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Building Your Audience with Live Video

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Segment 1 - Exposure in a Noisy World

Casey Zeman

Building Your Audience with Live Video

Casey Zeman

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Lesson Info

1. Segment 1 - Exposure in a Noisy World

Lesson Info

Segment 1 - Exposure in a Noisy World

So what are we going to be talking about today in this session? We're going to be talking about building your audience with live video we're going to start with essentially talking about why, why you would do this and kind of the biggest, uh, problem that we face because there is a big problem that we all seem to have on dh if we have a business and it's, we're attempting to grow it, there comes a point when you might say, well, how do I how do I differentiate myself from the rest of the people that are out there from my competition? What am I going to do to to really set myself apart? Because here's the thing great ideas and even great products are not enough to stand out anymore. Andi this is quoting michael hiatt, the career of platform university in a noisy world. How do you how do you rise above the noise? Because, you know, there are more than one point four billion web pages on the world in the world today, and that equals about one fifth of the world population. So can you do t...

he math? Think about that that's, what is that that's one in every five people have a web page online, so in the world, so if you're thinking well, ok, so I have, uh I have all these people to compete with and some sites are probably nothing but some sites have a lot of traffic coming to them you know? So what do you what do you do to t compete with that? Um so let me ask you ah very quick question okay, um what is what is your business and this goes for both the online community and in here and we talked about your business already so think about what your business is and I'm gonna go back and ask what are you doing in your business right now to market yourselves okay, so I will go through I want I want you to think about that and and then I'm gonna ask you okay, um what is your biggest marketing tactic to bring in sales? Think about that as well and I'm going I'm going to go through through you to do this and then now do you currently use video or events in your business and I know she's a you d'oh um his art jeanne sorry jean are you using video? Yes, you you are because I I know you're also you're doing podcasting. Yes, right absolutely so so let's let's go through on dh lett's let's start over here on this side and what are you doing right now to market your business like what's your what's your biggest marketing tactic right now I mean for me you know I'm always concentrated building my list but you know, my biggest tip and the reason I'm where an odd was just building a relationship with those people as they come through you know, building that trust mean far is like what's my business it's providing value to build that trust in a relationship. So are you going to events or anything like that? No uh I mean I go to the very stressed, you know, a couple times a year but none that's not my big focus is uh you know, people come through my funnel, you know, pushing them to my website and, you know, offering up my email and phone number and having conversations with people as they need it what are you doing for traffic was first traffic my my specialties copyrighting so I focus a lot of my time on so ads that's okay, that works for me from written insists of the online audience understands traffic with these air some of the things that we're going to talking about during this during the sessions traffic essentially means eyeballs to your site ok? Because we have some we have people from from all walks of life people that know about web optimization that know about traffic and lead generation but some that don't so I want to be very clear that there are going to be words on dh phrases popping up that you might have questions about it if you do obviously put them in the chat room, but when I talk about traffic, we essentially mean traffic or eyeballs coming to your website so so right now you're saying you're doing a lot of solo ads so loves my focus would have been spending a lot of time lately on facebook ok, no that's just this huge thing but right now I think which people one on one with facebook, wilmore the more they're like ad the ads trying to try facebook ats and then hopefully develop some sort of president's on facebook to hear, you know, connect with him once but mostly focus on that part of it right now centered somewhere ok, cool, cool we're going to come back to that, ok, anthony, what are you doing right now? So right now it is almost exclusively word of mouth or organic search, michael yeah, so I there's a huge opportunity for me to serve a larger audience here. Well, I like what you're saying you said word of mouth and this is exactly what we're talking about. We're going to be talking about that very thing we're just going to be relating what you normally do in the outside world, ok one on one with people on making those connections and we're going toe relate that to doing online events and so so great I'm glad that you actually said that it is it dennis dennis dennis how about you? Well primarily I've been doing my career management and job search seminars in person and word of mouth is a good point because once I spoke at one place other people started asking me to come and speak at your event right and uh and I wrote a book during the process I did a couple of cds and so I sell some of that online but I realized I can only reach you know, fifty people in an audience of one hundred people in an audience twenty or thirty people in a workshop to really help a lot of people I need to get online and that you want to make you want to scale it up right and I want to help you know more people in the only way to run a bunch of ms is the internet so right right the question is about marketing one of my using the ask your business tactic I would say the biggest is I guess the combination of facebook video and a webinar that's going by most successful uh I'm using pretty much all of the tactics and I mean everything but I am an author of the speaker so I like live events have a podcast yeah and that's that's really exciting tio create great content yeah that's free um but as faras the most successful so far is just that combination of driving traffic with facebook very targeted and creating small videos that offer a solution to a to a real problem to get them to sign up this is perfect and you know, for the live studio audience just so you know everybody in this room is a part of my community so they they are not now this is when it comes to how to how to generate a community online eso excuse me so that's that's actually perfect your army doing podcasting and it's just a question of like relating that podcast now to doing more video yeah yeah my plan is to take the interviews or audio completely and reading a lot of great guest one of the guys have been on here before kevin rogers yes, I'm pretty live yes so I interviewed him last on april fool's day all right. And what did he say you told me about this what? His joke yes, so he starts out the podcast and he thought it's great that we can do this for you from our living rooms and he goes I'm sitting here naked all right and I chuckled but then he goes well of course I'm wearing socks was that we just be rude yes yeah so that's that's perfect kevin rogers and the point of that the reason I brought that up is because um what's nice about doing events from your home having a home studios you khun literally you could be naked I mean if you are on camera obviously you could be wearing no pants you know by sitting down that's that's probably my my every day set up I'm always in my pajamas from tear down and then you know I'll throw a shirt on that's that's what I do when I'm doing my home studio stuff that's great she's a I have about seventy percent of my clients are coming from youtube and I take my tele seminars and my radio interviews that I dio on I turn him into static youtube videos so the majority of them definitely do come from youtube I also run extensive back linking I have a back linking software that actually, um that ranks my site pretty high and gets a lot of clients to my site and goes into my community ok? So so that's working and at some point I'm going to ask you about what content you're creating with youtube is going to relate to how we're going to be focusing on these sessions s o I'm going to come back to that s o let me ask a very quick question to you and the online audience tour false it's one hundred times harder to rise above the noise with your message today okay tour false for false for you I think it's going you think it's true let's say compared to five to ten years ago kind of makes sense but maybe one of those things that you sell your we all believe it if you threw it all but you know I could I could be messing with you right? You're all right yeah well it's actually in my opinion this is my opinion it's false because with the proper tools methodology value proposition you can easily rise above the noise on it's just taking these tweets a lot of us think well we have to because there's so many people on the web as I said how many one point four billion that we have to scream louder in order to be heard well that's actually it's it's completely false I want you to start thinking the opposite of that okay, I want you really start tio train your mind to think opposite of that I'm going to share why s so here's what we're going to expect over the course of the training it's going to we're going t this this sessions today are going to be what your event or show is all about we're also going to be talking about creating your online events right and then monetization of those events ok, so that's what we're really going to cover that's the full scope of what we're going to do over all of these all of these courses and training right so the question was how do you rise above the noise with your message today right with all the competition that's out there business coaching what's the competition out there is that fierce what how how how aggressive is it? Well, my business casing talking about career coaches there are I don't know thousands or millions of years and they all are you were doing recruiting we're recruiting is the way I've been paying the bills but my passion is helping others help themselves in their career and so that's what this is all about right for me uh that's what my book is about in the weapon or the workshops have been doing so what I've done is when I started doing career coach and I actually didn't read or listen to anybody else I just took what I thought would work from a recruiter's standpoint what a recruiter wanted to hear what a hiring manager wanted to hear from a candidate and that's the things I started telling people so I just really developed my own community with my own boys and did you ever have fear or concerns that there was a lot of competition out there that sort of stopping you from the momenta mme and how long did it take you just decide to do this and obviously you started as a recruiter and this is kind of moving into this this new world that you're that you're currently in now ana, I know personally for me that it does take it for me it was always how do we get to this next place? How do we get out of my own, uh, out of my own way essentially to be able to say, this is what I'm going to do, and I'm gonna I'm gonna push no matter what the competition is, did you? Did you? Was that growth process a long period of time for you or, well, so far, it's been about twelve years? Yeah, yeah on and you mentioned they did, I was, I afraid of the competition. Did I see that is a big stumbling block on lee when I realized how much of it there wass I yeah, I still do recruiting that's still my my business. And I remember at one point speaking to an audience and somebody saying, well, have you heard of maybe heard of? Have you heard of this person? That person I thought, well, you know, I haven't I don't know all these people are, and I started doing research and I realized, my goodness, there are millions of people right doing what I'm doing. Why would somebody listen to me? What do I have that different and the self doubt did himself down strike at that point, eventually my wife actually help me by saying you know, people are interested in what you have to say not everybody wants to know what you have to say but the ones that do want to know what you have to say it so I just focused on and I think probably everyone has just focused on their community and their message and that's and we're going to actually be talking about that but that's exactly right? We have this self doubt a lot of us I mean when we go through this process and you might be going to this process as well with whatever your businesses let's say you are a photographer I I started out personally online or actually offline as an actor, right? But I didn't really like being a broke actor so so I I went into real estate and while it was in real estate I was I was making good money but I wasn't really fulfilled right never feel that way when you're doing something that just pays the bills not really fulfilling and you're doing all these other things on the side to try to make up for it like your creative outlet, right? So I was doing like shows and concerts and singing and things like that because I I'm also a singer while I was doing real estate because there was this this I was losing out on that creative side of what I was really want it's only when I came on line and started to realize that I, uh that I could build and create essentially my own business out of thin air my own my own path essentially out of thin air which took some time to realize that because there I went to the self doubt I went through the hurdles of ok, well, how do I the technology side of things? Well, what is that all about? Ok, now the mindset side of things, which is a very big side of it. How do I get over that? So that was the growth process and it did take some time and we all have that and a lot of us think, you know, when we are looking at this, how do we rise above the noise? We as I said, we think that we're having to shout our message out to the world when it's the opposite that you have to start thinking about. So I want you to start thinking about the online audience I want to start thinking about microcosmic actions to create macro cosmic results. Okay, now what is this fancy stuff? I mean, is this a fancy algorithm or sort of reverse big bank? They're very or something like that? No, it's not it really just means big results start with small actions, okay? And what that means is the more intimate one on one connections create larger results and it's a question off of how you leverage uh what's available online now to do so right so there's an audience out there just waiting for us to tap into and instead of shouting our message it's actually the more intimate when you do a live stream just like what we're doing right now I can I can talk personally one on one with you the audience and create a connection with you the audience and that has a very empowering position for you because then you can obviously grow your audience a cz we said scale ability you confer then scale up your audience now a lot of us as well as I said we go for different things to try to drive traffic such as buying doing solo ads you know or or say you know whether it's buying traffic and millions of hits coming to a website or some other way where it's where it's like a new attempt to try to get a lot of traffic coming in at once when I want to start thinking of the reverse I want you start thinking of what can you do and what can you use to really build kind of that one on one engagement and connection what are the easiest leveraging tools to use now? Podcasting is obviously a perfect example of using a tool where there's a lot of traffic in in itunes and you're creating and establishing a one on one connection with an audience and you're you're using a tool such as thie itunes library too leverage a larger community similarly, youtube right youtube is a great way to create videos to connect on a bigger level with an audience, but we're going to actually talk about on go even beyond that into doing as I said, live events, right? So there has been this evolution that's been occurring that essentially levels the playing field have you have you guys noticed that big brands right now? What are they doing right now? You know, let me let me tell you what they're doing so big brands right now they are they're acting like the little guy they're acting like the startup and the reason they're acting like the start up is because the startup is is doing everything right to leverage the tools that the that we have to to use such as youtube such as itunes, such as doing these live events, big brands, air in the mire of of old technology, old marketing so they're spending huge money on marketing that that's just doesn't really work anymore. Well, now they're getting wind of it they're starting to figure it out and now they're doing and leveraging their smartest sales teams right to do live events to a larger community and they're doing cuban a sessions and by doing this, they're leveraging their best sales team they're probably getting rid of have a lot of their, you know, the sales people that they don't need, which obviously losing that you kind of lose jobs at that point however, what they are doing smart is that they are they're taking a page out of the start up, right? But the nice thing is that this playing field is level that means that anybody no matter if you're starbucks no matter if you are any big box business uh no matter if you are an entrepreneur just coming off the street a solo preneurs ah media preneurs photographer no matter who you are, you can use these tools to build a thriving online community because this is the thing anybody can do this anybody can broadcast their message out to the world and create ah ripple of influence I call this kind of this the ripple of influence meaning you start small, right? You start with maybe broadcasting one message out and then you create another one and it spreads just like word of mouth. Ok, these things spread and over time more people come you guys no thie movie pump up the volume with christian slater know you have seen I can't believe how about the online audience have you seen from both the volume with persons later yes. Okay. Well so what christian slater did in that movie is he created a pirate radio station right? And he did that from his basement right? He's a seventeen year old kid in high school he's he's he has a message he is quiet he's an introvert he doesn't really connect with people at school so his outlet is essentially he in his basement talking and uh communicating just what he's feeling out out to the world very intimate I mean in some of the you know, scenes as short is often things like that you know that's but that's you know that's back in the eighties when you know christian slater you know, they're there pushing him to be in the cool guy but the point of all that was that you know, with with every broadcast he did he built up a bigger community and bigger community and the it was controversial what he was speaking about it was evocative it was it was things about that that were essentially his passion and when you can tap into your own passion into your own interests really really set aside what everyone else is doing because that's the thing it's a very difficult thing for us to say teo set aside okay this guy's doing this, I'm going to go with that all right? Or I want to be more like this guy he's doing that I'm going to do that really to be able to shed all that and to find out what you want personally and how you want to like essentially live your life that's going to be the direction of how you're going to position yourself when you're doing hopefully these online events and connecting with an audience because that's really the key to connecting with an audience is simply just being able tio these personal and as authentic as you kanye so I get this thing that you're talking about something but not saying the word so can I ask you you're talking a lot about target audience and knitting right? Because it's all about connecting well that's the reason I'm not talking about is because we're actually gonna be talking about it later today but but the concept is that you're going to find an audience for yourself personally okay no matter who you are what you do whatever you know cork quirk you have whatever you know, the insecurities that you might have you're going to get beyond that you're gonna be able to connect on a very real level with an audience he's going toe connect with you personally so as I as I already said big businesses are taking a page of the little guy or start up and this is a huge opportunity for for all of you to be able to just uh just just to be able to get on their level so um so let me let me show you a couple things so here are some examples of what people are are doing right now here just some of the people that are doing these live events these live streams and it's it's ah huge collage of different people from people that are famous to people like you and I who started a youtube um uh channel and built it up over time so here just some examples here and the thing is anyone khun benefit from this you know whether you're a small business owner local businesses a cz all of you here are mostly like coaches consultants and what was yours anthony so I started selling bitcoin miners interesting couple eighteen months ago and now I'm at the point where my wife was ready to leave her job as a nurse and stay home full time with our kids because I just consult on that now I don't even really sell them anymore wow yeah so so what okay okay that's interesting so right now you're doing a lot of word of mouth right? It's it's entirely word of mouth for me I've done you know I've done some copyrighting I've done some solo ads in the past with not very good results on and so I haven't even employed any of those uh tactics this time around and it's it's working really well which is kind of counterintuitive I haven't put myself out there and so the right people are contacting me, which is totally counterintuitive and I'm I'm really here to learn more about you know how this canoe benefit that let me ask is there anyone on the online audience I want to know what we have for you what sort of businesses they have oh sure yeah it's one that I have ah, I was just reading them myself three eighteen media has a small business doing web design, word price and email marketing cool on every lynn is doing multimedia and lot lochlan cat is a photographer excellent have quite an interesting spread, right? Right? And you know, what's interesting is this is all about being able to tap into your own creativity no matter who you are what you do you know here's something funny? Um I was going to create a website a long time ago called passion plus profit and I asked my mom about it I was like, mom, what do you think about this website she's like? Well, I don't have any passion, so I don't have a passion and I actually I don't I I have a problem with you saying you're going to create something like that because what about us that out there in the world that don't have ah riel passion and hopefully my mom's not watching, but when she said that it was like mom everybody's got a passion you have a passion you have something that you absolutely love to do she's like yeah, but I can make money from my passion that doesn't make any sense, you know, like she's she has this concept of, you know, she's ah she's a consultant as well to strategic consultant and you know, if you were to ask her what her passions are she would say like, well, what what I like to do my fun is I like to golf you know, um uh I think that's one of the only things that she really loves to do but but I found it really fascinating that there has been this shift that's occurred where we can tap into our own passions. We can tap into our own creativity and find something and create something and that's why I love the online world because we can we now have this awesome opportunity toe leverage things like like as I said, like a facebook, youtube, itunes and a lot of the things we're going to be talking about today which all essentially create one on one connections, right? Because creating one on one connections is the new currency it really is it's it's about using the online world to essentially do exactly what anthony does every single day, which is word of mouth connecting with people on a real one on one level right. And it's through online events that were going to be talking about that's. What, that's, what the next few days are all about.

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