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Lesson 15 from: Building Your Online Marketing Machine for Photographers

Lindsay Adler, Robert Gordon

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15. Analytics

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Alright, so next we're gonna briefly talk about analytics. There's a lot of information out there about analytics as well. And the idea behind it is, what am I doing that's effective? And is what I'm doing effective? Is it at all, and which ones are doing best? And there's a lot of different ways to look at analytics. So, Robert. Yeah, so, you know we talked about testing. And we talked about the importance of consistently testing and, yeah, you might not want to look at all this all the time, but Google Analytics, for example, we talked about installing that. You wanna look at your page views, your unique visitors, which means the amount of people, the unique people. Your bounce rate, and your most popular pages. For the most part, bounce rate is if somebody comes on your site and immediately leaves, and it's like, alright, something's not right here, they went to my homepage, maybe the message isn't right, or you sent them from Facebook to your page, and the offer wasn't right. If ...

you have like a 95% bounce rate it's like, alright, something's not good. They're not spending any time on here. Yeah? My favorite quote about bounce rate, is they came, they puked, they left. Yes. (audience laughter) I love that. I'm like, yep, they were like, ughhh. And it's useful, Google Analysis is useful for uncovering further opportunities. Like let's say all of the sudden one of your blog posts was, that you never thought was super popular, you're like, wow, okay, I'm getting like a couple a hundred views on this thing, I should write more about this specific subject. Exactly, write a followup to it. Social, time of day, engagement, really, likes. We talked about likes don't equal money, but engagement is useful because the more people that engage with it, other people are gonna see it too. So in the timeline that's how that works. Time of day's important because if you're sending something out at midnight, nobody sees it. It's pointless. And especially since they get buried in the newsfeed so quickly. Email stats. Open rate is important, but click rate and subscriber growth are more important. So your open rate, see how many people opened it, but I wanna see how many people clicked. I wanna know how many people went to my website, so a million people could open it, but 10 people clicked, it's not gonna be really that effective. Then you can kind of do some more due diligence and go, alright, well, obviously this message wasn't right, or obviously they don't like what I'm offering. Paid advertisement, we talked about real quick with Facebook. Your cost per action. So what do I want somebody to do? I want them to go to my website, how much did that cost? I want a thousand people to see this. How much was my cost per thousand people? Engagement, we talked about likes and how much a like will cost you or something. So you can build your Facebook pages through likes, and maybe cost you 10 cents per like to build up your audience. In terms of how many leads you got out of something, and the relevancy. We talked about the relevancy score, that score is a 1-10. If you have an ad that's like a one or a two, your cost per action is gonna skyrocket. So something that could be a 10 cent lead could be a three dollar lead, and then all of a sudden you're like, I don't wanna spend that kind of money. Especially if your budget is really small. If you have a 10 dollar budget, or you're doing a couple bucks a day, and then each lead is three bucks, it's not worth it. You have to redo your ads. So the point of this is that you wanna take a look at what you're doing and just see what's successful, or what you could change and test it and try it again. 'Cause you're not going to find the solution right away. But if you start right away and then you just do the same thing over and over again, there's no chance to make an improvement upon it. That's why sometimes I do posts where I try a different time of day, or I try different contents, and it totally falls flat. Randomly some of my Instagram posts, I tried something different and it has like 1/3 of what I normally had. And I'm like, oops, okay. But I had to try it, it might have been the highest engagement. And there's some things that I find surprising that I didn't expect. In micro metadata, what I started doing is I put in my business name and then my website in the metadata and light room. So when somebody downloads a photo from my website, and posts it on Facebook, it has my business name and website automatically. Good or bad? No, that's not bad. I mean, if it's gonna be able to show that information, then that's useful. You should kinda be doing that anyway, just in case your photo ends up somewhere like on a billboard, and then they didn't pay you for that. And you say, look, it's in the metadata or something like that. Or they didn't strip it out of the Exif data or something like that. It's useful, it's the same thing, keeping your information consistent. We talk about all text file names, Exif data, all that, it's all a pain to kinda go through all of it, but copy and paste. And it's automatic. So why not, might as well. It's not hurting you. Yeah. I have a question online from Julie Sutton Photo. Says, "I haven't found any "automation tool to use with my blog. "Do you have any suggestions on that front?" CoSchedule is a cool tool. CoSchedule is basically a tool that lets you schedule content. And it more or less, it can do it for you, it can send it out to social networks but you can kinda schedule things, almost like we saw in Hootsuite. It's like an editorial calendar, more or less. So you can kind of put your content into certain configuration of when you want to do it, and you can work with teams which is really nice. So if you have a studio and you might have somebody else doing it, you guys can kinda see what's gonna be posted when. Other than that, I don't know what else, if there was a second part to that question, in terms of automation, what they were talking about. I could probably answer it more specifically if I knew. The blogs to be able to. Yeah, other than that there isn't much out there for that. You can schedule your blog posts as well. Yeah, otherwise scheduling your blog posts, yeah. Certain platforms, probably your market may vary. WordPress you definitely can. Certain things you might not be able to. 'Cause on WordPress you can also schedule the blog post and then also use plugins to schedule that to be shared to other platforms.

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Rajiv Chopra

This is a very good class indeed. Everyone needs a Robert, and Lindsay is definitely smart to have Robert with her. The combination, where she paints the big picture, and he gets into some of the nitty-gritty, is brilliant. They have two different styles, and they play off each other very well There is a wealth of information here, and enough tips for someone to explore further For me this is a very useful 'class'. I have built brands for companies, and other people, but never did focus on myself! So, this fits perfectly in what I was looking for. So, kudos to Lindsay and Robert. Or, should I say, 'Bravo'?!

Cindee Still

Wow! Being in the audience you could feel Lindsay's passion for her art. She is a fabulous speaker captivating the attention of her audience. She and Robert a wealth of information that they are sharing so others can succeed too. My mind was blown. I'm so glad I will have access to this class on my computer so I can digest the information in smaller chunks as I move my online business forward.


She is an amazing teacher. Gordon is brilliant. would love to see more of him. Just wish Lindsay would stop posing the whole time. she'd be just as beautiful without so much makeup, the heels, the hand on hip and angling herself the whole time. Another great class.

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