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Building Your Audience with Live Video

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Google Hangout Preshow Setup

Casey Zeman

Building Your Audience with Live Video

Casey Zeman

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14. Google Hangout Preshow Setup

Lesson Info

Google Hangout Preshow Setup

I want to go into the pre show tab features and those are the features that are on the if I'm looking at my screen the left side for you yes it's going to be the left side I believe it's the chat feature screen share the capture and the cameraman okay and all these features make hang out into much more of just a live stream it really gives you a lot more options it's almost like it gives you that that that show effect so so let's go into my screen now back to my computer and now let me show you exactly what that looks like so going back over here the very first thing is if you have more than one person in the room with you you can increase my band with this is where you're going to chat with them so often times of my guests air in here I'm going to say hey bob raise your camera up a bit up a bit it's you know it's going up your nose or it's cutting off your head so this is where all converse with all my guests so the people that are watching live they don't necessarily see all this so ...

this is a great way to do it on this is all on lee for the people that are in the hang out with you okay uh something else that you should know there's something called blue boxing now we don't have more than one person in this hang out with us currently it's, just me, but if I had, say, two or three more people in this hang out with me by boxing myself, this is me by putting this blue box around me it on lee, it keeps me in that main video section, this main video section, if I remove that and I had two or three other people in, if j k o is in here and he started talking on doing the queen's your impression of the queen, it would go to him at that point, right? And he's, right? And so probably I probably would have blue box at that point, you know, just to make sure that he can't run run rogue on on my google hangout. Ok, so some things you should you should know that as the moderators, the person putting this on, you have a lot of flexibility, and you can have a lot of control that you that you can you can do this for two people to be blue box. Yeah, no, you can't because otherwise, then that you would have something like a split screen google hangout does not have split screen yet I think I would be a cool feature that would it to be able to have, like two people in one one side and the next, so know what it would do essentially is if you have two people in here and just be a banter back and forth flipping who's in that main section that main screen. Yes, dennis so I'm going back to the chat. I understand you can only chat with the people who you've invited, who are on the hang out with you, but if you're streaming live, can you get questions from absolutely we're going to show that I'm going to share with you how you connect to that larger audience, how to connect with them, how to chat with them, how to build that engagement with them. What we're showing you right now is kind of the inside broadcast room, so to speak this is from the inside of this thing howto use it s o you can effectively put this message out to the world. So so the next thing I'd like to show you, which actually going to come back to screen share it's, one of the most powerful features, it's, one of the things that I personally love to use all the time, let's, come back to it in a second. Q and a this feature q and a is something that generally only eyes used when you're doing a google hangout from google plus, okay. And I just want to I'm just going to say that right now I tend to not use it when I'm streaming out to the public because I tend to stream out to the public on my own third party site, right? I'll stream out my google hangout for my own website, ok? I don't want that to confuse you, but that's, how I use google hangout I like to keep everything into my ecosystem, so I'll take the hang out, put it into my own web page. You have the comment box there responding to my my my audience, but the brilliant thing about google plus is that they give you a platform for doing this, so when you create a google plus, we'll hang out, you automatically create an event and a q and a shows up inside these events, so if I clicked on that q and a button inside my google hangout q and a okay, this would automatically send questions that are happening on that event page from google plus into my hang up so I can see them that make sense. So my event page remember, as I said, you google plus create your google hangout creates an event page the questions that are asked in that event page from your audience then go right into here it's only when you because it says here streamed through a google plus event okay, that's confusing now it'll it'll get clearer later. Okay, let's, go down the list. Capture what this does is this actually takes a picture of man cia didn't even grab the one I wanted. It takes a picture of your of your hang up, a lot of people. What they'll do is they'll take pictures while you know their guests are on and just show and share those those vibrant moments that are happening in the google hangout. The cool thing about it is that these pictures that you're creating from your google hangout automatically go into your google plus account and their shared publicly so that it kind of creates his viral effect. And I can then send those images to anybody I want, right it's a very cool, very cool thing. So it goes into your library of images for google plus one word of advice, though, when you're doing these captures, make sure you get the, uh, you you get the permission from your guests that you can take photographs of them while the event is going on. Okay asked them ahead of time. I'm going to snap off a capture, and hopefully he just didn't do it, so hopefully you're ok with that tell you, make sure you tell your guests that you want them. You want them t feel comfortable with that I have had people on my google hangouts where some of the guests were like no no don't take my picture so it's sze possible it just depends on on um on their own you know what they're comfortable with so two people that were going to hang like you thought that you were going to have to sell something that was really, really popular would you recommend sending a form or something? So you actually had an in writing or do you actually record them saying yeah that's cool oh, I see I've sent him an email saying is it ok if I take a capture of you while we're doing this particular event for instance? You know, for our guests that are coming on tomorrow if we take a capture we have to ask them that we can capture their image, but we're already asking them to capture their image through the google hangout because we're streaming it through creative live so technically yes, we've already got we've already gotten that permission, but the e mails that went out they were formal, there were formerly e mails asking, can we use your likeness? Can we have your content shared here so I would say yeah, yeah because if they go using than in your video that you're then segment again because you'll be talking a light a segment about about, you know, repackaging and reformatting videos exactly. So, you know, just just be aware of who you're bringing on don't bring on this anyone I mean, if they're your friends, they're not gonna care if if you know they're your business partner, they're not gonna care. But if there's somebody that you know you're bringing in as an interview, make sure you let them know before you start snapping shots because that could put them off, they won't come in to hang out with you again. You you lose that that interview you lose, that the ability for them to potentially share this this event with you or for you so just be aware of that cameraman is something that will automatically give you the flexibility to create broadcast settings as soon as new guests come through the door. Okay, for instance, a soon as a new guest comes in, you can hide their audio and video from their broad from your broadcast. You can also broadcast the larger video that I see to my audience and hide the other video feeds. Also, if you have more than three, guests coming in, you khun mute them as they automatically arrive now the default settings for these broadcasts and for the broadcast settings I actually prefer I think that's absolutely fine the one I might change is, uh maybe the first one because as soon as they come in and I might be vamping, I might be doing my thing and they come in while the event is going on because you can invite people after you click that broadcast button, you could invite people in at any time, so if you're broadcasting in your vamping and then you invite somebody else in and they're clunky and their their sound is all crazy and they're just sitting down, zipping up there, fly, anything that could good could happen, you know, it might be nice to ease that in, so you're still the one being captured in that main screen, and then they're still in the india at the bottom, right? So so these settings might might come in handy when you're when you're inviting guests to come through. If you go to people's individual web sites, except where we can see that you how easy it is to upload a youtube video after the fact, but event thought from his story ever thoughtful is asking, how do you do the live google hangout in your web page? Can you not do that? Do you have to go to google to do it? I'll show you, I'll show you right now, great, um, so actually, let me let me start a new google hangout. And while you think about this shell just saying did you just want to be clear? You did say you only have ten people in the hangout was that you can have you can have ten some people have up to fifteen depending on their google status maybe like a youtube partner it has like millions of views millions of followers they're probably gonna be ableto have mme or people in their hangout it just depends on your status some people that have a lot of followers on google plus those people like kim we're going to bring in tomorrow I think she can have up to fifteen because she has three hundred thousand followers on google plus so those type of people they have the ability to have up to fifteen so we're going to start another google hangout on air oh, there's john okay, call this tests monkey I don't know why hi there. So this is obviously now where you're going to want a title your hangouts just remember that share a wait I don't wanna go public I want to go public with test monkey oh, well, there we go hopes there it happens people will probably get thousands of people coming test monkey what is that? That sounds interesting all right, let's, let's skip this um so I think it's going to now create another there we go, cool. So now you can see it's booting up here nineteen, twenty, twenty two, twenty three it's going to go into that broadcast positioning here, and as soon as it does, you're going to see some cool things. So to answer that question that was on from the live chat, how do you take a google hangout and put it into your website there's? If you click down here, there are things called links. This event page is where you would invite other guests. This youtube page is where that google hangout is streamed to video in bed is essentially just a video in bed code that you could take and put anywhere on any site, right? That that's as as easy as it is something very similar. So thank you for asking up, and if you think about it here's, if you've ever put a send a youtube video out world it's the same concept because here this is the live google hangout hasn't started broadcasting yet, but this is what it looks like from youtube. It says it actually tells you it hasn't started yet, so this youtube u r l could be shared on facebook, and if you go down here, if you click on the share button, get in bed that there's the you are all right there. So both of those work you see what I'm saying so you can you can use very straightforward both both elements you could send it in an email of all those sorts of things if you take that the direct link for the google hangout and you place it on your website what happens once the video has done what happens to your web site to web page so stay there the google hangout the length of the going right if you've got people to your website to watch the live event but what happens once it's finished well it's on a web page on a web page you needed in bed code you can't really use the link won't create a video I think in your in your web page right now with easy webinar you take the girl for the youtube video right this this you earl or this you are all here and you put that into those web pages that we create and then yes it creates that that live stream inside there but when you're going to him that something onto your web web page you need uh in bed code and I frame right so when it stops nothing really happens it just says it stops it could potentially if you stop the broadcast it might start that that replay so I'm going to tell everybody right now here's what here's what happens when it when you stop a broadcast started broadcasting, you stop a broadcast stopping a google hangout broadcast automatically take that google hangout and turns it into a video, and it sends it right into youtube in your video manager. Okay, so it automatically will turn it automatically into a into a video at that point. So from your website, chances are it will just start from the beginning again once that hang out is over. And you have that that the video in there, you know, just start from the beginning. That's my guess, dennis. So question about the bedded, um, code one of the concerns somebody told me was, if you have too many things on your videos on your website, you get a band with issue and you're hosting person may not be happy about that. Does embedding a video eliminate that issue? Um, so you're talking about from your own website if I have my own website and I start putting a lot of videos on there, is there any issue with hosting and bandwidth? And? Well, certainly generally speaking, if you're taking excuse me like a youtube video and I'm betting it on your site, that video is actually that video is hosted by youtube, so it's not hosted from your own website, so the bandwidth for that video to play is not being pulled. From you okay similarly if you have thousands upon thousands of people watching this video from, say, youtube or google plus you're not going to have a band with issue for those who are viewing because they're hosted by globe google owns this stuff so they're there they can handle millions upon millions of people seeing one video or one even live stream ok right ok so so that's how you can add that to your own website I'll just finish up with a couple more things down here on dh then I want to very quickly go and show you how to title describing your hangout and then and then we're going to go into the next session which is really going to be all about presenting how to present and broadcast your message out to the world right? So that's what we're going to talk about in the next session before we do that I'm going to close this down so I'm just going to click that link so you click it open it, click it to close it a lot of people they fumble around and try to find out where that is and the events about to start you have it at two p m and you're clicking around you're just so confused so so just just just so you know about that so um do we talk about cameraman? We did so let's move to google effects very quickly google effects you know if you're having a good time if you're hanging out with some friends this is when you might use this but generally speaking generally speaking I don't find I don't find it very useful yes, theo bringing so many people in paris should be saying now in case you need get your tiara well, I really I just you inspired me so you know, so a lot of times I'm really not going to use this when I'm doing this for business or for doing that I mean if I want to, you know, break up the monotony and I want to just enjoy and have a good time with someone all sometimes do this the effects that I tend to like to use are actually go back uh you can't hear it you won't be able to hear it is there a way to pipe this through? Oh, there we go so some of those effects or what I would generally use if you want to remove the doctor sees that you click on it so some people will do that in their events it's like oh that's kind of cool you know, if someone gives a gold nugget of something it's like job good job, okay, something that could happen you know, our punchline something to that effect last so these give you just some show kind so capabilities you're broadcasting depends on what your business is usually, you know, and maybe a business thing when you're using this, you might not use these teachers. However, if you have ah thriving show where you bring on guests and it's fun, maybe it's more in the entertainment field or the creative space, you know, you might have some buddies, possibly, you know, you never. You never know. I know two people by wearing headgear on that screen. Absolutely everybody that's a very good question. So what happens is each guest that comes in this hang out, you have the ability to get these aps the's air cold, perhaps. Now, if I am as the admin have this app open, you're automatically going to get the google effects sent to you, but the app store is right here, okay, so you can add the aps right here in the next session. We are going to talk about things like uber conference so that you can have people call into an event. Um well, some of my favorite aps that I personally use on dh, a lot of them are present or tools, and we weren't able to get into screen share, which is probably one of my favorite, uh ap sort, her favorite tools, it allows me obviously to do presentations so I can share my screen and we're going to go into that in the next event. I think we're coming close close to the end here. So what? What I'm going to do is let some summarized what we just talked about. I just wanted to give you kind of an idea of how hangouts work that their various things you can do. Obviously you can have a good time in a hangout, you can use a lot of the different features you can go through and and figure out all of your global settings on you could do so much more and so much more is what we're going to talk about in the next session. So let's, go back to the slide very quickly by casey. Bye ok, here we go. Um, titling and describing your google hangouts, I want to leave you with this gold nugget to think about before we go into break title your hangouts based on what your audience is searching for often, I will do a very simple keyword analysis simple, okay, don't go robots don't go crazy don't don't spend two to five days trying to think of what your audience is searching for do a simple search to see if there's results for my title and also think of your description is a short keyword rich synopsis of your event and if you're doing a future event, you could always put a link in the description ok remember always showed you in that description area of that google hangout, right? I used to tools to do us a simple keyword search don't have to freak you out okay? Keyword searches it's simply what people search for on it's a way to know what your audience is looking for, okay? Keywords are those those buzzwords those those questions that people have right? Like how do I how do I uh uh let's see with how do I rank my video that's a key word phrase okay, um car wash as the two words that could be a that that's a key word pallotti's that's a key word, right? These are things that people search for. I used to two ways to look for what people search for. I leverage the power of google, so I use google adwords tool known as keyword planner. Okay? And I also use the power of youtube and I use youtube's keyword tool called keyword tool. Okay, you can simply down just look go on google and typing youtube, keyword tool going and also then if you want to look for the google keywords will go to google and typing google keyword planner and you'll be able to find both of those but doing that I found I looked up how to do pallotti's workout from home and as soon as I did that, I created a you know, a a bit of good text in the description area, so the text was do you have a little time in the day to get an active workout in this live training cases? Even we'll show you how you can use simple pallotti's techniques done from the comfort of your own home to build long, lean muscle in a short period of time. Ok that's, my that's, my synopsis, right and that's what I put in my description area has those keywords workout from home pallotti's the comfort of your own home the's air buzzwords and I can show you if we go into some of the key words in the next session, I'll probably lead into that so you can see him. But let me show you exactly what this looks like inside youtube. This was an instantaneous ranking inside youtube. As soon as I created this live broadcast, you can see it says created two minutes ago two minutes later, it brings on the on the top of the highest for how to do a plot is workout from home out of seven hundred three thousand searches. All these other videos have one hundred twenty six thousand views, one point, four million views around it I beat out one point four million viewers down here, so generally speaking, people, when are people going to come onto youtube to see how to video about about doing something right? Well, what is pallotti's, that's, something that I have to visually see in order to understand. So I'm going to come to youtube to see pallotti's instructions, correct? So let's say I'm streaming this out for two hours or three hours, it actually doesn't even have to be two hours or three hours. I can stream it out once, and then it becomes a video after I after the hangout sober so it's it gets the ranking and keeps the ranking. Ok, so here's the deal people are coming to youtube to see how to visual well now I'm ranked at the very top when people type it in, this is what people will type in, how to do pallotti's workout from home. People are going to type that in that want to do a pallotti's workout, I think, um, I know I am I am I correct in thinking this because I did my own search and I found that that was the case. I did a search inside youtube and a search was inside google and that's why we're going to share in the next session, I'm going to show you those key word tools. Just so you can understand because we might have some questions coming up what were what were those how did you how did you figure out the ranking on those what what what did you use to do that we're going to go and I'll show you those tools that we use and then we're going to go in tow learning about how to present okay, we're going to click that that they all green button start broadcasting we're going to share our message out to the world and it gives you some quick tips but we're also going to show you how you can do some screen share to get your present patients up in some some things you could do with that because we've run out of time on this particular uh, presentation so we've got a couple of questions though case even if you would just go through the clubbing is saying they also saw the list of the aps for the hangouts accepted so that's there but their second part wass can you do a poll? I mean, can you do an instant poll just say is that something that with a google hangout um you I don't believe you have the ability to do a poll as as as a google hangout say by itself in in google plus or youtube however that's why there are third there's third party software that have been created to give that business experience with a google hangout. So I take that google hangout and I put it into a third party software that now allows me to ask questions as polls uh, have by now buttons fly in, have pds fly in so it gives that more of a more of an experience where you can actually start monetizing, you know, potentially or even building a deeper connection with your audience beyond what google hangout allows you to do so, it's it's more of a more of an engagement, more of a marketing strategy and that's what we're going to talk about when we start looking at third party tools to how is your google hangout essentially? Well, that might come up later, because thomas just asked if you can get a copy of the recording destroying your dropbox acceptance that's something we will be talking about them. You mean a copy of your of your hang out rather than using it going toe? Watch it online you have you can actually basically have the raw video to own so yes, you can. Actually, once this hangout is over, it becomes a video that video goes into into youtube inside youtube. You can actually download that video, right, right. You got us through whatever you want, dropbox, whatever exactly exactly you could do that, or I could from my screen I could actually set up my my screen capture software to actually capture my hang out as it's happening and then have that on my desktop and then produce that out if I wanted to the simplest way to do it is let the hangout become a video and then downloaded from youtube fantastic and just one last question just quickly can you may have covered this kind of password protect the video in bed so um I'm going to share oh so they can't share it to their friends writes I rightly so so is limited to you you know you're not hang out itself not to hang out not the video itself again there's third party software that will let you register people to come through an event without hangout is playing but that event is protected on ly those who register can watch that event that's actually what easy webinar is that software that I'm referring to it allows you to take a google hangout and make it sort of into of this business ecosystem if you will right but if you share this video out to somebody they're going to be able to see it that makes sense yeah so you know so well it's live they can see it and then when you share it out they can see it you can protect it once it's on youtube once is on youtube you can unlisted it right, which means that only those who have the earl can see it s so if someone does still share it, that other person, now that they have that you are all they'll still be able to watch it. Okay, so so that's. Something you have to be aware of and what I'll show you may be in the next session is howyou cannon list, your google hangout. So your google hangout doesn't have to be public. It could actually beat on lee for those who have the pearl and with with a software like easy weapon are, you can protect this where no one sees this hang out except those people who are coming into the event with that third party software. So it's almost like using that software as a replacement for go to webinar let's say you can use it as a private event. Software similarly, say to go to weapon are ok if you wanted to so that's kind of the idea.

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