wherever you're at currently right now not necessarily about you know what you're doing right now and and why you want to do this but more so why you want to do this separate from what may be your doing eventually if you start doing your passion and you start selling webinars and you decide well I wantto stop this and just continue on with this then you can talk about that a job that you did have but in the meantime no one said I don't think an employer I I know me personally I don't I think an employer will allow you if you need to do something like webinars a second job then that tells me that that employers should understand that you might need that secondary income so what's wrong with putting that out there, but there was some talk the antony earlier, that you can also have a situation you're working for a government department that didn't necessarily want you and get you on your free time. You wanted to do stuff, so you know, my really quick feedback that to that viewer is I worked for homeland security, and I had to maintain a security clearance, so for four years, I didn't have any social media, and that was really impactful, and what I realized was that it was subconsciously, even after I stopped, I finished my tour with them it's still subconsciously impacted the message that I was trying to get across, because I was constantly thinking, you know what? How will I be judged if a member of that community sees this? And I would just advise to that to that viewer really work through those those issues, because it will come through in the video if you don't yeah, it seems like, if so, if you're this person's in the job right now, they have to figure out what their job will allow them to say, I suppose, but then talk about, um, if you can't do social media there's no one saying that you can't, if you're if you're going to do a webinar about a product or service, if you're going to do a webinar about something and you're going to sell on it, you clearly have a new idea for a product already, right? There is something that this person is already doing, I don't know what it is like there have their real job, but then they have maybe, ah, jewelry business, may they have something else that they were doing would need to be something else, because often people have known compete all sides, so if you're in a corporate job and you want to start, like becoming the expert in that area and your current employer hasn't endorsed that, yeah, that can also be really tricky, especially if you're drawing on the expertise from the job you're in that's, right? That's right on, and so what I would say to that is find out if you do have a noncompete find out all that data, but when you do a webinar or an event like this, you know you don't necessarily have to share it on social media. If they say you can't have a facebook account, you can't, you know, post on facebook, it depends on your security clearance depends on all that, but if you have a business that's separate from that business, and you want to sell on a webinar my opinion is I don't see why that would be a problem, but again you wanna check with your employer's toe as to the primaries that they're putting on you and then determine if that's something that you want and something you'll accept I suppose dennis hey, I have to weigh in on this one because I'm an executive search and I deal with candidates that have the concern is you said sally about the non compete but there's also the concern of your employer just finds out they may just chunk you out if that's a word so there's that consideration as well yeah, you know, use your best judgment, it's that trump I think you know, if you were an employment situation where you are employed full time, you often have to be careful. I'm not just talking about doing webinars, whatever it is you have to care, but you do employees now days do look at your facebook page to see to see how when you get drunk. I mean, this is something that we just have to take into account in our lives now it really is I mean, um, you know, if you are, if everybody can see everybody right, right, and I personally like transparency, I think it works for me, I like to have my cats and my dogs and my family and everything else on facebook open to the world I mean, there are certain things that I keep relatively private, but but no, not really I mean, people know that my wife and I are looking to adopt I mean, these these are things that I don't mind putting out there we don't mind putting out there, but there are sometimes limitations to what you feel comfortable with sharing in the world and also your employers feel comfortable about you sharing out in the world and people will keep tabs on you based on those actions that you that you decide to post pawns. Brian, you had a question of just equipment common on that when I quit my job six years ago, my company fully knew what I was doing, and they they were fine with this, so anyone worried about that you everywhere for might be totally fine with what you know, it really depends doesn't it it's really going to depend on on who your employer is, what your position is, where you're at in that position again, executive search is one that my brother does the exact same things, so I he has some, uh, things about that we'll find out whatever you do, whoever you talk to, whether it's social media you mention it to a friend at some point the world is going to know that you're doing this plus that yeah, you just need to deal with and right exactly exactly you have to decide what you know you have to decide what's important to you you know, when I think it's interesting is you know, when when my brother went to school for a theater right and he kept that under the hat under his hat for a while, you know, for the executive search, you know, because you don't want people to know that you didn't go to business school level, but you don't have the resume that you know, but they know what he's done who he is and it's actually makes him that much better at his job. So it's it's an interesting thing that that employers need to start looking at the gifts of their employees and embrace those gifts because those are the exact reasons why they probably hired them in the first place anyway. That's my sense strength finders do you guys know the book strength finders great book that's what employers should really start using highlighting people strengths and out their weaknesses seeing that you know they went to a school for theater that's not a weakness that the strength you know that's what really this this is switch around that employers just need to start understanding, you know it's a completely different world so ok, so here we go give action items start taking the viewer down the rabbit hole with you now this is something if let's say you will have a software right, you are doing a quick demo of that software take him through a process of showing them the highlights of that software right? Show him in real time things that that they want to see solutions that they want yeah, maybe show them like, you know, some some powerful social proof that it's happening right now it's happening while? Well, while you're doing it, that could be for den in dennis's sake, I don't know what that would really be. I don't know what is much as I probably should about about what, what you're businesses, but but there are, you know, certain things that you can provide them that our action I'm some things that they can do tangible things that they could do the value is right here. This is where the content is, so you want to start giving them those valuable content something like, you know, this is what you can do for yourself if you want to find those thiss had these hidden gems of where to find the hidden job market this is where you can do what you can do, it's okay? You know, obviously you don't you're you're selling your service and that's what you want these people to jump on through to but you still want to give them some things like the how the product is going to benefit them but you are the essentially the why right so that makes sense yeah well yes what I've learned and you do it a cz master please anyone you give away twenty three that it's valuable that before I dollars anything I can take something you said in my life and make a difference for me and that's what that's what I do I give away things that they can take and use if they want more what they need me you don't want me okay I'll provide that for money and this goes back to that question a couple take a few sessions ago about the the how much free do you give how much content do show you know sometimes I show all I show that the best content sometimes I go right to the heart of the content right but I make sure it's something digestible I don't want to confuse people so so you can do that yourself and then the question is what will they buy still yes because you have to kind of position in such a way is like this is the good content but when you come through you'll learn it faster quicker and better than any other way possible when you come through with me write something something that effect so the clothes is obviously the solution I have the solution um the product and in the benefits of that product testimonials this is where now you talk about mark that did that you know was struggling initially but now mark has gone through this process and he came through my course because you're talking about your course now so this is where you would talk about mark if he did come through your course so you talk about mark he came through your course he turned x y and z and now he's doing this maybe bring mark on, bring him on as a guest into your event, right? It's always a great way to do it. Um I guarantee it depends on what you want to do here a lot of people in the internet market world we all have guarantees on our products. Obviously we have information products so we offer guarantees just makes sense. Wait, can we can obviously do that? We stand behind our products the well, those of us who we stand behind our products, whether that's a thirty day guarantee a sixty day guarantee. However, if you are selling your services, sometimes you don't want to have a guarantee because if someone comes through you already do work for them and now they're like, you know what I want my I want my money back well, you have just spent time and energy on that person. You don't have to have a guarantee so so more important, almost than a guarantee is the value of your time depending on what your product and services all right, so ok, call to action. This is a price break down that you may have. So on this webinar, usually I sell this course for thousand dollars on this webinar I'm selling it for thirty seven, ninety seven, ninety five, right on this weapon are only and if you act right now, fast action bonus this these work that's why I'm telling you about these fast action bonus that they can only get on the web if you act right now on this weapon are on ly on this weapon, or I'm going to be rolling in by seven steps to, um, telling your story right that you get on lee on this web inner, but you can also have other bonuses as well that they can get well, not on the webinar, but you want to make that the goal here is to convert the goal here is to sell people into the weapon on itself, so having a fast action bonus having a limited, limited time bonus as well is kind of powerful and important for that. So I would say have that fast action bonus that they can only get on the web in our itself and tell them what and tell them what that is and maybe even give them a count down timer of how long that's going to be available you know, maybe you only want to have it available for ten minutes at the end of the weapon are you know you could also u s so I would suggest something like that. This is what louis howe says right at the end of his webinars because we all know who louis houses louis houses actually he's done he's done a creative lie before um uh and he does webinars all the time. In fact, he also does automated webinars. He says there are two things you can do right now we just gave you enough information to go take action right now and try to do this stuff yourself or come through and pick up the course and learn it faster. Better then you could do simply by doing it yourself, right? Similar what I just said, right? So these are things that you can you can let people know about at the very excuse me, the very end of the webinar these are things like called the actions and statements that you could make as to why you want something to come through right right does that make sense to things you can do right now? You know just these powerful statements that you can make to someone so that they will either take action or not take action and then you'd follow up thiss the offer with a q and a section q and a section is pretty powerful because this is where you can handle the objections that come through people that have questions about well, what but I already have this guy's product or I have what about what about this? You know, they have questions about the product they have questions about or concerns about the product this is where you you do that you can also do cool things like highlight the benefits from the objections that come in. So if someone has an objection about something or a problem, you could say, well, that's what the product solves right? So that's the option you're but you're the ability now tio handle the objections and to actually tell them more about why those features are important within your service or product and how those are going to help them with those issues also you can congratulate buyers who come through the door you know if you searched excuse me getting people buying while you're on your webinar let them know highlight them tell them hey thank you for thank you joan thank you jack thank you, jimmy apparently the algae is for coming through you guys rock, I really appreciate it s o you have time still for those who are still in the call, you still have time to pick up the course and get that fast action bonus remind them consistently why they should come through, remind them say you still get that fast action bonus to the end of this weapon or at the end of this weapon or will not it will be here any longer, so make sure you act now to come on through. Thank you, billy. Thank you, ben. Thank you, brian. I don't know why the liberation since had even going so that's what you can do, you continue to kind of go through that process, okay? And then final words as I mentioned final word to things you could do right now, you could have that at that point to things you could do right now take action or don't take action. I think the buyers tell them to join your facebook group, maybe that's what oftentimes do what oftentimes do is I'll say, ok, great well, thank you to everybody. Thank you for those who bought now, I like only those who actually purchased the course to stay on because I'm going to give you I'm going to show you exactly what the membership looks like to show you what this looks like in this weapon or so, only those who purchase the product stay on so I can show you exactly what the membership looks like, that you just bought it's going to be awesome. Guess what, hap everybody stays on because they want to know exactly what that that membership looks like. What the product that back end product looks like. So you highlight a bit of that, though. You get more sales at that point, right? You could have a count down timer that is showing the end of picking up those fast action bonuses. Okay, you could have that as well. Ok, here's the most important aspect. Sometimes you don't necessarily sell everything on the webinar itself. In fact, you may do double the sales on a follow up sequence. I tend to find that that that is the case with me. I do double sales on a follow up sequence. So what I tend to do sometimes here's, here's, some very quick tidbits. I do a live event, but then I'll rebroadcast that event at, say, nine p m so I'll do an event a two p m that day. Then we broadcast that event at nine p m that night the same event. And I'll show you what I'm going to do in this next session I'll go into easy weapon aren't show you how you can do this you can take what was once alive and do a rebroadcast at like six hours later and still invite those people in who didn't come to the event itself. That's a really good question case because a new virus just asking that how long do you keep these webinars up on live? So you know when when did they basically run out of yes time yes, so here's the deal so on a rebroadcast you may not offer that fast action bonus, you could potentially offer that fast action bonus and say on the rebroadcast you know, we decided to open it up and have the rebroadcast and have the fast action bonus. However, my my feeling is if you offer it only to that live webinar, you probably should stick with that right? So a rebroadcast maybe they still get some bonuses they don't get that fast action bonus that they did get in that live event the rebroadcast would be that night you do a rebroadcast of the same event already pre recorded its already pre recorded but what you can do is be in the kun area responding to questions that are coming through so they engagement level could potentially still be there just delete kolia kolia has a really interesting question because we see a lot about there's a lot of information out there about the best time to post in the best time to twitter and this on sending email what is the best time to have a webinar in the yusa let's? Just say yes, that's a good point, that's a very good that's a very good question there's a lot of different thoughts on that, and I think it depends on here's the answer. It depends on your community. It depends on your community. It depends on who they are, their demographic where they live because it could be east coast. It could be west coast. Um for me personally, I like doing events on tuesday, thursdays and saturdays. I like doing events anywhere from two to five p m pacific standard too, to doing a saturday event at eleven a m, right? But that is going to be it's going to be dependent on your audience, and louis house has said this before. When is the best time to do a webinar any time? Any time if you don't? If you're stumped and not creating a webinar because you're worried about the time that you should do the webinar, there shouldn't be a a stumbling block for you just create the weather and do the web inner especially if you have a worldwide audience it gets a bit trickier obviously right you know you want you want to be available for australia want to be available for for news you know for new zealand you want to be available to all these different countries and you know london time you want to have all these times available well find that that time that might work for you and here's the thing that I do I tend to do a re brock excuse me re broadcast at night right that is at a specific time nine p m right or seven or eight p m pacific for eastern let's say and then after that rebroadcast I don't generally get more sales but then I will sometimes set up a limited time replay so someone was saying how long do you have this event for I will set up a replay of that event that's maybe only available for three days or four days and you can get those bonuses and I put a count a count down timer up and I say this is only available the replays only up for four days that way now my worldwide audience can come to it yeah it's only up for four days so this will increase still bring in sales you mail out for it remind them send out e mails okay um here's what I do after that after those four days are over, you could then take that event and put it into an automated webinar okay after the sequence of the replay being available, maybe you want to have the replay available on for only two days okay? The bonuses may be available for only that period of time as well. What I'll do with that point is I will create it and make it into an automated webinar that could be scheduled in my attendees time zone so no matter if someone is lynn london someone is in australia summons in south africa at two pm if I have that women are streaming it's going to show in their time zone, so I'll set it to an automated webinar that plays at two p m in their time zone. So aiken brill bringing that worldwide audience but still have it where they have to register to come through and it has that that secondary level of engagement right when you have to register for something, you feel like alison it's a need right? I have to register it's going to be a good event and then that automated event you can still be there without being there you're putting on the event it's automated it's a recording of that event it streamed out at two p m exactly but you can be there to do the q and a they can ask questions. And it can feed right into your email. And you can respond right away.

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Since I have been using Easy Webinar for a few months it was a pleasure to attend this workshop live and meet Casey in person. I learned a lot about how to take my already successful Youtube campaigns to the next level by including Google Hangouts. Casey is very knowledgeable and even though I have participated in the workshop, I have already reviewed the material again, simply because there is so much value in having access to this course again and again. The CreativeLive staff is simply awesome and I enjoyed meeting other, like-minded individuals who participated in the workshop as well.

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Brilliant class, worth every penny! If you are thinking of buying it, do it, it's super clear and detailed, love it x

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