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Building Your Audience with Live Video

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How to Create A Google Hangout

Casey Zeman

Building Your Audience with Live Video

Casey Zeman

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13. How to Create A Google Hangout

Lesson Info

How to Create A Google Hangout

This particular session is going to be all about how to create your first google hangout pre show set up ok, now we are going to jump into the computer so just so you're aware of what's going to happen in this particular session, some of our it's going to be on the slide, some of it's going to slides some of it then is going to go into the computer so you can actually see what's happening from my desktop so you can really just follow along with everything and you can actually see google hangout with camera looks like things like that so very first thing that we're going to talk about excuse me is what you need for a google hangout essentially okay, we're going to start pretty basic because there are people out there who never have used a google hangout and we want to cover everything, so the very first thing that you're going to need is a google account and you probably all have a google account. You've probably created a gmail account before correct, so you would just go through the p...

rocess of setting up a new google account. If this is, say your first time otherwise chances are you already have access to a google hangout, you just don't know it yet, right? If you have a gmail account of how many in the studio audience here have the email account all of you have a gmail account so it can we ask the lives of the online audience who has a gmail account go ahead and say I have a gmail account me me, me yes I do, I do I do no no no, I don't I don't I don't okay those things if you do not, you would simply go through the process of setting up a new gmail account or google account and they're going to ask you to verify your phone number. You'd go through that process verifying your phone number and something you should know you can have more than one google account. Ok? A lot of a lot of people always wonder how this all works. And so google hangouts associate it to my google account is that is that how that works? What about youtube? How does that work? Well, we're going to talk about that. A lot of people ask me how many gmail accounts can I have? How many youtube accounts gonna have howto associate those deer and it gets confusing? I don't know what I'm doing, so we're going to talk about that and and recover those those issues so you can have more than one gmail account I would say probably four using the same foreign phone number to verify that account is what you can use, so you'd verify your account andi, you'd be brought to your brand new profile this is sort of what it looks. This is the bare bones profile of your new google account now your google account if you if you're going to set up like a new gmail, you probably go through the same process. What you automatically get with a gmail account is what's known as google plus how many of you know a google plus is in the studio audience, everyone that's what I thought you know, on the online audience, let us know if you know what google plus is or if you don't know what google plus is. I mentioned it earlier, but google plus is google's version of, say, let's say facebook it's their social networking site, right? S o have you ever seen this little plus sign over here in the corner of your of your of your gmail? Yeah, have you ever gone into that plus sign? And I think a few people, some people just I see that plus sign I don't know what it is it's got my name there, I really never used it well, that's, where you access google plus and in fact hang out google hangout live and reside inside google plus and as I mentioned, obviously google hangouts which we're going to be talking about is google's version of its google's livestream application now some things that you're going to want to know about are that there are differences between what's known as a google hangout and what's known as a google hangout on air okay, we're going to talk about that we're going to jump into into google plus and you're going to see the differences between the two when you go into google excuse me google plus this is the screen that you see when you go into the hangout sex there's a hangout section inside google plus an inside google plus there are the hands on air and the video hangouts okay I'm going to show you what the differences of those two actually I'll tell you right now s o a video hangout is essentially when you do a google hang out with that's not broadcast out to the world right but it's used more like a video conference so I can bring up up to ten people in the room with me but it's it's not broadcast out to the actual world no no one else can see it it's it's more of like just a private hangout we're conferencing you know much like any other conferencing software that's out there it's private it's only those people who are poor in the hangout itself that's that's what a google hangout is so what is a google hangout on air? You might be wondering well so a google hangout on air essentially is a live stream into a youtube video okay, so it takes that that video conferencing thatyou're doing with all of your guests in there and it streams and out through a youtube video that makes sense so here's here's kind of how it works and I'll get to dennis so he started google hangout on air it streams to youtube through a youtube video just like any other youtube video that you see a google hangout streams right through it and that youtube video could be public to the world, right? So that's essentially how it works, it makes youtube, it gives it the ability to do live events, live stream events happening in real time uh, it also here's another thing is that when you start a google hangout, excuse me on air, it also streams into google plus ok, it goes right into a glue google plus account, so what we're finding is that you can stream out alive google hangout in two places, as we could see right now I'm going to show you another way you can obviously do it, but right now I'm showing you you can stream into youtube or you can stream into google plus so question, what do you need to have to do? Ah google hangout on air? What do you need to have? Well, you're going to need a verified youtube account right? So youtube youtube account normally comes when you do get a gmail account or google plus account you automatically get a youtube account as well remember you have to remember this that google owns all of these things they own google plus they own youtube so as soon as you sign up for one google account, you get both a fresh youtube account and you also get a fresh google plus account right? So in order to use this on air feature broadcast to the world, you need to have a verified youtube account and it's very simple to do similarly to setting up a new google account you just have to verify with your phone number real simple and the reason we want to verify your account is so that you can stream out more than fifteen minutes because chances are if you're going to do a live broadcast we're gonna want to stream out for more than fifteen minutes is my guests on youtube the actual settings for youtube they don't automatically come with streaming out more than fifteen minutes you have to activate that and simply by verifying your account that automatically activates that ok, so as you can see here longer videos now in a future session, I'm going to show you how you can add what are known as external annotations to these videos okay on this is very powerful for for marketing those videos those hangouts as soon as they're done being a hangout and kind of come on to that if it's too confusing now don't worry, we're going to cover how that all works ok, but it's a very it's a very important strategy. How many of you have used youtube and how many of you have clickable annotations in your videos? Great, great, great okay, coca cola and that goes also for the online world, how many of you have thie external annotations where you can click back to your website from your youtube video? That's the question I want to ask so if you do, let us know in the chat box okay here's the thing with a google hangout you can either go through google plus to create the google hangout or you can go through youtube to create the google hangout. They're two different places you could do this, and it really just depends on how you want to use it. Um that's, that is how based on how you want to use it is where you're going to access it. Ok, so if you want to use it through youtube, you you can access it through youtube and we'll talk about that and what you should be doing, what I would suggest doing various things like that, but just so you're aware you can go through excuse me into a google hangout from either youtube or google plus so if you go through google plus this's, what is going to say it's going to say connect your youtube account to go on air so it's going to prompt you now if you're going through youtube, they're going to say would you like to connect your google plus account to youtube? You could say yes so no matter where what direction they're going to feed you into where these two were going to become one entity that makes sense that's a bit confusing now if this is your first time but these two do come together and we're going to share how that works in a very quick thing to say is that cool thing about this marketing strategy says you can actually associate a google plus business page to your youtube channel okay, so this is really powerful for if you have a product or service or if you want to start using the elements of social in search for getting found with within your business by combining attaching these two together youtube and say a google plus business page okay, common things you should know about using google hangout so we're going to go into google hangouts and very, very soon here when streaming who will hang out there is about a thirty second to one minute delay from what you are saying so what the audience is hearing ok so we'll talk more on that and what what you can do kind of a hedge against that that that delay in what the audience hears okay also excuse me there is a maximum of eight hours that you can stream a google hangout used to before now you could do long eight hour hang out so if let's say you're going to do a summit or let's say you're gonna have a bunch of guests coming on you keep that hang out going for eight hours straight if you wanted to if you if you have the inclination to do an eight hour google hangout much like how we're doing creative live for eight hours you could use something similarly with google hangouts now for eight hours you can have also up to ten people in the google hangout with you as I mentioned before sometimes you can have fifteen depending on your status with with google but generally speaking ten is what you have it's really great for obviously create that interaction and sally had mentioned from one of our online guests there is that that issue of letting the audience know I'm preparing them when I say audience I mean the people say in the conference with you let's say your guests in the conference with you too create that expectation for them in the room itself so that no one is overlapping and things like that we're going to show you some of those tools so you know what let's jump into a google hangout and start taking a look we're going to start with pre show settings such as mute meeting your microphone turning off your camera adjusting your band with usage access to the cameras, microphones and speakers so that's what we're going to talk about right now then we're going to go very quickly into pre show tab and features so if we could let's stop here and go into my screen it's not ok can we do that okay let me come back here behind the camera behind the computer okay, now I feel so much more comfortable I can just sit down and relax okay well I wanted to start like this because and there's going to be a there's going to be a bit of a delay because you're watching it and it's also streaming here right so there might be a vocal delay yeah uh this is what a google hangout looks like this is my camera right oh what am I doing turning the camera on you hello? Oh, no why did I do it so that is that is essentially the the camera that we're using on and you can see that um I'm generally speaking I would have the camera as I mentioned up here but this essentially is what a google hangout looks like we're inside a google hangout right now, right? I just wanted to very quickly show you this and I'm gonna close this out and we're going to restart it so you can kind of get you understand where I where I started from and how I got to this particular window is that okay? Ok, closing it down. Okay, so here we are inside google excuse me google google plus apologies for that. Um and from here inside google plus you can access google hangouts from well to place is this over here we'll show you how you can access google hangouts and do maybe one on one chats with people, right? You want to do one on one calls with with someone you could certainly do so right. Um you can also go and see all of the hangouts that are that are happening. The video had video hangouts of people that are saying in your network okay, if you understand google plus google plus you can build people up through what are known as circles and so you can do these video chats with anyone who's a part of your network essentially like if you you know you have people that come through your gmail account right now all those people are within your in your network so what's nice is that you can use the power of google plus to find people and then do these things these conference calls with them or invite them to events so I don't want to get ahead of myself, but that's, what we're going to also talk about so over here is where you would start a hangout where it's, just the conference over here you click on that hang out drop down to this. Hang out right here, it's going to bring you into this particular room, right? We were actually right now and this is where you can access either google hangouts on air or video. Hang out so they're calling the video conference that you have the ten people video hang out okay? Hangouts on air that's when you live, stream it to the world also, let me just go into youtube very quickly. Here is is youtube right here? Okay. And there are a couple different ways you can access and do a google hangout from youtube you click on you can click on upload and you can actually start broadcasting right from youtube right there. How are you getting that excellent sickle around your point? That's? How that that's most pose a it's, a it's, an app you can download were essentially using mouse was a so you can actually see what's happening here. So this is one place you can create and start your google hangout. The other one, as I mentioned, is right here, so we're gonna actually start this google hangout clicking hangout on air and you know this is the this this will show you actual hangouts that are going on right now yeah you kind of see the hangout says there as they're happening so this is a marketplace is actually growing it's going to continue to grow it's going to be a really powerful place toe actually have and how's your shows so think about think about bear that in mind when you're when you're starting to do this so the very first thing I'm going to do is start my google hangout and one of the most important things that you can do in a google hangout is optimized your title okay optimize your title extremely powerful I'm going to show you a screen shot in a second of a hangout that I did and I was able to while the hangout was going on get to the first page of google of youtube right for a specific title that that is relatively competitive so I'm going to show you that this is a powerful way to actually do social in search as I mentioned combined so I'm going to call this how to do how to do pallotti's from home ok so let's say I'm you know this is this is what my hangout is all about I'm going to title it as that because generally speaking that if I if I must say a poll obvious instructor or someone who teaches a workout that's probably what I'm goingto get a title it tell people what it's about now, this could be pretty robust, you know, consider this almost like a like a block post considered like a a pr release, you know? But people know what it's going to be about, you know, we're going toe have you been? And remember how I mentioned in that promo video? Actually, we haven't talked about the promo video yet, but in the future we're going to talk about good, good ways to get people interested has asked them a question. So have you been struggling with your homework out? I'm just doing this on the fly so it's not going to be is awesome is as it will be when I take a look and show you some of this getting that we have come on through said, you know, um april ninth, where I will reveal seven simple pallotti's techniques are pallotti's workout workouts work? That is that right workouts that you can do from the comfort of your own home. Okay, so, um there we go and I will go more into detail on this some of this stuff because what's really cool is you can also have, like, links in here. You know, s so if this is a future event because a cz you could see here, you can schedule this to play now or later, if I if I decided to have this later on, I could have a lincoln here saying before you come something you might want to know hey, why don't you download this seven tips? Seven steps to pallotti's health or something like that before you come to the event itself? Nice thing about doing something like this is that it builds up that report ahead of time so I could have, um, pallotti's report, right? And that's, if I were to say, schedule it later, what I'm actually gonna do right now is so schedule it right now and you can from here is where you can add an audience, ok? And there's, subtle differences between starting a hang out here, a google hangout on air here compared to doing it in youtube, and I'll show you the differences, but this will tell everybody in your google plus circles that you're doing a google hangout on air, and they should come to it right, so it will send them a notification. Now, if you don't want to do a public google hangout for me personally, I'm actually going to take it to one of these circles that don't have anybody in them, because they're going to require that you add an audience and so what I've done is I created a circle that just has zero views and that's my work around to just doing a test hang out so I'm going to click the share ok now it brings me into an event page when you create a google hangout on air from google plus it automatically creates a kn event page for you which is pretty powerful if you think about it it creates an event page where you can have details you can edit your details down here you can invite more people over here you could have that trailer video added as we talked about and we're going to talk about that in the future sessions where you can start your google hangout on air so I'm just going to click start and now we're going and it's going to prompt me and asked me if I want to invite guests I can invite my circles right I could invite my top youtube fans I could even go in and just add different emails such as casey zemun at gmail dot com send to email so I can invite guests to come into my google hangout from here what are what are guests guests are the ones who are going to join me in the film strip below ok that the ones that that show up down here right ok so I've done that I'm gonna invite and now we're opening up the google hangout and this is where way started obviously so what I'm going to first do is talk to excuse me talk to you about what you're seeing on this screen and onda different features that we that we have here I'm going to close this out for now okay, so there we go okay, the very first thing I want to show you is up here excuse me at the top. This is where you can invite people into your google hangouts, right? And simply by clicking um you can either add names and it will share this particular link to those people who come to their hangout excuse me or this link up here if I copy that and I send it simply in an email to anybody, they can join me in the google hangout itself so I could send that out anyone and they can come into the hang out with me, ok that's, how we can invite people through you can also your microphone and I'm going to tell you why that's important, when I before I click a broadcast, I oftentimes have my microphone muted because I want to make sure that if I'm coming in late, I don't want there to be a lot of chatter things going on so all mike attended my mute my microphone right before I hang out starts also you can also turn your camera on and off you could obviously you could do just a full on audio hang out if you wanted to streamed out to anyone across the world if you desired um turn it back on and sometimes you might find that because there's that delay that you may want to adjust the man with adjusting the band with will will make it less hd right so now it's obviously less but the it's more sync up the audio to video now you can continue on and bring that band with all the way down and the time that you would use this is if you have a lot of people on and you have a lot of delays happening and you could just you can sense that your computer's overheating removed bring that ban with down and you'll you'll be all set to go and just let your audience know sometimes they're going to say well, wait your soul pixelated I don't know why am I watching this let him know you know I'm pulling a lot of band with that that's why that's why it's like this right now again having that that external input going directly into your into your internet connection is going to be the best way to hedge against that that ban with issue if you're using wifi sometimes the band with can also have an issue as well so that's where that's occurring let's talk about settings for a quick second so settings I have my largest camera already set up and it's it's actually pulling this but if I wanted to I could go back to my eyesight so here is my eyesight right into my this is my desktop camera and as soon as you plug in this this logic take camera it automatically finds him that's really one of the cool things about google hangout is that it knows what you're what you're doing it's sze really created for people who you know or maybe just starting out you know they want they want some something that will just take them to the process so also regarding audio I could use my default microphone but this also it recognizes my blue snowball mike which is right here but it also recognizes you know that this actual logic texts e nine twenty has a built in mike as well so let's say I didn't have this blue mike ok, you could use your lot to tech microphone if you needed to I would suggest I like using this guy and this is the camera but if you don't have a desktop a microphone use your lodge attack camera a microphone or you know you could even use your built in I'm gonna use my blue snowball check to that that's working yeah I can see that's working and it's not uh it's not coming from my it's not coming from my my my my desktop so that's how you khun that's how you can set your camera and your audio default speakers this is essentially you know once you put in your headset tailpipe through the headset but it also pipe through your computer as well this is where you would set that um now here's something a lot of people don't use and it's actually fine there's this area called voice her studio now if you are let's say someone who's doing a lot of if you're a musician and you're wanting to kind of get a studio effect this is where you would probably use this setting generally speaking, doing a google hangout just you and some some of those guests coming in you're only gonna really need your you're you're the voice as it says here so that's all you really need click save and now that is that's really what this settings this setting tab are all about you can also leave the call but be very careful oftentimes what I've done is I've accidentally click this button and it's completely taken me out of the hangout and so just be very aware to not click that button out of frantic energy and like I so you know, a lot of people think that if this looks almost like someone can call in right but it doesn't actually takes you out of the google hangout itself um now you know this is for guests if they want to leave the google hangout they can certainly do so and and this is how guests would leave you is the admin would still have the google hangout happening essentially right? Okay, those air settings any questions on those right now? Okay. Yes and when you do press that red button the hang up button if you are the man you are the moderator you're hosting hang out is there any way to recover that I you know what? Actually interestingly enough when you create a hangout through google plus let's leave this right now it's still right here, right? And it's the same you are let's look at that g f y g question mark so let's do that again and just make sure yeah, same one so if you fall out if you leave, you can always come back to the hangout through google through google plus right that's something to know about, you know, so if you are the aunt that ad minya this is this is how it can kind of work for you when you're when you're doing it through google. Plus I mean that's one of the benefits from doing it through google plus but there are ways you can do that where like, for instance with easy webinar when you stream a google hangout into a third party software the page you're still on that page and a google hangout can you know you can start any google hangout into that page itself, right? So if you fall out of one google hangout you can just pop in another one so it makes sense, right? So ok, so those are some things and I should say you had a question, so if us the admin can get back in, what about the people when you click by accident, that thing are they lost do they have to lock you still have that you are all right there, but do they have to click refresh or something? If well, if you come out right, so if you come out as the admin I'm thinking that this is what's gonna happen um uh, no, they can stay in until I think it's a different setting into when you clicked upstart broadcast so if I click start broadcast things good things are gonna change at that point I think you're gonna have to be able to recover that you are um if I click that start broke a let me just do that very quickly and and then I'm going to show you exactly how the broadcasting sort of works we're now officially live and what that means is anybody can see this it's going straight into my youtube page and it's is live at the moment so if I hang up you were currently broadcasting accident hangout will also stop this broadcast you want to exit so yes so once I once I end the broadcast it's now over this goes directly into my youtube manager clothes and let me refresh this page here's that hang out still but I think it needs maybe thirty seconds because as I said there's that delay so I started that hang out is that the same you earl is the same you earl isn't it so technically this same ur ellis the same access can be from from google plus even if you start the hangout and a hangout it's you can come into that same hang out for the guests that guests can still come into that exact same hang out the online audience who's watching it from youtube will not see it and I don't I think it will change where it's which youtube you are let's broadcast too so it makes sense I think that's what's going to happen here when you do something like that if this is too confusing for some of the online audience don't worry we're going to probably talk more about that it's going to get more familiar with you but were there any questions about settings from from the online audience regarding these few areas up here we've definitely got questions coming in some confusion as well I think you have a lot of questions but there's one that on the ellen show I think it's right on target with what you've got now which is about the on air in the automatic to youtube and it's from love on his ass siri's but we sort of got the overview here question wass if we recorded on a hangout that's automatically posted publicly to a youtube channel can we then make the recorded video private and the context of that is that they're doing a coaching session so you might want the content to be private but can you still do it through the hangout but keep the recording product you can certainly do that so once you public once you broadcast on air it goes public on dh then if you wanted to end once you end that broadcast you can privatize the video inside youtube that's number one number two is that I'm I can show you a way of making these broadcasts that go alive on lee live to specific people so if you have a community of, say, three thousand or four thousand people and you don't want it to go to the world publicly because maybe those three thousand four thousand people are paid members you can choose to on ly have it broadcast to those people that make sense we're going to show that that's that's something that you would do from youtube you guys probably know what I'm talking about, right? I'm having trouble with the mess that I haven't ok ok well cleared up so clearly I mean this is be used to find it very well this section is about google hangouts accepted but some people are a bit wary of google they're asking, you know, do you have experience with me or I think that we're going to talk about that or do you really just want to focus on this point he's on things like goto web sorry teo meeting go to weapon are so the reason we're focusing we have to remember the reason we're focusing on google hangouts is google hangouts because it's owned by google allows you for that social in search combined right? Because this is broadcast tout to the world it will let you get found by your audience and I'm going to show you I'll show you some screen shots of me starting a google hangout and automatically getting ranking in youtube and what that does is I will start seeing people coming into my hang out while it's live now I did this just the other day I tested the key word or the phrase how to do a pallotti's work out from home and I started seeing people come into the live google hangout simply because of where a range in youtube so this is the benefit of it this is why it's powerful go go to webinar is a platform for doing live events right, but it's, sorry for private events, essentially it's, it's something that you're going to do for, ah, private community, and it doesn't have that that viral effect doesn't allow you to build an audience, it's only if you have an existing audience, does that really, really work, you know, to say that, I mean, you're paying for your internet connection, etcetera, but once you've got that to go into google and google hangouts is actually free, will hang outs is completely tomorrow to go to meeting whatever you are actually having to pay for that completely separately go to meeting is it could be five hundred dollars, for having a thousand people in a room. The benefit of a google hangout is you can stream to an unlimited number of people for no cost. So there's there's a very big benefit to that? There absolutely is. I think we just need to make the point for our viewers, who perhaps are not coming with google of other applications are available, but we're talking about good building. You're right, you're right? The reason I again, this is why I tend to use this software, and again, you have to understand that google is going to make this easier and easier and better and better to use, so just realize that when you're you know, if you have, if you've been testing google hangouts, you feel that, like, for instance, the stream doesn't isn't quite giving you that quality that you want. Well, it's, this is it's an if it's in its infancy to degree, right? It's only been around for maybe a year or two, two or three years at this point, so just give it, give it some more time, let it let it marinate a bit, but at this point, I mean, you could do quite a bit with it and it's a great way to build as as we mentioned an online community, so so I hope that does that. Does that answer that question? I think it does that. I think, you know, sally made a good point. Now you've just reiterated, casey, this is about building your community, and this really is a very fast track way to do it completely inexpensive, and it is going to get your audience they're very quick, really, that is the essence of the course that's, right? And you have a question from this job is michelle, michelle asks, when I do alive, people hang out, try to record it, youtube my feet becomes broken in my audience has a difficult time following what I'm saying, and she wonders if you know what might cause that problem her internet connection probably that's probably the biggest factor is usually your internet connection that's why you want to have a hardwire directly into your internet provider um other than that that's that's usually the case it could be her guests internet connection as well I could be also a factor. Yes, in fact they put in a subsequent question there's the how fast to really internet connection do you recommend cases that I tend to so I I think I have comcast and you know and then we I tend to go with the best internet connection I could possibly get um so if you could get, uh depending on what you have available, you're gonna be limited to what? What you have available in your in your in your maybe neighborhood whatever city or in I tend to try to go with the best out there but you still might see that that band with load when it when it happens and oftentimes you can just simply, um take that band with down a bit and by taking that van with down a bit that will keep that live stream going. Ok, so if there's a question about that removed the band with bring the band with down a bit and your feet will be a bit better when you stream out yeah, this guy conflict that always google hangouts you're supposed to have completely office supposed to accept skype could could that take some of the men with two that's inter? Yes, so oftentimes I would say, take down all your application, remove all the applications. You may have a lot of windows open, right? So if you have a lot of windows open, take those windows down. If you have documents open, take those documents down those air, all going to help you. Teo, teo, really just give it gives much bandwidth to the google hangout is possible. Yeah, skype that definitely pulls a lot. If you're recording your hangout with us, an additional software that's gonna pull. Um, if you have a presentation of that's going to do it as well.

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Since I have been using Easy Webinar for a few months it was a pleasure to attend this workshop live and meet Casey in person. I learned a lot about how to take my already successful Youtube campaigns to the next level by including Google Hangouts. Casey is very knowledgeable and even though I have participated in the workshop, I have already reviewed the material again, simply because there is so much value in having access to this course again and again. The CreativeLive staff is simply awesome and I enjoyed meeting other, like-minded individuals who participated in the workshop as well.

Nara Lee

Brilliant class, worth every penny! If you are thinking of buying it, do it, it's super clear and detailed, love it x

a Creativelive Student

In word, Amazing! I learned more in 3 days with Casey than I could have in a year on my own. If you're looking to build an online audience from scratch or exponentially compound your existing audience, make the time to take this course. The great thing about owning the course is I can review whenever I want, I find myself going back over and over again to find just the right advice when I need it. Thank you Casey, and Thank you Creative Live Dennis Thompson