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Building Your Audience with Live Video

Lesson 18 of 26

Creating Your Promo Video

Casey Zeman

Building Your Audience with Live Video

Casey Zeman

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18. Creating Your Promo Video

Lesson Info

Creating Your Promo Video

We're going to now go into the promo video right? Remember we had said we're going to be creating a promo video a ts some point I'm going to bring dennis up here but before I do dennis, I'm actually going to go back and share with you some things that you can do in your promo videos and uh let's just roll back here we go almost there almost there ok here's the thing your promo video can either promote one event or several events or a series of events, right? Correct now when you're posting on google hangouts and you're doing ah a new event on google hangouts generally speaking that's going to be a one time event? Okay, if you're posting on youtube generally speaking that well, that could potentially be a siri's of events actually that one could be because that forward slash live could be used every tuesday at two p m you could say hey, go back to this fort slash live link and two p m I have that event going on so technically you could use that um you could also use a siri's for softwar...

e like easy webinar for a third party, so every tuesday you could stream out an event at two p m and and have just that one promo video that says every tuesday at two p m we have the show that is going to thank you shake you and your boots or something like that, you know, you just this is the show that's going to give you all the details here ever going to want to know about how to engage an audience, build your business at the same time and enjoy and, uh, have fun in your life. So come on through and join us for our show every tuesday at two p m we have guests come in, we have singers we have well, whatever you know, whatever you're going tohave, whatever your show is about, this is where you're going to promote it, and it can be a one time event has way already talked about dennis, we're probably going to do a one time of it is my guess, but it also could be this siri's. So think about this. This is this is your show, this is your show, this is where that's going to highlight you. This is what you're going to use over and over and over again in your in your promo video. So think about what you can do a cz your overview of your promo video you're your promo video, by the way, can also be really high quality you could have someone do it for you, you probably sell promo videos creative live creates amazing promo videos for their for their experts who come in so so you could do something similar to that higher a camera crew and do a nice promo video that you can continue to use over and over again or just get down and dirty with a lot of tech scene nine twenty going right into the camera and have your microphone and just do it this way this is sometimes the way I'll do it, you know I'll do a two p m show let's say I have a two p m q and a every tuesday at two p m I have a q and a all about my business and easy webinar I'll send that out to my customers two p m they'll come in they'll do a live q and a with me, right? So think about that think about what you can do to not only keep your audiences retention that you already have the existing community members the existing audience that you have but how you khun buildup new customers by by of course having a weekly show building engagement bringing in followers so very quickly you have to have a clear call to action both in your single events, your one time events and also your recurring events. The call to action is what watch me come through the event exactly it's just a question of how you frame it remember we talked about the seven steps to video engagement this is going to be noticed prince you're gonna want toe potentially even ask a question that you solve a problem too that's why they have to come to your show every tuesday at two p m so they can get the answer right that's what? I saw that that's exactly what you did in your in your promo video script that you wrote out. So here is a show example if I can read this out without without gasping choking ok, my name is cases eamon, your host of the big results show where every week we find the most successful entrepreneurs from all different industries who share their cool life hacks, tools and unique gifts toe leverage big results in their business they'll share their challenges and what simple tweaks allowed them to overcome these challenges and how you could do the same thing in your business and life. So join me every tuesday at two p m and let's achieve big results together come on through now. Okay that's that's one example, right? A show example, right? So it was like a podcast type of type of deal you know almost so webinar sales presentation time but this is a show template webinar sales presentation events what is the biggest problem that your audience is facing that's the first question to ask your intro and social proof why are you the expert? Why are they listening to you why are you here to communicate these this information number three what will they learn and how will you solve their problems bullet point one two three four number four call to action reiterate the problem reiterate why you're going to solve the problem that's number four call to action reflects the problem and how you're doing and how you're going to solve it right so remind them that this is a problem that you need to have solved okay here we go where my out here okay are you a photographer who has been struggling to get business because of the sea of steve competition your face with hi my name is cases even author of youtube revealed and I've worked with fortune five hundred companies and small business on businesses on establishing authority engagement and I want to bring these unique and untapped strategies to you I'm holding a special special limited time training where all revealed how to complete an emotional connection to your audience that will always separate you from the competition how to stop running around like a chicken with its head cut off taking every job that pops up instead how you can position yourself as an authority in your specific field and take on ly those clients that you want number three the three b's for building a profitable and consistent online community with your brand and finally I'll share the five most important assets for tripling your growth that will create that you create once that you could that can work for you over and over again. So if you've been frustrated and worried about where your next gig is coming through as a photographer, join me a two p m pacific standard april fifth where I will spill the beans to this unique system register on this particular page so this is that script this is that that I just showed right? But I just did it in this fashion for, you know, a webinar let's say you khun mix this around, you don't have to use the same wording and obviously just find your own voice use your own wording your own voice in all of this but think about the temple it think about how the problem that they're experiencing and how you're going to solve it and what the bullet points will be yeah he's just saying that you would because it's live or partially he's suggesting you memorize all of that or have you got that sitting somewhere in front of you I missed, you know, that's that's an interesting let's scrape for someone to try and remember. Yeah, this is not that s o so I don't necessarily room I don't necessarily memorize this you could you could memorize this if he wanted to um this this script could either be so if we're thinking about a registration page for a webinar it's either be text that's found on your registration page, but I personally like to make it into a video, so I would recommend that you created is best that you can doesn't have to be perfect doesn't have to be all those specific words that are buzzwords like spill the beans and stuff like that you can really find your own, but if you if you understand thiss process here, you understand this and put it in your own words, you can find a thirty second script that'll work great. This is just a little bit of ad copy, right? This is just going a little deeper with ad copy, such as you know how to stop running around with a chicken like a chicken with its head cut off that's just something that people think and resonate. Oh yeah, you're right. I've been having to take every photography gig because I can't seem to find the perfect client for me personally. How do how do I how do I rise? How do I increase my prices and find that client that I want and not have to take every single gig as a photographer? I know that a lot of photographers have that problem my next door neighbor has that problem as a photographer. He's like, you know, I just sometimes I just don't know where my next job is coming from and I feel like I have to continue to hustle, hustle, hustle and I'm not finding that client that I want so anyway, this stuff so so what I'm doing here is I'm showing them obviously how they can fix this problem that's the problem, I'm showing him how to fix it, but yes, I am using somebody buzz phrases like a chicken with its head cut off so you don't have to memorize it if you don't want to, you could potentially have that script up here and just look at the ike eyesight right here and just read it off if you can memorize it great, but this is what I really want you to focus on not so much this this is obviously a built out script that I wrote this is a system that you can duplicate in your own words in your own voice into your own community yeah, that makes sense, okay, you can also create variations for your unique voice. As I just said, my name is casey ziemann, author of youtube revealed, and if you're a photographer and you've been struggling to get business in the sea of steep competition you're faced with every day, I'll show you simple online strategies that virtually no one is doing which will e easily separate you from the competition in this special limited training I'm going to reveal the three b's for building a profitable online community, so join me april fifth, where we examine these strategies and the best way for you for your extreme growth this year a shorter version clearly right, easier to memorize, easier to say so you don't have to have this robust crazy one here if you don't want to, you can have something as simple as that and I just that's what I changed here is I didn't start with a question I started with who I wass you could do that, I'm not saying you can't die, you just find your own flow, but the question comes second, doesn't it? But I still have the question in there because it's still the problem that they experience and how do we solve that problem? Yeah, so this is a promo video this promotes the upcoming events where you're going to solve their issues and problems and concerns and, um and this is exactly what my good friend dennis is going to do right now, uh, he's he's going to come up here and, uh and he's worked on his own that he's not only written out based on I believe this one of these scripts, right, one of the bullet point they were both playing one right structure so he's right now his own what we'd like to do right now we want to make this interactive weakness because nothing something that creative life I don't think I've ever done before we're gonna have dennis pop into this seat I'm going to record him with my screen flow software and then we're going tio excuse me a simple edit okay, just a simple, simple edit and I'm going to show you get a seal of it and they were going to upload it to youtube and from youtube, where they're going to take the girl and put it inside google plus, as the promo video for dennis's event. Okay, now this we're going to use this as an example obviously so s o it's not going to be dennis is actual event, but we're going to show you the process of it and how easy it is, but I told dennis that I would keep that raw file of screen flow so that I can take take what you create and can give it back to you in an empty for that you can roll into your own youtube video a swell so s so let's welcome dennis up to the stage okay, can you show my screen? This is gonna be fascinating, so you can see that his city ordinance could camera going to be up my nose or, uh well you're much taller night where's your seat thing here we'll deal here go ahead and sit down just a little one oh it's on the way I think this is down is there now doing knows yeah yeah so generally speaking you know you want it right up here right okay s so you could see there's dennis there's our creative live cool sort of um fireplace sort of fiery red in the background very cool stuff that's a position is maybe even a bit more okay that's in there so this is screen flow ok and I'm going tio change my built in mike to the blue snowball which is this sucker right here all right doesn't want to three hello hello hello that's all okay what dennis is going to do you're going to do to the best of your ability there's absolutely no judgment here by the way everybody online right there's no judgment here this is absolutely at your own pace. Okay, now dennis actually he's showed me he had this completely memorized just like twenty minutes thirty minutes ago forty minutes gus I was twenty minutes e out of right now but here's the deal you are more than welcome create a mistake it's absolutely fine as as I mentioned how we're going to be doing this uh what I do often is actually just minimize that what I often times do is all create a video with with screen flow and I'll grab myself with the logitech camera but then I'll have a background image which is like my website let's say right now for dennis I don't have dennis's web site so anyone can I put dennis's website up? Okay, well if not it's absolutely fine because this is by the way an image I took oh, it is okay, okay dennis type in your why the transference excellent hoops no see mistakes already what's it called four degrees to your dreams of dot com well, that's a long way I know that's four degrees to your dream job in your dream dot com job dot com thank okay, now we've probably aren't going to use this background but we'll see we'll see if we use this um that's a that's a nice one like that. Good, good. Okay, so um what you're going to do and we might not get this perfectly frame because obviously generally speaking you maybe have this up here but I'm showing you what you can do out of your own house how you can kind of set this up with your with your camera so hee, I want you to look up this is where you're going to look when you're when you're recording and trying to worry about talking to that little looking you're going to talk, try to talk system the shortest yep it is okay it is all good people it's all good alright so I can see that it's being picked up see when you talk again hi can you hear me test one two three yeah it looks like it's picking up so just speak directionally if you can get to that when you're doing this and again once I click this record it's okay to uh give it some time it's going to count down from five four three two one and then it's going to start there's no pressure there's no pressure okay this is there's no pressure at all all right here I'll give you a few things going background right there okay all right I got to click that and and just do it and if you and if you mess up start again and it's still going to record it ok yes I'm nervous every fine happy thought did you know that eighty percent of all jobs are never advertised that's right for every job you see online there are ten or more jobs that are never posted these jobs comprised what is commonly referred to as the hidden job market my name is dennis thompson I'm founder and managing partner of thompson associates an executive search in career management firm located in pleasanton, california I'm also author of four degrees to your dream job four degrees is based on the premise that you are four degrees or less away from the decision maker who can hire you into the job you want, even if that job is not yet advertised or created? If you'd like to learn more about how you can find your ideal job, please join me for a free webinar I'm hosting called tapping the hidden job market, you learn how to choose your ideal next step how to build a target list of companies you want to work for, how to identify decision makers that can hire you, and how to establish those how to establish relationships with those decision makers. If you're interested, please go ahead and click on the register button and I'll talk to you again soon. Uh, come on, man, come on, man. You know how many takes usually like a normal average person that was perfect, you and you're like and you probably, like worried about that little flub there where my heart is pounding, right? That was absolutely brilliant. Good job, wonderful job, wonderful job I'm getting we're going to save that because you need that video clarified. It was the script for that apartment in his brains he memorized that he took the that what we show you that the temple at any any any rode it out that's so impressive, well, how long did it take you to memorize it? Well actually it doesn't take me that long what you need to understand is what case has been talking about is I've been doing this for ten years so all of this is in there is just putting it in the right form and I say it a few times and hopefully I don't forget and insert another piece from something else I'm surprised it was brilliant thank you very much thanks for the opportunity of course thank you so much so we're going to see if this actually recorded but I really wanted to record decently because dennis it's such a great job even if it doesn't it doesn't matter you still have this in your head you're you're doing really great with it so so let's see if if this actually worked can you play the the video here? Did you know that eighty percent of all jobs are never advertised that's right? For every job you see online, there are ten or more jobs that are never posted these jobs comprise what is commonly referred to as the hidden job market. My name is dennis thompson, I'm founder and managing partner of thompson associates and I'm saying to search located in pleasanton, california I'm also author of four degrees to your dream job four degrees is based on the premise that you are four degrees or less away from the decision maker who can hire you into the job you want even if that job is not yet advertised or created if you'd like to learn more about how you can find your ideal job please join me for a free webinar I'm hosting called tapping the hidden job market you'll learn how to choose your ideal next step how to build a target list of companies you want to work for how to identify decision makers that can hire you and how to establish those how to establish relationships with those decision makers if you're interested please go ahead and click on the register button and I'll talk to you again soon I mean why I here's the thing you are you're such an honest person that I would totally come and watch your weapon er like come on watch a women's wear and into that women but soon it will be like ok so you guys might have seen the voice and the video and the audio wasn't sync up here it is sync up on my computer it's just because there's a lag when it when it's actually shown to the screen here so if you saw that it's perfectly fine on mine azan f y I so first off we're going toe clip out the stuff we're not going to use which is I think way okay well you pulled out of sight so what I'm going to do is I'm just going to scroll over that pull that to the side come over here, let's okay, so that's where we started I'm going to bring this out ok? So we start right here did you know that, eh? So we're gonna start here I'm going quickly just add a couple of start transitions such as my favorite are sort of cross this off now this is again I'm not an editor so I'm not you know there are probably aesthetics that an editor is going to know over me I'm just free forming and this is kind of what I do with my own videos anyway so I'm going to add a start transition here across the hall and the thing about what we have eighty percent of all jobs in there ever think about what we have right here is because I have dennis behind or rather in front of his website now I could decide to simply block this lineout which is his website if I wanted to uh which which is perfectly fine or I can have him sort of inside his website really? Um it depends on what your preferences personally, you know, maybe even have something like that up right? This is up to you though however you want to do this does this make sense you you don't have to do with this way you do it any which way you want, right? Um you know what I'm going to do though dennis, would you like to have that up overtop or would you like to just have you personally on camera without without your website behind it uh let's see what that looks like you did you that you choose what it means is that that's right if it's already said it's ok so let's say we did that okay did you know that and, uh let me actually um we will remove this at that for the time being we're not going to use thie background let's just have you okay? All right so I'm just pulling that over and now this is what I would did you know that eighty percent of all jobs are never advertised that's right for every job you see online I love your voice man okay, so here's where I would add other media to put in here lights let's say I wanted to put in um potentially ah lower third right I would go in and I could put in um a lower third let's go into assets if I did something like that I can roll in that lower third right? You can see it. I just pulled it over. I mean, we referred to but I have tio take it, minimize it a bit right? So one, two three sizing it pulled us over did you know that eighty percent of all jobs for advertised that's right for every job so technically something like this one line there are ten or more jobs that are never posted these jobs comprised what is commonly referred to as a hidden job market my name is thompson I'm founder and managing partner of thompson associates and executives right for every job you see online there are ten or more jobs that are never so when he starts talking about himself lies what is commonly referred to has the hidden job market my name is dennis thompson I'm founder and managing partner of times I would have something like my name is dennis thompson is the hidden job market my name is thompson I'm founder and managing right? My name is dennis toms so right where it says my name is dennis thompson is when I would probably have done this times I'm right there we go so I would have something fly in for his name right let's imagine that that's dennis thompson says dennis thompson instead so I would have that go search in career management firm located in present didn't kill I might turn that vote that down of it because it's a bit loud so I'm going to go into volume here bring that down just slightly right okay did you know that eighty percent of all jobs are never advertised so you could start putting in little snippets but here's the deal? This is a minute long video and it's talking about it's essentially talking about an event that you can come to yes, you could probably start throwing in all sorts of stuff like, like, fly in, fly out, but I don't know if it's if it's necessary, and it doesn't feel like dennis to me. Okay, you know your videos should kind of feel like what you feel like. You don't necessarily need to have a ton of animation in there, and just because joe schmo is doing fly in and fly outs and and doing funny stuff in his videos, that might not be what you want to do, you might want to have a particular flavor, particular style and that's what, you should really start to find out you could play around with this type of stuff and really just figure out what exactly you want to do with your own style. What I'm sharing with you is just some things that you can do with screen flow. We just shot this very simply shot it with screen flow. We use this camera, we use this microphone and picked it up very nicely. And, you know, there are things that you can add, such as lower thirds, right? Yes, then it's so what you're doing, so if I had my logo or if I had a picture of my book or if I had those things they could come in there I could I could put that in there yeah exactly ok so points where you're talking about your expertise or maybe you're talking about my I have a website called x y and z that could be b roll going to that footage that we have right over here right all this footage which is your website we could we could create some sort of cool cool animation for this for this bit of footage I don't know if you actually talk about that do you uh let's go back here did you know that eighty percent of all jobs are never advertised that's right for every job you see onto me you sound like it sounds it's perfect I mean it's like a lot but also author of four degrees to your dreams so this is where you'd have imported great career management firm located if president and managing partner of time associates an executive search in career management firm located in pleasanton california I'm also author so you could also or degrees to your dreams you know take this and at this point you could have you could have like the book flying you could also clip this out and I just click that and cook click trim and you could also kind of um take it and if you wanted to do say a zoom in right the next one so I'm also author so this one we're going to soon so maybe you know right right here keeping kind of that that that uh one third over here so you can have the book flying maybe over here potentially california I'm also author so where but it's right where it should be right where it says I'm also author right where that starts yes oh right here is where it should actually start so I would take that trim that up and how that is the same that's one fifteen, ninety seven and fifteen so so I would I would create have these two as's the same the same cut essentially so this is one fifteen and again that we're speeding by because I think we only have like fifteen minutes left in this in this segment so so we don't have quite a bit of time so author of s so let me go over here ninety seven negative fifty five k ninety seven ninety seven negative fifty five so now these two are going to be the same I'm also author same cut so let's say we created this and we just use it like this again I will keep this file so I can give it to you later and we can kind of editing crop it together if you want so I'm gonna add ah very quick um and transition with his cross which is cross dissolve the register button and I'll talk to you again soon I'll say very quickly and that's all we're going to do and now what we're going to do is I'm not going to have music right now I think because we're limited on time so what I'm going to do now is I'm going to uh we're going to produce it for first I'm going to because I'm on lee going tio produce some of it I'm going to click on mark in point and what this does essentially is this allows me to grab an export parts of parts of it that I want to export ok, so let's go grab that they're so I'm exporting a minute in three seconds you really knew that it was going to be a minute long so export selected range we're gonna call this dennis promo video well, I'm gonna produce this in six forty by three sixty actually let me go no that's fine, we're going toe excuse me click export and now it's exporting and what's going to happen is it is going to make it into an mp for and we're going to roll that up and put it into youtube right here so we're going to click upload and we're going to know when it's done because my little screen flow icon is going to start bumping up and down it's going to start jumping excitedly because where it's done it's done exporting on dh then we're going to upload it to youtube and then I'm going to go in and quickly his quick as I possibly can show you how you can add um a very quick quick annotation to it right so so if you say promoted this this would actually show up well first we know uploaded to youtube I could take this and then put it into google plus the let's that's what that's what I think we should do see if this is done there we go now it's jumping click here go to desktop dennis promo video upload and I'm going to call this four degrees of what well you are please help of course four degrees here dream job live event basically everything you just said put in the description area right? All the things all the cool little things you just said dream job um all those things that we said yesterday I can't remember all of them but this is where you put them in the tag uh getting you know all those things so put them right here dennis your name etcetera etcetera um and let's see where we're at here thank you thank you I'm going to click that it's processing still so it's not ready to go but this event this link right here is what you would go and put into your test monkey trailer okay and I don't I think that I'm sorry right here there it is right there at trailer there you are dennis so now you're event you have a trailer on and you can send people to this page where they can watch your trailer get to know who you are and they can also ask questions turn on the q and a and map this is the app remember I showed you this is the app that actually links into google hangouts s o if you wanted to do everything from this event paid you could and that q and a I would work with that so any questions from anyone in here and anyone watching the live stream very specific questions about of software jalen creative is asking if your pc user is there something you views or recommended instead of screen flow I'm glad you asked that so there is a software out there that's very popular for pc users screen flow is primarily for mac p c users tend to use from my experience what's known as camp tasia however now I was talking with she's a and she's a has said she has some personal issues with campaign joe I personally don't use it okay I I've had it before when I have pc a long time ago but now I primarily stick with screen flow for mac um can you very quickly go into some detail is that what you're what you're experience has been with can't asia well from a technological point of view it's a really good software to use camped asia but thie processor the time that it actually takes to render a video of my videos are fairly long one to two hours long and so it fried my processor on my laptop and I have a pretty big x I mean it's a gaming type of laptop well, so it actually crashed my laptop there's also sony vegas studio I know yeah and sony vegas studio is is a little bit less hard on the on the cpu and I think the cpu pool is probably due to the fact that it's a screen capture software tea maybe some degree so camped asia is a screen capture software just like screen flow is right sony studio studio sort of yeah, because I don't think it does screen capture correct from my experience I don't know I've tried the both that I tried both of them and I ended up deciding on camp tasia because the's it's easier than saudi big assist really complicated the learning curve is really high right there's also adobe and there's a corral carell that's the one you're using more often, right? So I would say if you're going to do something, you know any time you're going toe record a two hour session and then producer to our session it's going to bog down your system no matter what software, youth if you're using camped asia and you doing five minute videos, thirty minute videos, maybe probably would be ok for the rendering, but you know, when you're rendering out something for two hours long, it's going to be big and depends on also the rendering size as well, if you're one hundred percent and your rendering it out like sixteen ninety by whatever that's huge, so that's going to take a long time as opposed to rendering something out at six forty by three sixty, right, right. So, um another one that I've been told about is a screen cast o matic I have never used it, but I did an event with a couple people. They showed it to me and I looked pretty cool so it's might be an option for you. I think it works with pc so screen cast o matic funny name if you're interested, maybe potentially looking into that, you could certainly do so. Who's bean a bit concerned I think about do you keep a master copy of the video in case you mess up while you do the edit and if you do, are there sort of undo options and you know, and if you want to revert back to the original after you started trimming except absolutely what I esso actually, if we go back into screen flow over here, you can see that if we go into the media section over here here's, the original video file that's the sort of magical do you need to actually do a safe as or anything, it automatically saves that that original video file that media file right into your media has the wrong as the raw file so you can edit you can just do all sorts of chops and crazy stuff if you you know, if you if you want to go nuts, go for it, this is still appearance it saved and it's it's in full it's fully intact now and I think it's a maneuver was everybody's been stunningly impressed by dennis is ability to memorize on dh they're asking in real life if you're not as good as dennis, how you actually memory heated up and read it and that there are a number of prompt where aps you can just use on your ipad absolutely right? Yeah, I'm not that good at memorizing is dennis is I mean, that was really impressive, but yes, there, there there are prompting perhaps that you can do for your ipad, you could also have maybe the script right here is a zoo reference while you're speaking into the camera if you kind of think about the bullets in your mind and maybe rehearsed it a couple times or a few times or maybe four to five times go for it the nice thing is if you can't get it all done in your head slow down your process okay? So here's here's a suggestion start with he can we go back to the slides very quickly very quickly and then we'll we'll be close close to done here what is the biggest problem your audience is facing? So have that question asked the question first do you want to learn how to increase conversions in your webinar fivefold? Ok, ok now that's I've already done that question I'm recording I know I've already gathered grab that now I can think about ok I'm going I'm going to go back can we go back tio my screen again, right so in screenful you can now pause it okay you can pause pause the recording that you're doing in real time and now go into the four the four questions now right you are rather go into may be who you are personally, so consider consider doing seeing these in little segments and all you have to do is memorize the little segments and then pause, take a break and then come back in and do the next segment and then put them all together dennis one take wonder over here didn't need to do any of that. Generally speaking, what you can do is you can crop all of these pieces together, you know, here's the first other four degrees, right, right here, I crop it, you know, this is where I'm pausing and slumping down and looking at what I'm going to say next, this is where it starts up again, okay, does this make sense? You can cut and paste where you wantto stop it starts, so don't rush yourself when you're recording a video so I don't don't rush through or don't. Don't catch yourself when you're recording a video. Ok, take it, take a chunk by chunk, chunky.

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Ready to share your business with the world? Casey Zeman will teach you everything you need to know about creating, producing, and promoting online video events and webinars.

In this course, you will learn about the different equipment you can use to shoot your webinar, from your laptop all the way up to a professional production camera, audio, and lighting setup. Casey covers ways to use webinars to build leads, generate sales, and convert your community of live-streamers into paying customers. You’ll also learn everything you need to know about Google Hangouts -- from YouTube integration to using Google+ to promote events, and much more.

This course will give you the concrete, easy-to-apply skills to confidently share your business’s message with a whole new audience in a whole new way.

Class Materials

bonus material with purchase

3 Stages of Video Creation

Being There

What Is Your Story

Your Promo Video Checklist

12 Steps Google Plus Hangout Checklist

7 Video Marketing Strategies to Boost Engagement

Google Hangout Gear Checklist

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a Creativelive Student

Since I have been using Easy Webinar for a few months it was a pleasure to attend this workshop live and meet Casey in person. I learned a lot about how to take my already successful Youtube campaigns to the next level by including Google Hangouts. Casey is very knowledgeable and even though I have participated in the workshop, I have already reviewed the material again, simply because there is so much value in having access to this course again and again. The CreativeLive staff is simply awesome and I enjoyed meeting other, like-minded individuals who participated in the workshop as well.

Nara Lee

Brilliant class, worth every penny! If you are thinking of buying it, do it, it's super clear and detailed, love it x

a Creativelive Student

In word, Amazing! I learned more in 3 days with Casey than I could have in a year on my own. If you're looking to build an online audience from scratch or exponentially compound your existing audience, make the time to take this course. The great thing about owning the course is I can review whenever I want, I find myself going back over and over again to find just the right advice when I need it. Thank you Casey, and Thank you Creative Live Dennis Thompson