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Building Your Audience with Live Video

Lesson 2 of 26

Finding The Right Audience

Casey Zeman

Building Your Audience with Live Video

Casey Zeman

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Lesson Info

2. Finding The Right Audience

Lesson Info

Finding The Right Audience

What do I do an online event about right? This might be the biggest question for anybody on the in the online world you might be wondering, what do I do an event about you know I have a web business web design, email marketing what am I possibly going to be doing events about? Well, let me ask you this quick, quick question what's your potential community members or buyers biggest problem all right, start to think about that what is the biggest problem that your community has? Let me ask you should say what? What is yours mindset, mind sites not having the right mindset there there they haven't made contact yet with their own magnificence of who they are, so they're looking for their authentic message but instead they're just like what you're saying earlier they're looking for it out there they're buying the next program that is going to make the money that is going to make them happy that's going to bring them the relationship right instead of looking within got you so I work a lot wi...

th web design firms and visual agencies, but I'm also through the podcast uh working with people that are just in their business and just like scattered all over the place because I call it leaders in the trenches s o there in the trenches of their business with the biggest problems they have is getting out of their business well getting other business but they know they have to do that they have to raise revenue in order to raise revenue it really goes back to are you getting the leads you need right? So the biggest problem that I've identified is getting more leads so you've tapped in you've gone back to getting more leads as the biggest problem that because if they get leads and they learn how to sell or convert those people they can get revenue where they can hire people and they can begin to broaden their market or scale their business create you know, doing all these things but really goes back to, um the leads part but is it is it is it more like a mindset issue though potentially for that? Absolutely and we were talking about this before the show she said it's eighty eighty twenty mindset and I said, well, is it only eighty because a lot of the businesses that work that they try to be all things to all people, right? And that is just a really big problem and when they when you try to do that, you don't market the way you should. So is there a personality that that your clients are adding to their businesses like when you're when you're saying, obviously when you're trying to be all things which essentially becomes nothing right, we're trying to be all things to everyone what kind of personality are they bringing to the table in their business? They're usually really really good at what they do yeah and they rely on word of mouth and the real proud of that which is great could that signifies you're really good at what you do right? But they haven't learned to scale it they haven't learned to do their own marketing so I mean I'll be honest with you I mean web design firms they just don't market for themselves they wait for the next referral to come in you know? And I think a lot of us we get panicky about the word marketing because you think marketing has to be some technical nightmare of like uh just a jar full of things you can keep in your head especially if you're creative creatives a really terrible at marketing anybody realized that anything they resisted they resisted I know personally that when I was an actor um I was terrible a marketing it could never market myself at all I didn't know how to do what I was in my own creative bubble I was just you know I'm an actor I brood that's all I do I'm not I'm not I'm not a marketer I don't put myself out there I don't connect on a real level with my community but what's interesting about actors and authors and anybody who's creative or actually any entrepreneur you know to be able to to tap into building a business that that in such a in a market like like acting obviously you kind of connect with the studios and you know you hope that an agent finds you and you hope that um that's ah directors and producers like you well what actors and say authors because when you're an author what do you have to do? You have to find a book book agent right? And you have to hopefully right something that the book agent likes and then and then hopefully a publisher likes you well those those businesses now are actually looking too the actor and the officer to have communities that's the newest thing is that that actors that have say, a thriving youtube channel where is before it wasn't it was actually taboo did have that now they're like ok, this guy's got a community that means he could potentially bring in millions of viewers likewise with an author if you have more twitter followers if you have more facebook followers if you have a bigger community a bigger platform that's what the agents look for I know this because I've talked to book agents I know this also because on the one of our sessions were going to have a guy from harper collins on as on our panel and he's doing this every day and he tells me all these things so so if you are an author if you're an expert it's all about building your community so I want to think less about the marketing, the concept of marketing and like charts and graphs and things that could, like just make your mind exploded. I want to start thinking about how can you do a very simple one on one intimate connections with people to build an audience that's really all we're going to be talking about from the chat rooms no passion for just saying the mindset is their biggest challenge is, well, a confidence, self awareness, self knowledge be spangle jewelry, I'm guessing must be in the jewelry business I'm getting I'm getting out because they're saying it is very tough, but they're pretty sure it's not about what kind of jewelry they buy it's about something else. What were just different was beautiful what's, timeless, accepted but not actually specifically about the jewellery dog trainer lisa doctor dr anna, who says my client's biggest problem is getting the owner to behave in a way that makes it don't want to listen to them, but the owner doesn't realize that so they believe the problem is the dome doesn't listen. There is a communication think the dog doesn't listen yes say, you know I do a lot of radio interviews and one of the first questions they ask us, how big is your following? Because they want to know and there are a lot of press releases for you, but what they expect you to do is also to broadcast your upcoming radio interview to your own community, and so, you know, the bigger the larger your community is, the easier it is for you to actually get some really well known radio interviews exactly it's really key? Yeah, and it's, this is what we're going to be talking about. We're going to be talking about the tools, not just not just the concept. Yes, today is the concept that the session is concept, but we're really going to dive in, and I'm going toe pull this sucker out, and we're going to show exactly how you can do this effectively very easily with the tools that are out there. Yes, one of the things that really triggered with you said less about marketing and more about community. Yeah, and I think maybe I forgot that because I've been doing a lot of marketing and I really believe in specialization, in itching and all that, but I really appreciate you kind of bringing it up because I wrote that down and it was just it really resonated with me, we're going to get technical, I'm not going, I'm not saying we're not going to get technical because a lot of you here are you're not new, you everybody in this room you know all about my marketing sales, traffic and things like that, but we're going to tap into which we're going to we're going to get into the technical meyer of it, but we're going to make it simple we're going to simplify the process so it's so we're going to give you a strategy two strategies really? And you're just gonna go with it okay? Yes you said that several times I do not know anything so all of what these people are doing and that's why I'm here okay, so please get soon get well, I hope that's also the online audience as well if you if you are also a part of this and you don't quite know how to use some of the strategies online marketing strategies let's say online community building strategies let's stop the marketing let's talk about online community building cause that's what we're here for that's what we're going to be covering over the the's sessions yes, just just call on the community you know, just for me and I think a lot of people it's it's not the size of your communities that relationship you build with that community because I know a lot of people with massive list way bigger than mine but they don't have nearly that connection with that with that and that's a big part of that that's exactly that's exactly it for those who do understand the marketing and the ability to be able to tow by traffic what you can do but it's usually just junkets it's people that that you haven't built ah human connection with there you know you have there's nothing of value that you've been given to you've given to them that they can say yes, this is valuable I like this person they've built trust with me they've engaged with me and it doesn't matter the size of the community in fact start small and let yourself start small don't think that you have to okay, I want to get I want to set my goal to one hundred thousand people by the end of the month that's how many people I'm getting connect with don't don't think that I want you to say if you have one person on on an event with you connect with that one person be happy that that one person is there with you engaged with you and learning from you and you can learn something back and then that will exponentially increase it happens that's exactly how it works you don't have to start with a huge community to be able tio gunshot your your business out there start small yeah, thank you for what you said my wife always says life lives in relationship and what I'm hearing you and everybody else is this business runs on relationship it really does it's yes could you let our online audience and end studio idiots know how how you will go about determining what it is your community want? You know, in a sort of a non invasive white in a community type of way how do you suggest the tips for sort of try to feel out what they're looking for without making it really obvious? So there are there are ways to do this if you have an existing community and we're actually going to talk about this but let's say if you have like a facebook group may be already or um une email list you know, oftentimes surveys are great ways to find out what your community members biggest problems are uh think about why you created your business in the first place that might actually be the first thing you can the first step because that's the audience you want to engage and you want to bring in people that really resonate with you based on the reason you started your business in the first place. So this person was like, the was it a dog on kennel service person walking a dog walking business, right? But I think there's enough people there that are hinting around that that I think some people know they have a community but that I necessarily haven't necessarily pinpointed maybe what their appeal is to the community yeah that's. Interesting that's interesting that out, right? Right. So off sometimes you can ask a survey a survey is a great way as I just said this to to find out what your audience wants asking questions just ask your audience that's a lot of people. This is one of their biggest fears. The biggest hurdle is is is understanding who their audience is simply by asking like people always are. Did you notice this? People are terrified to ask their audience what they want. What do you want? What can I give to you? Right? What can I do better for you? If you use those freight that that phrase what can I do better for you? What can I what can I do that will better assist you in your efforts? What? What? You know that's? When when someone asked that that it? Well, first off that audience, you know they resonate with that they could say ok, well, this is this is what I need. They'll start telling you and breaking down those barriers and start telling you exactly what their needs are. But a lot of us freak out to say that to ask our audience that to say, what can I do better? What can I do better means that denotes that you're doing something wrong, right? In our minds, we sort of think that we're like, well, if I if I really admit that I could be doing something better than that means, I'm doing something wrong, so I'm just not going to admit anything, and I'm just gonna hide in my shell and and just be happy that my audience is still coming in sort of right? But when you start breaking down those barriers and start asking those questions, the audience will actually it's like a flood gate will open, you'll get more audience members, they're actually communicating with you personally, they'll tell you yes, the way you phrase that question there is what what can I do better for you? Is sometimes they won't answer that question directly about what their biggest challenges, because that's, one of the questions you we always tell our audience is what is your biggest challenge with russians? But this one actually gets allows them to answer that, but it's not about them, it's about what you can provide for him. Yeah, yeah, and and maybe its chances are it's going to be based on a partially on on the reason there with you in your community, but also it's going to be based on their biggest problems or concerns that that much might be why they're on the fence about something with you personally right like it just it just again is that bridge you've just bridged that gap of of impersonality or you bridge that gap of of of a question that might be lingering in their mind usually they have a big issue like maybe a dog service our dog walking you know they might like everything that this person does this this person's business you know, if I if I'm if I if I have my dog window and I take my dog over there I like everything that this person does when they walk my dog the only thing is that I um I don't like the fact that he uses a choker on some of the bigger dogs may be right so that might be something that is as a customer lingering inside of me as as a question well, you know that's that's my only hesitation about maybe taking him or often to to use this person you know, so bye bye being able to just honestly ask and survey your customers you're going to know more of what they're concerns are more of what they want and you might find there's a trend and if you find that trend then you've tapped into the biggest question that most of your audience has well actually yes just just along those lines what's what's really work for me is I issues I make a connection with people on I instantly send them to um you know, just a story of you know how I got to where I'm not with lots of pictures and you know what things I'm into and what I've seen is when people you know have that connection and see you know, oh, he coaches his son's baseball team where he's in the way board I get so many people that resonate with that like haven and I you know I do that same sort of stuff mom normal dad that you know, those those sorts of things with my kid too in just indirectly just you don't know who's looking at your stuff when you just open up with your story you'll be amazed with how many people are people cannot are seeing those you know related to those same sorts of things and men they're more open toe reach out and connect about the problems and things like that that's exactly right a lot of businesses feel like they have to position themselves as this like professional uh icahn or very buttoned up and very matter of fact and not very much emotion is circulating through them because there are business right? But I really tend to find that um that for me that's a bit off putting and I want to do business with someone that I can really resonate with and connect with and and so for you know for the the online audience who was asking about, you know what's their audiences biggest problem as I mentioned before first why did you go into this business in the first place? Maybe they're not if they could tap into their story mme or why they're doing what they're doing they might be able to to generate even a larger community on dh exactly know why their audience came to them and not somebody else that's the biggest thing so you know why? Why did weigh all have competitors so it's like why did you come into my community as opposed to x this person's community was it because we resonated on a personal connection? Chances are yes and if that person may be explored their story more such as you know uh why why did I become a dog walker you know why? Why am I doing this business? Well, um I I was fight there was there was a time when, um just trying to think of a story for this person um oh, let's say this person had a dog trainer drawer on the perfect ok, yeah. So training actually that's a lot easier. So so this person might say, you know, uh I never did any training to become a dog trainer I didn't do any formal training to become a dog trainer I just had dogs and the more I I I walked my dog and created a relationship with my dog. I realized that there was an easier way to communicate with in a way of, uh, you know, positive reinforcement away of, um, of doing things that that may be or were different than what other people were doing. So if this person has, like, a methodology that they have created because it's a methodology that has really just worked for them and it's it kind of flies in the face of maybe what's out there right now that's how they can separate themselves out, you know, that's that's, how they kind of rise above the noise by having, you know, a unique story, you know, a unique edge, essentially so here's a question, what if I don't have a community, right? Because that's a big problem that we have, like we have a business, we have a story, but we don't have a community. So here are the three b's for building a thriving online community as it relates to online events. Ok, number one is being there now being there for building a community is essentially using the power of social in search combined to get found where your audience is hanging out essentially so it's not it's, not it's, essentially it's essentially inbound marketing instead of you trying to hustle to find your clients it's you creating content that can then get in front of your audience because your audience is essentially searching for this exact content right? And this khun b on we're going to use the power of social, which is that one on one connection, but then we're also going to use the power of search when I say search I am yes talking about thes search engines, I'm talking about being found in google getting found in different marketplaces like youtube, things like that and being able to put yourself really above the rest. So the number one thing for actually building an online community is first being they're getting in front of your audience. Johnny casey jenny's saying, clearly, when you're putting out your messaging, you maybe you may be in part of this is trying to find your community in outlining what the struggles might be, she will hear our policies in which is asking do then week if you're doing that, if you're sort of outlining what the struggles will be, are you there not positioning yourself with someone they can trust in cnn? Community weakness is an interesting thing, and we actually are going to be talking about weakness um, it's funny that it's brought up now weakness is something that we create in our minds and it's based on something that that other people have said is it is it is a weakness I'm trying to phrase this right um I personally believe that we none of us have a weakness we just don't have a way have an audience that will either resonate with us or will not and if an audience sees a weakness that's not the audience for us that's that's that's kind of how I see it if it's if way feel if you putting your message out there um and and you and you feel like am I going to be weak by sharing this message um well first off I want you to start putting that aside because uh because of the weakness and this is it's interesting as we have a whole slide presentation like literally about this stuff about about how other people perceive you is weak your weakness is just you okay your weakness is just your story your weakness is your personality your humanity so no I would say keep their humanity it's not a weakness and it's a way to just connect on a real level with their audience you know you a lot of us get worried and concerned about removing those who are not our audience and finding those who are but that's really what you want to start focusing on? Yes I think the word vulnerability is probably a better word because when we come across vulnerable I think we actually attract people but if if we become weak and we share that from a week place than the vulnerability is not there either than it's really weakness, right, right? I think vulnerability might be a better word to exchange that for sure. Yeah, you've also very well casing, and the answer is just, you know, it is about it's about during that bridge of trust on by showing weakness, you you're not going to be a strong but vulnerabilities in clearly different things. So it's good, but going, I mean, I wasn't going to share this story, and I'll be brief I and a coach because I ran an online business and I lost three million dollars in one day well, having four years ago, and I've shared that message from the stage of shared that message from talking to people one on one, but I never really shared it on my website, and I had ryan lee actually said, why would you do that? It works for you here. Why not figure out a way to put it in there? And so I was vulnerable. I open myself up, but you know my weaknesses that I've lost three million dollars in one day. I mean, how many people can say that I had three million to lose, but, um I did lose it all in one day, and I've I've never shied away from the story. I've opened myself up, and I think I think it's actually brought me more business than it's repelled people. Yeah, and it takes a lot for us to be able to do that. It takes a lot for us to be able to to tap into that vulnerability and not feel like we're opening up in old wound, right? Yeah, but it's, so important to be able to just say, this is me accept me for who I am and it's been freeing for me to be able to get to that point with dealing with that a cz you can imagine it was a little a little dark there in the beginning. Sure. Right? Right yesterday I think your slide behind you says build a bridge of trust and jean what I've noticed and what someone has said to me is people want to find themselves in what you're saying and by you sharing that I can find myself in the losses I've had and I trust you because of that, anything that's, a very important vulnerabilities are very important trying to say, and I think that is the key to the trust factor, I think it really is just opening up exactly who you are, just not holding anything back and just opening up to me who you are, I mean, me, when I'm in front of the camera, I'm stuttering, I sort of lose my thought process that's me personally, you know, that is who I am, and hopefully people can see that maybe I have a thousand things in my brain and it's just being able to circulate what I'm going to be talking about, maybe I'm hoping that my audience resonates and understands that that's me personally, and then I obviously I don't mind and it's taken some time for me to share exactly my story, you know, that I started in real estate or as an actor when two real estate the market crashed, I almost lost my house at one point I was able to keep it because I learned maybe the one thing I learned from real estate is how to keep your house so I I was able to keep my house, um, but I also needed and how to find a way back into my creativity, that was my biggest thing. Uh, and so then I obviously that's why I also went into youtube because youtube was a way for me to have an outlet to be able to express myself on video, right? But then I started understanding all wait minute, I'm getting my videos ranked on the first page of google that's odd so that means I could build a community this way and and find people that maybe understand me you know more than other people or you know so so it was a way it was a way for me to actually tap into building a community and that's why I love this stuff that's why I love using the power of online video and live events and video to really establish and connect with your audience and so kind of remove the fear that we may have because we all have fear about doing it, getting in front of an audience expressing those things being vulnerable what is it weakness? All those things are impressions in our mind and and and so we're that's what we're here to examine onda final number three here in building a community is big results so so big results essentially means you provide your audience something valuable that that helps them to achieve something right if you can give your audience a result that means that you've done your job ok? And now you're achieving results as well. So does this. Does that make sense to you right? If you can if you are actually providing something of value that helps somebody, then you've been you've done your job right? So you're finding yourself you're being there, you're getting in front of your audience, your them building that trust with your audience and the way you're building that trust is by giving them something that will let them achieve results. So it's it's all about what you can do for them essentially, right that's what it's all about and chances are, if you love what you're doing, you want to give the value right? You want to give that? Because it's it's only going to help you there are selfish. There are selfish things about this. You know, I love teaching this stuff because it makes me feel good that's a selfish quality. But it also helps my audience, right and so that's that's what? You can start thinking about keeping a deepening a relationship through providing exactly what someone needs. That's what it's all about. So back to the question. What would you broadcast that's? A good question. Questions around that online, if you like one or two. Yes, yes, ash says I'm in the process of beginning an online fashion jewelry business. How do I show transparency with my customers that are buying my products? Do I tell my story on my website? So what to put out for sure. I always like to tell a story through video. I think that's probably one of the best things I have it on the web site now she does fashion, jewelry, jewelry right. And online fashion jewelry. So is an e commerce site. Is that what it's looking that like this? Yeah, and she wants to show her she wants essentially show her story. I would say creating a video in about video is a very powerful way to do that. First off writing about writing about what your story is, you know, if you can't conceptualize, what about video is going to be first? Write it out. You know right out what your story is. You probably know it in your head, but just write it out. And then think about how that could relate and become a video, and how that also relates to selling her jewelry like it all has to kind of come together, right? Because why do I do what I do? I love what I love. The power of video and the power of online events and that's. Why I created a software called easy webinar that allows you to use the power of online events. That's why I created, of course, all about how to leverage the power of youtube to build a thriving audience. So back to this question, the story has to relate to why she's doing what she's doing right, it's the wine out, the what right? Why we do what we do, not what but the why and actually, we're going to be coming on to that as well. S o all those questions will have those in the database, and we can come back to them as we as we move on. So again, what would you broadcast? I hope these popkin okay, so, lee generation live events in broadcast so you would essentially create live events and broadcast for lee generation and community building and converting leads. Okay. Now, online audience leads are essentially, well, you probably know what a lead is a lead is someone who is interested, maybe in your product or service, they haven't really taken a full leap yet they're more feeling it out and sort of interested involved converting leads and community members. This is also what you can use online events for. So first you use online events to bring in the leads, right. Then you use online events to convert those leads into paid customers, and then you can create live events that are almost like products, like for all of us who have, like, maybe information products, have you ever heard of a boot camp you can create, like a five video siri's boot camp? It could be live let's say so every week you do maybe two hours of training on a topic and you could have people buy that ahead of time and then do those live events as the as the paid product so you could create so the product essentially doesn't have to be made until you until you do it right that's the nice thing about a boot camp eso boot camp masterminds um and other products around a private live event in training so those air three different types of live event and broadcast one to drive in leeds one of them convert leads in the sails right and then one that could be used for your existing paid customers to build in even deeper relationship with them? Yes, so this's I guess kind of an obvious question but are you saying that you can create a live event that you then that people pay you for a while you're doing that? But then you recorded and then people buy it later is that what you're yes okay that's growing black model it's the freemium model it's you're offering something that people can join in a community but then it's available for purchase after that, people weren't able to make the life of connections that yeah and you can start with the live session and it's you could do the freemium model for sure, but you could also, um have them pay ahead of time even before your product is essentially created because your product is live events right? So you could say, hey, I have a boot camp I'm going be teaching I mean, the trenches teaching about how to leverage the power of youtube, google plus google hangouts and webinars and it's a five week course every week we're going to be doing two hours a week of intensive training and I'm only taking a certain handful of people to come through this, right? And if you if you want to be one of those people, come on through now that's it's five hundred dollars to come on through for the next five weeks I'm going to be teaching x y and z right? And you can effectively do that not have the product you probably of the product idea concept you're also already the experts say, you know what, you're going to be teaching, but you don't you don't have the product created yet, right? And that's, the nice thing about online events is that you can you could do that you can create these private presentations in private, online events for those paid customers, and I'm going to teach about that. I'm going to show you how to do this, andi, obviously some of you probably already have done that maybe through go to webinar things like that, I'm going to show you different strategies, different ways you could do that one with easy weapon are as well, yes you just said there it's much better to do it in that live way sometimes because we get caught up in our heads on it's gotta be perfect. Yeah, so, you know, and I did this myself with my product I spent months and months and months now is working with clients at the same time, but I wish I would have done this approach and just had it done in five weeks and and it would have been I feel like even better because it would've been based on what they actually needed instead of what me? What I was thinking behind the desk yeah, yeah it's you're getting inside your own head here, you're stopping yourself, you're you're tripping yourself up when you there's an easier way to do it it's a simply is just you could get it up and going right now if you have, if you have you been thinking about having an online information product let's, say or he based based on your expertise and you want to teach about this, a zoo consultant is what you do the bitcoin. You know, if you've if you've wanted to sort of leverage your existing community selling online course, you don't have to have the course created you don't have to have ah full blown membership site yet and you know which was that cost money to know howto important video into that cost money to know how to use the power of email marketing all those things yes that that they're they're important but there's there's a faster road to take to get there yeah ok ok so so I'm I have your I relate to you let's make it so it's going to be good and right for the audience and I understand the value of creating it as you go but what if I really mess up? Well well I'm creating that isn't that going to reflect badly on me and make them feel bad about paying me and all that stuff? There's a word I want you to think about and that is setting well two words setting expectations okay, so when you're doing live events on the most important thing is to let your audience know what they're about to expect let them know this is live anything could happen the internet might cut out the dog might come in and eat the cords and something could happen anything could happen, I might have a I might have a sneezing attack. Oh my god, what if I have a sneezing? I mean, I just I'm coming off of a cold, so I you know I'm not by the way I'm not contagious just everybody knows, but you know, I might cough occasionally so those things happen and it's a question of setting those expectations up letting letting your audience know what their what they can expect early tell them exactly what's going to happen right now before before you begin that way they know ok, I understand what what's going to be happening he's he's a leave eating my my fears and my concerns of my worries right off the bat and I know what what I'm going to expect over the course and give them and continue to follow up with that make sure you remind them of what they are going to be expecting for instance obviously in our next session in the following session we're gonna be talking about building how to tap into your audience we're also going to be talking about the different type of platforms to you so you're always wanting to remind them why they're there and if anything happens this is live right it's okay that these things happen it's ok yeah trust in your expertise trust in your expertise yes, just for for what I was going through and for you to think kind of differently about how you're doing it for me I did the live training beastly to almost use those couple people you know like he said, I'm selective on taking ten people but I was thinking big picture I was just taking those ten people to do it live but I was recording it to set it up as a product that I could sell for years to come so I was telling people are just a very small part of it yeah, there was I'm trying to make it as perfect as I can, but if you kind of get that out of your head you want out already recorded you wantto archive it yeah once your quarter then you could edit that stuff that maybe you didn't like usual has ten people exactly up on that one thing but exactly package it you can add it make it we're making a killing yeah if you need a headed that's you can absolutely do that it's about repurpose ing it you know you don't want to waste a live event you definitely don't want to waste ah mastermind that you might be doing with with customers you want to take that package it up and put it in the membership so you khun first off give it to them if they weren't able to attend right? So it's archive now. Okay, so like if you if you had twenty customers seven to eight were at your mastermind and they came at different times, well you're going to want to have it recorded so that they can come back and watch it for those who did not attend but then you can also repurpose that wrap it all together and sell it for a little less and say this is my online package my online price not live one on one training but it's it's it's ah it's the online packages the mastermind come and get it for this discounted price two hundred dollars off because it's because it's just the recordings one thing I was watching shows a cz video on information online and at one point she recorded ah, an introduction while she was driving and I thought, how does that happen? I mean it you know, how do you make that happen? Technically and how do you get so confident that you can just turn on them? And she said at one point, well, let me pull over here so I can pay attention to it was amazing that that's that's great I'm not sure what you're using but some technical stuff you know, they have actually like suction that you can put yeah, you can pop it right on yeah, right right on the window camera puffing on they just get it on there and have it swelled up so you're not, you know, doing this which is against the law I think it has to be against a lot, but there are definitely ways that you can film from from anywhere I love that you do that if it's often times you know when I'm in the car that's when my moment of inspiration happens because I'm out of my own, you know, office, I'm I can, you know, when you drive or walk even, you know, when you walk a good way, you can also film when you're walking, they have extensions now where you can extend it out and have your camera by in front of you and your long as your arm is straight or your arm could be here and the the the the mechanical arm let's say is out it's always gonna have you, and you can just walk anywhere. I don't have a big wide berth to walk, but, you know, then you could that's one thing that a lot of I know quite a few people to do that, but, you know, that's it. Those active moments of video are people seem to like that people like to see you know you're you're out, you're you're thinking, you're talking, you're walking, you know, it's it's, a very it's active, so they they see it as a cz kind of breaks up the monotony if you're just sitting there, you know, when when, when you see someone active on a video, you sort of start to listen a bit more right, so I love that you do that, you know, about

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Since I have been using Easy Webinar for a few months it was a pleasure to attend this workshop live and meet Casey in person. I learned a lot about how to take my already successful Youtube campaigns to the next level by including Google Hangouts. Casey is very knowledgeable and even though I have participated in the workshop, I have already reviewed the material again, simply because there is so much value in having access to this course again and again. The CreativeLive staff is simply awesome and I enjoyed meeting other, like-minded individuals who participated in the workshop as well.

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Brilliant class, worth every penny! If you are thinking of buying it, do it, it's super clear and detailed, love it x

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