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Maximize Your Website

Lesson 29 from: Building Your Photography Business for under $3,000

Kathy Holcombe

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Lesson Info

29. Maximize Your Website

Lesson Info

Maximize Your Website

So, now we get to talk about what I refer to as the handshake. So, often times, our clients are doing all of their research online, and so your website is truly the handshake of your business, the gateway to your business. And so, having a good, positive preference on your website is really important. So here's what we're gonna talk about right now, is making your website work for you. It's gotta be more than just pretty pictures on your website, because a lot of photographers have beautiful images out there. So, what are you gonna do to make it work for you? How can you use your website to help develop positive client expectations? This is where you can really set the stage for how you're going to be working with your clients over the long term of the relationship with them. How can you use your website to pre-sell your products? Earlier, we went through a lot of selling strategies. Now let's take a look at how we can do that on your website. And then, of course, how can you maximize ...

online sales? So, let's dive in. Photobiz is who we use for our website. The setup fee is $95. The monthly fee is $25, so I gave you $120 budget for your website. There's gonna be additional monthly fees after this, $25 each month, but you're going to earn those through your business, through your sales, to pay those fees. So, let's go back to the consumer psychology, because this is kind of our founding principle as we develop everything in our business. So we've got the three different phases that we spoke about earlier. The cognitive phase is where people are researching. This is where your website is most important. They're gonna be doing research online, likely, and so this is the part that you have to address. What can you do for your client better than anybody else? It has to be apparent on your website. Then we're also going to look at how can you do this. This constructivist part is where they apply that information to them personally. So, how can you use your website to help guide in this part of the process as well? The experiential part where they test-drive a new business that they wanna do business with, we're gonna do that in person, but your website is really critical for these two phases of the consumer psychology. So, on your homepage, the very first thing, you need to knock their socks off. This is the first impression. And if it's meh, they're gonna go to somebody else. This is the most important part of your website. Do they appreciate your images? Not everyone's gonna appreciate your images, right? Not everybody's gonna value specifically what you do. I mean, just think about it. If you have a college-age person, are they gonna really be looking at high school senior photography? Are they gonna be looking at newborn photography? Are they gonna be looking at action sport photography? Are they gonna be looking at wedding photography? Who does that hit if they find your website? So, do they appreciate your images? Does your work meet their needs? Are they your target client? Do you seem like someone they want to do business with? That's a really hard question. How can you convey through this impersonal thing of a website that you're somebody that they wanna do business with? Are you out there giving in your community? Is that apparent on your website? Is there a way they can learn more about you personally, as a small business owner? This is something to really think about. Do you seem like somebody they wanna do business with? And then, they may come in with some objections. This is where they're just learning about things. Have you addressed any objections? Have you overcome any hurdles that you know exist? Maybe you're the new photographer out there, so they're gonna be like, "Oh my gosh, is this somebody "that's responsible? "Is this somebody that's gonna follow through "on what they say they're going to do?" What can you communicate to them to say, "Yes, I'm professional, I'm established, I'm credible, "I know what I'm doing." Those are the objections you're gonna have right off the bat starting a new business. Are you responsible? Are you reliable? How can you communicate that to your buyers?

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Amanda Beck

Kathy was a wonderful instructor. She was engaging and someone who was precise and incredibly helpful. We have a full time photography business and are always looking for new ways of running our business. Her information was insightful and forced us to have conversations about our business that we have haven't had in several years. She is fantastic and someone who has the information needed to help you start or expand your business. Thank you for a wonderful class!!


Thank you Kathy for yet again another very thought provoking class. You are such an inspiration, teaching us the right questions to ask ourselves so we too can be brilliant photographers / entrepreneurs. I was a fulltime RVer for seven years, traversing 44 states and seeing some of the most beautiful places on our planet. It gave me a great opportunity to meet some extraordinary people and to hone my photography skills. Now I have put down roots in Stapleton - Denver, CO and am soon to launch my own Family Lifestyle Photography business. Your course has definitely given me the courage to just charge ahead and go for it!

Tristanne Endrina

I am VERY impressed with this class! The structure of the class is well done. Each segment was thorough and backed up some knowledge from the previous segments. Kathy breaks everything down into understandable knowledge and also makes it very enjoyable to watch. I HIGHLY recommend this class if you're unsure about what to do to start your photography business. $3000 may sound like a lot of money, but you'll going to find yourself in a determined state to raise that money if you're REALLY passionate and serious about starting your photography business. Thank you, Kathy & Creativelive, for this class. I'm excited to get the ball rolling and build my photography business.

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