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Building Your Audience with Live Video

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Marketing Your Events

Casey Zeman

Building Your Audience with Live Video

Casey Zeman

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17. Marketing Your Events

Lesson Info

Marketing Your Events

Marketing your events now we're going to talk about marketing your events before the event actually starts and then marketing the event after it happens because it doesn't end when your event is over correct the marketing actually begins when is over so s so let's talk about strategies that you can do ahead of time and strategies that ugo uh after the fact so so let's let's paint the picture in the scenario here you have the date scheduled for your event you decided on which platform you're going to send people to watch the event okay remember we gave you three options for those platforms one is google plus right? The other is youtube using that you are earl of the live page and your own website or third party site or app the registration page off that event itself remember just showed that that with to you using easy webinar. So now how do we promote the future events now there's gonna be an overview? I don't wantto jump into too much content as like because you could ask me tons of q...

uestions about ah facebook retargeting facebook ads, youtube ads I'm just going to give you some ideas just are getting your brains working and thinking about this stuff so let's go through some of this so google plus to build your circles youtube to build subscribers we actually talked about that a little bit, didn't we yeah facebook posts facebook groups and facebook events even so listing there also facebook advertising which I had started I actually do on dh maybe some of you do it as well linked in if this is where your community is hanging out, then that would be a perfect place to go promote you were event maybe if you have an existing customer base or consumer base or client list of some kind of ah marketing list of subscriber list, please send them news of the event that it's happening obviously that's the one for the first thing to leverages your existing list if you don't have your existing list okay, are you interviewing guests or experts? Have them share news of the up incoming event for you as well? Here's the thing people love to syndicate content that's value right? So don't feel like you posting a message that you're going to be sharing awesome content on a webinar as invasive okay think of it as embrace it not invasive that's a word you put go ahead and give it to people that might enjoy sharing it because if it's good content, they'll share it. I shared good content all the time if you had a webinar that I thought was also might share it no matter what so people love to syndicate good content find those people in your niche that might have more followers than you and have them share that content reach out to them, connect with him. Don't be afraid to do so. Okay, so, as I mentioned, you know, nice thing is inside google. Plus, you can create events and those events you can send out publicly to your circles inside google. Plus, do you remember what circles are? Yeah, I mentioned it before. Circles are these little areas where you can invite people in just like friends on facebook, just like linked in followers or twitter followers. Your google plus have circles that their name for followers essentially right. So you publicize your event to your circles, and the very first thing you have to do is build your circles up. So the thing you could do is you confined people within your niche find people that, uh, a lot of times, their descriptions tell you who they are, what their interests are, and you can follow that, that, um, that process in order to to find those people. Another cool thing is, you can you can you can also find targeted people based on search you confined people based on your own gmail account. Or, if you wanted to say, upload a let's, say your own contact list from your own computer, if you haven't outlook, how many of you about look so if you have a contact list and outlook, you can actually upload it here and I'll tell you who of those e mails that are listed has a google plus account and if they are on there you can add them so that's that's actually the very start of how you would actually start getting people to come to your events well, build up these areas of subscribers where you can we can communicate with him, have them share news of this event, incentivize them to share news give them a call to actions in the trailer video, which we're going to talk about in a minute that allows people to share news of it to send it off to other people, right? So make sure you're doing that and as I mentioned, you can connect different email providers yahoo uh connect hotmail your own address book you can also do google are gmail is well, you can also go into groups on google plus excuse me groups are great because groups have existing community members that are probably going to be very interested in the same things that you're interested, so find those groups that resonate with you personally again if your photographer, if you're anybody creative google plus he's a perfect platform this they have so many opportunities there four people that are in the media space right? So jump over there if if and find groups on google plus and start coming into those groups and then share good content to those groups right? You know I didn't want to spam those groups you're not gonna want to try this have them come directly into your event right away that's not gonna work that way consider maybe a three step to force step nurture process when you're talking to those groups ok, don't come in and just say, hey, I'm doing this live event it's gonna be about this when you've never talked to anybody in that group build a relationship with that group first come in, I would save four to ten comments connect with people individually in that group if you meet someone say I should say it was great tio your post about x y and z was awesome I loved it build that relationship up first before you start doing that, maybe talk to the admin of that group to make sure it's okay for you to share your your your potential webinar link you know, event link, the chant chances are they're probably going to say no. So the best thing that you can do personally it's just build relationships with these people, drive them back in to your to your channel and once they become in your circles if once they get into your circles they'll get news of your next event okay you can just once they're in your circle you can send him information about your next event all day long so chances are though you're at the admin of this group might not be happy with you posting a link to your event right if you haven't really made build that relationship up however there might be a rare situation where you could actually connect with him and say listen you guys have awesome information in this group I would love to give you more in front I'd love tio bring you into this weapon or maybe as my guest could I bring you in you and I do an event together on we just talk about these strategies is there something I can do for you personally that might might help to highlight you sometimes doing that doing that you may find you might be able to get in tight with the admin of some of these groups and and start potentially promoting yourself on a much bigger scale so think smart think about strictest thinks thinks strategically but at the same time I think relationships think the value when you are thinking strategically right don't think sneaky they value and think strategically okay uh as I said you could also role in people with gmail as well and the nice thing is you can throw in c s v you can roll in excuse me one of your own csb files and upload it directly into google plus, and you can have up to about four thousand context that you can roll in on the cs ve file. So four thousand has quite a few you can automatically start rolling in people, and then you just have to you have to befriend them now. Here's here's the deal. I think there might be some software out there that allows you to add people into your circles automatically. I've never used it. I don't know about it. I don't. You can hire an admin to maybe do it for you. Maybe if you upload the c s v and now you have four hundred, five hundred, six hundred people in your life is a lot of work, a lot of work for me to try to get all those people into circles and connect with them one one o one. Well, you could potentially higher a virtual assistant. I have one from the philippines who will do some of that work for me. So if you need someone, you can do the same thing, right doesn't cost that much, and they can reach out for you personally, and I have a message that can go out to those people on it can be done with minimal cost where you can leverage your time a bit better, right? So think about those things, obviously. Okay let's move into youtube I know I just pretty much as breeze through google plus tonight that was probably the fastest tutorial on google plus and driving marketing and leads to google plus you probably ever going to find talking about youtube? The biggest thing in all of these platforms is personal connection and relationships correct so I really want you to start thinking about that in youtube ah great thing is to is to watch someone's video and to respond to that video connect with that person say well, this is such a good video this was so so much value I really appreciate the value that you provided in this video and if you can and if they're part of your google plus circles you can tag them and by clicking a and you know the the what is that called and person yet if you click on that and their name and then type in their name it will tag them if they're already a part of your circles in google plus so you khun tagged them within the comments and I did this just right here words completely ring true chris doctor thank you for sharing and can't wait to pick up the book and touted I don't even know if I said that correctly but that's that's exactly what I said they're on and make comments that they appreciate actually watch the video don't just you know just make a comment and not watch the video on, and what this does is it builds the relationship up with them, chances are they might start sharing your content. Chances are you might start getting, uh, your videos promoted by by them inside you too, for instance, inside getting in shall weeks if I mentioned getting in chadwick already getting and has a much more many, many more subscribers than I do want on youtube, and he has me in his on his channel, essentially, like he's saying people that I like or friends of mine, and he has he has my channel on on his list of channels that I recommend, and if you can get that with with someone, if you can build a relationship with someone like that, then then people can start promoting you in that way as well, right? So make personal connections with with youtube subscribers, youtube channel owners that are maybe within your same niche that aren't necessarily completely that are aren't necessarily competitors, but more people that have the same mindset is you that could be potentially vertical markets, right? Think about that, I I personally don't think there's a lot of I don't look at competition, I don't think there is competition and and so I I connect with people that do video if someone else is doing video youtube, I connect with him it doesn't matter that I do video on youtube everybody has as they said, everybody has their own audience okay, so it's okay to connect with other people that are our coaches consultants, you know don't think that they're they're competitors view so there are, you know, there's there's also other things that you khun d'oh such is like third party software thiss software's tube tracker dot com and it allows you to ah, it gives you kind of ah ah place where you can analyze your videos, you can optimize your videos, you can promote your videos and you can monitor your videos it's a it's a site it's, an app that you you can check out all the you know how the videos work, essentially analyze the videos, compare them to other so other videos find opportunities to rank videos easily access full information for any videos, including tagging he's easily create your channel art they haven't at area where you can actually create channel art. So inside youtube having a banner that is brandon is a very powerful way to obviously let people know who you are and to get them to take action and to understand exactly what your brand is so you could actually create them inside two tractor dot com you can actually also compare your videos to competing videos and improve attributes search youtube channels to find influencers through promoting find videos where you can add a link search channels by keywords and other criteria. You can also attract ranking of any youtube video for any key word easily import videos and key words from any channel and publish ranking reports and graff and graphs with your own logo so that's some of things you can do with with two tracker again a third party site site just their toe give you more information as to what you can do with your with your videos. Relationships obviously are things that you can build up with those people inside youtube make those connections but tupac and might speed up that process of really understanding how to analyze your videos and things like that. My personal belief is that sir she is a powerful way to market your content out at the world content creation is uh is probably the best way to market yourself more constant you create the more it could get found on the web, the better your chances of building and establishing a community. So what I often times he was I just continued to create content and I try to optimize that content to get found within within google and also youtube as well but here's an option for you if you don't want tio go the route of building up that social connection and and put the leg work in you know to create content you could always advertise your videos out into the world if you needed to if you wanted to uh youtube uses google adwords for video just think of google adwords but then now put this parentheses for video around it and now you have uh video promotions I have personally done this there are certain things you khun dio you can use youtube's four different video formats they're the true view formats okay as you can for instance at a pre roll over another video so this video that's the way this an example of what an ad might look like and you may have seen something like this where to skip out how many of you have seen something like that yeah so what people tend tend to do is they have an advert they haven't advertised video a promoted video they have that promoted video over a video that is within the same niche or that makes sense for what that promoted video is right so if I'm watching a video from my friend gideon shall wick who creates videos all about youtube this person has a video over over lane on it okay this is a video overlay right a pre roll if you will on it's all about using video ads to to build your business so it makes sense people you can actually attach videos as pre rolls right, you can create videos and, like a thirty second video, can be added to any other video and found also within search. A pre roll simply means that you're putting it in front of videos that are similar to it, right that have the same audience right, you can target those audience members. You can also have it in search. Where if people are searching in video marketing, your video will pop up because it's obviously being advertised, you could have it as in display. Ok, um and I believe it's also in a stream as well. So those are the four monetization methods that you can use with advertising with youtube. I have found good results with this myself personally in using, and I was finding that I could get a lot of click throughs and pay very little cost per click for my for my videos. Now, the thing of the thing about that is that the secret to a good video that's advertised is a call to action. You have to have a concise call to action in advertised videos. They also have to be short because remember, attention span is very, very short. Okay, so think about that. A lot of people will say there's, no possible way to get direct marketing from a video that's absolutely false absolutely false, you just have to have the right video, so what some people will do literally is let's say I'm about to watch coca cola video, right? And I'm pepsi and I decide I'm going to advertise my pepsi ad over coca cola's video before coca cola's video happens now I have an opportunity to get found before coke. What I can potentially do is get people to click through the goal is that they click through enough click that skip advocate button because everybody clicks that skip at button, right? Who doesn't skip click that skip out, but what I would say is, if you're going to do something, you need to grab their attention within the first five seconds so oftentimes you're you're simply having to tell them. All right, you're gonna want to click right here, click right here right here so that they'll click on the video otherwise they want. So some of the things that I've seen and some of things I've been thinking about is what if you had like this button where they could, like, click like if you said, hey, do you want to know the secret to the best soda in the world? Punch my stomach, good punches, right here with your fingers, do it likely that pillsbury doughboy punch me. Punch me and you put something up right let's say pepsi did this they put like a little thing up right that's like like punch the pillsbury doughboy or something and that literally tells the person watching like man I kind of do want to just click my mouth on that a little punch me area on the stomach and see what happens chances are someone might be yeah that's that's kind of interesting it's innovative whatever so think about things that you can do maybe those air these air just little things that he doesn't believe with you very few people actually put these into action but if you take it could you could make a huge world the difference ok moving on you can also do advertising on facebook okay, now this is this is something that a lot of people are doing a lot of people are are focusing on facebook ads and rightly so because they actually work. But the thing about a facebook ad is that you have teo you have to measure what's what's happening with it now I seem to have some decent results with with facebook I use my ads on facebook and I get a decent amount of click throughs um maybe not like like some other people do, but I get a decent amount in fact, most of my traffic is probably coming from facebook teo teo easy webinar so so facebook ads powerful, you're obviously going to want to make them very interesting. Most people say that the thumbnail in a facebook ad is probably the most powerful, most important thing you could possibly do. Some people actually put weird faces in their thumbnails just to keep the imagination going, you know, they try to get as many people to come through as possible, so so some people, but like weird faces, or sometimes even text by self works, there's some the data that other people have done that myself personally, that has shown that that a lot of a lot of times, ugly thumbnails work better than pretty thumbnails, right? Who knows? So so I personally don't necessarily go with go with that, but I tend to find that the my thumbnails, my facebook ads that do the best have a face in them, this one obviously does not, but actually it does a little bit, but when that when I put myself in a facebook ad, it tends to do better than if it's just something like that. So facebook ads are great, you can pay for very little traffic on getting a lot of people coming through, you just have to have the right titles, and you have to also target those facebook ads to get in front of the right people, right? The cool thing about facebook cool thing about you to the cool thing about google adwords for video is all these things you can target your your community you can target them base and by basing them on other people's communities like let's say that I wanted tio I wanted the same community members let's say that michael hyatte had right or um or who else uh um anyone marie for leo let's say or just just think of anybody if I wanted to get that same community member I could have my hands show up with whenever anyone is thinking about that particular person or has that person as their as their topic let's say right um what's the arian huffington is that his attorney so what if you wanted to to to get ranked near her you could obviously you could do the same thing right now those faces those ads generally tend to cost a little bit more money but they they're really good too dio someone taught me a trick at one point on doing facebook ads that often times you know what you could do is is you can target the united states but then you khun target other countries that might cost less and by doing so you bring your cost per click down and then after a while switch out those other countries if that's not the country that you're trying to target and generally speaking the cost per click stays with the united states at that point, so consider doing something like that. Thank god you guys, this is just overview stuff I'm trying to breathe through and just give you some nuggets that I personally tried myself that have actually worked on dh so I'm not going into any bit of super detail where I'm actually going in and showing you some facebook ads, but it just takes some of this knowledge that I'm saying and maybe just consider looking into it yourself. I would suggest if I were if I were you to excuse me, start with facebook, start with facebook, consider also doing a youtube promoted post okay or youtube, google hangouts for video let's say andi also do one one other thing on before I go into that one other thing, and this is all paid traffic that I'm referring to right advertising on youtube advertising on facebook. Okay, I'll explain one other thing that I'm doing in terms of paid advertisement, okay? But before I do, another great way to generate traffic is to create groups in facebook is a great way to build a community on dh start talking to that community on bet that community kind of grow and work for you so that's that's kind of another great way to do it, invite people that air off a like minded niche and just start building that up. On so that you know we've we've done that we've done that it's you know part of my my community is one of my favorite things because it's a it's a thriving group they talk they communicate on they share and they help the biggest thing is that they helped provide value each person that comes in they provide value it's really powerful powerful tool because it its bridges that gap of in personality that we find on the web it really creates a personal connection with everybody so a group is a great way to do that but coming back into paid let's talk about retargeting for a quick second so I use what's called perfect audience to retarget the people that come to my website how many of you know what retargeting is good good good so some of you those who are online let me just tell you excuse me exactly what retargeting is the targeting is when people visit your website ah and then they leave if they click on say uh you know c c s nbc or any other site they go to cnn they go anywhere else if cnn takes advertisements then retargeting simply will show my ad on cnn because you've already visited my sight so it will say hey it is in my sight so I'm going to show you one of my and so for instance here's an example so you know abc news there's easy webinar right there when you go to abc news you'll see the added and so a lot of people say wait, wait a minute are you how did you get on abc news? It's an ad this is an ad everyone right? But what this does is for those who click on your site and then leave because they didn't want to buy right away or or they were thinking about doing other things they you know their their wife came home they had to clip their toenails whatever reason you can still get them after they have visited your site by doing some retargeting right and retargeting is not that difficult you can set up retargeting in many different ways you can set up both facebook retargeting and then google ads retarding this is an example of google ads right? This is also an example of google ants but you could also as I mentioned, target those people on facebook so let's say you visit my website you visit my web site on dh now you go to facebook to go talk to your friends and hang out well now I can stalk you on facebook with my ad so if you came to my website now my ad is going to show up next union likewise this dude always start with his ads or follow me everywhere I go well that's the point of re targeting the ads are going to follow you along that sounds happy was how does it happen? Did you say you have some software? Yes, so for retargeting when I tend to use is what's called perfect audience perfect audience this is a retargeting solution where they'll both help you to to retarget facebook ads and and to google excuse me, google adwords all right s oh, this is this is what you can use you can use a perfect audience to do so, and what they'll do is they'll simply take what's known as a ah like a pixel like they'll put a retargeting pixel into your website so that they can track the people that come to your web site and then they can send those pipes or than saved and then once they're saved, they can then start re targeting them with your facebook ads that you create inside perfect audience you khun bakery have for the audience has an a p I with facebook they also have an a p I with with google ads as well so you can create google ads and facebook ads through perfect audience that are re targeted to your potential viewers and customers and just get more customers from this we tend to when I turn this off I get very few customers when I turned back on and we tend to do quite well so it does it does affect how many customers you can get because some people aren't just going to they're not going to die within the first hit all right that's just what happens so now that was before your event starts ok obviously you're not necessarily going to use a lot of the strategies of retargeting and facebook advertising and youtube advertising for events or are you what do you think? Could you could you potentially use facebook ads and google ads for promoting an actual event? You could but you'd probably want that event to be a recurring event happening every tuesday every thursday let's say a weekly event somewhere you can bring them back to a website that you can continue to advertise over and over and over again one u r l when you are hell that you continue to advertise over and over again all right so you could potentially do that but once your event is over, what are we going to do to optimize that? What was once a live google hangout into a video? How do we optimize that? Well we're going to go into youtube and wait for that google hangout to show up in what's called the video manager so once you're event is over that what was once a google hangout is now a video how to do pallotti's workout from home that's now a video it used to be a google hangout it was live now it's a video and so it's time to start optimizing it and let's say, as jake mentioned, if there's dead time in the beginning of that video you're gonna want to do with crop it out edited out right? There are ways to do that you go into enhancements inside youtube and we're going to go and do this right now, okay, I know this was lecture time, but we're going to go and that is going to pop over here we're going to actually get behind the screen here, but enhancements enhancements are away, you click on enhancements and by doing so, you come through and you can then click that trim button right there that trim button and trim a portion of that first part of the video. There's what trim looks like take that button over that ted that scroll bar and scroll it over and take a cz much of that video as you need off ok? And then you can essentially save it, and that same video is now edited the same video it doesn't create a new video it's the same video, so if that video you are, l is somewhere already living right? But say it's on a web page, you don't have to take that video often put a new video link in there it's the same video link, so we'll just re edit itself over time okay, so it kind of saves you some time we're also going to talk about and right now we're going to go in and show this annotations. Annotations are a great way to bring leads back in to your business right clickable annotations that lead them into more videos, clickable annotations that lead them back to your website. These are all opportunities for youto have traffic coming back into your bunny business and funnel, and the idea is that you have proper call to action's not only in your videos but also in your events. Make sure you have called her actions in your events because that will drive people back in to your website or your offer no matter what it is. Um, after that event turns into a video ok annotation types as we said there's video there's playlist there's channels it's a lot of opportunity here you can actually take someone and bring them into a playlist. You guys know what a play list is? Playlist is a a siri's of similar videos all together, so why not take them into a playlist to build that that relationship even more so? There's a lot of opportunity ondas I mentioned here's a here's an example of a playlist throws them together all coupled into one spot and now it's your opportunity to build that connection even deeper. And of course, there are playlist there as well ok, now we're going to finish up with this with a few things that I want to very quickly talk about, which are tracking excuse me, track your traffic through your links, ok? And I know this might be dense content and don't worry those obviously here you guys will look, you can have these lies if you need them for your friend your own information, but the idea is that you know inside youtube when you are putting links in your youtube descriptions or say even in your annotations, sometimes you want to have those links tracks so you can know where your traffic is coming from. If you want your traffic to be coming from youtube, you have to know that it is coming from youtube, so oftentimes what I do is I add a some a way to track those links through software such as linked tracker dot com orbit lee dot com how many of you use bit lee before? Right? What billy is is a link shorter, but it allows you also track who is clicking on those links right and potentially taking in a particular action, depending on how deep you create that link here's linc tracker here's bentley here's another one though googling pick builder how many of you have used google inc builder googling builder is a little bit more complex it's google's link builder but it allows you teo even deepen that the variables so you know not only where that traffic is coming from but um but any actions that they performed as well right, you can actually put action sets and tie this into your google adwords as well. So it's there's a lot of opportunity to use this oftentimes we'll do this for clients where well we'll add a google link builder so that they know that their traffic is in fact coming from youtube or incoming coming from facebook wherever wherever you can use it but it gives you a lot of options so consider looking at something like that okay uh also social bookmarking your video content so once your video is once your event is over now it's a video you can make sure that that video gets out to the world by may be sending it to fiver and having people book market do you know what bookmarking needs it's where you send it to high pr sites so page rank sites s o that it gets more traffic essentially right? You take your youtube link, you send it off to those pr sites and those peer sites generally have a higher ranking than you and that means that that's going to drive more traffic back into you what's an example of ah social bookmarking do you know an example of the social bookmarks digg exactly stumble upon you guys know that these have you ever heard of these? Yeah some of you have exactly so that's what you could do what I don't tend to do is I don't worry and concern myself about the social bookmarking sites that we're going to be focusing on I got a fiver and I have someone send it up to twenty five social bookmarking sites that highest ones that are the the best ones okay? And esso I'll hire someone for five dollars on fiverr dot com and have that those people help me to boost that video to get it into those social social bookmarking sites okay uh and this is going to we're going to talk more about transcribing because you can obviously transcribe you're you're audio of your video put into a block post move that into a block post that you can use later on so we're going to actually talk about a lot of this stuff tomorrow as well um and uh here's a very, very quick keyword optimization strategy that I want you to write down um I tend to find that the best keyword optimization is when I can use what I call ah general keyword and a specific he worded combined ok, so here's a cares a concept here's the here's the thought behind that if I'm in a video marketer and I want to get range for a video marketing I know that that's a very competitive key word phrase so what I tend to do in all of my videos if it's all about video marketing this is what I recommend you doing if you have a specific niche and it's a video marketing niche then title all of your videos in a general way such as the u marketing one o one put a colon and then put the specific keyword about whatever the video is about so what I have here is you marking one on one how to upload a video to youtube video marketing one on one how to use the power of playlist too deep in your relationship with your audience did you mark anyone one for simple steps to getting your videos ranked for local businesses and the more you keep this content rolling okay the more often you create content consistency the better of those key words will do and you will get range for the did more difficult key word which is what video marketing one on one is the more difficult right so that's that's a broader term that's the term that's more difficult to get in fact let's say you have car repair car repair is not an easy one to do but if you do car repair one o one how to fix a cooperator car repair one o one howto I don't know anything about cars I you know howto change your oil pump thing thinking, you know, etcetera, etcetera. This exactly what I'm talking about. So, so think about your videos as general key words that you want to get ranks for, but also specific keywords that you that your video is mostly about.

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