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Products: Overview

Lesson 8 from: Building Your Photography Business for under $3,000

Kathy Holcombe

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Lesson Info

8. Products: Overview

Lesson Info

Products: Overview

So now we are getting into the fun stuff I think. We get to talk about products during this segment. And there are so many amazing products that you can choose for your business. And figuring out the ones that are right for you is one of the creative exciting parts of getting your whole business running. So lets talk about it. We are going to start out with talking about style. And what style your images are, your business, everything. So style is kinda the foundation and then we're gonna talk about which products align with that. And how will you produce your products? That's always the big question. There are some amazing products out there that are crazy time intensive. There are some that are super easy. And so taking all those factors into consideration before you take the leap and say, "OK I'm gonna offer this." So starting out, lets talk about your style. Your images say so much about you and sometimes as artists, it's hard for us to hone in on exactly what our style is. But you...

can bet that your clients see that, and so maybe sometimes what you need to do is ask somebody else and pick out some images and say, "What do you see in these images? What are some words you would describe these images with?" And that can help you figure that out. So gather your favorite images together and look at 'em and really look at 'em. What is it about those images that is in common? What's unique to this group of images? And I'm gonna stop right here. I want to note that there is a product development guide in your bonus materials. There was a business planning guide for segment one, and now there's a product development guide that will ask you all kinds of questions to think about as you're developing your product lineup. So if you haven't already done so, click on that bonus materials and get those in front of you.

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Ratings and Reviews

Amanda Beck

Kathy was a wonderful instructor. She was engaging and someone who was precise and incredibly helpful. We have a full time photography business and are always looking for new ways of running our business. Her information was insightful and forced us to have conversations about our business that we have haven't had in several years. She is fantastic and someone who has the information needed to help you start or expand your business. Thank you for a wonderful class!!


Thank you Kathy for yet again another very thought provoking class. You are such an inspiration, teaching us the right questions to ask ourselves so we too can be brilliant photographers / entrepreneurs. I was a fulltime RVer for seven years, traversing 44 states and seeing some of the most beautiful places on our planet. It gave me a great opportunity to meet some extraordinary people and to hone my photography skills. Now I have put down roots in Stapleton - Denver, CO and am soon to launch my own Family Lifestyle Photography business. Your course has definitely given me the courage to just charge ahead and go for it!

Jeph DeLorme

Another top notch production from the amazing team at Creative Live! Kathy Holcombe, aka FAMAGOGO did a great job of covering all the basics along with the associated costs involved in starting up a photography business. However, you don't need to be a beginner to get great info from this class, it's packed with ideas and tips that even an experienced pro can put to work and take to the bank literally the next day. I highly recommend this class.

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