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Building Your Audience with Live Video

Lesson 15 of 26

We're Live! Broadcasting Tips

Casey Zeman

Building Your Audience with Live Video

Casey Zeman

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Lesson Info

15. We're Live! Broadcasting Tips

Lesson Info

We're Live! Broadcasting Tips

I am going to talk about broadcasting tips, we're going to click that big old green button to broadcast and it's going to be some good fun. We're also going to talk about presenter tools and ways to present and things that you should and should not do when presenting with a google hangout, just based on some of the things that I've learned about that about the trials and errors that that happened with a google hangout fears that you might be having of when you click that broadcast what happens? You freeze up what? What? What what's going on in your mind? How to kind of clear that up and some some easy breath best practices that you can do, uh for presenting so let me jump behind this desk. Ok. Um, so the very first thing as we left off, I'm going to scroll back to this slide here. Screen share. Okay, we left off with this concept of screen share. You remember that where I said my favorite thing about showing a google hangout is the screen share tab. Now, on the reason I think that is s...

o powerful. Let me just set my phone up here. The reason I think that is absolutely powerful is because screen share allows you to share your screen and you khun do presentations, so, um while screen sharing you have a few options you can view your full screen if you have more than one monitor it will pull that any app or document or presentation software such as keynote power point president sparkle okay these air different uh presentation software that you can have on your desktop and google hangout will recognize it and we'll pull it in and and share that ok, so that's some of the things you should you should know um secondly so when using a presentation software sometimes the full screen application on ly works for certain settings now this is probably confusing excuse me confusing to you right now because we're really not showing anything so I'm going to actually go in and show you how I use screen share and if you have any questions about using it with power point using it with kino using it with any type of presentations out where you have you can ask so asked let's ask the online audience what kind of presentation software do you use if you're going to say do a presentation would you use power point would use keynote what's your favorite and by letting me know your favorite I can tell you exactly how it it works with google hangouts also for the online audience why don't why don't we ask do you have a favorite type of presentation software that you use and while you answer that I'm going to go in and actually pull up a google hangout so that we can start showing you how it shares your screen and how you can present some, uh presentation software so dennis you had you had one I think yeah, you were the only one I know his power point okay, perfect. Who else who else use this power point over say keynote yeah I tend to use both I tend to use both do we have anybody online? It's a power point so far I don't see greg d they pose a power point. Bobby says power point fell max says powerpoint and prison course that someone does he's president on jesse else's coming she's just also said president jesse offices keynote I think the kino powerpoint thing is a bit of a mac versus pc thing that was sort of the absolutely absolutely keynote is solely for mac and pcs on dh power point is something that obviously you're going to find more inside uh um inside pc but I'm not sure about president is present something that can kind of right defensive on both for mac and for the late president right defense but I thought a lot of creative people used present I can't really handle prison I don't as you know it's all good so there's another one that I like to use called sparkle who's ever heard of sparkle that's a fun one that's a that's a lot of fun it's ah fly in animation has a lot of like hands coming in and kind of making the transition that's a very cool app I would look it up it's called sparkle they also the same company also creates it allows you to create your own white board animation videos yeah so it's the same company called sparkle looking them up you can also use that same company to create those white board animation so testing and I'm going to go in okay now if we can share my screen we are sharing my screen like that so I'm starting another google hangout here I am right here that that uh I'm going to skip this I'm not going to invite anybody in but as you remember you can always invite people into the hangouts themselves okay now I am going to share my screen so what I'm going to do first is I'm well let's hear my share my screen first so you can actually see what's happening here still have a little bit of that cough is you can you can hear it kind of popping so right right now what's happening is I clicked screen share and google hangout is finding the open windows for for sharing my screen I could of course share the google hangout so what's going to happen if if I share a google hangout inside a google hangout you're gonna get that neo matrix effect right and so if you're ever wondering where that comes from it's because you're sharing sharing a screen inside a screen so let's remove that I'm gonna click screen share again and I'm going to share my desktop it's actually back here this is now my desktop this is actually google plus and it recognizes individual windows right this is the google plus it's recognizing that that's an individual window so desktop is this full desktop right here google hangouts is just google hangouts and this is the google plus window so what's interesting if you think about that I could pull in ah power point and let's do that so I'm pulling up a power point let's let that thing can work here it comes the rio there is right there there's the power point so now we have a power point up okay so let me go back into my excuse me google hangout screen share now do you see what happens it excuses has pulled in the power point it sees the power point right it also sees that I have this little guy open as well so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to click on the power point and share my screen so this is what people are seeing inside the google hangout so let me let me take that down so this is the actual power point right here and here is what it shows in google hangout and this is exactly what people are going to see when it's broadcast out right this is the window that they see now you might be having you might you might have a question as to casey how do I remove these the notes on the side I don't actually play this fully well there are a couple ways you can do that if you wanted teo and it's gonna be difficult for me to show here if I decided to just share my screen so let's click on screen here again clicking on it again if I shared my desktop and then I clicked slide show now this is what everybody sees in the video that's easy right that makes sense but jean what it so it's like an ah ha moment or something what happened because I had that same problem last week and we couldn't figure it out so we had to run the kino without playing it full screen so I see yeah, you can choose which scene you're gonna have it up on right so and you can see let's see if we can yeah oh, we just missed it so anyway it was in there and that's that's really how you could do it here's another way you can do it and this is for those who use pot excuse a power point here's a very good thing that you should probably know regarding power point you can set up a specific type of power point show right? So you see over here it says set up show and custom show when you go to set up show you could have it browse, buy individual window and not go full screen so when it goes full screen it goes for screen but when it's individual window think of it just like a browser window that opens up that can be moved around and minimized and expanded right? So now I'm going to click ok and this is what it looks like when I play the uh the power point now it's in a separate window onto itself that could be mobilized and moved around right? That makes sense so when I do that if I'm working on one screen if I have if I if I only have one screen to do a google hangout on air and I want to do a presentation with it, what I will do is I'll go in and click that screen share again click on power point and I'll start sharing my my power point now it does see that you've made it a little smaller so what you're gonna have to do is spend it out a bit like that okay and that's how you can do it if say you have one screen but you still want to be able to say look at comments that are coming through in other areas right does that does that make sense that's if you are only moderating this yourself if you're by yourself and you're you you need a man chat and you need a man at the the event I did the power point presentation as it's going on that's how you can that's how you could do that jean what was your question? Is there a similar feature for keynote keynote interesting I kino tends to haven't I tend to find an issue with keynote aiken do full screen with keynote but I can't seem to minimize the notes on the side so if anybody knows about that if anybody in the online audience knows howto to do this, play a keynote and so sort of that individual window love to know I have not been able to find that solution yet some some people probably know that solution okay, so and then of course you know to man the kino or them to man the power point you just scroll down and you can see what is looking like here in the google hangout itself, right? I'll tell you what, nine out of ten people don't know how to do that. So now that that you've learned how to do that, take that take that take that information to the bank, okay it's it's it's a simple thing inside power point but so many people don't do that okay? And it just gives you that you're able to do that flexibility? Of course if you have a moderator and you want to play this full screen played full screen right? That makes sense, so I'm going to now end this show we had a click go back to slide show set up show excuse me present to full screen and I'm just gonna go back to that. So now that is one of the things you can do with sharing your screen. I personally love doing that I think it's it's one of my favorite ways of using screen share obviously too to share presentations, but the other way I do it obviously is when I have to share um a how to right? I do a lot of how to videos all about how to use google, plus how to use youtube, how to use software so what I'm going to do is I'm going to screen share I'll go to my desktop if I had a second desk copy would obviously recognize it I mean, a role that down and now I'm going to be sharing my screen um for the six excuse me for the sake of uh the fact that we only have one screen to work with what I'm actually going to do is go back over and I'm going to screen share on lee that page so now you can see what's happening in the google hangout right here now when this is broadcast live something you should know this won't be as clear as it is right here okay and what I tend to do when I'm broadcasting a screen share like this I tend to go with my hot keys and I push command plus to zoom in okay so when I when I do a ah screen share I like to zoom in a lot right because then they could see quite a bit and now what this translates to inside google hangouts it's it's it's much clear it's closer up right like that okay um now the reason that's doing that is there we go okay does that make sense? So when you're when you're going to do a screen sharing, sharing anything I would suggest zooming in on it to really make it clear because google hangout tends to be a little less clear potentially that depending on your bandwidth ok, so that is that was screen sharing okay, that is screen sharing now let's go back into the google hangout and let's go back over here and I'm going I'm going to check to see if there are any questions on what I just shared and also questions with the online audience as well while I scroll through ok, so um so what we're going to do now is I am going to continue on in google hangouts and I'm going to show you some of the cool things that you can do with the with the applications something I haven't shown yet right so let me take a sip of tea and uh and then we'll jump in there so we showed capture cameraman I showed the google effects right the party hats and things like that which some people use some people don't use this is this is more a proposed I think to me um control room now control room remove this first so you can take me seriously while I show you this so control room if you are the person putting on this event you're going to want to be able to control what people do when they come into the event all of your guests are going to show up over here ok they're going to show up and it's gonna have their image is going to have their name and it's gonna is gonna allow you the ability as the person controlling to mute them to turn off their video to turn up their sound or down their sound this is the moderators controls this is effectively doing exactly what this room is doing over here in creative life bright gives you the flexibility to do it yourself ok now we're in control room and this is where I would obviously suggest like if you are the one controlling this you know this is too if you have someone who can't figure out howto handle their their microphone howto do anything with their video this is when you're going toe use thes these strategies this makes sense yeah, ok finally let me talk about hangout toolbox okay, hang out tool box this is this is where you have a lot of flexibility of of presenting yourself out to the world. Okay, so let's take a look at presenter tools within google hangouts those air google aps specifically google hangout excuse me tool kit such as which which allows me to do lower thirds presets and you can also do custom logos so here's an example of what it might look like don't pay attention to the fact that I've been black and white pay attention to the lower third on the bottom you can add a lower third to your presentations okay, which obviously is great for branding you can also add presets now what is a preset a preset is an image that could be in there already for your events that can sort of start your event. This is what I have up when I'm right before when I broadcast an event I click that green broadcast button I'll have a pre set up that says will be starting soon ok come on through now ask questions will be starting soon so I have that up before the event actually runs right and I'll show you where those are at inside google hangout said if you have any questions ask if this is going over your head ask yes jean thank you this is this's a png and you can see I'm from the corner here it says saved presets you add those pre sets in and that's where you can then activate them by clicking that era the check mark and it adds him in yes so why use png or j peg? I see that all the time and I never know which one is supposed to be o j p and g uh I don't know what that's a that's a very good question I seem to use png because that's what when any any time I used like a jinger or capture an image it always turns it into a png and then I can upload it I'm wondering this should be able to upload a j peg as well can't upload a gift I don't think this isn't a game any universal format I believe I believe you jape can be used in any format espn jesus said giraffes very specific to certain types of programming that's leave that's very true j peg you see everybody using it and it's universally itt's accepted any uploading is always going to be jay pick but a lot of a lot of devices a lot of applications allow for p and g's to be uploaded gives on the other hand our are not so much because they have a bit of animation to them from from my experience so that za good question ok excuse me so that's a preset inside google hangout this is what it looks like when it's actually live and in that youtube video right you see our looks goes the entire screen to great like starter image just just hold him there they can ask questions because they know it's going to start at a certain time and then this is going to make sense to you because you broadcast you can click that green broadcast button before your event actually starts this makes sense you click the green broadcast button before the event starts because inside google hangouts you commute your mike you can turn off your camera and you can have a pre set up while that event is going on okay and and then five minutes into the that preset excuse me is when you can actually say hey everybody I'm here we're live thank you for putting excuse me the questions that you have put in thus far let's start answering them right now uh john yeah I love that that's a great color on you you know whatever you're going to ask inside there so that's what ah preset is so let's now go and switch over to my computer we can okay great okay so now we're in my computer and I'm going to go over to hang out toolbox which were actually in right now so hangout toolbox isn't is an app that you get in the app store right here right? You go in and you click out happy and I'll show you all the aps that you can get access to inside your google hangout some cool aps are youtube you can watch youtube videos inside there you can also go with google drive this means you can actually edit videos while inside your google hangout or rather edit documents co added documents with people and a lot of people might be saying well I want to do that private what you can do that private remember I issues I asked what if I don't want a thousand people seeing my google hangout well then you're not broadcasting it on air you're simply creating that video hang out which is a videoconference with onley those people inside the room with you that makes sense so my favorite app is well it's already up so it's not showing it to me oh no here it is yes google google to about hangout toolbox and so now I'm going to show you why I like hang out toolbox in I just showed you what it can do so let's go in and actually show you this so here we are you can add the lower third simply by turning it on ok, you can have a tag line such as creative, live dot com, right? I'm going to turn it off and on there we go. I can also excuse me mirror my local image so if it's freaking my mind out, I could switch it around so it makes more sense to me. But don't worry, everybody on the other end sees it this way, even though you might see it this way, that makes sense, right? So that is a lower third that automatically comes with google hangouts. Quick question, do you, as the moderator, manage that for all the users? Or are they allowed to put their lower thirds up on their own? They have access to the tool box as well, so anybody could really put anything they want. If you don't want people to use their lower thirds because this is a branded event, you may have to just tell them to say, hey, let's, let's, chill out on your you know, running on as the moderator you wanted to set that up for everyone. Is that possible? If the moderator can absolutely everybody yeah, here's the thing you could upload your own lower third. If you wanted to, um there these presets here, they could be transparent presets, you know, a transparent image you can have that lower third on the bottom of that transparent image the transparent images of box but that lower third is the only thing that shows up so the preset you can roll it in and it could be uh it could be a transparent that's not transparent obviously but just imagine if that was transparent and I had my lower third on the bottom you could create those ahead of time for maybe everybody in your in your in your show and just and they have to upload that to their own dealio so if you if you actually use your branding as a preset what happens when someone in your hangout talks and they have their own well lou referred it will move over to them it will move over to them and he raised your preset no that preset state oh no that's I'm the controller this preset will stay no matter who's in this hang out with me oh no no no you're right I'm sorry um if I had more than one person in here with me this is my this is this is happening from my stream so in order to keep me in camera if I'm trying to keep me and all my stuff in the hangout I have two blue box remember I mentioned blue boxing I just did it just now right blue boxing makes it to where if I had all these other guests inside here they wouldn't be able to be in this main video because I am I'm the only one really showing because I'm blue box right if I'm not blue box that means that anybody who's talking it's going to show their stream instead of mine so can you how can you brand yourself than even when you let other people be blue box and have their own lower third how can you while they're talking still keep your logo up there somewhere you can you do that um you you really can't uh you really cannot can you make it thiss like a lower third to be just a fraction and have it be stuck in the corner somewhere you'd have you would have tio you'd have to low it loaded up for them personally they have full control and full options you know of what of what they do essentially is this full screen yeah okay um so yeah, so to answer your question you can't do that I mean they're there if you want your lower third to show up where when they're on is well, I understand what you might be saying you're like, well what if I want there to be a branded show during the entire thing and I want that continued brand throughout the entire process you'd have to have them take that lower whatever you're branded lower third is and put it into their presentation right? Because technically I'm the only one that has this background, no one else has it, you know, it's going to pull in those other people. So does that? Does that make sense? I mean, there might maybe at some point in the future google hangout might allow the presenter, the person putting that on to create a brand across all the guests so that they can so they can do that, but generally speaking, as the person controlling it, you're the moderator, you're going to come back to yourself probably more often than than other people. So, you know, your brand will, I think, stay intact is my guess is my is my thinking on that. So, uh, anyway, you can pop in these these lower thirds at any point, you can also pop in these, um, overlays at any point as well. Let's see here, yes, the aps, et cetera and thie tools, he said, is that a standard application or have you customize yours? We just got various people saying they're not able to find them on the air. I notice you got all your tools down the left hand side, whereas other people quite often happen along the bottom. Does that matter? Which ones this over here or these? Yeah, the there says, saying, unless they can't find the the tools that you're using the video aps except but so is there a variation of the aisle? They always be found there on the left they're always going to be found on the left if they want to find if they can't seem to find google hang hang out toolbox it's not going to automatically show up in there a cz one of these tabs you have to go into the app store and grab it just told us that they could go into the app store and you can pull up all these sounds like, for instance, if I x this out, I would just go back into the app store and download it it's not a store but the ad the aps right here at some point and probably will be a store where you can literally ad aps into the google hangout like they will have a marketplace on to their own thank you, no problem so that is how you can add a lower third that's completely free that is available right away for you a soon as you roll it in um any any questions on that confused people? Is that something you specifically have to do a webinar hopefully that is asking that particular question where you flip the screen in the lower third went into reverse you don't have to the reason I the reason that they gave this as an option uh, to us is because me watching it and you watching it like this it's confusing my eyes right? However it wants, like like that broadcast, it will be the correct way for the audience who's watching it. Okay, the people that are watching in youtube, they'll see it properly. Ok, ok, but those of us who are in the actual event itself, it's confusing through us and that's why they've said, hey, if this confusing you, why don't you mirror the local the video so that you can see what everybody else is going to be seen? So this is how it's really going to show up to everyone. There we go, come on, video there we go. Here we go. Okay, you can also add logos which will switch out this little guy here instead of my face. The face is automatically pulled from google plus ok, you have a google plus account, you're going to upload an image when you create a google plus account. That image is what is going to be pulled into this google hangout for your lower third just so you're aware, so make sure your role in a decent video don't put an image there that you like don't put your dog there unless you want to have your dog, you know don't have you like them drinking you know drunk drunk you there I mean put the image that you really want to use because that will automatically pull it however if you do have a logo you want to put it there you can choose your own logo over here okay um other things that I can I can make mention of that I don't really use and in fact s o I think google hangout toolbox really it is perfect for just this section but other things that you can check out yeah there really is nothing else that I would say I would say this is the best thing to use it used to be where you can add these weird faces but it looks like that's been disabled because it didn't really make much sense based on what was so so anyway that is that is some of the cool presenter tools you can use right so let me go back into my slide now what if you wanted to create your own lower third now we mentioned that yesterday didn't we so there's a couple options here I want you to jot these down you got a fiver which many of you already know you can say to five or hey fiver I'd like to get a lower third could you make one please for me this is my logo this is my the name of my business you know cases even online dot com andi it's for it's for google hangouts. Generally speaking, they're going to know the proper, uh, settings for the google hangouts if you if you asked them another place to go, which is completely free, his hangouts magics, hangout, magics, dot com, uh, hangouts, magics, dot com where you can you can actually create your own lower thirds. I'm not sure if I have tohave that anywhere. No, I don't have I don't have an image of that, but you can literally create your own lower thirds is completely free. It's an app that you can create so online audience obviously watched this event if you can, if you want to open up another window, you can do so goto hangouts magics dot com this is not my sight. This is someone who I know who has created this free app because it's really super cool and you can create these lower thirds for free on, download them as p ngs and upload them to your preset for google hangout martian effects, saying that you would you know, if you produce the lower thirds for all the gifts and sent it to them to make sure that you're well looked really consistent absolutely go plan that's, exactly right that's exactly right, you know the question of how do you get all of the branding? The same send it out to them and have them loaded into their into their pre set it just make sure that it's loaded properly start bring your guests in maybe thirty minutes before the actual start of the event before you click that broadcast have the guests come in? They're already in there everybody is getting set up ready to go you get the house keeping out of the way thirty minutes before you actually click that create broadcast button right actually then upload self created lower third as a preset or it was their way to upload your own lower third you can upload you upload the low the lower third from my knowledge you to upload the lower third from the preset right here so it becomes a preset then big an actual lower third it becomes a preset but you can roll in the preset okay right on the pre set is going to only show it's a transparency right the lower third is a transparency that generally speaking is this size but the only part of that size of the lower thirties right here, right that's the only part that's really showing up so that's that's how that's how that works now why why would you use presets it's a question that people might ask uh well I people oftentimes these pre sets in place of power point or a presentation software this is that whole pattern interrupt that we were mentioning yesterday in the in the engagement strategies so what a lot of people do is if I'm coming, if I'm, you know, doing my doing my event and I and I'm like, you know, the most important thing that you should know is courage I was, I think, even wanted it, they have a there should've been a statement right there. Uh, what happens is you can have a preset roll in, of course, sometimes it doesn't, it doesn't necessarily roll in, but what you can do with those presets is a preset can can sort of be that that pattern interrupt that we were mentioning, right? Oftentimes also what people views for presets are they create the presets, and those presets are are in place of presentation images, so I've seen people that have, like, loads of pre cents, and they just go down the list of their presets um, like like that, you know, for instance, so andi, this could be like, just say, one word, you know, going across, and so if you wanted to see what the preset look like like that that's, how that would look so a preset is great for pattern interrupts, you can also use it in place of power point or kino here's the thing, though me personally I've noticed that my presets don't always load when I want them to load I just showed you that that's that's the case so what I tend to do sometimes I have flash cards and if I want to do as I mentioned meant this is like the third time on the same if I want to do a pattern in her up, sometimes they'll have my flash karen I'll say you know, success or maybe I can have something on my iphone and it can say success or something you know, to where it's like just breaking up the monotony of the actual live event you know, a preset can work, but other things can also work as well and I tend to still stay excuse me with keynote or power point when I actually am wanting to do a presentation, ok, that makes sense so there's those are some of the options and as I said, you've got a five or dot com or hey hangouts magics teo get those those those presets now let's go back to the slide for a very quick second so when we're doing a ah when you've been what you've been seeing are holding images that you can lock in when the event starts or right before the time of the event, right that's what we've been seeing so I'll do the same thing, but I'll use power point then I already shared with that with you this is what it looks like before my event starts right? It could look like that this is what is going to be about? This is my this is my presentation and just like go to webinar if you've ever used go to women are you know you get when you come in to goto excuse me, go to weapon are the slide shows up the first slide and you just and then you're just waiting there is the guest you're you're waiting for the event to start, right? Well, you could do the same with your guests with a google hangout this is ah, this is a page of easy webinar where they come to the event it's a two p m right there in the event of two p m and we're you know we're starting very soon let's say it starts at two p m maybe I put a thing saying we'll start in two minutes ask your questions sometimes having a nice pre set that has called to actions just like this is a really powerful way of doing it. Click the subscribe button below leave a question of now all about singing how to sing a high no like pavarotti that's this little snowman just imagine that this is what this event is all about how to sing a high note like pavarotti click subscribe as soon as you get here and leave a question all about singing and I start this say five to ten minutes earlier or even earlier if I have guests coming in I click the broadcast button five to ten minutes early before I have scheduled my event so if I tell people this events at two p m I'm going to click that broadcast button at one fifty maybe even one forty five so if they come early if they start coming early I'll have a cool excuse me uh uh preset or image holder that has a call to action asking them to respond leave questions subscribe does that make sense called actions prior to the event starting on as I mentioned this is this is kind of what I do you have a story so we'll be starting soon so here's one of the call to action that you could possibly have do you have a story where your voice just seized up right before you were going to say be seeing life please let us know your story below all something I could have something like that on a preset before the event starts so it's it's just inviting those people that ask questions before the event starts up that way you pre loaded questions you pre load those questions now let me let me tell you why you want a pre load questions before your event starts google hangout has a thirty second to one minute delay as already mentioned so as soon as I'm speaking the audience gets to that point thirty seconds to one minute later so if I ask a question in real time such as hey what do you think about this? The session they're not going to be able to respond to it immediately they're going to respond to it within thirty minutes thirty seconds to one minute when they see that question some make sense so what I'll tend to do is I'll do what I call pre loading pre pre loading questions by asking a question right at the beginning of an event you could do it through a preset or ah holding image or a soon as you start the event you can you can start asking them teo you can start asking them questions right away right? It doesn't necessarily have to be in a preset it could be you coming in and saying, hey, everybody is casey all right? We're going to be talking about how to jump out of an airplane and not die today and it's really going to great you're gonna love it go ahead if you have it have you ever had any bad experiences with sky diving any time in your life? Go ahead and put that in the comments below on let us know in the meantime I'm going to go into some of some other tips that you can learn so I'm I'm telling people to ask questions, but at the same time I'm continuing on with the conversation so that I'm not waiting with dead air for a response to those questions correct? Yeah just like broadcasting what we're doing right now I mean it's the same type of thing, so we're not waiting for the questions where we're front loading those questions up when do you start your event when you do start your event? Um follow some of the engagement steps we talked about yesterday that's this so here here's some steps welcome them to the show everybody it's casey, welcome to this awesome show get housekeeping out of the way let them know what where and what you're streaming situation is what to expect so everybody is casey here now we're streaming from a google hangout and some things you should know about your google hangout what you're watching if you have any questions, go ahead and put that in the chat box below. There is also a thirty second delay, so any questions that you may have please put them in now and we will get to those questions, so tell them tell them what's going to be happening in the event itself because otherwise they're gonna be confused as to why you're not responding to their questions right away tell them where they're at in the ecosystem that they can you know what to expect in this event now you know for instance if you're doing this through easy webinar let's say everybody now you're watching this live event go ahead and ask questions below we will be responding to all your questions also I am going to be giving you a pdf so that you can download right now pdf is going to come about twenty minutes into the event itself I'm going to pass it along to you it's going to be a kn awesome event now those are kind of some things that you can do to set expectations ahead of time tell people what they're going to get the buildup that anticipation of what's going to come so for instance tomorrow everyone we're going to talk about monetization strategies with google hangouts and how to use google hangouts effectively for even doing webinars right so we're going to talk about how to do a good weapon are but the same time we're going to talk about how you can use google hangouts for that so let's go toe bullet three ask questions but of course don't wait for the answers right we talked about that and as I said build anticipation it seems like I'm covering all that I'm saying here so best practices for show streaming excuse me what's the best practice what's the best best practice you can do exactly practice practice practice test test test some of the some of things that can obviously happen because it's live are out of your control so but the way that you can hedge against that is obviously by testing testing testing get more familiar with your surroundings don't go in blind I know so many people that say casey casey I'm doing a live event tomorrow I just decide to do it zach but I need I need all this help can you help me help me help me I'm like, oh my goodness what the best thing you could do for yourself right now is practice before you jump into it you're putting yourself live if ivan audience so you know make sure that you prepared a little bit just a little just a little preparation so I would and also understand a little bit of that technology you don't have to be an expert at the technology just understand a little bit of it or hire somebody who does know that technology find a moderator find a producer who can come in and help you with these events they're out there in fact we have a lot of them in our community so here we go have a potential moderator who can feel questions and if you have guests in the hang out with you switch of those people who are speaking that's what a moderator khun do so if you want to be the person that's just the expert just the artist just the person sharing their expertise and knowledge that's fine and you don't want a hassle with all of that has to be the moderator I have to know what questions were coming in that's where a moderator can be very helpful and if there's any questions about moderate being using moderators there produces let me know um I personally like a little depth in my background when I do ah google hangout I again, as I mentioned, I don't necessarily like to have just a blank white screen behind me or a black screen behind me. I like something a bit lit but still showing depth and my surroundings. Some people may prefer not if you are streaming in your basement and you have a dishwasher, a washing machine and dryer behind you maybe you want to have a backdrop that's that's you know it's it's depending on your surroundings in your situation, remove clutter and here's the deal don't panic if things go wrong that's the worst thing you could possibly do this it is live and things are bound to go wrong. Everything goes wrong when it's live. And remember, as I said, your weakness is not your weakness it's just it really is just how you're necessarily feeling in the day, okay, so let's remove some of those doubts that you may have and it really is about how you react to anything that may pop up during that presentation during that live event, don't panic, just keep clear thought, and, you know, uh, there obviously, ways that you can keep the conversation going. You know, if I suddenly cough while I'm actually doing it this presentation, I can't, I can't help it, it's, just it's gonna happen. It's, good bye, sneeze. You know it. These things happen all the time. So, again, don't panic if things go wrong, your audience, khun, sense it when you're panicky, write, so try to just stay relaxed. Stay calm.

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Brilliant class, worth every penny! If you are thinking of buying it, do it, it's super clear and detailed, love it x

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