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Building Your Audience with Live Video

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Optimize Your Video in YouTube

Casey Zeman

Building Your Audience with Live Video

Casey Zeman

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19. Optimize Your Video in YouTube

Lesson Info

Optimize Your Video in YouTube

Right now we are going to talk about in this particular session how to repurpose your content right? How to repurpose you're content to essentially save yourself time, energy and money but before we jump into that I promised that I was going to go back into youtube or how we did this I said it was going to promise to go back into youtube show you exactly how you can take that youtube video ad clickable associate id website annotations to it and I wanted to give a little insight as to how to become a youtube partner that's one of the biggest things that you know, a lot of us if we want to be able to re purpose that that youtube video and content and get that those leads driven through those youtube videos it's important that we become a partner, right? So let me jump back to my handy dandy computer and then after that we're going to jump into those repurpose ing strategies and then I'm going to bring employing my what color you wearing her jeans? That gene is so he's just the most coord...

inated person here I love it absolutely love it down to his shoe laces people down to it can you get those relations? Can you get that look at that mr lie like that? So we're gonna bring on mitchell I like like purple, but you're like thank you you have to give it more flavor than than just purple ok live back we're calling you like so mr lai likes gonna come up here after we do that so first off excuse me let's switch over and I'm going to go in here we are okay uh excuse me ok so now we are in youtube right here so yesterday we did take dennis the menace and made and he did incredible video yesterday I just can't believe how well he did know hey had no teleprompter nothing just did it on the fly because he knows his business so well he knows his audience now so well that it was just perfection so thank you so much for doing that, dennis what I'm what I would like to do is show you just some some tips that you can do to become a youtube partner one the biggest aspect is the monetization of your videos right? So to becoming youtube partner you have to monetize first off one of your videos at least at least one of your videos inside youtube to start to become youtube partner and to be able to take advantage of external annotations check this out right here, right? The external annotations the custom film nails have you ever seen youtube videos that have those custom funding some nails with a with a text written on the side those are essentially custom thumbnails and to be able to get that you want to be a youtube partner generally I think when tio once you verify your account you will get that but to be able to add the most important aspect of it the external annotations you do have to start with the monetization at least that's what I remember when I had to do this so the the very first thing that you would do is you go in and you essentially go and start monetizing your videos excuse me so you click monetize videos essentially right I already have that it's it's already enabled for me so you have to enable the monetization just write this down you have to enable the monetization of at least one video in your in your cue in your video manager what oftentimes do I'll go to my video manager and I'll find some old video if I if I wanted to I find an old video and I'd monetize that you can see that this one is being monetized not a lot of views but the reason I monetized it is so that now I can take advantage of of becoming closer to a partner so once you monetize you are getting even closer to becoming a part now let's go back into channel settings and when when you want to get the external annotations essentially what it does it allows you to act to link up any annotation to either on ah merchant partner site that you have or your own website and associated web site essentially is how is what I like to do and what I like to use right? Because I have and you can see the cool thing is you can add as many associated websites I believe as you want I've I've done three tow one channel so you could do that you can add those associated web sites now it does take a few um a few things that you have to do you have to obviously have your youtube account verified okay on then you know there are there are things that you have to do such as ftp does anybody know what ftp is? Yeah it's it's where you essentially you would you you take a bit of code and you put it in your sight right? Because youtube they want to know where you're putting that associated website they want to know what that associated web site is so you have to take a little bit of their code ah that they they they ask you to take and and move it over right um and these are these are my associate a web sites right here um and let's see if I can find the associated code of you would use and channel settings city websites okay and here we go account associated website page community guy lines I'm not going to show exactly I'm not going to show you exactly how to they take that an ftp what you can often do is just have and if I didn't have it set up I could I could always get this set up I'm not going to show you exactly the process behind this but if you do have like say ah web master who can get in there and take that code and move it into your site? What happens at that point is then when you do have your click down of your annotations and we're going to go into the annotations it's now going to say associate a website so s o I'm not I'm not going to go in tow all that all that detail it's it's complex but I will have a link that people can go to okay? So creative life people I will have a link and all I'll mention it tio not only the in studio audience but also the online audience to where I have some videos that teach exactly how to do that that would be a nice way that you guys can kind of learn exactly how to add in those associate id websites how you how you can actually get your associate website rolled in but what I will do now is go in exactly go into youtube and and then show you exactly where that would show up so first I'm going to go into my video manager and I could take um let's see I could take let's let's let's do ah let's do dennis is video okay so what I'm going to do is I'm going to click over to annotations I could also go into annotations from the actual back office of my video manager but so this is the excuse me the annotations area and the cool thing is that the annotation can obviously be added at any point in the video you can have annotations all over the place if you wanted to oftentimes what I like to do though is I like to have an annotation where a call to action is all right just make some sense to have an annotation and show up at a call to action that you have in the video so if you say go to my web site that's where you have the annotation flying so so let's imagine that dennis said hey click here to go to my website he pointed up to the corner of this video say right here what we're going to do is we're gonna add an annotation and I'm going to add a note annotation right? I'm going to say click here to come to get my my four degrees let me just scroll down here my four degrees to your you to your dream job um let's say you have a book what's the book called four degrees to your dream job forty museum it's an e book that's definitely a book party so let's say click here to get my to kick free free is it free for you? Yeah all right well so let's say it was free to everybody way would have it just like that click here to get my four degrees to your dream job and uh and then we could scroll down here and you can see that it's right here in this timeline you could decide when you want to have it okay? All these timelines for editing are pretty much looking very similar aren't thing whether we're using screen flow whether we're using other software timeline is a timeline is a timeline so now I can have this set up let's say this is where dennis mentions his book right let's say you mentions it right here that's when it shows up right here okay now a tw this point I'm going to go over oh here to where it says link and I'm going to link unassociated website to it now this is not dennis is youtube channel so I'm going to have to associate in my own web site to it ok and this and you can tell when it works because it will say preview link and it will be blew everything is right in the world so this is it is exactly how this works so now uh there are some other strategies obviously that you can do here if you wanted to say have uh an animation that you put into this video right? Remember how we were in screen flow yesterday if I put in a up an image of your book what we could do with that is haven't an annotation overlay over that image so you could say click the book to come through my web site right so it just gives you a little variety gives you it just has that nice feel to it where it's like ok, I can have that overlay right over that that image and then and then that image almost looks like it's clickable it's not clickable remember the images not clickable the image is something you created screen flow what's clickable is this annotation over that image right? That makes sense so that's what's clickable and that's the awesome thing about this but if you don't have animation in your videos if you don't have that little e book symbol popping up in the side you can of course add your own annotation right here and you have a few options. So what I would be doing for the overlay if I did have an image is I would go with spotlight you see how spotlight it it really does look like a spotlight, right? So so if I clicked spotlight, look at that and essentially you just you know, this is this is what the image goes inside this little box right and anything inside that box is clickable so that's where you put that all right, you put that right around whatever image you want to click yeah makes sense this makes sense is so easy to do um yes is the idea you you make a league with the text if you have a picture, you move the picture right over that link herbal text and so when you're when you're viewing it looks like you're clicking the picture but you're really clicking the texts that they don't know about this what they're doing is so if let's say I had in my screen flow remember yesterday my screen flow I had we could have pulled in dennis's book in there dennis actually sent me some stuff we could have pulled in an image of his book a png or a jpeg image and we could have it sitting in the in the actual video right? And is this I'm is this answer your questions so on that video you can then have this this guy sorry yeah over that over whatever the image that is you can have this guy and it's clickable so it's not necessarily text this is text this's text and if I don't have say you know a cool image in there this is when I would use this particular annotation in that annotation is called note okay you can also do a speech bubble speech bubble has the little speech bubble guy and it's khun b you know it could be actually like hey like this video or thumbs up so an annotation doesn't always have to be clickable back to your website and agitation but can be a call to action simply saying hey thumbs up my my video if you like this video go ahead and leave a comment let me know where you're from in the world let me know how you feel about getting your dream job these air called to actions that you can have in your video and annotations are very great way to support the calls actions in your videos dennis so what right st so by putting the image there does that automatically become the link or do I have to put the email and the link no so the image when you say image what do you mean image of the book png of the book that's that's in the video right right this is what's clickable but how did what I don't understand is if I click on that does it recognize the images the link to back to the link no because the link is so let's imagine okay how does a lincoln and that's the part of missing I'm gonna go into screen flow okay hold on one second um and the reason I'm gonna go into screen flow uh is because let me go back over here because I want you to really kind of understand this let's let's actually record this particular bit that we're doing right now we're going to record something very quickly and I'm going to show you how this works so you you record something hi de ho it's casey how are you? You look great today everybody awesome uh we're going to end this recording right now so we and that stopped according it'll pull up the actual screen flow document and now I'm going to go into my media over here I'm going to add a media tool I'm going to go into assets and I'm going to grab a um cases even logo let's see which one do I want to use? I will grab let's grab a interesting ok let's, grab this one see if this pulls in okay, so here's my video here's in ah an image ok it's actually more of an overlay so it's hard to see so let me grab a different one sorry uh let's go here open that up. Okay here here's an image ok here's an image that can say subscribe it could say whatever you want, right let's let's assume that it's it's saying subscribe it's a big step try button okay um and I have my video here so I'm going to take that video scale it up even though it looks pretty horrendous but don't you know don't judge me on that please so scale it up let's go all the way like this okay? And in this video so I have as you can see two images one is this this ah sort of this overlay you can see right there, right? And then the other one is this image right here and what's gonna happen is this image is not clickable when I turn it into an empty for it's not clickable it's only when I put it into youtube and put that overlaying over it and then associate that website that that now becomes clickable. So if I rendered this out like this export as an mp four I don't know if I won't call it test monkey test test machine let's call it I probably have something I also my desktop called test machine ii is weird test something so now it's an mp for we've we've created it as an mp four what I'm going to do here is I'm actually going to save this and publish it ok just to have it in the in the back office I'm going to upload this new video that I just created going to grab this test machine there it is right there open boom it's loading this is this is not a test monkey this is test machine description good information here, right? This is where you want to put good solid information. Okay. So now it's up loading it's almost done and as soon as it's done I'm going to first I'm going to enlist this actually gonna make it private the reason I'm gonna make a private is because who wants test monkey on their youtube channel? All right, this is just a private video so the's air the things you can do inside youtube you can privatize the video I'm going to privatize that video you can see it's it's added some thumbnails here I can add a custom film they'll remember that something that you can do when you when you become a partner you can have that custom thumbnail going to privatize this video I'm going to click done ok, I'm going to go into this video and now what I'm going to do heidi ho is casey how are you? You look great today everybody awesome uh we're gonna end this recording right now so and that stop it. Okay, so annotation let's hop over the annotations. No audio is casey so I added it's already automatically in there but I could I could have added it at any point during the video I could have had a time where I said now so click here and you just have to time it in your editing software right this makes sense yeah you just have to time it in your editing software so the book instead of being there maybe it would be maybe it shows up right here uh we're gonna end this right there right now so that's what I want you to think about it I hope that makes a little bit more sense based on what you were saying so now we take that annotation we take that spotlight we roll that spotlight over this image right over here drag and drop super easy bring it over make it the full size of the image itself we're not going to add a text to that because we don't need a text this image is doing the work for us the image should do the work for us and me in the video saying click here this is an e book you should be able to see the book I don't have to add a text what I can do is that a length though, right? And this is this is the book annotation this is timeline for this annotation so if if this annotation ended here you know then how are you? You look great there now it's gone that overlay isn't there any more people can't click on it it's on lee they could only click on it as long as that temptation is they're so link it I'm going to put it to casey ziemann online dot com ok and now I've associated the website this is my call to action I'm going to click publish and as soon as I now go back into that video hi de ho is casey how are there we go so now it's taken me to my website see how that works so it looks like it's an image it looks like it's it feels like it's an image that you create inside youtube it's not it's a it's an image you create inside your inside your own editing software no matter what the editing software is you can you can have images and things like that does that is that clear up that that idea thank you so so we did that that's really what I wanted tio kind of expressed to you that these annotations khun b ways for you to essentially ah make it make that deeper call to action okay it's there to support the call to action that you create in the video just remember that all right and once your hangout is over people once your google hangout is over once you're live event is over and now it's turned into a video just like over here that's when excuse me you can add these annotations in depending on where you want him them to go to if you want them to go to where if you made an offer in the webinar itself let's say with twenty minutes in thirty minutes and forty five minutes and you made an offer saying hey great now I'd love for you to go to my go to my site we have a bonus material that you can pick up and here is the link here and have it in the video itself not not just in the description so for instance in this particular video skins I would have my link in my description area right here okay right so I have my lincoln my description area and I'd also have um an annotation somewhere in this in this video saying ok click through now to this particular video or click through now to this offer let's say and this is a way that you re purpose repurpose your hang out your live event into now a video that's now working for you while while it's over right so so you've gained some traction on it and now it's going to continue to work for you you have the clickable links and the nice thing is also I believe no matter where you take this video and embed the video the clickable annotations work there too so if I took this and put it on my website this video or put it on your website on your website on your website on your website of your website or your website it would still have that clickable annotation so do you see the power behind you know, taking that video and sending it off and having people share it, the call to actions in the video themselves are are what is known as direct response, right? I have a question about if somebody downloads that video, will the annotation download with it? So if they downloaded to their youtube channel and re uploaded to their youtube channel, well, I don't believe anybody can download any video. Yes, I do it all the time so you can download so you can download other people's videos to yeah, it's just you go in to google and type in free youtube downloader and all right, there's an after that, right? Yeah, right, my guess and this is so so I've never I've never taken somebody else's video and downloaded that that video? Um, I don't know if the annotation comes through. My guess is that it wouldn't because that's a youtube thing, so I'm sure it wouldn't be able to pass that information along. It was produces an mp four it's going to go back to whatever that mp for is without the youtube annotations attitude is my guest again. I've never, never actually done that, so I don't I don't know the answer I do know when I click here to download this video. The annotations don't come with me you know so so my guess is that's the same thing because it's just going to produce it as that mp for that originally was when you uploaded it or how or when that person uploaded dennis well is the same true if someone shares it with someone else the video if it's a youtube video still it'll still have that annotation in it so someone shares it to somebody else hey this is cool take a look at casey doing this whatever you have done in annotations that next person would see in the next person would see that's the idea yeah that you know going into my website if I go to my website the video if I have that video up in my web site they could still click on that video that that video is up on your web site because remember the cool thing is that anybody can shiro casey how anybody can share this they can add it tio this is private so they can't share this one but they can they can share it they can add the embed code if they wanted to let's go in here if you clicked on below share here's the embed code this's this's in bed code that I can put into my website on would have the clickable annotations still in there right um you can email it to people if you wanted to you could um let's see, you could also share it to any of these guys right here. Okay, so there is a lot of cool things you could do inside youtube you could also another cool thing is that you could start the video at a specific time if you wanted to. All right, so let's say you have a google hangout that turns into a video and that google hangout first ten minutes is you didn't like it. You could have the video started a specific time if you shared it out to people okay simply by going in and changing this around to say, you know in ten minutes now this video is not ten minutes so it would have to be thirty seconds grab it and the idea is that it starts thirty seconds you could see right here c that t three hundred you into the job you want even if that job is not yet advertised or created if you'd like to learn more about how that makes sense. So so if you do a google hangout that goes long and its first ten minutes is not too great, you could always send it out to people. If it's if it's in youtube you could always send it out to people and change the time of when it starts essentially right? But remember what I said yesterday that if a google hangout goes for two hours orm or you're not gonna be able to do a lot of the internal edits that you can do with youtube. Remember, as as I mentioned going in here, the enhancements will not show up at a two hour long er google hangout. So for instance, if I go down here, let me see this one here is in the hands went there let's see about this one see, this one does not have an enhancement. This video did not have didn't give me the ability to do enhancement and it's two hours and ten minutes long, right? So this is this is when it gives you an issue. So this I think, in the very first ten, ten minutes of this video it's, all meat, it's all just paused, you know, are its has its a google hangout that hasn't started yet? It's just that holder image for ten minutes. So what you can do in these instances download this mp for put it into your screen flow, take off that ten minutes that is just dead air and then re uploaded as as a new video. Ok, and it has it will have to become a new video went to upload bree uploaded it does not can't you can't upload with that same video link that makes sense? Okay, so why don't we why don't we jump back into the slides? You know, we're actually again we're running, running a bit out of time with all the concept that I wanted to share in this particular session, but let's, let's jump it back over to the slides and this is something that I can control. So, um it's got aquino and that was one element of of ah repurpose ing that that I think is important to share understanding that you can take that that live event and repurpose it as a video, the things you can do all the cool things you could do with youtube having those annotations to make those videos clickable make those videos get direct response, right? Remember that? What did I say yesterday about the guy you know, doing one of those overlays where you know you have that video that's, that's click your punch, my stomach punch myself, the direct response? Well, think about the direct response that you can get from videos, the fact that you can have someone clicking a video it's your it's, your opportunity to say, ok, click right here because this is going to give you the ten best strategies for, you know how to not lose that at the lottery, I don't know everybody loses at the lottery, I mean that's near impossible

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