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Building Your Brand

Porter Gale

Building Your Brand

Porter Gale

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Class Description

Every successful business needs to have a clear brand message. Porter Gale is a consultant and former VP of marketing for Virgin America. In this class she’ll teach you everything you need to know to a business idea all the way to the front pages of major publications.

This class condenses 20 years of knowledge in creative development, social media, email marketing and PR and delivers it all in concise, easy to follow steps. 

During this class, Porter will discuss:

  • Naming your company
  • Creating a corporate culture
  • Multi-channel marketing and more!

She’ll share the stage with entrepreneurs from some of the world’s most innovative brands, like Virgin America, Dollar Shave Club, and Hint Water. You’ll learn how the pros build a brand through interviews, case histories, resource lists, and how-to tips.

A successful business brand understands its ideal customers and employs a team that consistently finds a way to stand out in the crowd. Learn how to build that brand from Porter Gale.

Class Materials

bonus material

Building a Brand eBook.pdf

Porter Day 1 Slides.pdf

Porter Day 2 Slides.pdf

Day 3 Slides.pdf

bonus material

Building a Brand eBook - Section 1.pdf

Partnership Scorecard.pdf

The Funnel Test.key

The Funnel Test.pdf

1 Page Business Plan.pdf

1 Page Marketing Plan.pdf

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a Creativelive Student

Thank You so much Porter Gale I have learned so much you made me view everything in a more professional way seeing how the big boys do it made me realize the steps that need to be taken for success. You are a very smart thank you again for sharing your knowledge I have the title of your book stuck in my head I think is powerful.

a Creativelive Student

This is an excellent course which delivers so much key information to developing your brand. Highly recommended!