Building Your Audience with Live Video


Building Your Audience with Live Video


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The Webinar Lifecycle

What we're going to talk about in this particular session is we're going to now dive a little deeper into that mona's that monetization that we've been really kind of hinting yet, right? So the main way that I have monetize since two thousand twelve two thousand eleven going to two thousand twelve is doing webinars does everybody know what a webinar here webinar is in this particular room? So for those who are watching a webinar is an online event that you can have people register for, then you can teach them something but you also can sell something as well and inside my webinars I generally sell my products and my courses that's what I sell in my webinars and my webinars are a great way for me to build that interconnection with my audience take him through the process and a journey right and then essentially offer them offer them an option to come through and purchase a product generally speaking by the end of that they're ready to buy right that's the journey that I bring them on th...

eir pretty much ready to buy. Okay, so that that's what a webinar is and I've been doing webinars since two thousand eleven or so and I had terrible webinars I mean anyone in this room have you had have you done a webinar before? Yeah anthony, what was your experience with doing a webinar um I made four sales I thought it was fantastic and it was a complete failure you know but you still did for sale right and that was that was that was really great for me but it was ultimately a complete failure how many people did you have on the weapon or there were about ninety to ninety two people on a revenue deport did for sales what was the price point for the sales that was five hundred dollars five hundred dollars yeah so you still did you did a live event you made two thousand bucks right who said four people so you made two thousand dollars with ninety two people there s so what is that per person let's say the what you would do the what is that yeah two bucks per person that's actually not too bad generally speaking if you send someone straight to a sales page instead of a webinar the conversion conversion I just wanted to start thinking about this the conversion of that that audience member to sail is usually pretty low but with a webinar usually it's it's it's pretty high because they're taking you you're taking them to that live event process right so that's actually not not too bad two thousand dollars for one hour it was at one hour yeah the reason I say it was it was a complete failure I was actually thrilled with with that but I had a jayvee partner who was you know, he was expecting it to do far more and he he labeled it a failure I was I learned a lot I thought it was great, you know what? Here's here's the thing about a webinar we've all had for those who do them, we've all have all we've all had failures because it's a live event it's a live experience and the idea is that you're going to sell at the end of it and and selling sometimes does feel a little foreign to us, you know, the concept of really getting behind our product and and sort of being energetic about it, sometimes we don't want to be pushing, we don't want to be sales, they were kind of really against those those concepts, but in a webinar, the idea is that you bring them to the process who are now they're they're they're eager to buy and and your enthusiasm about why they're buying it is relevant and important right at that point at the at the pitch let's say, but I've had terrible weapons a cz well, I've had terrible webinars and I've had j v s that are like a sea that was a terrible, terrible webinar and it's because sometimes you're on and sometimes you're off right that's just what happens just like a live event you can be on or sometimes you could be off right you're not always going to be the best you you can possibly be but I don't want you to apologize for it because that's just the nature of the beast but we're going to talk about what's really interesting we're going to talk about ways that you can actually use your best performance or your best presentation and have that work for you over and over and over again we're going to talk about that at the end of this particular session that's called an automated webinar where you can have one created webinar and have it how the experience play again and again and again for that for any viewer that comes up comes in and it's almost like you're you're just you're playing your absolute best performance that you have so whether we're talking about an automated weapon or whether we're talking about a live webinar what I'm going to share with you right now is kind of a life cycle of the weapon or process from not only promoting it beforehand but then what do you do when you're inside a webinar right? You click that broadcast button people are in there coming into the event what do you do at that point it's going to be very interesting because aa lot of things that you see j k o and sally do is a lot of some of the things that you do sort of in this women are process so again, I've had great webinars but I've also had terrible webinars some of my best webinars have had very few people on the web in r and they've sold great I've had like maybe fifteen people on a webinar made three thousand five thousand dollars on that web inner because those people were engaged it was is that in her personality that was going on between us and so it was you don't have tohave aa lot of people attending your events to essentially make good money from it right? Have you anyone else had ah lo attendees but still converted and made some cash yeah jean yeah I have a joint venture jason swank when I was working with and we put together webinar just recently we had forty two people sign up nineteen people show up we had fourteen people there when we gave the offer and we had four people take us up on the offer and we have still still following up sequence is after the fact and it's a it's a pretty big offer it's basically a three thousand dollar offer three thousand so for people who took a three thousand dollars offer yet without twelve thousand dollars yeah and and that's during the live event itself and we're actually going to talk about the power of not only the the actual event as it as it's happening but the follow up which is very important gives us so we did automate it afterwards and any waterman so this is good this is what we're gonna talk about today okay? All right. So from promotion to during the event itself and then after the event so here's the thing I hope you know I hope it makes sense tow what a webinar is I hope that I will be kind of cleared up what a webinar is it's an opportunity for you to sell in your events to sell your products or services your jewelry whatever you may have it can work for both physical goods it can work for obviously information products it works for everything ok now generally what I do if I have a list if I have a people on my list okay with subscribers I will start promoting my webinar three to four days in advance that's generally when I'll start the promotion process of my particular event I'll send an email to my list saying hey guys, we're going to be doing this event it's all about x y and z it's happening on thursday april seventeenth come on through it's going to be good stuff register today you know we're we're maybe only taking a certain amount of people on the on the event itself right and it's it's what I'm going to share with you you're obviously the webinar and dennis did this yesterday he did a very good actual registration page video that video could be used as a promo video for your webinar that's what you send out four days in advance right now, some people do it two weeks in advance. Some people do it one week I say four days because if they register a two weeks in advance, sometimes they forget that they registered right? Even if you do a follow up email them like, oh, I didn't realize that I even registered for that. So what I tend to do is keep the buzz going. I start my promotion off my event four days in advance, okay? A live event that we've been talking about thus far for the last couple days have been about using live events to build in leeds and build a community, but what I'm talking about today is how you can use webinars, which is another version of a live event toe actually monetize and bring in sales. That's what today is all about. So generally speaking, I like to promote three to four days in advance. Excuse me so I have a list I send out my email three to four days in advance two days before the webinar, one day before the webinar. Okay, these air these air reminders that that will either go out to the people who have registered or they these are e mails that I will send out to people who have not registered either way either remind the people who have registered or tell the people who have not registered still about this event that's happening so two days before one day before the event so twenty four hours before the event itself and then what I tend to do is go one hour prior to the event I have an email that goes out saying, hey, the event is starting in an hour come on through either to people to register or I send him the notification out to the people who have registered so they attend what generally happens you'll find with a webinar is that usually thirty three percent of the people who register attend the event itself so here's the thing you could improve that with certain strategies and steps one strategy is potentially sending an email out after the event has started. I do that all the time I go into my auto responders going to my email provider and I will schedule an email to go out five minutes to ten minutes after the event has started saying hey, we've already started this is good stuff look at what we've just shared already have a quote already up there maybe right have maybe a quote from somebody watching maybe maybe a comment like whoa, that blew my mind ten minutes later and send that out to the people who didn't register, so they're like, oh, man, I'm missing out. Why don't I come in and watch this that will bring more attendees into your event itself? I'm also going to share with you ways that you can bring in viral traffic, the two to the events as well, so that will help with attendance, right? I'm going to share with that she would share that with you when we go into easy weapon are so you can kind of see you can do that on thank you, page. We already see I shared a little bit about that yesterday bye bye incentivizing people to share news of an event by offering a free gift. Remember I said that so we're going to go explore that a bit deeper promote that created from a promo trailer so that that could be obviously excuse me, hosted on youtube and promoted everywhere you would have that trailer on your registration page that helps with bringing people in. I find I tend to find that I like to have a video on my registration page, I think it just works well, I think it connects with someone right away, it gives them that personality, they get to know who I am who I am, what I'm about, and I start building that report before I even sell to them and that's the idea that way mentioned this in previous sessions, the idea is that you want to build up that engagement and that report prior to even selling to them in the first place, because by doing so, the selling becomes a lot easier, right? Give them a free gift, something consumable don't give him a book that's five hundred pages because then they won't even attend your event because they're like, oh, I got this book, I've got to read this whole thing. I'm not going to come to his event. I got this book to read, so give him something consumable, maybe a video give them access to a second video that that helps in nurturing and almost selling for you beaten before the event starts. Yeah, yeah, but there were pdf is great is a couple of pages is perfect, a report, a report is great, something consumable something bite size and they get it like, oh my god, this is awesome. Like what? Jean handy's he had ten to fifteen slides perfect, easy to consume and it was just great content having something like that has something to offer someone before they come to your event is a great way to connect and establish yourself already with that with that community member right so are you saying I have that on your registration page to kind of further entice them to sign up for the webinar after we're saying hey promote you know shows on facebook all give you this you do both you do both on the registration paid you say I'm going to teach you about the five things that you can do in your webinars to improve sales when you come through right now when you register right now I'm going to give you almost like syllabus very easy to digest report that you can start taking action with right now and and that will also register view for this future event both of these two together work great hand in hand make sure you let them know that the event and that whatever you're providing them are perfect a perfect blend of perfect match right then they come through after they register and on the thank you page on pay thank you so much for registering that's when they get that free gift but this is what I do and I showed you on easy webinar they you on the thank you paid you say hey thank you so much we're registering a really appreciate it now here's what you do to get the free gift share news of this event by simply clicking that facebook link or that twitter link and it will unlock ah free gift then they unlike that free gift, they can download it, they get it and it also share news to their facebook twitter, their google plus page and that brings in viral traffic to that event. Yes, you're building your list like side people who are who were tony and just have friends say that they faded out to facebook or something that I want to build. It is a professional thing. We had a comment from great day who apparently has a bigger following, saying that he was lucky enough to be hosted in the beginning by someone with a big list and I'm curious is the community off the online live women are type community? Did they tend to share? Do they tend to have each other on, or is it a super competitive and destroy? You know, here's the thing I don't believe income competition, I don't believe in competition in fact, you shouldn't weigh all have a community, we all have an audience, so finding joint venture partnerships with people that have, like are like minded is a great way to toe work, you know? Yes, if that person is, like, almost like the exact photocopy of yourself, and obviously, you know, there might be a conflict of interest but finding people that are almost like in their vertical niche of yours, you know it's a it's a great way to go so like if I have a software and somebody else has a training about my software or somebody else has a training about like so I have a software for google hangouts but then somebody else has a training about google hang ups that's a perfect marriage and that's the type of people that you may want to start looking at and thinking about when you are finding joint venture partners people that may have a larger audience than yours bring them in and and you could potentially either a promote them right promote their products because in turn they will promote yours chances are right that's called affiliate marketing and a lot of us in the affiliate marketing world do that I bring on excuse me a special guest they do their webinar about a topic that my audience wants in fact I had a guy come in um we did ah webinar to my audience about google plus he created a package it was only ninety seven dollars poor google plus and it was two to my existing audience right to my existing audience and way both I shared the revenue I got fifty percent and we did I did about ten thousand dollars on that event so so it was it was a very profitable event because it made sense to my audience the made sense to my audience they are thirsting for google plus content I talk about that stuff as you saw I taught a little bit about google plus just yesterday so it's ok for me to talk about google plus and somebody else to come in and talk about google plus especially if I'm talking about google plus if I'm talking about youtube I'm talking about a few different things and they're you know, sort of focusing on google plus it's that package right that's how I can I can find someone to promote and help me to to promote that right and that's additional revenue that you can use you don't have to have a product or service if you have ah thriving community and you don't know how to monetize that community find somebody who has a product or service and let them do a webinar for your community sell their products to your community and create a partnership it's really about creating strategic partnerships for your profit for their profit and most importantly for your audience is benefit the value of what your audience gets so just think about that right that answer that question totally answers that question thank you so anyway so um the trailer excuse me the trailer video is very important for building that report ahead of time connecting with that audience um and as I said you can also do they take that trailer promoter on social media sites or wherever your audience is hanging out you could create a facebook event right everyone anyone ever create a facebook event? Yeah good, good good. So facebook events great you can invite all your friends into that event and you can have the link for the registration page of your webinar right in there on that on that facebook event google plus event we showed you that you could do that your google plus event does not have to be a google hangout your google plus event does not have to be a google hangout does that make sense you can create any event at any time with google plus and it can be about anything hey, I'm doing an event we're going to be going to the beach on saturday, april nineteenth come and join me I'm gonna send it to all my friends that's the event it doesn't always have to be a google hangout it could be anything you want it can in fact promote your webinar that is not inside google hangouts you're webinar could be a registration page and remember I showed you with easy weapon are you create those registration pages right? You create the registration page thank you page it works directly with your blawg so now you're sending your using google plus the power of it the events but you're sending them into your own ecosystem so you're using it to traffic to get leverage and get traffic and then sending him into a weapon or where you're going toe sell to them eventually the idea is that you first send them into a registration page bill that connection with them give them a free gift, build the report even more invite them to into the event now that they've registered and then it's your opportunity to build a deeper connection, give them some great content and then to sell to them and give them something that they absolutely want that's the idea so you can use the power of facebook you can use the power of google plus you can use the power of youtube to bring in all those people into those events if you don't have a list but as I mentioned if you do have a list start promoting and starts saying out those e mails four days in advance I would suggest maybe if you are going to create a google plus event facebook event probably that could actually work the same about four days I could say that that could work the same and you can invite all of your friends and your circles it's a great way to build up that bus right excuse me okay that's promoting that's the promotion aspect so here's the deal you got people there promoted um you got some registrants let's say you have one hundred people registered for your event not too bad right? Ah and you're sending out the excuse me the e mails to let them know about the event and now we're there at the event itself nerve racking. I know we're now going to start the event. What do you do during your event? That's a exclamation point. But let's, look at that as a question mark. So, what do you do during your event? Ok, here's, the thing just like these two guys come in and sort of buzz give give isam energy and bring in some buzz to teo the environment, right? As soon as the theme event starts right, we're counting down where, you know, starting at nine a. M they come in, and they d'oh a way to kind of connect on a deeper level with that audience, right? I kind of look at that as the pre show buzz, right? Think about it. That is the pre show buzz. And this is this is a concept that that is not something that I personally have created these air concepts that we have all kind of learned from the internet marketing world. In fact, I mean, to quote a couple of guys who do these webinars and do very well with these webinars. And I kind of learned this process along along the way as well, so you come on to the event. First thing you want to do is maybe check your tech right make sure everything is working right and as soon as you're attendees show up welcome your attendees let them know hey, thanks for showing up hey, who do we have on ask them if they can hear you and this is where you would start setting up that expectation ahead of time, right? You let them know you'll be starting soon you're still waiting for more people come through the door maybe you want to tell them hey, if you're here right now go ahead and and go toe share news on facebook let them know that you're at the event here's the link tweet this out or facebook this out you know and that's your opportunity to still all those people that are coming in teo try to even bring in more people right leverage those people who are in that room and start using this buzz to get more people in so you can also do things like offered contests or incentives to keep until the end of the event maybe say to them, hey, this is the expectation idea, right? Hey, we're going to you know we're gonna have an awesome event today we're going to be covering x y and z and if you stay to the end I have something really cool to give you for those who do stay to the end so by doing that, you don't have to tell them what you're going to give them but you keep him on the event itself by maybe in giving him giving everybody giving everybody access to something now that that incentive or that that contest that you don't actually have toe it doesn't have to be a physical product that you give them it doesn't even have to be like say pdf, you can have them taken action for you to be able to give them something so at the end you could say all right now I do have a thing for everybody for those who do comment on facebook, you will have a chance to get this right so that's what you should do in the beginning right? Let them know by sharing on facebook that enrolls you to get this this particular gift right? Kim beazley is asking that should all of that stuff that by now everything like that be up on the registration pace of people could get that right from the beginning or do you think it's better to wait until things alive or later on I would say wait till things air live this is you're selling within your event so came is asking would would you have? Would you sell on the registration page itself? I wouldn't because they're asking it does that help you build them the registration process to sell on the page oh, I guess the by now is the call to action, whatever, whatever, right, but that's, what you do during the event itself by now happens during the event. Now there are such things as paid webinars. You know where it's like you have them pay ahead of time for the event to come through. You could do that that's something that, you know you would you would obviously say, well, this is pure content that I'm giving. I'm going to charge someone right away for foreign event. Now, sometimes what I would do in terms of doing something like that is I don't want to sell to my audience right away that's why I don't sell to them to come into the weapon or I want to give them something first of value so that they did now will buy, they'll buy maybe and maybe will pay too come into the web inner, so oftentimes I'll do like a two step process like I'll give them something free first, and then the next day I'll say, okay, now, if you like what you saw doing a webinar it's, it costs forty seven dollars to join the webinar it's going to be covering all the deep secret strategies that you can do to leverage the power of google plus right, you could do that, but generally speaking I like to do a two step thing I wanted if I can't I don't want to send someone straight to where they have to pay like a sales page or even paying a webinar I have like a two step process but the answer kim's question back to that it was all about do you sell from the registration page itself? I tend to not sell from the registration page itself. Okay, um I tend to do that in my weapon or I let my webinar do that for me. Okay? You can have leads to your to your site or kind of him maybe have links to your products which can tell people oh, well, this is what he might be teaching about this what he might be selling on the weapon or I might click on now because I know I can't attend the weapon or so I might buy it now but here's the deal oftentimes you want to offer something on a webinar that you don't offer in riel tio everyone generally all the time. So if I click on you know, like a product link and it says five hundred dollars on my weapon are it could be two hundred dollars, right that that creates that need for someone to take action and purchase right now, ok um yes right I get the idea that it's sort of like hey that's bonuses for ten people or whatever then can you can you give an example of what type of contests you might use? I'm kind of curious what that would look like u s so if you're so what all oftentimes do is I'll say what I used to do actually this is what I do want it what are you doing eleven hours I'd offer an ipad or an offer like bit of technology I stopped doing that because that was a terrible idea I was I was I was saying like hey, if you if you share news on facebook I'm going to choose one person they're gonna win an ipad okay or like um it was just it was such a it kept people on the web in our first sure people like I did without ipad this's awesome I came to a free weapon or I can win and ipad yeah what's your news of it so you do get those shares but if you do that often enough you're going to have to always have that ipad you're gonna have to give away that ipad and you have to make sure that you sell under the webinar to make to make that worthwhile so I stopped doing that I started giving content away you know information products content that may be a some sort of secondary bonus material like like a freebie bonus material that's something of a little bit of value but not as much value is what they're going to get when they pay for the product and come through and purchase the product right? So that's that's what I'll sometimes do ok that's that's what I'll sometimes do or I'll give him ah contest to win the product itself share news on facebook and the offer that I have at the end of the weapon or one person one lucky person will be able to tio to get access for free. All right, so that's an idea as well um okay appreciate buzz, this is the opportunity for you to have the anticipation and the expectation start rolling out start rolling in this is this is where you create that energy in the event itself let them know what they're going to expect start to describe what they should expect from the webinar or event let them know what platform they're watching on the agenda for the day. Sure, glimpses of your story this is where you are not only going to build the expectation of to keep them on the weapon or this is the idea you set up those expectations early and you build that anticipation early so that they stay you want the stick factor and so you're going to let them know these aspects these air aspects for thick factor maybe let them know that you're going to give something away at the end so someone lucky person state stay to the end that's a stick factor let them know some some of the things that on lee that you're going to spill the beans about later on that's the anticipation factor I'm going to spill the beans about the five things that you can do in your webinars to increase conversions by thirty five percent these are things that I never share and I'm going to be sharing them with you right jean thoughts on this but I want get your opinion they think they're getting free content but do you tell them that there's going to be an offer to buy later in the program and all of early I always do I absolutely always do I want to let them know what's happening up front that I have something so good for you that that there's going to be an opportunity for you to take advantage of a course that I have we're going to talk about that at the end but I'm definitely going to give you some awesome content that you can take away right now in my interest or that you take the action on the content more so than picking up the course but the course is going to give you speed speed up your process one hundred fold if you get the course we're going to talk about that later but that's at the end, so, yeah, I do. I do say that because I don't want to spring and offer on somebody when they're not expecting it, right. I try to be very up front with him on that further on that point, did you tell them any specifics about the cost of the course of the options? Just that it is, and it's understood it's going to be a paid there's, an offer at the end, I just say there's an opportunity. I don't even sometimes I say an offer. Sometimes I say an opportunity depends on what you wanted to depends on the people, depends on your what they know about you, who they are. Andi will figure that out as you go along, but I never I always let people know if this is a content webinar or if there's an opportunity to get something, you know, depending on what it is so and you know, so the idea, as we mentioned, is to keep them on the on the event by creating that anticipation and that expectation.

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