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Building Your Audience with Live Video

Lesson 20 of 26

Repurposing Your Content

Casey Zeman

Building Your Audience with Live Video

Casey Zeman

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20. Repurposing Your Content

Lesson Info

Repurposing Your Content

Let's roll into how to repurpose you're content to save yourself time, energy and money and then after a little bit of time I'm gonna bring jeanne the machine in and and he's going to kind of take the helm and I'll tell you why he's going to take the helm in a second here so first off let's start thinking about our content as as something that we can we use over and over and over again okay, you know, if you think about what cave men did, I want you to start repurpose ing like a cave man. What do they do when they you know, in the in the day when they you know, found a grant ran across the saber toothed tiger, they would not only kill the tiger they would have, they would they would use the tire too, for food they would use it for keeping warm, they would use it for creating tools such as defensive tools, things like that, their teeth, you know, the reason for all sorts of stuff. So I want you to start thinking about that when you are creating your content, all your content could be re...

used on dh each bit of content you create is important, and I know that we've all been in a position where we've created a ton of content and never repurpose it I am completely at fault for doing that utterly at fault I have tons of content that is not being repurposed the way I want it to be repurposed as so do what I say not so much what I do necessarily in some degrees of my of my video content some of some of my content some of my content I do transcribe I do turn into other things but a lot of it is out there and it just needs some sissies needs him more love so I want you to start thinking don't let anything go to waste okay? So very very first thing your creative process excuse me and brainstorming so you know I like to kind of look at this like what do you do as soon as you want to think of any content that you're going to create what's the very first thing that you do in your mind what's your creative process and brainstorming for me personally um sometimes I will bullet point out ideas okay in some other instances I will actually do an audio memo into my phone with an idea for a video idea for a sales video idea for anything that I'm that I'm wanting to create because I just don't feel like writing it down I want I need it I need to speak it I need to speak the creative process anyone else like that so so that is another way that you could do it we have all of all of us have this give me an audio memo deleo on our little guy here, so take advantage of it started using it and you know what I'll do? I'll take window got a window for a walk around the block and I'll conceptualize on my phone and start and start just recording this concept that I'm done doing the cool thing is it produces it as an mp three you could download this and have it transcribed into a text content which then you can have somebody else do it. You can have it done yourself, which can then obviously be a script for a sales video, a script for your next video that you're doing so think about you know where? Excuse me, where you start another way to do it is your iphone video sometimes I will go around and I'll, you know, walk around the block with window again. This is for some reason when I'm walking around the block. This is when my creative stuff happens now when I'm sitting in front of my computer, not when I'm in my office it's when I'm out walking around the block, this is like life is a when she's in her car, she has the most inspirational moments it's that same concept you know, it's that it's that moving it's that energy is that flow this is how we get our creative juices flowing essentially by being actively moving so I will recorded video while I walk around my neighborhood with my dog and I'll conceptualize mike mike concepts of my ideas I'll take that video which can also be downloaded it can also be then sent to someone who can transcribe it and then that will be a script idea right? This is not necessarily excuse me the video that I used for my sales video it is almost my brain storm concept video that makes sense so what is your creative process? What do you do? And I'd like to hear from the audience here now dennis had put his hand up when he said he likes to make that memo I believe is that we use is that when you use well, yes, but once again I learned magic being here because what I do is stop in the grocery store and texted out had no idea you could just recorded down yes simple little nuggets casey thank you seem a little nuggets that's what it's about? Well, how about how you got anybody? I mean, I think she's a you know, she's a nurse car you know, we never showed that did we weigh never showed that cool cool devices that it's not in our basket well, what she's a has done is she has a suction that goes right into her car on dh and so she's abiding by the law people okay, she's not holding your camera up while she's driving you know this is awesome. I just want to say oh, you know there's nothing like that's happening she's got this suction on her window it's got the camera associated to it and she still look forward to my right. You can still look for still get the video. Is it on this site? Usually I have it on the on the passenger side and have a remote control. Cool. So cool. So that's her creative process that's where she's creating that video in her car, she could take that that video if she wanted to say take that video and turn into a sales video she could easily do that. So just think about what your creative process is, what really allows you to tap into that first step that first step because even before I go and create a google hangout live event, I'm going to use my iphone. I'm going toe put some bullets down, I am going to recording audio so that's my first step does that make sense? So think about what your first step is even though even though when we when we start talking, you'll understand that that video is essentially that the hierarchy of all content to a degree so we all have a lot of content out on the web that we can all benefit from correct I mean, if you haven't created any content yet it's okay, you may not have that content right now, but this is your learning right now about how to use how to create the content and how to repurpose the content even before you created this is really good because now you're getting the knowledge prior to actually having created the content seal, you'll appreciate your content mohr me, I have content all over the place hours upon hours of content that I have not been repurpose and it all should be so at that point it's like I so much content when we're going to do now right that's my problem dennis yes? Do you, uh create with the intention or the structure to repurpose later? Do you have that in mind when you're creating? I would I would say yes, because the thing is when I create a video generally speaking, I'm going to put it on my blogged um in the video and I'm going to share this with you right now so let's very quickly look at this because one live event can be turned into aton of content pieces right you're live event is kind of at the top of that content creation ecosystem or food chain right I keep using food chain cave men I don't know what it is but about today's session here so because you can repurpose that live event into a video, you can repurpose that video into an audio you can repurpose that audio into articles you can repurpose some of the live event right that you create into excuse me into quotes so if there are are memorable moments coming from that live event you put them in quotes you could repurpose uh into presentations so if you're event was a power point presentation or aquino presentation, there are ways to repurpose that and get that out on the web you can also repurpose your attendees questions here's a big one not only can you have that as things to share, I don't want to step step get in front of what I'm going to share with you but you can use those questions as things to put out there uh on your social media sites but it's also things that you can use to brainstorm new show concepts new events that you might be doing the questions that your audience has our great material for future events, right? So think of this as a trickle down system so what's going to happen is you're going to start with your your live event it's going to then turn into a video correct that's what happens first right turns into a video but then what you can do is go into my you go into your editing software, I'm going to my editing software and aiken slice out the video and audio okay, I can take out the video which has becomes an mp four remember, as soon as that live event becomes a video I can download it from youtube I can then upload it back into my editing software where I can then splice out those audio from that so now I have an mp three, which is an audio file now I have an mp for which is a video file and now when I can do is take that audio and start doing some cool stuff with it. How many of you have heard of podcasting audio podcasts? Yes, I'm sure we all have well, here's what I'd like to do right now I am not um I'm not the expert at podcasts um I have a few podcast in the can because I've just recently created a new one, so I have some podcast, but I have g here in the audience who actually has a great podcast its leaders in the trenches isn't it that's what it is so I would like to bring jean on and jeans going to go through some slides and he's going to teach about the podcasting process of taking that mp three and uploading it where you put it ok, this is going to be sort of an overview but it's a lot of good content when I was looking at these slides I was like oh my this is really good content so we're going we're going to go through that process on dh and if you do have any questions let's let's let's wait to the end of of of genes little presentation so jeanne is going to talk about the process what he's done and then I'm going to come back and we're going to continue on with this repurpose ing ok so let's have jean come on everybody will thank you so click to the right you got it. You got this? You know it okay, let me ask you a question is your dog really name window yes. When the large doubled because that's my dad's name was really and my middle name window yeah god well, we named window after mr window the song mr when the did it or if you like bay wolf there is a window in bail wolf is well um that's great I love that name I love that name it's so it's grown on the way so intellectual window yeah love it will take it away brooke thanks, casey. All right, let me give you some context to why have a podcast it's called leaders in the trenches and it's for people that are in the trenches of their business, they're they're struggling. They're trying to make it work, trying to get traction, they want to feel heard and I'm interviewing leader, so I call it conversations with leaders for leaders, and the reason I put it together is because I wanted to write a book. It was the repurpose ing idea, and I knew that I wanted to make that grounded in great interviews, so I said, why don't I do this and turn that into content and that's where the idea came from? And then I also wanted eventually be taking that into video, but I'm going to share with you exactly what I've done to you to get my podcast going live also want toe ad in here. I am not the expert that casey may talked about. I've been doing this for four weeks, so I was a little bit nervous about that is that, you know, I'm not johnny duma's. Who's has been doing this for, you know, almost two years, but I can give you a perspective of it's really not that hard it don't be scared about this, and I've only been doing this for I said four weeks uh, the first month we only had a thousand downloads and the last five days. I've had more than a thousand downloads so it's it's growing maybe that's because of crave live I don't know but but so you can do this too with your content so think about it from that perspective you ready? So what we're talking about is how do you take the audio and turn it into a podcast right? There really is taking video right? You're going to convert video into audio into an mp three and turn that into a podcast and itunes is the most popular flat above platform but there's also stitcher you're gonna this is just an overview you're going you're going to convert the file to an mp three with tags on going explain what that is theirs you're gonna upload toe a cdn there's different options for that we'll talk about those and then you're going to connect to a narcissist feed that pushes into itunes stitcher, blackberry so those are the three different aspect of this process store in connect and the below that is often iq uh lipson and then on the connect side power press and feed burner we're gonna break these down because ready right process the podcast you need to convert it from an mp for into an mp three and you could do that using ah phonic and then you also going to add meta data to the file? Does anyone know what metadata is for you guys that don't know what meditating is it's all about putting other data with the file is in the name the description the artwork so when you go into itunes you see the artwork there that I'll show you example of its its associating those things to the file so that when you upload them it follows it around this is this again a quick process on a phonic which is a free tool and it's a great tool it does a lot of different things but and I'll share with you some of those you're just going to hit new production and this is my account so you can kind of see some of the the things I put up there have mom actually eleven episodes already live and then from there you're going to add in data's if you look at the side where there's a number one you're actually going to be putting in that the title the artist the album the description short long you're going to be adding other data that's the meta data side of this and then the artwork which you might be able to say the leaders in the trenches side quick question so this is why off phonic is important because you can add that medical data is that correct? Absolutely this is this is why it's more it's a usable tool a bit more than just simply splicing out an mp three and say uploading it somewhere else right? You have to either use this tool or something else to combine data with the actual audio file got you so this adds that that metadata is you said that the titles description it was like that so that as soon as that mp three is produced and you upload it to that cdn yeah it's going to have all that data with it absolutely helps to get that podcast ranked perfect ok got you and I didn't know this about six weeks ago so a number to the side there there's different output formats within off on you khun do multiple things you can this work to the video as well you can actually upload your mp four in there and actually output different formats within the same process very cool you can actually create a production and upload to your your s three you can upload to any of the other services or drop box there's a couple of other things that you can do to push that data somewhere automatically so it'll likely streamlines the process for you as well and then the last thing it does really well is it has a north noise reduction and voice level isar so sometimes you get voices when you do an interview some of them are low and yours may be high because of you have a higher quality mike well, this will level out level out that conversation that's really important you want good audio quality because otherwise people won't listen to your podcast right? So what ends up happening is you can see that the way file there on words you've got the play button you can see the way foul everything's kind of level ized and if we hit play you would be up to here this this is actually a creative live alumni kevin rogers he was on a couple of different episodes where he talked about his stuff and I just interviewed him recently so you can check that out on the website but you would download this file from a phonic and that would convert that would be the completion of the first part. So in summary phonic analyzing the audio it puts the metadata in there it creates various formats it also up close to external sites and then it's completely free. It does improve your sound quality and actually streamlined your workflow it's a pretty cool tool and it's free all right lipson so lipson is a cd and a content delivery network they actually hold or host your file so let's go through that now this is not free but it's not expensive and it really depends on your usage and one of the things that's not dependent on how how many times someone accesses it it depends on how much you actually upload for them to hold so I when I first thought about this I was like well what if I get really popular and someone's downloading a bunch of my content is going cost me more money and the answer's no and you don't want to store this on your wordpress website or anything like that because it would crash your server if it did that so that's why you're using lips and that's why someone would use amazon has three right lips and actually gives me data and that was about my downloads so I like the analytic side where amazon does not everyone has three which is which obviously hosts as well but that's this is the power of lips in because it actually tracks and I think you get account for like seven bucks well you're going to add new content so you've downloaded the file already you add content you select file for download and then you could actually go into choose file so and it's just like anything else you're up you're going to you're your founder choose the file and upload it doesn't matter whether it's a mac or a pc it all works the same because all this is done through ah ah you are lf you can kind of look at the screen but it's that easy you had published in the bottom and the next thing you're going to see is you're going to have your file stored in there and this is kevin rogers stored up there and then we're gonna look at and grab the direct download you are well, so you're getting a u r l that will allow you to store that into your website for playable and also upload into itunes and stitcher any questions so far? No, I absolutely love it and I'm trying to go pretty quick so we keep going you're you're doing great right from there we're going to connect it using power press in fever so this is the final steps I'm using a power press plug in it's a free plug in can we like free right? And you're going it once you install that into your wordpress website and I don't have any other solutions for you if you don't have a wordpress website but in this in this instance it will give you a place on each year post toe upload that u r l that we just copied from the upload toe lipson and so you'll create a post this one is kevin rogers number ten and got a title up there and then you just save it in there you have hit the verify button it's really small and on even the version I'm looking at but maybe you can see this but on the other side of that you are well you hit verify and it will actually tell you that it's a valid uh file for upload and then from there it tells you how big it is it tells you how much time it is and there's a thing called short codes I'm gonna explain just quickly what a short coat is and I'm not technical but you would put this little bit where it says power press that tells you where you want the play button on your web site the little audio player right that summarized the mp three right night so I decided to put that right underneath the title I want them to read the title and then I want them to see the play button and be able to play it right there on the web site and that's what gets everything done there's also I didn't put an arrow but if you look at the far right hand corner right next to kevin's beautiful bald head I joke him all the time about his hair he used to have a mullet I remember so right next to that there's categories you see that I've gotta check box on podcast you having it to your own category inside where I'm adding a pot a categorical podcast and then all I have to do for me I do a publish update I've never done this before I've always right written a block and just hit update er and it puts it on my website but I want to schedule them in advance so I put everything I can into the the file get everything approved all the artwork and test everything all the tweet a bles quotes and I hit podcast and then I schedule it and then once you do that it says schedule so you schedule it ahead of time you put all the granton in scheduled ahead of time and then it publishes it could you want you want to do we talk about consistency and how important that is I want to get ahead so I already have ten episodes of podcast stored up right now awesome in your wordpress site with published dates that will that will automatically publish him on those specific dates and you create how many podcasts of a week I started out doing one per week and I was getting a little antsy about the download and wanting t get this thing sped up and so I've increased it to three per week I'm not a john lee do missed seven days a week but that's that's that what I chose and then after new and noteworthy I'll decide how I want to run from their perfect perfect all right and this is a little bit more technical inside of power plus press there is a couple of things if you see the number one, you're going to go to the itunes tab it's kind of hard to see but you'll fill out all of the information in there that you need to fill out for data going into itunes and then there's another this is a long page I just kind of split into two so then you know you go in and put your program key words you can pick three categories to have your podcast hosted I chose business technology and education and so that's in the number three arrow and in the fourth hero is your itunes feed you are well and I'm sure you where you get that from so all of this stuff is stored inside the plug in for, uh, your wordpress website all right, now this is the other tool that's needed to kind of complete this, uh, process to get it into itunes and in the other podcasting platforms the use of the title of this leaders in the trenches that's my title, then there's the feed title, the original feed the feet address all of those things in that that top part of the box. When you create your account, you're going to put all that stuff in there and you're going to actually take the feet address that's the most important part of this? Uh I don't know why they don't make it sitting news copy it, they have that other element you have to kind of copy them in separate things, but you have to get that feat address and then you're going toe there's another example of that so you're going get that tpp colon slash fades dot feed burner dot com and then the the part after that that tells you to our itunes what to put up there that's the title that's the that's the feed into my rcis feed into itunes or other podcasting platforms got you ok and then you know here's the scary part and I'm scared for may so it probably scared for you is and it's really easy you go into itunes, you sign in you find podcast and on the far right hand side there's podcast quick clinks and it says submit a podcast and so you've worked all this time you've got all these stuff ready and you go in there and you take and you just hit that button it's a submit podcast you fill out this this pretty easy form it's probably like ten questions and you could take that one feed that u r l and you hit submit and then about twenty four hours later if you are accepted which I think most people get accepted, you are life and you know it was that easy incredibly easy this's something you you know you were saying earlier genius, I mean you've been relative in you doing weeks, not months, not years weeks and I've gotten eleven episodes up there, I'll point out itunes will help you they have this you know, most people don't help in the beginning I too wants you to be successful and so if you put out quality work if you have good audio, you have good content and you get good ratings and reviews and you're getting some downloads from your friends and your network your audience, your community you will be able to get into new and noteworthy so at the very top of the page of your podcasting er window you will see an itunes new and noteworthy it is above all of the experience people all of the hot podcast all the ones that people talk about it's above that and they want to highlight people that have good, valuable content and so I was lucky enough to be in the new and noteworthy their yellow with the the black riding leaders in the trenches and so they're pushing people to get my podcast my content and what's what's really great about this is you know, I told you I'm new to this I did this for five weeks ago and I've had two thousand downloads, but I looked it's over twenty five countries have gotten my content I've gotten incredible reviews and got incredible responses from putting out value yeah it's all free but that's all about what you want to talk about but we also the next light is about actually then people finding you go back yeah, getting found is very important getting bound oh, well get found any mention that thanks j kale getting found is important that's that's the part of you know when you're in the trenches you want traction and so I created repurpose ing my content in different ways to put it into places where people want to consume it. I love podcast that's one reason why I started this and I'm just excited about doing this s o thank you for giving me my my shot here. Thank you. This is great you're working in audio only right now audio only but casey, we can do this in video you can this video you can do a video podcast it scares me a little bit and maybe before I got here but it's also you have to make sure the lighting's right and the sounds right for your guest and I didn't want to keep my guests from being ever get on the show eventual millionaires one of the kind of great podcast with jamie tardies a friend of mine you know jamie but she has a video and an audio channel so hers will show up side by side. If you look at it, you decide whether you want video or audio and people can on ten it's the same content is just put in there in different formats so she has double chances again found yeah, that's great cause I know a lot of people that listen to podcasts whether driving when they're not doing focus on the driving on and, you know, I never really thought about that concept of repurposing the video you've already made and making it available to all those people that I shouldn't even think of downloading the podcast listen to what I drive here is it is a great back, I'll tell you and I've been listening to podcasts for a while the fact that people are actually listening to podcast and the audio format they feel more connected with the audience, the host and the interview and the content because they're not multitasking with screen, not checking email and face back there there there either driving or working out of the two number one place to top places too consume your podcast so they're really paying attention a really paying attention, which is what you want people to do with your content and then you can you can you know, you could put sponsorships like john lee duma's or you can do affiliates you can do, you know, promotions, you know, whatever you want to inside there? Yep, this was perfect. Yeah, can we give way? Wow, okay, so so this was great, so what we just figured out is that you could take and repurpose that video and turn it into a podcast and effectively get more traction mohr subscribers and it's all free and just build up your community continue to build up your community so that's the that's kind of the second level right? So you go from video then you go into audio but was what's right after the audio or or actually the video as well it's the text yeah so what you could do is you can if you wanted to you could get that transcribed a few different places you can go to visual data inc dot com which will do massive transcriptions for you okay if you need several transcriptions done let's have a ton of content and you have you know, a seven hours to eighty hours of content and you need to get it done they could do it you could also as I mentioned though goto fiver dot com go teo elance dot com and transcribe your your your your video to text as well they're now here's something else that's interesting youtube has its own transcribing machine it's a has its own transcription machine so inside youtube you when you can go in and you can have all the audio that is in your video into a time stamped transcription sheet ok, now it sounds great it sounds really great, but the issue that you find when doing that is that you two really can't necessarily translate your video audio to perfection, so sometimes you'll get absolutely ridiculous audio transcriptions, and so which are actually very funny, and some people have actually made videos about, like, how silly and ridiculous there transcriptions are. But here's, the cool thing is that they tamped time stamp those already for you inside youtube. So the cool aspect of that is that you excuse me, you can you can edit those inside their transcription machine, you can edit the content, edit the sentences so if, if you know you're saying I love cheesecake and it says, uh, my baby loves hot cakes, you know, you can change that out, but it's the same time stamp on that particular phrase, ok, so that's something that I also do, I'll go in there and I'll just use their existing time stamp but quickly just change out the text or have my my virtual assistant do that for me. All right? That's what? That way, they don't have to pay someone to timestamp every single line of that of that video, I can have youtube's time, time stamp, but still then just edit edit that that into the right transcription, but what I'll do without transcription first off, I'll do that inside youtube because what happens is that's good for a ceo that they have that transcription aspect inside um, of youtube if you transcribe it it's good for a ceo to transcribe it correctly there but then take that same transcription of that same text that's in your video and turn it into a block post ok, take that tax put it into a block post and and you're going to have to repurpose it restructured a little bit because you may have some anti mesa moms you may have all various things, but you're transcriber whoever's doing it for you if you're going to someone to have them do it for you, they will take those out if you asked them say, you know, can we make this a little semi professional and can you take out all the films and the odds and you can edit that up yourself a little bit as well? Often times what you could do is you could have someone on a team let's say you did you know james franco, right? For those who do not know james franco, he is his ah content creator and he has a process where he has a full team of people that will will repurpose his content for him, right? So he'll have a transcriber he'll have people that will they will strip out the audio, put it into a podcast, the strip out the transcription put it into a ah blogged format with that video of that of the video that he actually took so if that's a live event you know you put that into a block post, right? Because essentially, you know your eye doing a podcast and doing a live show are really not that much different if you think about its content that you're creating and jean houses his content on his block yes he's sharing it toe itunes but he's also housing it on his block so you housing your show from your blogged is a perfect way to do exactly what jean is doing with his podcast, but the but then if you think about it, itunes and youtube are very similar in the way that that is the network that it's on yeah, that makes sense. So so youtube is the network that that that live event on that show is on, but you're also going to house it inside your blawg as well. Just start thinking about that same kind of concept is what you do with a podcast podcast it how's it on a blogged right pete how's it on a block that's maybe specific to that podcast similarly to a show you have a show that's called leader in the trenches ah and it's my live event show that I'm doing every single week, right? I host it's on youtube I have a channel devoted to it, so we get subscribers there I'm putting all my meta data in the video itself, but I'm also housing it inside my blawg as well. So it's the same concept if you think about it. Okay now article directories you can also take that transcription and pass them through different article directories if you wanted to. You know, a lot of people don't use article directories as much anymore, I think it's just something that is not really used anymore, but there are some article directories like could do and hub pages and in four barrel and, um cindy oh, still that are out there that are relatively decent sites where you can take that article and send it off to those sharing sites and that's where some traffic is and you can get just more people coming in on dh. In some of these sites you can have links oftentimes you're going tohave link more in the sort of about the author area and you can drive people in that way. Also, if you have a presentation in your life event, if you are live event was a presentation based event, you could take that event and you could put that upload it into slide share slide share is great for obviously getting more traffic to your site, and this is a way of repurpose ing the video that was probably if it was a presentation ah has a power point associated to it or a keynote associated to it and it's and what you can do is you can take that and upload it to slide share and slide shirt gets a lot of traffic get quite a bit of traffic so you could you could take that power point that keynote and upload it there and the interesting thing is that you can also integrate your linked in to slide share so every time you upload a new slide share you can have that associate id and flow right into your linked in page ok which then connects the two together so it gives you fewer steps to take right let's think about that fewer steps that you can take that always great so being able to take that put it in a slide here and that slight sure pushes it over into linked in and then you can have that playing from your lengthen page ok ok now here's what else you can do in your live event think about taking out key quote right think about things that you say not only that you say but think about the things that your audience says as well what can you do with these key quotes what do you think you could do? Yes dennis well, you could do a lot of things with quotes and that's one things I stumbled on early on somebody would say something in an audience and I would go up to them afterward to say I love that can I use that? And they say, yes, it goes in my glogg, it goes in and others speaking engagement. I mean, were you amazing for what you do, but you can use them everywhere? That's, exactly right? You can repurpose that that little snippets of whatever might show up in your live event like a like a memorable quote, even images take screenshots of the live event as it's happening. Maybe you get you know, if you're doing ah google hangout remember, you can take all those. Remember those images that show up when you you click that snap feature that cameraman or capture feature rather it takes that that image that could be used as content that you put out to build a buzz about the live show, right, the's air all things that you can do to just take what is already there and repurpose that content and just bring in more people to it. I get a royalty free pictures and I put the quotes on there, and then I branded with my website and I put it on interest and facebook another place is exactly trust is all about pictures exactly like a lot of clients actually that's that's, exactly right, pinterest is all about pictures, that's taking that content and not putting it on those marketplaces that really work well for that particular medium, all of these have a medium, every content piece that you create has a medium there, where it's going to really thrive. So start thinking about listing out what your content blueprint might be right from live event, too video to audio to transcription to the images that you take during the event itself, to the quotes that you may be put on those images, to maybe copyright free images that you buy, that you can then add thie quotes onto, you know, and then sharing those on those social media sites like pinterest like facebook, you can also put images on twitter as well. So just think about all of that and how you can now start taking that, and you can use that prior, you can use that for not only the event, but then this is all about the strategy of marketing that event after it's happened, and then driving in more leads to it so that it continues to work for you. The more people you get coming to those events, the more they lead to the next event that you're that you're doing, and each event should market the next event, right, that's the whole idea of those annotations that you can put inside those youtube videos to drive them into maybe the next um, live show that you're doing right or the next ar type show that you're doing so you don't have to always have them click back to your website, maybe how, then click into the next show in the next show and the next show. This is this is what the playlist concept is all about inside youtube. So you keep that you keep that relationship happening, and with with that customer, you're deepening that relationship. Okay, so start thinking about that and then, as I mentioned, what's, really great is the social proof aspect of taking questions that your audience has and the answers that you might provide. So think about this content as future event events that you're now doing right. The content that your community is asking is exactly what that future content that you should be creating should be right. The questions that they ask should feed the next bit of content that you have. You can also take those questions, and you can put those and share those that information out there as well if they strike anything with you personally on disses away obviously to just continue to build up your your subscriber base take everybody and drive them back into your show that concept is take all these people and take them somewhere right all the traffic needs to lead to the two maybe even one place maybe the blawg right that's what I would suggest take him into the blawg where you can get them to subscribe have them take extreme action when they're on the block itself if this is alive you know shows that you do say hey subscribed to this show so that you can you know, the more often you s o every time we do a new show you can come through have an opt in box on that on that blawg and say this is how you subscribe to this show you sign it, you sign up, sign up for the show subscribe here and I'm automatically going to give you x, y and z a free gift when they get there so use the show is the content lead to drive them into an opt in box ah capture page essentially, which is about essentially the or show it za way for them to subscribe to more content that you create all the time chances are yes, if you direct him to your facebook a rather to youtube and have them subscribe on youtube that's always a good way to go as well but the biggest aspect is you want to for monetization reasons drive them into your own marketing funnel by through your opt in that makes sense yeah ok, do we have any questions from anyone at all? Wait do have done just a question of monetization from yes manesh open interior design who don't leave this joining us from the u k we didn't call out for a couple of uk watches this one just for you j k and she's asking about monetization how do you monetize podcast and how would you monetize slide share so we'll slide share you you wouldn't you would monetize the traffic coming from slideshow you drawn monetize the traffic coming from itunes now itunes you could do things like get sponsorships and things like that you could also get sponsorships for your show this is something we're going to be talking about as a potential options things that we could potentially do teo to monetize those now because the's places are perfect for driving in leads you would monetize them by driving them into your business essentially right? So if we look at this like the web show is not a business, the web show is a lead tool we bring them into our business so slide share is just a way to funnel in traffic into our business remember in slide share you have that you have your slides inside those slides you have a description area that you can have a clickable links back to your website so everything should lead back to where you are into your business so if that is a zay said a capture page where you can then market to that subscriber later that's the intention behind it no matter what business here and if you're a jewelry maker if you're a photographer the idea is that you create this content to bring them back into your existing business have them create a call to action so if you can say in your videos like I create my life event so that I can drum up more business and more clients then the idea is maybe you offer maybe you offer a one on one session with you personally you know maybe that's what you offer so you create the live event to build that rapport with people you share it on into the world okay slide share facebook, twitter, youtube itunes and then that all brings people back into where then they may want to consult with you they want they want tio at that point higher you so that's the concept behind all this the monetization comes from the business that you have in existence right? So I'm thinking about that there are other as I said monetization methodologies you can obviously way are going to talk about those as well but the biggest monetization aspect is the existing business that you already have and using these elements to drive that traffic back into that business? Does that make sense? Yeah, definitely don't okay, this has been a really amazing segment, so I'm just curious from our students here at this point, obviously jean shares his journey here something he started very, very recently, but he he found a way of using the tools and you, actually, it seems jr found it very easy to use. Maybe I made it look easier than yes, I'm sure there was some trial and error, but look, look how far you've come in just just a few weeks absolutely, and I'll share with you. I mean, part of this is being vulnerable, but for the first two weeks of my my podcast, I didn't have my artwork associated with the podcast, so it had of the power press plug in logo, all right? It was so frustrating because no one could help me. There was other people that have this problem on I'm in a mastermind group and and I was talking with some of the guys in the group, and they're like, I don't know what that problem is, but let's, just talk about it, and we I thought it was in feed burner, but it's actually in power press, so when I fixed it you know, twenty four hours later it was fixed and I was like, thank god but you know there's just those little things but I didn't let it discourage me I just kept going and that was this is obviously why it's always good to have people that you can bounce ideas off of me because we always get discouraged about the technology, those those every steps that we need to take, what I really love about what jean showed us today was the breakdown, the step by step that we all need in fact, I need it I needed it, I knew some of those steps I knew that they were out there, I knew ok, I needed to put this either on amazon I needed the power press, but I didn't know this step by step by step, so I appreciate that you share that and this is this is valuable content that the viewers can definitely take with them and it is it is that needs sometimes toe have somebody else to be able to bounce those frustration moments off of yeah, I put together resource page on my website so leaders in the trenches dot com slash resource is that shows you some of equipment I use and, um and you know where I kind of learned some of these things so in case you want to know perfect

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