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Final Thoughts

Lesson 17 from: Building Your Online Marketing Machine for Photographers

Lindsay Adler, Robert Gordon

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17. Final Thoughts

Lesson Info

Final Thoughts

All of those things that we just analyzed. Looking at these different examples, we had somebody for boudoir, and we had somebody for a really niche market and we had somebody for wedding. Whatever you do, try to do the same for yourself and so you're really gonna step back and what do you call it? You always say you're taking a? Ten thousand foot view. You're just trying to take a look at, alright, I'm too close to it, really what am I doing right or wrong? How is somebody going to be interacting with my site and my brand? Those things that we said are doing well and have room to improvement, try to do that to yourself. Earlier on, we listed some of the tools for SEO and those are some of the ways you can actually analyze with numbers instead of just your feelings about those numbers. The keyword stuff is really what helps you understand and create a content strategy because if you have no idea what people are using to find you, how are you supposed to figure out how to do anythi...

ng? You're kinda shooting in the dark. Keyword research is important. That's really gonna get you to understanding how people reach you through search engines, through Google. Just quickly on that, April Hare had asked how do you find your back links? How do you go about doing that? You really have to use a pay service. Moz will show you, Ahrefs will show you. Any of those cheap or no? There's trials and some of those are cheaper. There are other services that will show it to you too. It's not something that, unfortunately, is really freely available. There might be some hacks for it but the easiest way to do it is through one of these services. Even if you do it for a trial for a little while and you're just like oh, I didn't know I got all these sites linking to me. What we're gonna do is we're gonna bring it all together. My recommendations for you of course, join the Facebook group, I'm going to bring it all together and you're gonna see a whole bunch of points up on the screen. The point of this is not do all of this. It's figure out your brand and your goals and which ones help your brand and your goals. But everyone has different brands and goals so we gave you as many things to choose from. Don't look at this and think okay, I need to do all of this. That's not the idea behind this. Kind of what we talked about, your marketing essentials. You all need to do that for sure, you do need to do that. Y'all. (laughs) All y'all. All y'all. All y'all need to do that. (audience laughs) Lindsay developed a southern accent all of a sudden. All of a sudden, out of nowhere. I heard my New York accent come out before though, it was like, oh man, anyway. Marketing essentials, so your brand message, your brand essentials, all those things and the customer profile, you have to do that. That's not a choose, you do that right away to get started. Even if you've been doing this a while, you might need an update on that. It helps, we said it helps in so many different areas because we're uncovering what content we can make, what target that we use on paid media channels, even on free media channels. It's a useful exercise. For your website, we had a checklist of some things, you might have your website in good order but check in on speed, make sure you have a good host, set up a blog if you need to. The next one is, we focus on this a lot, we're gonna talk about attracting. That's actually the next slide. Remember that your goal is to attract people either through SEO, social media, or content. Those are the things that we developed, really focused a lot on and then convert them, get their email, offer them something but remembering that these different approaches for attracting, you usually need a strategy and that you need to actually plan it out and it won't just happen by accident. Then we talked about email marketing. At least just start collecting emails, even if you're not ready to do the marketing, get the emails because that is one of the better ways to actually engage with people without all the noise of social media and all the distractions and it's on your timeline, not on what Facebook decides to show people. Analysis, take a look at what's working and what's not working, so you kind of figure out which point you're at and what you think would be effective for you. What we focused on more importantly is SEO. Take a look at the mistakes you have, take a look at how you can create content for SEO and do your keyword research. This I would take a look at, I kinda would take stock of that right away. Your social media, just figure out what platforms, based on your customer profile, that you want to work on and then do your research and kinda develop a strategy for that. My big baby over here was content. Start filling out your ideas of what you can post, what's useful to your target audience, how you can become authority, how you can show you're a member of that tribe. What do you think, Robert, would be your big takeaways? What I said early on, that the recurring theme is going to be capture and convert, I think you can kinda see that now as even though there was so much information, it's getting people to your site to take an action and eventually, want those people to become paying customers, obviously. It's traditional marketing, you're taking your cold audience, you're introducing them to your brand, you're educating them and then you're turning them into a customer. That's the whole process, might not be ideal, but if it's an area that you struggle with, getting customers to begin with, try this. I'm gonna tell you that it'll work. It's traditional marketing but it's applied for photography and it's almost, it's cool because there's so many creative ways to do it. My final thoughts on this, kind of leading into this, is I used to think that marketing was social media and that social media is just a part of that. I would analyze your goals, analyze your brand, figure out which piece of these work for you, and then do that schedule. If you do that schedule that says you know what, today or this week I said that I'm going to do my keyword research. If you do that, it's not overwhelming and I made that whole list so you can figure out the pieces you do want to do, but schedule it out for yourself. Give yourself a task a week above and beyond the social media that you're doing or maybe in the beginning a little bit more if want to really hit the ground running. Of course, if you want to continue the conversation, I definitely recommend that you join the Facbeook group because then I this community of photographers, photographers I know that we'll have the conversation, help each other out, and then also we'll provide resources there as well. Fantastic, and how do we keep in touch with you, with both of you? These are my social links. Robert and I are one and the same. (laughs) He monitors my stuff and I monitor- If you're on Facebook, I'll be in the group so you can find me through there. I didn't put the slide up, I don't know why. (laughs) It's fine, you can usually reach me through Linsday too so if you visit her website contact form or through Facebook, you go to Lindsay Adler Photography you can kind of, I don't want to talk to you, I want to talk to Robert. I would continue the conversation in the Facebook group and also just keep in mind for this that as you go forward, there are many different resources available to you and so try to think outside the realm of, it doesn't have to just be for photography. Marketing is a big picture, we photographers, we kinda just don't embrace it as much. That's our goal, is to help photographers embrace marketing and use it to help them make money.

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Rajiv Chopra

This is a very good class indeed. Everyone needs a Robert, and Lindsay is definitely smart to have Robert with her. The combination, where she paints the big picture, and he gets into some of the nitty-gritty, is brilliant. They have two different styles, and they play off each other very well There is a wealth of information here, and enough tips for someone to explore further For me this is a very useful 'class'. I have built brands for companies, and other people, but never did focus on myself! So, this fits perfectly in what I was looking for. So, kudos to Lindsay and Robert. Or, should I say, 'Bravo'?!

Cindee Still

Wow! Being in the audience you could feel Lindsay's passion for her art. She is a fabulous speaker captivating the attention of her audience. She and Robert a wealth of information that they are sharing so others can succeed too. My mind was blown. I'm so glad I will have access to this class on my computer so I can digest the information in smaller chunks as I move my online business forward.


She is an amazing teacher. Gordon is brilliant. would love to see more of him. Just wish Lindsay would stop posing the whole time. she'd be just as beautiful without so much makeup, the heels, the hand on hip and angling herself the whole time. Another great class.

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