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Building Your Audience with Live Video

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Types of Live Video Platforms

Casey Zeman

Building Your Audience with Live Video

Casey Zeman

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4. Types of Live Video Platforms

Lesson Info

Types of Live Video Platforms

We have another jam packed session today. We are going to be focusing on in the session the platforms and formats for for building an online community using live events. So the intention, obviously behind all this is that you're broadcasting out to the world to build leads, right? That's what I really want you to start thinking about and focusing on right now, okay? Future sessions, they're going to be about monetization, things like that. But really, let's start really thinking about how to broadcast our message out to the world as a lead source. How to how to really bring in a community. Essentially. Okay? And you might be wondering. Ok, well, I understand that I can conceptualize how that works, but, um, how does the broadcasting where I push my message out to the world work so let's get a bit technical for just a quick second. So can you see this? I hope you can see it. I can barely see it unless I look up here. So streaming process. This is how it works. You put yourself in front ...

of the camera or let's, say, share your screen through a live stream platform that live stream, uh, platform streams your live event through a video player, that video player is housed within the platform itself. Or that video player can then be embedded anywhere you might want to put it on the web it's a very simple concept I want you to make sure you're thinking simple when you're doing this don't get overwhelmed this is essentially the streaming process right? So let's dive in and look at the various platforms now when I say platforms I mean the streaming cdn platforms that that essentially stream out live video right there they're quite if they're a few of them and some of them are listed here but here are just some of the most popular ones you stream live stream justin tv twitch I decided to put twitching on I'll tell you what twitch is if you don't know and google hangouts right? So let's start with you stream so very quickly I just want t this is just to give you more knowledge about what's out there all right? We're going to focus on the one that I personally like to use but I just want to give you a full overview of kind of what's out there for yourself and what you can use so you stream eyes one of the most popular ones that stream out live content excuse me and the thing about you stream it's it's great it's it's it's a very high end platform generally speaking though you need to have really good gear to stream out your events with it right um so if you're thinking about doing like a live studio audience or home studio and you want to use ustream, you can do it but oftentimes excuse me, you want to have a really solid camera and equipment when you when you are going to do it you stream also eyes paid for right and you have to use their branding generally speaking on all the accounts so the pro silver, which is the ninety nine dollars a month that has their ustream branding on dh er I believe it has that's so so one hundred ads free you viewer hours so that so it obviously has on ly a limited campus how many? How many uh, streams you could do before they're going to start putting ads on him right? And that the deeper you get the enterprise obviously doesn't have any of the problems with the ads and things like that, but it is of course well, it goes beyond the five hundred dollars pro is five hundred dollars a month and that's without ad excuse me streaming consistently you khun stream all the time you can embed it it also will restrict embedding as well for those who don't want to do it live to the world it will do it tio individuals that you select live stream is another one live stream is interesting it doesn't have ads okay I from what people have told me they like live stream on dh this is a this kind of ah popular one is well you can actually use livestream and excuse me creates live event pages for you with you strictly with live stream so also another one um again you're going to need decent equipment to use it okay, another another I say it's a not so much an issue but if you have a money problem and you don't want to spend like huge amount of bucks on this stuff, then lifestream might not be the one for you justin tv I believe excuse me justin tv was was created because it was live streaming things like uh like jewelry making and things like that on and the problem with life with justin tv which za good platform it's very niche is very specific but the problem is the end user pays for the ads so if you're like watching a video on justin tv, you're going tio you're going to be paying for the for the ads that show up, eh? So it's it's not so advantageous obviously for streaming out to a live audience that you don't want to necessarily inundate with that and then here's another one twitch is another very specific online community this is one of the biggest online communities and has won one of the largest traffic sources on the web right now twitch it's it's a gaming site where they do live streaming of essentially sharing their screen it's gamers just going through and playing games but they get so much traffic I think they get more than netflix it's ridiculous I find it very very useful it is actually quite a good form that it takes a little while to get get used to it and exactly how it works but it actually works quite well but it's not very well known at all have you used it for gaming or livestream lifestream really yeah absolutely awesome and it really just work well and I technically it works a lot clearer than skype sometimes or hang out except they say it's really not very well known yeah and you can use it on your I devices or your mobile devices as well it's a little it's a little underground and it's and it's known it's has this very specific a group of people that are associated with I mean there are so many kids that go to twitch it's ridiculous but it has a really powerful community but I have seen the back office and I was in there and I was like oh this is cool I can I can do quite a bit I like the platform I like the the ability to um to create my user interface you know and it just it does it does have some nice elements to it very unique for gamers from what from what my experiences but that's very cool to know that that actually you can stream out from twitch itself this might actually grow too much larger than just gamers though that it could actually do that. So all these are our good platforms and a lot of these platforms they have their own audience essentially but the one I'm really gonna focus on um as I also mentioned that they have the gear you need high in gear to really work some of these really, really good cameras in fact in the gear list for those online audience members inside that gear list I talk about different cameras you can use that really do work with some of these platforms, but a lot of them they don't have the ability to say build an online audience they have a platform for streaming yourself out to what may be an existing community except maybe twitch twitch probably has a pretty deep following but it's mostly gamers and that's my maybe not your audience to begin with, right? So what if you don't have an online existing audience? What do you what do you do at that point? Well, that's why I wanted to focus on google hangouts so I like to use google hangouts for the live stream why do I like to use this well number one I mean obviously google owns it right so if you think about this the fact that google owns it means that they're going to put it up on a pedestal and any traffic that's being driven through google which is the largest search engine on the planet um is going to be driven through this thiss platform and currently you know, with his platform there are certain things you could do in some of you may have never never heard of google hangouts or some of you know about google hangouts but but you may have seen it on your iphone or any any any smartphone mobile samsung you may have seen google hangouts and it was like a texting thing most a lot of people use it for texting they don't even realize that google hangouts has a live conversation video and voice application to it and that's what I personally like to use and that's that's what that images that's me doing you go hang out with a few wonderful people the nice thing about using a google hangout as I already mentioned google owns them it is also associated with your gmail account these are powerful aspects because how many people have a gmail account anybody no statistic on that I wish I did I'm not getting a lot I'm sure it's a lot and I'm not going to pretend to know exactly but it's a lot of people the very fact that it connects with your gmail account that it's that google owns it it's going to be a powerful way to build your community ok um because you can actually get found with google hangouts right and that's the powerful aspect of this remember are we mentioned social and search combined? Well, this is the search aspect being able to get found and the social is doing these live events that stream yourself out to the world where you build and establish a connection with your audience. Okay, so this in my opinion is the perfect tool to use for social and search combined to build your community and then of course keeping your community and the cool thing is that google hangouts combines both youtube and google plus together. So how many of you know what google plus is hands coco coco online audience that fast I'm gonna take it easy yes ok ok so google plus I'll explain it. I'll explain everything and google plus is google's social media network site okay it's their social media site it's their version of facebook let's say right and the um it's been growing more and more in fact for the online audience if your photographer or your sort of creative technician google plus is huge for like image based businesses like like photography or web design or uh, are any anything in that in that realm artists use it a lot and it's ah it's a powerful powerful tool, because those posts that you put in google plus can get found in the search engines, right can get founding google, google plus sorry, here I am so just so you know, um, it is actually surpassed twitter in the number of users that it has, and obviously, as I mentioned, google is king, therefore leveraging its platform product and an engine is there to help you. So google hangouts uses both google plus, as I just said, but it also uses youtube. Okay, now, a lot of you already know youtube, everybody knows you two second largest search engine on the planet more than four billion video views are watched, I believe every twenty four hours on dh in two thousand thirteen, youtube made one the largest overhauls that I've seen where they're combining thiss blend of bringing google plus and youtube together, have you noticed that that google plus, because google owns youtube, all right, for those that don't know google owns youtube, so what's been happening because that there's this happy marriage coming together with google plus and youtube, we're doing this dance and they're getting a little closer together and getting a little intimate, and this integration is getting more and more and more and pretty soon. You're going to see it as a full blown integration in my opinion, I think it's we're only at the beginning of where this is going to evolve to these two communities together on dso excuse me, what I like to use is I like to create google hangouts and use what I called the google side door effect for ranking my hangouts and getting might hang out out to the world getting it found in the search engines. So should I you use youtube correct? Now when you want to get uh, uh search ability, you'll create a video correct and have you seen a near videos land on the first page of google? Oh, yes, yeah, very fast. Yeah, probably within about a couple of weeks than a couple of weeks. Yeah, so and you you probably know this. I will use what I call the side door effect forgetting my ranking and for the online audience ranking essentially means how to get your your content rains into the search engines so people can find that content. So I will do what's called the google side door effect, where I'll create videos within youtube or events within google hangouts to beat out the competition to get my ranking inside google and why why is that? And how can you do that first off? And then I'll tell you the why um thie how you can do well no let's talk about the y first the reason you're able to do that is that that google in two thousand twelve said they want to boost up content that has the most engagement so video content that has the most engagement online events have the most engagement those of things that google wants to put on a pedestal and promote and make sure you get ranked higher so that's what google hangouts and video does okay, but what I do is ideas this side or effect for beating out chi competitive keywords let's say, like, for instance, anybody on the online world who might be in a competitive niche right? Like if you want to get ranked for digital photography, that's a difficult niche to get range for correct there's a lot of people that have digital photography, but if you create consistent content and you create that content with video using the power of youtube or google hangouts, you can see that your constant kicking can get ranked inside google faster than other content and you can beat out the competition. Okay, so that's why I mean by side door does this make sense when I'm saying side door effect where you're you're kind of sliding in andi competition doesn't even know where you came from, right? So yes, I'm gonna ask you to break it down because I understand create, you know you have a block post or something you're saying put a video with the block post to get more track pick from that or something else example so so I'm simply saying you create a video using the power of youtube, right? You title your video, you describe your video, you tag your video a certain way that is conducive to what your audience is searching for, you do maybe a keyword analysis and things like that, all right? And then you you can rank that video through various means through if you already have engagement, you can have people like the video by saying, hey, like this video, you know, thumbs up this video if you enjoyed it or please comment below called toe actions inside your video there's going to be talking about this stuff that's why I didn't want to go too much on a tangent right now, but there are ways that you create the content, the video content that asked people to engage with you in the video, the more engagement, your videos and your live events have the better the ranking. For instance, this one range into google within a very short period of time um, and literally it can happen very fast very quickly, depending on how much engagement you have in your in your live events now I'm going to explain what a google hangout is in a future session for those who are confused, maybe about what google hangout isn't does we're going to come on to that? I'll share with you a bit more here, but essentially google hangouts combined google plus and youtube together, right? Okay, so I use google hangouts to rank my content to get on to the first page of google relative very, very quickly here's another example, and the engagement that I received from my live events fuels the fact that I can get to the first page of google. You see, google hangouts are at the top of the food chain for engaged content. So what that means for you is that your content, your message can get rained faster and easier than ever before. Also, what I like about google hangouts is that, you know, you can you could do things like share you in front of camera, right? Or you can share your screen now this this is me sharing my screen inside a screen so it has that matrix effects, so I apologize for that, but but you can share your screen. You can also share a presentation so you can screen share, and I'll share your presentation you can also add popular aps into your google hangout. Ok and again I will come on to google hangout we'll explain more of what this is we go very deep here but right now it's I just want to give you a brief overview you can add in as I said things like aps aps khun b um you can roll in let's say slide share right so you can watch a slide presentation you can roll in youtube videos into your google hangouts you can roll in different tools like presenter tools into your google hangouts at lower thirds things like that. Another thing is that I really like the fact that we can also bring in a lot of guests into the google hangouts can have up to ten people generally sometimes you can have mohr some people have fifteen and we'll probably have one of our guests on the panel who has fifteen because she's one of the top contributors of google plus so for some of some people they have fifteen the nice thing is that you can have up to ten people inside your google hangout conversing with you and it's almost like you're you're creating a kind of kind of ah thriving conversation that's why it's really called hangouts let's ten people into a room and everybody can kind of talk and have a conversation but what we're going to talk about, you know over these over these sessions this how to really use this as a business kind of have a business put around google hangouts. How to be a moderator so that you can control what someone is saying when they're saying it, but but really, use it effectively to stream out your message, stream out presentations, stream out events where you have up to ten, people. Maybe you summits and things like that. So we're going to talk about that.

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