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Expert Panel (continued)

Kim, thank you so much. I want to come back to you about some google plus stuff, but let's, move over now to mark mr mark smith. How are you, sir? Good, easy smashing hat, by the way, I just have to say I love it. So, guys, mark is the vp of content. Is it content marketing clinton working bp of content marketing at harpercollins christian publishing. And again, as I said, I met mark I don't know how long it's been now, mark. It may have been a year and a half or more on dh er and and mark and I were talking a lot aa lot of about a lot of stuff we we week we automatically connected because authors in the publishing world, and the ability for authors, too, tap into their community with something that we both felt very passionate about. And so what mark has been doing is he's have actually been helping authors tap into their communities. And and what what he's doing right now, he's doing something called author chance through, I believe it's faith, gay way um, and faith gay way is a plac...

e where these authors can we're well, you're using google hangouts tio to do these author chess every so often, helping the promote the authors, helping them with their communities obviously helping harpercollins build up a community as well can you share a little bit about about what you're doing with with google hangouts and and uh and these author chats right? So harper collins is, you know, traditional publishing house been around for a long time fact that they acquired one of the company that I was part of thomas nelson which was established in seventeen ninety eight right? So traditional publishers a long time and what people may not realize is that traditional publishers are b two b company right? So we make books we sell him to barnes noble and amazon and whatnot and they they know the customers are so about a year ago harpercollins brought me on to to create a direct consumer channel likes it took to build that up and so we have to go we had to go build an audience right? We amazon knows who buys her books in fact, I was brought on specifically because I didn't have a book publishing background my magazine by backgrounds magazine publishing saying when we know everything about our customers in the magazine business subscription models right? So we started a new brand called faith gateway to now build relationships so what we have going for us is lots of great titles and lots of great, you know, good content with eight thousand different books that we published along with all those authors names like billy graham max lucado rick warren different people like that some will have come with huge platforms on their own but typically the book publisher has no platform right? You don't go you don't think oh, I need to go to harpercollins website right? Like who goes to the book publisher deal so we had to create a separate brand for that and our first focus was just an audience development because I end the you know, one of the panels who selling twenty five hundred dollar items I have to sell five dollars items that's right? Right. So I could say flight of the author you know, fourteen hundred units you know, at five dollars each okay, so, uh you know it's a whole different model, right? But we are gonna work here's the here's the thing this is great about this panel you guys can collaborate. The nice thing is that as we talked about this trip wire thing let's let's remove that word let's move that phrase let's talk about talk about a welcome mat. What authors can do right now is that they can and they can bring people through with their book but then have a larger price point for maybe a membership site if they're experts and they sell products and services but they have an expertise they could bring them through into a membership said maybe a coaching platform a coaching program that's where they're twenty five hundred dollars a pop can come into play or events online events they can come and get a ticket for an online event, so yeah, so I'll let you continue as we build up over the last day, so I'm sitting now after a year on a mailing list email lists of two million names ok, so it's this asset that, you know, we are just now beginning, so we have an e commerce store, we saw all of her books and things like that. Now we're starting to sell their dvd courses and whatnot, which will eventually be all streaming. So any rate that's that's where we're at so author chats are one of those those vehicles we use and for most of our authors is the first time that ever done something like this. They have done book signings, they go to traditional bookstores, but, you know, just to sit in their family room and talk. And now what's happening is there one of our authors in particular had just done a really successful conference and immediately said, hey, I want to keep the mo mentum going so they took their book and they're doing a six weeks in a row like on a monday night, and so you'll have about sixteen hundred other fans on life and, you know, talking about their book which, you know, eventually we think will be a sellable products or, like, creative live, right you and live for free. And then if you missed a session, you you buy the package, right? Yeah, yeah. That's that that is a pretty powerful model. So eso, how is author chance been going then? There was no good way started late last year, so around december, and our first goal is just to get through it, right? I figured out all the moving pieces, cells and whistles of google hangouts and all the other things, right? And so now, in march, we did eleven, and they all came off really well. And we have ah, you know, we have our own registration systems so we could take someone from beginning to end for promotion, you know, to conversion a replay, there's also ton of work we still need to do, though I mean, there's, lots of opportunities that we haven't even done, but in our first goal was just you'll start to build this direct consumer channel, which is really new and one of the things that we're going to be doing. Harper collins also has a self publishing division right with their traditional, but we have a group called west bo. There's a lot of people who you know may not be traditionally sign or just don't want to go through the process they may have already have their own platform and with our our self publishing arm it's you know it's sze off its ah and we provide some author services you know you get a book out in three months and then to run them through now a channel that didn't even exist a year ago right to say how could put together promotional package and e mails and posts and author chats and you know other things that we do yeah so now this is taking harbor and it's almost turning harper into the platform that authors cannot only publish themselves with but also market themselves with a cz well and build build up the community of course it goes through harper and harper as that direct to consumer now list that they're building up but it is extremely powerful wow right and we're starting to build you know automated sales funnels now for some of our top books were experimenting with a number of things so you come in you get the free like like daniel plan which is ah rick warren ideal and you get the free detox scott then you get an automated sequence then you get the book then you get the cookbook and then you know you get the dvd training and and on and on yeah yeah and this is something that was is this something that existed a year and a half ago two years ago no no this site we lost in may last year just think about that just think about that now that an author that these guys are actually helping and nurturing their authors to actually help sell the products it's just amazing it's an amazing business model I mean, listen traditional publishers of have dominated you know, the retail channel right that we have you sell so we can get you into you know, costco or into bars noble or position with an amazon or all these that are traditional places what that direct consumers side you know, selling that's that's the part that's new and knowing who the customer bases right and not all authors right are the you know, not all you all authors aren't marketed the same as as many will complain about right? So this this can even score I can give the same attention tio potentially because it doesn't cost me any more you know, going into the traditional channels is expensive yeah going into this channel is relatively inexpensive so I could potentially market a self published author that signs you know that that goes to our service is the same as a a different author of course they bring their own audience with them that's right? That's right? It definitely depends right of the relatively new they don't have that audience, but you know, if if we decide to really hit arliss hard and position them, you know, we can help build their audience, and we're doing that. We're actually we've helped some authors create a list that had no lists at all, so you know it is it utterly, utterly amazing. I mean, it's, it's, it's something that just hasn't been something it's it's, something that wasn't out there in the past, so very quickly I want to just thank everybody who just all of you guys for coming. You guys are all rock stars who are here in my guests, thank you so much as you can see, each person has their own unique talents on individual talents, so I'm very excited that you're here, but I did want to ask the online community if they have any questions for our experts, because I'm sure they do, because these guys are the experts that we have a question for bowe thiss comes from bronco leo broccoli was asking about what is the average rate for some it summits product for a hangout he's muted to book did you hear all that? I did what's the average rancorous of it right for a summit product or for hang out but it's a really good question we start at the ninety seven dollars to one, ninety seven dollars level a case you will move to the two forty seven and then we have many products in nineteen ninety five all the way up to fifty nine ninety five but we don't really use a this already is sales funnel it's a full user engagement model were costing talking to these people were getting to know them these are customers were about ten thousand customers so you have to develop this kind of trust value proposition at that point you're made for life nice now this question is in general so let's just throw it to fernando just because our flyer is asking could they actually fernanda talk more about how they work with moderators to help him deliver their live events? Yeah, that's, that's really a great question. I think number one you should always always have a moderator and the reason for that for us anyway is we we don't want the experts also be the sales person, if you will the person doing the selling s o we do have a moderator and how you work with him frankly, you practice every single day until you get it right I mean, you know that there's just no there's no shortcut there's no uh there's no fancy little trip what I what I will say is the moderator that we that we normally use depending on the client and the presenter is they worked before s o that does help and it also helps that the moderator understand that it is a sin sales process I know bo earlier uh mentioned that they don't really they don't use it as much as a sales tool way do we happen to to use the actual webinar a z very, very much as a sales to so you're your moderator if that's your goal than your moderator should truly understand that if it's not your goal if it's branding or if it's something else other than that, then your moderators should be someone that understands it. I actually don't know I think bo does sell, but mark doesn't is that right? Is that right bowed you sell on your events, don't you? We do a little bit ten million dollars a year way actually worked together to build a weapon are the term webinar was invented by check homes and ted miller for tony robinson? We also do twenty robbins thanks, which we cannot divorce remember way you're selling maniacs if we're not selling something, we're not doing anything like love it up, but we want to have a value exchange regarding authors we worked with authors and small publishing houses and actually work with a harpercollins guy jonathan baylor recently which was a fantastic experience creative live harpercollins and we did live book signings wow, nice nice come up signed the book somebody shipping up well, the light book signings actually that that's something I really like that kind of this virtual books anything or this virtual book tour that that just see it that's opens up so much right? It just opens up so much low overhead on the ability to a cz market already talked about insulted bo being able to have that author stream in their in their pjs right from right from home you know, just an incredible thing. Do we have any other questions for me? Yeah camera let's let's try this one to kim perhaps what resources do all of you but let's go? We can just that the panelists recommend for someone who wants this show or the broadcast to be their actual business so opposed to a supposed to using it to still another product we've heard about sponsorships and affiliate marketing. Do you have any suggestions for how to have the show monetize itself? Place? Yeah, yes one of the things that created google google plus hangout show is determining who your market is determining the key words that you want associate with your you're hanging out show and then also ah determined what type of format you want to have once you have the basics in place did you want to work on your marketing strategy? Figure out where your your target market hayes I don't line and once you figure it out you start marketing to them then you could make your show about your knowledge being shared. One of the things I do on kim like the tv is that I bring in industry experts I interviewed him about their ups and downs in their business how they became a success in their industry I even bring in causes from time to time I just recently had a cancer survivor who is an advocate now for others and and so when you want to monetize that then you can ask people to sponsor it now on google plus you cannot put on your lord third or have oh and you can't put up a sign this is this is my sponsor because that's bill's against google plus terms of use however you can't have a banner behind you or some type of video running behind you one of the tv stations I work with this fucks l a and I do think that's with them from time to time and they actually have a big screen tv behind them with their current sponsor on it so you can have sponsors showing but you cannot could it in permanently using any type of video or graphic when it comes to your shows is all about knowing your target market nor would hang up they may not be young google plus you may have to go out to continue facebook twitter wherever they're hanging out I use google plus to increase my visibility and when I did that it also increased my visibility only dan for my key words one of my biggest clients which is a fortune five hundred company found me on good lived in then they re searched on google and found me and I laid it that side for your contract which is an annual contract in the third year so the thing is knowing your target audience and knowing what they need so that was amazing casey yeah, I think this is something I'm just curious about this were experimenting with this what I think maybe the question is can you charge admission? Maybe what would be the charge for it meeting people into these private hangouts from since you know you have something something cancer patients maybe there's people that are there going through chemo maybe they'll pay a price of admission to listen to somebody that can help them on the protocol it provides endless kind opportunities but I'm not even clear what the google previn's those are regarding charging admission what the fcc provisions are my might be charging permission and how to do it closed and I like to learn from people here well how to charge for these well, I would I would I would have to say that you know the thing about it here's the thing youtube alive youtube live has the ability to unlisted a google hangout so you can unlisted a live google hangout as it's happening and do it private essentially don't click the private obviously the private is off is like I believe just like a video where it's not even going to be shown but unlisted you can use that unless a video like for instance and easy webinar you could take that that that youtube live video that's unlisted and use easy webinars ecosystem tio charge to have them come through and into and effectively alive alive private paid for event right? So I just want to mention to everybody that's listening a trend that we see in our consulting practice college professors we're seeing a lot of college professors that air reaching tenure they're retiring and they have key now key key information and they've never monetized it. So this research and they're learning is now becoming product and we're working with people and I think I've six college professors one guy's going to be winning a nobel prize and the guys are leading economics economists these people are used to being paid for their lectures and I'm trying to understand how to do it I know how to make the product do the drip funnel trip wire forever but I'm still not really clear on ok now I'm holding a college level class ah this professor happens to have an information product you can also buy absolutely there's this is this is just the tip of the iceberg for what's going to be happening here can we go back to that question for brandy it was marketing tips for small or medium size businesses but let's go is small yes, my army will for any business I think that you know we've talked I'm sure case he's talked about it a lot as well you know the engagement through hangouts so for marketing I tell people don't try to go for the gusto with a one hour show and become can be easily overnight with millions of viewers and that you know, like start off with like fifty came in a little coffee chats and just start being assistant with anything and marketing it's all about consistency so we get really excited we get shiny ball syndrome I call it so we're chasing you know, I gotta learn facebook and instagram and twitter and then you spread yourself too thin you master one area once you have that master and you have a good system going ok, now I'm going to start posting it on pinterest you know what I'm gonna do my weekly hangout you'll start to come up with a better system and then you're also in front of your audience, and people want to see you mean, we've heard that firm people buy from her, they know, like, give you trust the most catastrophic hangouts resulted in my biggest clients, and I really feel like hang out so the humanization of your brands, and so they want to see how you're going to respond when the microphone doesn't work or when your backdrop, paul, you know, the one with dsg where he lost it, ended the broadcast midway through, you know, I don't if you saw it with casey without, you know, things like that, people want to see that you're human, and I really think that hangouts closes the empathy, and so I'm talking about the psychology that marketing is really about insistently being in front of your audience and letting them really come to get to know you and really start resonating with you. And you're sharing information with them and it's so easy to dio. So then you take a hangout, transcribed it, turn it into a block post, repurpose it, you can rip the audio and turn it into a podcast, you know, so you could take one set of content and just repurpose that you and I were also align myself with people that are you know in your industry so you start aligning yourself in interviewing people so that you're in alignment with them and you start to become an expert as well so you could be a little fifteen minute chats with them you know, tips of the week you know here's my my social media tip of the week or here's my pallotti's tip of the week or hear you know whatever business you're in well hey guys, guys seriously you all are amazing thank you so much for the information that you share. I wish I could keep you on for thirty minutes longer because I'm sure we have ah thousand other questions and I do I did want to ask about different cameras that you guys are using specifically for instance marc what camera using over there hold on, wait for it. Wait for it. Where? C nine twenty c nine yeah, the loss of sixty nine twenty brandi are you using the same camera big? Not if you are are you what are you using? Yeah see? Nine twenty twenty okay kim, what are you using? A lot of checked also but seven twenty I've been using it for three years and it's great also much take is the way to go yeah, yeah and how high is your bet band with right now? Is it all the way up there all the way or midway my being with eyes all way up except it's not on hd it's not on a c and I can I can tell that's why she streaming pretty decently if you can see here oh I'm sorry it is alleged he had just checked ok all right, well well there we go okay, well he's in heart I'm how hard wired network I don't know where this brings a lot of people are probably gonna wonder why mark's video looks the best out of everyone I don't know why you're coming in is it because of the the lighting that we have here but you're extremely clear where you where you live right now mark windsor colorado must be windsor colorado has the best internet and it's the hat it is the half exactly it's gotta be the hat that's why it's here it's incredible s oh my you gotta eat one thing is you know you think about the download speed right? Which minds? Fifty mag and I am direct connected and stuff like that but my upload speeds good too because right it's the upload speed you know people think about that right? So you you want to dramatically improve the quality that at least five make up so don't just don't do it when you do the speed test gotten that look at your upload and download if you got I have like eleven meg up and that's that's something well, I have to find out more about that from you you sound like you know exactly about that so I might I might pick your brain gets, um get some of that information jotted down so I can pass it off to people but I just have to say let's let's give our panel of huge round of applause thank you, thank you all have extremely unique gifts and I cherish the fact that you came on shared your gifts with all of us s so that we could understand that just the power of being able to use that this new medium that we're finding that everybody can use this this playing field that is essentially leveled and this is the opportunity that really has never been around before or these air this is kind of a new opportunity that we're that we're seeing so thank you all for sharing how you're using the this medium in your own unique way so so thank you again and I'll probably connect with you all one more time let's give mall another round. Well, how did that feel? Everybody how did what do you think? One thing I didn't think about that is having that many panelists yeah, I think it's hard on the people that aren't speaking to be in their little square you know that thing where you sit there and that we owe going around a bit you know why it makes it hot because first that it's a little distracting if they have a coffee or starts, you know, scratching the hair or whatever andi, I think it's quite hard because sometimes you don't know you're on I just saw that we j k o and I came on unexpectedly at the bottom hour no idea and you know, I think that might make it it must be hard to do it tonight are all these people here where are experts at doing it? They know what they're doing you could see that they all kept engaged with the camera they looked into the camera they weren't looking down at the monitor to look at at themselves they were looking at the camera that's something that you know do you just get to know from practice it's something that you get familiar with? So what do you think that was my question then today because it's hard I know when I was doing it I kept looking at myself yeah, because I'm not used to it yeah and you just got to get over that I think and just learned what action, right? Yeah that's what that's what it wass because it was recorded and I will go back and looked at it and like, you know, that's not the way I want it I don't want to say that for my audience yeah I mean, this is incredible. We saw huge gamut over the last many, many sessions we saw different ways to monetize we saw different aspects of being ableto create a community from for really out of thin air with some of the things that we learned and this panel kind of to me it felt like it kind of it hit home all of those things that were really talking about it resonated what about you? She doesn't ask a question about the panel absolutely example for for those of us here even the online community if we wanted to hire some of these people to hell well that's actually get the product launch or something that is that doable suggestible and so it's absolutely I mean it's a business model that oh, that then I know that we have been looking at and obviously you know that a couple and a few actually three of these folks on uh do that for their various clients, so what? They then be considered the affiliate like what they get a percentage of the product so that you were talking about earlier are I don't know where their individual business models some will charge a one off fee to do a google hangout with you potentially for maybe the larger summits there could be a bit of an affiliate split on some of those not sure, but I think that each one is going to have their own individual monetization aspect for doing something with, say you. So if I were to promote you or help you out with helping you sell, what would I take, what I take apart a part of what you're selling? What would I charge you out, right? I know both both elements to it, charging maybe a thousand dollars to put on the google hangout. I'll charge you a thousand bucks, or will I make more money from the sale, or will I do both? Maybe I'll discount you it five hundred dollars to promote your event, and then from from that also creator, I'll ask for a revenue share, some interesting.

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