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Building Your Audience with Live Video

Lesson 16 of 26

Where to Broadcast Your Events

Casey Zeman

Building Your Audience with Live Video

Casey Zeman

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16. Where to Broadcast Your Events

Lesson Info

Where to Broadcast Your Events

Let's talk about where to broadcast your content to this actually starts now finally getting into where people can watch this event live. And now it's going to make more sense because the's are the links that you're going to send out to people when you want to invite them to up to an event, right? You probably been wondering, well, casey, how do I how do I invite people to these events? I'm confused. How do we invite someone for an event at two o'clock? I don't quite get that well, that's what this section is gonna be about so you khun send out and create a google hangout inside google plus, when you create a hangout, it automatically becomes an event right on it for a future event. Send out e mails sending them to the event page where you will have a trailer video. Dennis already? Not yet, though not here, my friend it's gonna be fun for them when when they're when they're ready. So the event page can always be the link that you send people out to and google hangout write here's the e...

vent page here's the girl for the event up here, right, so so essentially, I have this cut off because I don't want to use these people images, but eso this this event is the one that you can share out if you want to do this through google plus you could do that you can share that you are well and then inside that event you can encourage people to share news of it to their friends things like that right? You could say this events happening at two p m but before it happens come on through and maybe share news of that comment on this event page prior to the event starting right so you could do that and that trailer video that we mentioned is a way to intrigue people get them in and interested and involved before the event even start it's created create a conversation before the event starts so let's talk about using youtube so for doing a future event take the opportunity excuse me to build your youtube subscribers okay so this might get a little technical so I'm going to drink a little tea before I go into my rant here it was coffee do we have any questions by the way before I before I jump into this we do want tio very specifics of some of the things that you have been talking about some of things that may be just very quick answer so our flies for example can the moderators be remote? Absolutely the my arrears can be one of your guests inside the google hang up well that's a great question ruthie north is saying is the present of the only one who could be the moderator so I guess that's the answer to that one is an emotion if excuse that's really great advice for other cheddars right through this segment says as the admin when you're switching between guests in full view blue box status is there any lag till the guests fade goes into fuel full view? Um not really you're saying you're saying foreseeable lag from switching from guest to guest a soon as they speak I think so I don't tend to seema I don't tend to see a big lag maybe a second leg, but if I'm asking the question sally, what do you think about broadcasting you know, from the rooftop of your hotel if I said something like that, your response you would automatically pop in now a cz takeo mentioned about that over that overlay of conversation if if if I'm talking and then suddenly she's a says something while I'm talking and we kind of covering cover each other it's going to just shift whichever person is talking so it's um so there really is no if there is a lag it's probably one second and it really does feel like you almost get that conversation thing going at some point I might invite myself to do uh through my iphone so you can kind of see what it looks like when I'm talking and this guy's talking so I might need someone to maybe go in a corner with my iphone and speak into it and then and then it will show kind of two people as that is that's happening but before we do that let's let's get a few more strategies out of the way okay these air strategies that you can do to build your community I want you to think about this this one is huge I know it's a lot of text and I know it's it might be slightly confusing but let me explain to you what this is ok you see this link right here right youtube dot com forts last user ford slash user name ford slash live this live uh area right here four slash live is a tell sign of what it's what it essentially is going to do this link right here is the link that people that have a youtube account uh it's the link that will stream a google hangout live ok always like if I click my star broadcast button and I went then into my youtube account that is associated with this google hangout so which is my my youtube account is youtube dot com for its last user forward slash the niche umbrella ford slash live that link will automatically play my live hang up okay that's the link that will always work for for streaming out your live event does that make sense think about it for a second think about it for a second think about it for a second, okay, now let me explain something else by default if you are by default, if you were to click on that link, it would send you directly through to my youtube channel if I don't have a google hangout streaming, if I don't have that start broadcast clicked, this link will automatically just bring you into my youtube channel right into my youtube channel. Does that make sense? So on lee, when I'm broadcasting, I click that start broadcast button on lee, then will this default send you into where I'm live streaming, but every other time it's going to send you directly to the front home page of my youtube channel and the opportunity with that is that you can say this in an email fashion? Uh, you can say senate email out here a tear a tear to your list, essentially hi everyone. So we have an event happening at two p m on thursday, it's all about x, y and z you're going to love it a lot, period uh, what you can do right now is come through this link at the time of the event, this link will broadcast the actual live event, but prior to that coming through this link now we'll bring you into my youtube channel what I'd like you to do now is come into my youtube channel and subscribe to my channel so that you can get updates from youtube when I do a new google hangout, because youtube will send you an automatic invite to my next google hangout, just in case I forget to send out another invite to you through email, you two will do it for me, so I use this as an opportunity to build up subscribers in youtube by doing these live events by sending out an email to my existing community to tell them to come through and subscribe first and then at two p m on thursday. Make sure your comings to that same link and watching the event itself. Ok? These are just some things you can do to build your community up. Okay, um, sending off that link to anyone sharing it on facebook on twitter, google plus no, no matter where you share it when you do a live event and click that through google hangout, when you do that google hangout on here, that link will automatically turn into that google hangout on air every other time, though, what is it? What? What is it every other time when it's not a google hangout on air? What is it? Thank you. Your youtube channel that's, right? I just want to make sure your guys are bigoted. Okay, uh, sorry. I get very geeked out by this, so I don't know if it's sometimes too much information. So using youtube, you can have also this is this is what you do on your on your main channel page of of youtube. You have a trailer video on that page that says, hey, everybody, thanks for coming to my youtube channel, please subscribe now so you can get updates on new videos and you live streams as they happen. Thanks so much, love you piece out, write something like that. Here is an example of this is my friend chris barrel this is a video that he has remember that's the link right there. His user name is chris farrell. So this is where you switch out your user name, right? That makes sense. Okay, his name is chris farrell that's where I would show up right there and that is his trailer video for for his page on youtube that incentivizes people to subscribe what's cool about that is a soon as that video is over it shows that subscribe. Is that cool that's what it does for those who have not subscribe to your youtube channel, it automatically will show that subscribe button in that video the trailer for the actual youtube channel or is it the trailer for the live no, it is the trailer for the youtube channel I see so I'm bringing them to my this this that's right this u r l by default will send someone to your youtube channel, home page and that's your opportunity to bring them into your into your business first with a video that says hey, thank you for coming so this is what I'm all about you should you should really check out these videos below for the event at two p m that's happening on thursday. What you should really do is check out all these videos below on going to give you it's almost like a training prior to the event starting so come on through watch these videos and then when you come on through, ask any questions that you may have when we do that live stream what does that do? What does that? What does that do for your community? It deepens your relationship even before you live stream out to them, right? You're giving them information and knowledge and advice and helping them prior to doing the live events so you don't have to work it's hard if you're doing a live event where you have to sell in your life event correct, so what I'm hearing you say is create that welcome channel so how do you do that video set it up on the home page on youtube. Yes, very simply. It's very easy. I can show you I'll show you guys very soon. It's a very simple thing. Your youtube channel is an opportunity for you just like having any web site that you may have it all for for building a deeper connection with an audience because they have you found that to be true with your youtube channel? Uh, yes, yes, yes. My check my challenges that my trailer on my youtube channel would not be appropriate for the kind of show that I want to build. So that's that's why I was asking which which trailer all they're actually going to see. I understand, so I would have to have a second youtube channel. You could have a second u two candle if you wanted to if you wanted to do it that way. This this this this option right here is on ly one of many options that you have for streaming out your content. Remember, if can we go back to my to my screen? Would that be ok? So let's, go back into my my computer screen. Okay, this link right here you see this youtube link right here, you could send this well here here's the thing, this is the thing, this is the reason that that you can't invite users with this you are excuse me with this you earl if I'm doing event five days from now okay if I'm doing an event listen to what I'm saying fun doing in ten, five days from now okay? I can't start my google hangout take this this girl right here in this youtube you earl and send it off to my subscribers because that means I would have to actually create a google hangout five days earlier. This makes sense and schedule is like this is why this link the let's go back to the power point that's why this link is so powerful because I can set up a future hang out and tell people about it otherwise uh otherwise you can't set up a future event is this making sense? We are we sure what's making sense I just want to make sure sometimes I feel like it doesn't make sense. Yes, dennis so if it makes sense to me it'll make sense, everybody yes, yeah so what I'm hearing is you want people to subscribe to your youtube channel because if they subscribe to youtube channel, then they automatically get notifications of whatever you're doing as of subscriber they get youtube emailing them, telling them casey's eamon has uploaded a new video or cases even is doing a live stream so this trailer that chris has and you're talking about is to get people there and learn about you learn about what you do and subscribe so that they're in your list exact exactly there in your subscriber list on youtube ok, so one one way that you can that that I do this is you know the trailer video doesn't have to be uh it doesn't have to explain so much it could just simply be subscribed to get updates on my newest videos and live stream they don't have to necessarily say this is what I do this is why I do it if you don't want him to you don't you don't have to go into all that detail where I said hey you know what you could do is go ahead and watch the videos below and I love to talk to you more if I'm ever doing a live stream this you know uh come and join me to my lifestream I understand what you're saying I completely understand what you're saying you're saying what if I want this is my channel trailer so people can come to this girl any time not just through if they're invited via future live event so yeah you want to make that maybe generic too you know subscribe to this channel so what you're doing to your list as you're saying hey list and while we're waiting for our hangout to start go ahead and describe to my youtube channel and simply by going to this you earl you'll be able to watch the live event when it happens, but prior to that when they when we're not live it's always going to take you into my youtube channel directly works if you take the user out that first user yeah, I've not tried it like that, but if it if it does that would be great I never I never give that out I always just give youtube dot com forward slash anonymizer name without the word user what was directly oh it does yes, what about live? Have you used it with life haven't tried with life this is the girl that I was that I've tested out I've worked with it with four slash lives so that's what's worked for me if you find that it does work without that first user area um let me know I'd love to I'd love to know because then that obviously makes that you are a much smaller it's much easier to manage so let's go back to my screen now if we can sorry tio have to go back and forth but so here's the deal this u r l right here this youtube you our own we put that in it's going to pretty much looked just like just like this right is going to say we have not started yet please standby, right? So as I as I mentioned um this specific u r l uh you know, if you're trying to invite someone five days ahead of time, you can't send this particular you are allowed because that means you're going to have to have this hang out right here just sitting on your desk top for five days and it's gonna weigh down your computer, so don't do that use this methodology that I showed you before forward slash live used the google plus methodology or excuse me use ah third party app like easy weapon or any any other app where you can play the hang out from your own from your own website so you can register users ahead of time and then bring them to the live event at the time of the live event and on that live event pages where you have either the google hangout in bed code on their right for that live event or or or the youtube and bako because both essentially played that live google hangout ok, any other questions so let's go back to the slide again so that's that's kind of another one now I usually do have a uh a trailer video there but that's you know that that's where you would have a trailer video right there here's something cool that you should know and this is why I like to bring people into my youtube channel sometimes to watch the event I'd like to bring them into my youtube video essentially to watch the event because the more comments I get the more comments and the more thumbs up I get on a video the morgul will rank that video google likes content that is engaged google loves concept that's like that's engaged that's something that back in to be the end of two thousand twelve they said you know what back linking and things like that we're not going to give so much credit to that what we're going to give more credit to now is engagement so that's why social in search is very powerful and that's why google hangout is very powerful because google hangouts is at the top of the food chain in my opinion because it's you can't get more engaged than live right so that's how I see it and that's why I sent I sometimes tend to send people into my youtube channel if I want a rank of video but if I want to do a live presentation that's private to my own list that's a almost like a webinar I will use a third party site and I think I showed this to you the other day I'd use something like easy webinar where they can register for a future event, learn a product, launch a product teaching audience and build a community expand your brand in two thousand fourteen with these simple test strategies right? I uh invite them into a registration process just like if I do anything like go to weapon. Are you you register attendees, right? Go to lebanon. Same type of concept. I then bring him into a thank you page. I talked about this yesterday, right? My trailer video is right there, right? That's, the registration page, my trailer video is saying, hey, we're going to talk about the five strategies that you can do to build encouraging engagement and a community teo to expand your business in two thousand fourteen. Come on through, click on through now and register and when you do have a free gift for you, I say that in this video and then in this video I said, hey, great, you made it. I have a free gift. All you have to do is share news by clicking one of those social sites, and it will unlock a free gift. And I also explained that there's the girl to the webinar right here this will bring him into the live page of the event itself that at that time, because the event is on ly is it hasn't started yet. It's going to start into the future at that time, when they click that event link it's going to take him t into account down page prior to the event starting right just a countdown page and then when the event actually goes live that countdown page will redirect into a live page like this where the live google hangout is being streamed into and I have my holder image in there I'm just waiting it's two o'clock that's when the event starts probably maybe it's two o two uh oh two to two it's like two minutes after two and suddenly inside inside like google hangout convicts switch back to my computer suddenly inside google hangout I have that holder image that had two minutes at two p m the two o two p m is when I come in unchecked might my microphone to amuse myself and I say how everybody its case here we are now live who how's it going I'm excited to be here we're going to be sharing with you some awesome stuff it's going to be really good go ahead and put your questions below it's we're gonna be covering the five things that you could do in your webinars to boost conversions how many of you have been here before? Go ahead and put in the chat box if you have been here before and let me know on then you you kind of front load some questions and then can we go back to the to the slide again and that's when I'm talking and that is where uh that's where they are now hearing what I'm saying so I'll start like that I could start an event just like this where it's almost similar to say go to webinar, right? But I'm using the power of google hangouts and I'm using a third party software like easy weapon or to do it. The other idea is that you don't have that holder image at all and it's upm let's go back over to the, uh to the screen again. Thank you. Thanks. Hey, sorry I keep going back and forth. I know it's a it's a pain um ok, perfect. So now we go back and I don't necessarily have to have a preset or holder image in there. I could just just have me just just going right? So if you want to start a two p m and just have you just just vamping, have your lower third going. This is where I would click that start broadcast button prior to the event starting five minutes to the event. Starting this makes sense. Maybe ten minutes to the event starting so I have enough time to get my coffee. Take a pee break. Get up here, get my lower third going. Casey, maybe go a little live a little bit early if you like to allow you already is to come in, can you then delete that? Segment when you post the finished product on you that's a very good question and absolutely you can I came from bound market she was in my question veil max thank you so much great question great question so here here's the thing here's the cool thing about it is that when a google hangout is over remember what happens is it automatically becomes a video and that video goes right into your video manager here's the thing you should really remember though about that youtube has the ability teo allow you to edit that video okay? It has a built in editor it's called enhancements which I think we're going to talk about in the next segment I believe but here's the cool thing about about that um you can you can crop out that first ten minutes of that of that maybe just you getting a coffee or maybe a preset or whatever if you want to come crop out the beginning part of that you can do so it's called trimming so you trim the first ten minutes off and you and it's it's it's still stays that same video that same video that's in your in your in your maybe your third party software you don't change out the video it's that same video you're just trimming it up essentially right? So and I'll show more about that in the in the next coming uh coming session but here's the thing you should know about that if your event goes for two hours for longer youtube will not let you edit it okay remember that you can't go in and trim up that video if it's more than two hours youtube if it's too it's too long they won't give you the option to enhance it or trim it or edited within youtube so just remember that the other option is if you do have that ten minutes before and you wanted to crop it well the nice thing is inside youtube you can download that video right from youtube download that mp four save it to your desktop pull it into your editing software and then crop out the first ten minutes yeah, that makes sense. Okay, um so we talked about that so anyway uh oh I have a viewer e o that french kiss it because it lucas it I did you mention the chap box there? Can you just show us where that is? Because people have been asking about that I can't see that on the screen people well, the chatterbox you see ok, so because people are asking how do you get an interactive audience going right? So this is your broadcast room think of this is your broadcast room you're not going to get chapped chap that's inside this particular area this's for the room with your guests this is all where they're going to be hanging out, but the nice thing is you can see when you have viewers we have one viewer I don't know who is watching right now it's probably me because we haven't clicked start broadcast if I click start broadcast that will go out and people can then watch it so it'll it'll it'll go out to my youtube channel chances are we we probably won't have a lot of activity on that if I click start broadcast is probably ok but we could probably do an experiment and show exactly you know how many people we could probably get watching it but um what you would do in terms of chat is there are there's two options of this set well, let me take that back there several options you can either send your people over to youtube to watch this video right? And if you're going to send them to youtube this is where they can chat right here can't wait for this normally I'm used to saying that is a comment afterwards on a fame right outside their chat will be live happening on may four you're broadcasting yes could you not get a troll or spanners you could you definitely could I mean, it depends on depends on how you're using it if we can go back to the slides yeah so with with how I use it inside a third party software like this if I want to control spammers um this is my people have to subscribe to come to watch this event right? They have to register to watch this future event just like any other weapon our software and they can ask questions here by putting their name and email and then there's this chat area right here so this is a question box no one can stand this because it's just personal questions that come through I'll explain more of this tomorrow as a monetization strategy and how you consider to use this but yes when you're using if we now we go back teo the screen again please if we use it for on youtube where you know where commenting hi casey this looks fun this looks cool post this automatically not only shows up here in youtube but it actually shows up also in google plus as well because the comment section in youtube is youtube and google plus they've combined the comments together right? So anything that shows up here is also going to show up over here in my in my google plus I believe as well I don't know whether it give me an error but that's where it tends to show up right over here the comments come through so so those those comments actually also go to if that if that same video is on my ah profile right so if this is a public event so testing high there so these air public as you can see here test monkey we have three people watching right now on test monkey this person shared it three way concept of test monty great great d says to let case you know your ranking the test monkey test monkey cases even very good to know I used way too often I don't know what does that mean if he says you're ranking for test market prices what what you type in uh into google I had in google ending you mean changing training training indians later I think going to say ranking us it's a case is eamon test monkey cases in fascinating I don't think it is going to show up it would be hard oh no there it is right there awesome past monkey cases even so um so an interesting thing is that yes the these things rink automatically I mean assumes you created it automatically ranks it so that's really why you want to you know title it appropriate toto what you want to get range for uh that's that's so that's when these air public you know publicly we have a huge opportunity this is a huge opportunity to really think about it to be able tio title it anything we want and two for it to stream out if I put this in youtube as well test monkey test monkey let's see if I have to really put cases even in I may have to put cases even into get test mikey otherwise we're going to get a lot of weird stuff happening so s o I'm assuming there it is right there there's there's another test right? So essentially that's what that is now let's look at I want to see if I'm still ranking for how to what did I say how to do pallotti's way can't actually show it browsing okay, shut that went down well remove remove last night was it was it was great fun so so also the chat that he's being asked can also shoot over tio tear videos over here uh I don't see test monkey up here at the moment um but yes. So to comments oh, interesting name casey so there we go. So so this obviously streams directly into its streams into google plus, people can watch it from your profile. It also streams into an event that you have right. Your events are right here. If you go to event it's actually gonna show everyone else's events actually, but that's where it's it's also going to be there, right it's going to be right over here on and then it's also going to be streamed into youtube where people can ask questions from that from that youtube channel like he was the administrator. If you want to take just a thirty second break and look at all the questions that have come in, where do the questions coming for you do you have to go to youtube and google plus and the event page? Do you have to go through places? Eso eso me personally, I I tried to, um I tried to stay in one place technically, if I'm streaming from, uh, we'll go back to the power point slide again by streaming from here, I'm going toe answer questions that air showing appear only right or if I if I it's depending on where you're sending people off to if you're saying, hey, everybody, I'm gonna be watching everything we're streaming from youtube, your questions will be answered in youtube, you have to tell them where they're going to be answered. You may get people that go to your google plus page in and watch it from there, but chances are if you're mailing out your youtube, you are all that forward slash live link to your list that's where they're going to watch it now there are a lot of people that say, well, casey, what if I don't want them to see all those all those other videos on the on the side tab? I want to keep it specific to me well, that totally makes sense and that's where I use a lot of third party aps to do that to play it individually so it's it's more for me personally you can also do it obviously from your event page where it's only you from your google plus event page that's obviously only going to be you as well but I tend to like the ranking that comes from when you do it and stream from youtube I like the ranking that I seem to get seem to get a bit better of ranking from from from that but you're gonna get ranking either way from either google plus or youtube so um a cz we talked about why third party sites to build your subscriber list okay are there questions coming through? One of two young men one here from michael see that they're asking what were just saying there about that wants the hangout is over they've downloaded the video they edited it and then they upload it do they need to attending special than to get it to rank right away? It will well the goal is that when you create your google hangout you're already titling describing and tagging your google hangout before it even becomes a video so you're already doing the legwork of optimizing it prior to it becoming a video if you want to add more tags later on you can you can do that does that make sense? You're looking at that in more detail in the segment coming up with the marketing and promotion or is that more about pulling so no I will I will do that why don't we uh let's switch back over to my my computer very quickly and I'll show you an example of that s so that you can get an idea remember I showed you how to do this you're going to hang out you create a new I'm actually in hang out right now on a so so let me close this one out okay now you go back in to a ham you'd start a hangout on air ok this is how you optimize it prior to it becoming a video start the hangout on air give it a name in youtube this is called a title tell people what it's about in youtube this is called the description area by creating this title and giving it a name and telling people what it's about beforehand as soon as it becomes a video this context this text that are found here and here automatically going to youtube so you don't have to necessarily optimize it in youtube after it becomes a video because you're doing it technically right now you know I would go into mike he were to do a keyword search for you know how to how to do pallotti's from home god oh boy ok here we go how do you pallotti's from home this is where I describe it and this is where I put a lot of detail in there now here's the thing though once it becomes a video once it becomes that video, chances are you might want to send people to the page that this video is now on right and use this teo optimize and so yes in this next video will talk about video optimization such as adding in the description area links that send people back into maybe watching the replay of this video or to get more information adding clickable annotations that heir to an associated web site so you can add at those in so that's what we're going to talk about in the next a bit of content that we're going to be that we're going to be doing now colony santiago says the question which we need to touch on just quickly if you haven't got much time I know things have changed on youtube but they used to be very tight limits as to what was available I think it was originally ten minutes and now it's got longer yes if you have a video that goes to goes over two hours and then you just can you edit it in external software independent of the youtube absolutely you can download the mp for from youtube and put it into an external software crop it up and then we uploaded if you want to have it

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