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Building Your Audience with Live Video

Lesson 5 of 26

What is Your Format?

Casey Zeman

Building Your Audience with Live Video

Casey Zeman

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5. What is Your Format?

Lesson Info

What is Your Format?

One do you broadcast and I know what you start thinking about this this idea show okay? Your show think about a show okay um because really it's this is this live concept that we're now you know, taking from save it just creating a video by itself and now going in this live direction so both concepts use that show name let's say right and the the idea behind the show is it is it allows you to create consistent content so the secret to building leads with a web show is consistency, right? Anyone on the online audience world have any any questions about this? Well, I should tell you a live event it may be coming I was a little confused there. You know, I'm applying this to my business which is a little teaching in a little design commentary right? And I was a little confused when you were talking about your video but then you are saying you also have a lot of it and I was trying to work out is the lot event the thing that you will then package and put up a video or you know when you brin...

g all these panels and or do you have a thing that you put out the sign on having this live event, by the way there's the video? So yes, so we're going to be talking about that the live event itself can be something that is promote out so you can you can invite people say hey I have a live event happening on april twentieth it's a three p m it's really gonna be great come and join us and it could be alive event now you could also say something like hey I have a serious happening every tuesday at two p m we're going to be talking about how to bungee jump without dying every tuesday at two p m it's really going to be great we're going to be bungee jumping showing you tips and tricks live so if someone dies you're going to see it so come on tuesday at two p m on every tuesday at two p m you stream out a live event that can happen all of these events is gonna be archived they want so the concept of google hangout is once you create a google hangout which is a live event broadcast as soon as that event is over what was once live now becomes an automatic replay video okay and then that could be used as a lead generation tool as part of your show so you could have a live show and you can have a recorded show similarly to what creative live is doing right now so so you can use this as a very a zoo really great you know obviously a testing engine or this is this is a great example of it so that's that's what I meant when I was saying you know about about google hangouts and so let's when we're talking about a web show a web show could be either pre recorded or it could be alive on dh let's not I won't go into detail I won't say it should be one or another with the other yet so let's just talk about how you can use it to generate leads ok? Because that's the biggest aspect how do we how do we build a business by creating these web shows weekly or content all the time? And as I said, the key to building a thriving a business and leads is consistency ok, so content good content is a lead generation tool, right? So here's how his here's how it works you create your web show that web show drives in leeds and then those leads feed into your business it's a very simple process so the thing you should know is that a web show is not is not a is not a business okay, a web show is not a business a web show is a way to drive traffic into that into that business. Okay, now some might say that well, what if you do a show and you get sponsors? Well that's a different story entirely but I'm talking about using shows to generate leads essentially ok so types of shows for generating for lee generation how to or education based shows so let's say you are a teacher or an instructor this is very beneficial for you this is one way that you can generate leads right? Do a show about about what your expertise is ok what in the online audience what are some of the the expertise so late? So we have some people that have a business that is for instance, the dog dog trainer at the dog trainer that's their business what could they create in terms of a show? And I don't want you start thinking shows in like tv and film and oh my gosh, I have to have like thirty cameras and no it's just I want you to take that the mindset of a way of that this is just content. So what? So let's let's talk about maybe what that person can do with their expertise because they're they obviously are experts in their field what they can do with a show a concept of a show maybe you know they could go here are three tips for coming and talking dog or something. Is that the sort of thing that's exactly exactly or something something they could do weekly that and then they can these air more like episodes for the show like what you just said that's kind of like an episode one episode or so I want I want the online audience and you guys as well to start thinking about what you can kind of do with your show. So how to our education style or education based, um, you and a panel or round table let's say, you know, if you every week wanted to bring in a guest for an interview, that would be another way you could create a show, right? Like an interview. Syria's. So that dog trainer person could could say, I'm going to bring in my guest to, uh, who will talk to us about, you know, maybe some specialty that they have, like, brushing your dog's teeth or, you know, something that is a vertical? That kind of makes sense. With what that person's businesses, you know, maybe talk about a product. This is also a great way for plot of product placement in things like that. So yes. So, um, when you talk about guess and having people on the show, I noticed on the screen you had other people in the hang out with those being the people that yes. Ok. Yeah, you could do that. Or you can even be in a studio with that person. You two together it could be a nice you know interview style okay, just to you know your chairs turned talking to that person you know and doing your show like that so that that's that's another way and you know, your show doesn't have to be one thing or another it could be all those together it could be how to videos it could also be interviews that you do with expert guests that you have come on also presentation style such is like what we have here where you have your power point or your keynote or your present or whatever presentation software you're using that's another way that you can have a show, right? Yeah, one thing that comes to mind and maybe I just because we're talking about the dog trainer is behind the scenes, right? Like if I was going to get a dog trainer, I want to know how they're going to treat a dog, how they're going to treat certain problems if you had a dog that got upon your bed, which my dog does from time to time you know that she's not supposed to. So how would that would be a great show for me to watch it's a kind of plan and if I connect with her I could say like a ring around actually do it for me so he's a pushover because my dog would never get off don't dogs on the cats on the best it's just a nightmare nightmare by white fishing she's it's really terrible with with like obedience as it comes when it when it comes to our pets I think when we have kids it's going to be a different story but pets she's like she's like a pushover so presentation as I mentioned is another one which is which is great because that kind of sets you up is an expert as well when you could kind of take them through a presentation to kind of train them on something specific but also there's one more that I like to call log style and you're sure that essentially means maybe taking the camera on a journey with you taking him into your office almost like a culture video you know what a culture video where we're showing them who your employees are what your daily routine is andi it really is a way to kind of just build that connection so all these air come kind of concept that you can use for lee generation in the way of creating consistent content and these are things you can start mapping out ok start thinking about ok you know this week I'm going to do this you know I'm going to do my my unep iss owed about this this week is going to be this this week is going to be this right? Yes the bear is back so I had a friend who wrote a column for a newspaper, and he was well known, and this was all great, but in confidence, he said to me, it was one of the most stressful parts of his life because he had to deliver every every week on this particular time, right? How it is you just have to commit to that and do it. Is that the answer? I mean, the bottom line is, yeah, yeah, here's the nice thing, though your shows, they don't have to necessarily be an hour long, your shows, they don't have to even be twenty minutes long. You could do a five minute segment about something very small in specific and, uh and it can and then used on and create that for that particular event and then find another small a specific thing for your next one, and just map it out if they don't have to be huge. I mean an article where he's creating a lot of content he's got screen shots up it probably his editors also making him have a lot of beefy content in there. Well, a show doesn't have to go to that extent if you don't want wanted to, it could be maybe you and from the camera giving a quick tip just a quick tip. It's a legion it's intended to to drive in a community, build that trust and get those people into your business so the more you can create those consistently over and over again, the better and again, just start thinking about the lean aspect of it. Okay, how can you generate a lot of content quickly? Well, just come up with ideas, maybe problems that your consumers or customers are having and share how you can solve those problems in small, bite sized chunks. That's what your show could be and you could do those lives that those khun b on a live quick tip like casey's life kun a quick tip or when wednesday quick tip you know, ok, katrina is hungary's saying three to five minutes shows him to be the best working for their particular audience, especially when they're sharing I don't actually know what business they're in, but that's me saying, you know, if you go with ten guests inside the life, hang out in the public, have that you and they know that those ten guests you are contributing its central, you have a question that yeah, I mean, for me, just in your along, what you were saying, you know, this is your business and you know, if maybe one a week is tough for you, maybe don't do don't do for one a week, you know, scale it down and you know ju it's for you, it's really going to be it's really going to? Based on what you what you feel comfortable with, you don't have to do a weekly show, it doesn't have to be every single week, some people do it every week, some people do twice a week, some people do three or four times a week, and that just seems to work for them. It's a lot of commitment, it's a lot of time, so really just start off with come, I'm coming up with what works for you kind of, you know, almost look, it is like office hours that you will put in to build your leads, right? Office hours, how many office hours I'm going to do this week? Okay, I'm going to do three hours this week of live events and that's because those air three committed hours where I'm gonna live stream, I'm going to come up with my show or concept, you don't have to necessarily write out the entire script, maybe bullet point that script out a bit and then and then you do it also, maybe you could, as I said, vary it a bit, maybe if you can think of of of bringing in an expert and interview somebody else, so list out how you could potentially do that list out questions and answers that your audience might have you know questions that your audience might have list out financial guests that could contribute to what you do ok and once you start listing those out the content that you create will get easier and easier e I want to share something with you I feel the fear myself I've done this before but we worry about it being perfect and I think one of the things that you're sharing with this is a live event doesn't necessarily have to be perfect and you'll get better over time if you go back to my videos on three years ago they're just absolutely embarrassing and I thought about the leading them then I thought you know what I'm going to have to go back and say that's where I was and here I am now sure exactly the live event just really kind of sparked an interest in me because it is less to produce because if I were going to do it not live I would almost script everything yeah when you when you do a video you know you can edit it out you can spice it together and that's one of the powerful things about doing a video it takes more work to do that when you do an online live event it's life there's really not a lot of producing to be done on it so yes, along this. So talking about the live events and non scripting, it seems to me if you have people on your google hangout, they could even some with questions and you could respond live absolutely and that's what I do in my workshops and seminars, it's a very easy flowing situation, it creates a really thriving ecosystem when you concede e people that are there in that event with you, for not only you, but also for the viewers who are watching and it's a zit very good, very good for social proof for you as well. When you have those people that they come in, they trust you, they talk to you, the communicate you're creating that conversation and you're moving that conversation out into the web essentially, yes, that live I mean, you're still talking about live with structure that you have given to everybody that's kevin, you still titling control, right? It's just live, as in everybody sees how authentic you are and how maybe it you are because, yeah, you're right there in the moment, but it is not to suggest that you don't have so let's think about creative live as it is it's, it's, it's, structured, it's live it's structured uh, what we're talking about is on a smaller scale so less probably to structure, but still structured in some in some way, you're exactly right that it's it's still gonna be structured. You kind of want to start thinking about that we're going to talk about more on how to structure that in different ways. In fact, what I like to do right now is talk about different ways people stream out to the world so not just leads, but also different ways that they generate let's, say, a community and also generate income from streaming out to the world. So here's some ideas, a weekly news show, a webcast with guests and updates weekly how to shows, and then we just mentioned this using education to build online book signing events. Not sure if you guys have ever thought about that it's a big, big thing for authors right now to be ableto leverage leverage their time essentially leverage themselves by by doing online book signings and not having to to go to bookstores, the bookstore, the bookstore, the bookstore they just did one online event did maybe ah virtual book signing say hey, when you come through, maybe like a pre sale of their book of presale tour, right virtual tour come through now by my book, I'm going to do a book signing for you, I'm going to send it in the mail, right? Something like that, so there are these opportunities to essentially leverage these communities to do exactly what you might be doing online or offline, rather already, right? So if you're an author, you don't like the hustle of having to go to bookstores book store the book store to get your you know, to get your message out there, consider doing this as a way to finally also build your own online audience. One of the most interesting things to me is that authors oftentimes don't have an audience list. They don't have a subscriber list they don't know who's buying their books, that they're crazy just to think that they don't have a clue who's coming through and purchasing their information, but with this concept, this is a way for them to actually do that. They could drive people into their own community, and this is why agents and publishers now want to see authors that have communities that want to see that they have platforms that they've that they've created because it only helps them. In fact, even publishers really don't know where all the sales air coming from from their books. It's the book stores that no, and even they don't know all the way it's because they don't have a subscriber list, they're not doing a simple online marketing strategies that some of us know they're not they're not tapping into that it's just a it's a it's a it's a fascinating, fascinating thing is so there's an opportunity right now for authors, experts, artists to be ableto build themselves up and build up their own communities and then filtered themselves back into the offline world filtered themselves back into finding agents, leveraging the things that they've created online to help them in their in their offline ventures. That makes sense yeah, there's a great example if I can share that I just interviewed the youngest world champion public speaking is things ryan avery and he's got a book signing coming up I don't know the exact day, but it's I think it's a ryan avery dot com but he is doing exactly what you're talking about. I've never heard of it before I think this is kind of odd and I thought it was kind of, you know, I'm selling my books but he's actually donating one hundred percent the proceeds to a charity yeah, but he's doing it to build his own platform, his own business around public speaking and I've never thought of it so and so it should be an example yeah, yeah it's a perfect it's definitely this is it this is like the new frontier for authors it's definitely something cool and being able to just just offering it up, not even selling it is another way to teo build that community or even doing books book readings think about doing that they're reading from their book there they're doing it all online into this segment is so perhaps we could save some questions later on because we've got some online question you wanted you want to get to a swell on a couple of here, you have something? Well, a really interesting comment, the beauty of the like said you could also pre recalled the show's ahead of time. You could do a bunch of once and release one awake, but the live event could be the q and a on that which I love. How it's a really nice why especially, there have been other comments on, I'm not happy live, and it could be a bit scary, but that might be a really interesting way to structure because so much. Remember how it's a big brands what they're doing now is there. They're doing these live q and a's, they're taking their best sales people bringing them in to do live grenades to online audience so that they can vent connect with that audience. So it's it's happening right now? I mean, this is something that the big businesses air doing, and yes, if you don't want to do say an online live show but you want to do maybe a q and a follow up absolutely do that in fact that's what that's what a lot of us do you know what we're going to be talking about webinars when we start talking about monetization, one of the things you could do for a follow up is do your event whether that's live or prerecorded and then doing a live q and a you know, on whatever they learned from that event and you can generally speaking if you're selling from your event, you can close more sales on the q and a all right, so here's another one online summits that papa yeah so here's a cool this's really cool interesting monetization method online summits are you know where you can get maybe a panel of say like ten speakers over ten days and stream it out. This is kind of like an online summit well, it's not because we don't have like, say, a ton of speakers and in one event but one event that might be say, as I said, ten days were ten different speakers speak on their topic per day right on gets a partner collaboration, so if I'm putting on the summit, I'm going to either have you have you teach about your expertise and then sell your platform but I make half of what we sell that's kind of one of the models for the summit another model is the summit is a freemium base model where all the content that you khun watch is completely free every single day is completely free or get the package for two ninety seven three ninety seven right on doll that gets you all the replace excuse me but part of it that's that's there so if you notice there's two revenue models that I'm kind of talking about one is the freemium that goes to if you want to buy the full course you could do so and get all the recordings or you could sell each experts of course and the person that's putting on the summit's can make half the income essentially from it so that's something that I was seeing a lot of a lot of people are doing some and you can use google hangouts to do the summits in fact I'm going to show you so here's something cool you know what? I'm not even okay let me let me just go could go through these for harry quickly so live online and the voice or live performances so think about this I have a company a friend of mine who has this company it's called actor cast in it's a it's an online casting site for actors and there's an opportunity right now for them to be able to find actors in different parts of the world right by having actor submissions come in through video but here's another thing what about doing an online event where actors can audition life without having to be in the in the studio in front of the casting director? So there's an opportunity for if you're in casting or your uh if you were in? Well, no, I was just say if you're in casting, there is that opportunity that you could do sort of online the voice or live performances online where they could be graded by the people who are watching, you know the live audience who is watching have the judges in your google hangout at the bottom but then have the online audience decide who's going to win who's going to do things like that so there's that and there's variations of that it doesn't all have to be about actors that could be about anything if you think about it to start thinking about it, I just want to put that little nugget in your head and is sl you already mentioned life kinase, you know, so the life q nasar are powerful as well to respond to all at once and it's eleven to eleven to tool remember microcosmic actions create macro cosmic results, small actions, big results leveraging small things you could do such a cz live q and a's too to make more bigger sales reaching deeper audience in build an uneven greater connection with that audience on dh then of course, as I mentioned before private a lot of private events excuse me for for the members only and those could be those those masterminds they khun b uh what else? What did I call those? Call them masterminds called them boot camps, right? Yeah. Okay, so and all I have now here is just some people that are doing exactly what I just shared with you so webcasting with guests and updates these people, they do a weekly show. This is weekly so and it's called virtual newsmaker so there's something you can start doing, how to people know it doesn't matter what kind of business you have if you have a physical product e commerce site, digital product information product, anything khun b you could do these how to events for any of those in fact, here these air just some examples of jewelry photography on dh people showing how to make jewelry or how to do uh um I'm assuming it's jewelry making so let's assume that you have a jewelry business and you're thinking, well, what kind of show can I create? If I create a show where I'm making jewelry? Does that does that teach my audience how to d I y it themselves and they won't buy from me do you ever get you? I'm sure I'm sure that's actually one of the concerns she's like, how much do I show? How much do I show before? Yeah, right, chances are, if you're teaching how to make jewelry, those chances are they're going to just learn from you trust you if you're offering your own jewelry uh, my my thinking is that they're going to buy it. I actually believe that showing how to create it, even though it's a it's a stigma in your mind, it's like something that's blocking you for them, they see that you're just you're just showing him cool ways to do it like, you know, if I showed you how I blasted this, like glass container, right? I'm showing you how I did it, but but chances are those those who are interested in learning how to do it, they also probably want to buy it themselves, but also the other types of audiences that are going to be buying it are people that do want to see how you make it, but they're not interested in making in themselves. They want to buy it right? Like I'm always interested in fascinating to see like glass blowing, I'm not going to do it, but I'm interested in seeing if someone says, hey, I just did this, I made a you know a maryland monroe glass figurine here would you like to get it? How did you do it first off because I'm curious just curious I just how did you make her dress come out like that like in glass that's I'm just curious how you did that now that I know I'm going to buy it right? I just say, you know, if you're if you're worried about something like that, you could maybe package a training course on how to make the jewelry for twenty nine, ninety five or something like if you worry about someone stealing you could actually sell them a training on how to do it still makes money from anybody contemplating that z that's true, I wantto you could they could definitely do that they could also share bits and pieces of that of that content. So you know, the question is how much do I show? Well, you don't have to show like super particulars like you just show your processes, you're doing it, you don't have to like say, okay, now I edged out three millimeters of this and you don't have to get really specific with the content that's free, but you're right, you could put a course together where you go kind of in depth with like all that kind of hidden secrets that they that most people don't know kind of the minutia that a lot of you know that you're not going to share online because it's first off, not a good, you know, people don't really care about seeing all the specific details until they people that really, really want to, they're going to come in through and probably buy something on it chat room is saying it actually just shows their craftsmanship, it shows what you've put into your work and the artistry. So that's again, another very strong selling point here, so let's move on very, very quickly. So so online, the online book signing events. In fact, I think mark is going to be coming on until one of our sessions here, so what he does is he he interviews every single week different different authors and it's called author I think its author champ it's called author chan, and they does these live events, and they have huge numbers of people coming to these events twelve thousand or so people coming to these live live events and this is their they're doing this to connect on a deeper level with their audience, they have a community right now, what they're doing is tapping into that community and building that community. Because you can leverage the existing community you have if you have one hundred people those hundred people come to your events they share news of the events hundred becomes a thousand thousand comes ten thousand etcetera etcetera this is a wonderful way that they're doing this and I absolutely love what what what they're doing it za great way to build a community we'll find out from him what he's doing so as I mentioned traffic summits here's ah friend marisa they do this this traffic superhero summit they do these various summits all the time where this is exactly the model that I just explained to you where they have two different revenue models the freemium but you khun brought by the full course and then egypt's expert has there uh event where they sell something and she as the sum per person putting on the summit she creates affiliate sales from it she makes half of the income from each of the sails of the guests that come on does that make sense so that's another way to do it? I really love their designs it's great on day as I mentioned the live q and a as we as we already talked about there's a company I think it's brand live um uh oh actually who I've been in talks with they do this for bigger businesses they have bigger business has come through and they do those life events which are essentially kun a's, where they sell their products almost like a online q. B c, you know, think about that that's a pretty powerful. I like the concept of an online pvc model. In fact, we're going to share some of how easy weapon, or can kind of do that on our future session. And as I mentioned private members only I wanted to share this, because my face is just so delicious in this is just terrible. So but this is like something where I can teach privately to my members. Only showing them is specifically how to use a product or service and teaching them something. Yeah, um, and then, as I mentioned webinars, you could do live events. The webinars and webinars are great for building leads because you grab those people that you grabbed their capture, their email bring him through, and they come in and they learn more and can get to know you better. And you could sell from a webinar. So excuse me, that that's one of the other ones. So excuse me, how often should I do my show? Okay, so consider once or twice a week for your overall content. A web show could be, say once a week a block coast post can also be once a week, so so that's, I'm kind of looking at this your overall content strategy, you know where you write something for one week doing a video or a live web show for the other bit of content. Also, I want to start thinking about mapping out the content that you want to create. So as we mentioned earlier one to two interviews a month let's, say one to two themed concepts, ok, kyun a tuesday let's, say, or, um for ah, watch me jog around the block with this expert friday, you know, something like that, like something interesting, unique, you know, it doesn't have to be crazy out of the box, but, you know, think think of something that that might work for your community and for you also, maybe one to two insights, as we just mentioned, they don't have to be those big bits of content. They could be one two small bite size chunks. Live right to the camera. Give it to them. Walk away. Let that work for you. Right. Ok. And now the question is, how long should your show be? Well, here's what? Here's, something to think about twenty minutes to an hour for interviews. I'd say how to videos. They could be twenty minutes or two an hour, right, uh and then when I say how to videos let's say how to do something online they could be twenty minutes it could actually be less than that quick tip excuse me quick tips could be like five to fifteen minutes ok live cuban a's khun b I'd say about twenty minutes but generally they're going to go toe longer like an hour or something like that and then presentations presentations I keep flipping forward presentations forty minutes too one and a half hours okay, import presentations is power point president it's the opportunity to take your audience on a journey you wantto if it's only twenty minutes long that journey really not going to fulfill that journey right in an interview with somebody? If it's not twenty minutes you could you're not going to really get to know that person, so I'm going to do an interview with you it's going to be longer than twenty minutes because I want to get to know you I want my audience to get to know you as well here's something based on your fear don't burn yourself I over committing okay that's a big factor don't over commit yourself when you're doing a show work with what whatever works for you however many times you want to do it, you do it also here's something interesting don't get stuck on your web show name because a lot of us get hung up on that I know personally I've had five to six different web show ideas and names and I I've not done any of them because I'm like I just got to get on my head of what maybe I should change it maybe it's so big results call it results that are big, you know? We all just get right into our heads and freak out about it I would say I think about in perfect action you don't have to be perfect just take action, okay? Just it's better to get out there, start doing it you can then start looking back at your you know previous content say wow, I was terrible then look at me now you can see your growth but your audience ceo growth and it's a great way to connect so I want people to stop thinking that you have to be experts and perfect right out of the right of the gate you don't have to be in fact I don't want you to be that's one of my beliefs in perfect actions so also create a content schedule okay content schedule set this up ahead of time. This is a creative live schedule as you could see here they do a great job of that, so start thinking about that how you khun um create your content schedule okay, so we're coming to a close on this one and before we dio I want you to start brainstorming these ideas let's determine what your show is and we can do that by asking these questions. What is your business? What is your passion? What is your why? And we talked about this in the previous session didn't mean the why? Think about your what your why is okay? Why you do what you do know what you do but the why you do it. If you guys ever heard of blend tech clinton is a company that creates youtube videos and what they would do is blend tech would blend technology in a blender. Now what? What did this? What did this do? What was the point of this? Well, we all know what a blender does. It whips it blends it smoothes that's what a blender does but that's not the why of the company. You know, the why is that we're so confident in our blender that we're going to put things like ipads and iphones in the blender and blend them up and show you that we can blend the toughest material on earth because we want you to trust in what we have to offer, we want you to feel confident in our product because of the things that you have to go through daily we don't want to be one of those companies that you don't feel one hundred percent about and so that's what they're why is and they went through that by visually showing their why and you can do that in your videos. You could do that in your online events visually show you lie so I want to start thinking about that think about what your business is but why you did it why you did it in the first place when you created it what? Your passions are slightly just so our online audience could just review those those bullet points themselves because, well, it almost treat this is homework so it's absolutely what if you what what? What is this thing exactly? What business? Online audience so what is your business? Write that down. What is your passion? What is your why? Thanks for doing that course finally here's the last one what is your story? My name is casey. I do what I do because relax I have to think of my own story got says there's. Too much pressure right there. My name is x I do what I do because of this I do. My name is casey would do what I do because I want to have a life that I love provide for my family and connect on a deeper level with people that could be a simple is what your story is or part of what your story is think about anything that changed you anything that really had a dramatic effect on your life that could be a part of your story, as you mentioned it's good to share those moments it's ok to share those moments those vulnerable moments it's going to share so I want you to start thinking about that and let's actually talk about this right now as we come to a close what's your story I want you to I'm asking the online audience first, I'd like to actually tap into them if they can do exactly what I said here, my name is acts I do what I do because of ex, if they can fill that out and let me know maybe what their story is anything traumatic, anything, anything that has brought them to where they're at, we all have one, we all have one, all of us do it no matter, no matter where you started from, I've never liked having a real job ever in my life. I couldn't stand it. I'm bad with authority, maybe that's, why I went and created my own job, my own business, my own, whatever this is that I've created that's, allowing me to provide for my family and travel around the world and live virtually essentially but why did I create that? Is it because my mother and my father were people that very, very much believed in the ninety five and I saw what it can do to people I saw what he can do when you work your whole life. Nine to five you have maybe an idea or a passion, but you put that aside to do your nine to five job your w two job, your work job, you're joe job. But then that job becomes a part of you unfortunately, sometimes right. So for those who are here, you were all people that have created your own path. Those who are watching are probably people also that have created your own path. Because of that, I want you to tap into what your story this your name is what you do, what you do because ofthe why family love um he's having a deeper sense of what you could do in the world. Anything it doesn't matter. Do we have any anybody? Who's so that a person I mean, I'd love to hear from our only austrians. Dennis, would you like to go? Yeah. Tell us what your story is. Yes. Sometimes you find your passion by accident and when in two thousand one, when the economy was as bad or worse before the great recession of two thousand nine I was asked by people to help them with the resume and things like that, and I just started helping people, and pretty soon I was asked to speak different places, and I was asked to do a course which I had never done before, uh, for the county of napa to help forty what they call dislocated workers the's where people out of work and they were from all different backgrounds. Yeah, I had no idea what the course is the they wanted me to do it for ninety days. The first day I was just getting to know people and asking them what was the best way they ever found a job. Because what I was hearing was all the horror stories about how hard it was to find a job in two thousand one in one person's, his name is sam said, well, the best way ever got a job was I happen to be at a coffee shop, and I ran into an old boss of mine who said, who found out I was out of work and said, well, that's, great. I just got hired as a gm and you're exactly what I need. And on the way home from the workshop, I thought, wouldn't it be nice if everybody could find a job that way without competition, without all the stress without a black hole and I said to myself, well, that was just happenstance it couldn't really happen on purpose or could it? And I spent the next three months with these forty people figuring out how to create a job in the hidden job market it on purpose like sanded by accident and the passion comes in seventy eight, seventy eight percent of those people found a job they wanted their ideal job not just what they could get here and where I found my passion was people walking in the woman I remember came in and said dennis he won't believe it it works and having a piece of her life change and success was such a great experience for me and I see that in your face that's what I think you really love is helping other people find what they love yeah and it's not about the money but that's the in shows a I know you have that that's the passion that's great you know already your internet people coming into shelly lou my name is mom head mama mama mama I make mammal aids because I love to and they make my heart happy. Moreover, they thrill others all over the world hi, nancy share my name is nancy. I teach a workshop focusing on relationships because of my struggle in relationships which in turn which in turn assist others in their struggles absolutely thank you know some people from my name is molly I do what I do because I have an entrepreneurial spirit and strive to build my own business while at the same time connecting with people and helping them laid more creative, healthy lives perfect perfect thank you for sharing that what I really love and we're coming to a close by where we love what you said is you said you stumble upon it by accident you have people ask you to do it right that's what happened, right? Someone said, can you do this for me and that that is that's that's almost like that checking in with your audience checking in with your audience your audience is going to tell you almost like what what you are what maybe you exude already they came to you for a reason, something that you already have inside you you personally exuding so they they if they see that there are good love litmus test, I can ever say that word lift litmus test it's a really great they're they're they're the ones that can push you in that direction. All right? Martin is warren buffett says the market that's last but I relate that to the people tell you what they really want, right exactly they they're the ones that know what they need and they'll tell you like you said, if they laugh if you just asked so it's not that difficult to tap into your story and your passion. So, uh, any other online questions tell me more questions right now would anyone else like to share their there? My name is actually you had a question on iran, is this something you're comfortable in? Perhaps, although so I was actually one of the first responders on the ground after hurricane katrina, and one of the things that I observed was that the difference between those who survived relatively unscathed and those who suffered horribly was a willingness to take responsibility for themselves and their family and not just wait for what to be told. And so, you know, as I look forward in my own life, I've seen that I tend to naturally associate with that type of person, and the question that I was going to actually ask earlier was, we talk about giving stuff away for free, and what I've noticed is that the customers who I give almost everything away to free for for free, for are willing to pay me a lot of money versus those who try and nickel and dime so it's almost like a filter, you know, and that's so that's, you know, that's my story, and I'm glad to be here, so I learned it sure it more. I love that you said that. It's taking responsibility, that's a big, big factor, the fact that you, you learn from that saying, this is how I'm going to live my life, you know, I'm not gonna wait for somebody else to teo, you know, tio kind of, either as a cushion, I'm going to be my own cushion, right? The consequences can be substantial, yeah, yeah, yeah, so, like, I love that, you said that. Thank you.

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Brilliant class, worth every penny! If you are thinking of buying it, do it, it's super clear and detailed, love it x

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