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One of the things about stress is stress doesn't take sides there isn't really a good stress or a bad stress there just is stressed some stress has benefits like lifting heavy things going for a sprint and then your body says owt there was physical stress how do I fix how do I fix that how do I deal with it? So this is what we call hore medic change or harm mrs which is your body's ability to respond to stress one of my favorite kinds of stress is temperature so I haven't been doing it this last year because I've been on the road too much and it's hard to find enough ice in a hotel room but when I'm at home for a reasonable length of time I'll actually get take a nice bath which is not that particularly fun sounding to sit in a bathtub full of ice but once you train your nervous system by sticking your face in ice water for awhile it changes the way one of the main nerves in your body functions and you can sit in ice water and it's really cold for about a minute and then it just become...

s profoundly relaxing and the response is the body gets better at making brown fat and it gets better burning fat and it turns off inflammation so sitting in cold water is very stressful yet the response of my body to that stress is really good so I don't think, oh, I'm stressed that's bad were you run into problems, though, is when the stress doesn't go away, so if you exercise every single day, well, you don't get to recover, and the stress doesn't stop so ongoing, relentless stress, whether it's from exercise from ice water, from eating foods that are not the right foods from for you, or even from being, say, having a low grade infection or being sick, all of those things or chronic stressors, your goal should be as little stress as possible. Lots of stress, a little stress, lots of stress and what beating people up everywhere is that instead of that, they just have kind of a medium amount of stress all the time, no recovery, maybe the electricity eyes, but you want to be down here. So this is why I talk about yesterday talked about adapted genic herbs, and this is the thing to think about with stress, you can control your stress, and you want to make sure you do that, and one of the ways is by controlling your environment the other ways, by controlling what's inside of you and then applying stress is a tool. Rather than being a victim of stress, I believe you talked about your robicheaux, but do you have any? Any more insights on the sensory deprivation tank you know, doing that as far as a something meditative or therapeutic for relieving stress or getting that dermal absorption of magnesium from the epsom salts floating definitely in a float chamber can reduce dress when you do this in a sensory deprivation tank, you go into this strange pod looking thing it's full of water that's been impregnated with magnesium sulfate or epsom salt you do that because it makes you buoyant it makes you float really easily and the water is heated up to the temperature of your skin and your usually naked when you do it so you go in and all the sudden you're floating in darkness you could open your eyes and you see nothing close your eyes it's the same you're not touching anything, so when this happens you can feel like you're falling you can feel all sorts of strange things you become very aware of your body. The reason is that right now there's an enormous amount of background noise coming into your body if you're sitting there at home you're in a chair probably and in your chair the chair is pushing on your skin and you don't pay attention that you're tuning it out and you've got light all around you, the lights coming into your eyes and you're hearing my voice and you're probably hearing a fan or refrigerator in the background all of those things where are always there and we just ignore them but they cost you something when you go into one of these sensory deprivation tanks all of that goes away, which lowers your stress dramatically, but it also increases your sensory acuity so you start hearing sound, you start seeing little things ah, even though it's dark, you have visions and all so it could be a really transformative and for some people a terrifying experience. Uh, but it's also usually performance improving kind of thing to do. So if you get a chance to try a sensory deprivation tank, I would say it's totally worth a try and it's a very safe thing to do. However, um make sure that its queen you know, these air like a swimming pool sort of thing. So you want to go into a well maintained sensory deprivation tank and I would try it the first time without any music or anything else like that. You may be kind of shaken up by it depending on your own nervous system conditioning. Some people really have past traumas and all it's a healing thing, but it can be hard work depending on who you are and where you come from and things like that we're going to talk about braised beef you've been doing for those of us who might be just joining we've been doing a lot of these cooking demonstration throughout the course of the workshop, if you could just tell us again why we're doing them and also I want to mention that these recipes aaron the bonus material, right? Yes, these recipes are in the bonus material and part of what you could do as a bio hackers you, khun control what happens that your body by looking at what happens inside the food around you and how that food interacts with you. So the bulletproof diet, which I think we have, we don't have that one up there, the bulletproof diet is something that I put together over many years of looking at how you can make foods so that they enhance your performance. We're putting these demos in throughout the day to show you what hands on examples. The other thing is being good at cooking or that's nice, you can make amazing many our gourmet meals. I'm also about getting a lot of benefit a little bit of time, so I work on recipes that are pretty quick to prepare don't require excessive amounts of time or tools or skill. In this case, we're going to make braised beef. Yesterday we talked about how you would want to really pay attention to the quality of your meat and how important that was for the quality of your own health. And eating industrial process meat is not a good choice so we have some grass fed steak here now this has been sitting out for a little while but can we get a close up of this place if you look at it you'll see that some of the steak is a little bit brownish and some of it's pink you actually are trying to get steak with less of the brown on it because there's going to be a higher amount of histamine in this the stake has been out of the freezer for a while this is going to sound funny but frozen meat is a good idea if you're eating an amazing steak if it's been properly flash frozen it will still be an amazing steak the grocery store's defrost some of the meat they serve you others of it was vacuum sealed in special bags that allow the meat to sit for sixty or even ninety days sometimes without spoiling I would rather get freshly killed meat where they hang the meat they butcher it and then they freeze it because freezing stops the degradation when you do that you could take a stake out of the fridge you going to frost it overnight and you can cook it the next day and you'll actually get fresher meat than if you go down to the average grocery store and buy steak you also save a lot of money on the bulletproof executive site I have links to some of the best sources of grass fed meat in the us and you can get it for around five dollars six dollars a pound for ground meat and more for stakes and I've tested lots of different suppliers and the ones I recommend have the most flavorful fatty ist meet and when it's done right, the facts a little bit of a yellow color like that kind of white pale fat is from animals that didn't eat the right stuff. So what we do here in this recipe is used green onions now on the bulletproof diet green onions are in the middle they have less of the things that lower alfa in your brain then garlic does but this is an example of choosing where you're going to be on the road map you don't always have to be perfectly perfectly on the green less inflammatory, more performance enhancing side. A lot of people feel great on green onions and this is a great food for you other people if you're maybe an intense meditator or your you're doing your brain training with that duel in back software in that case I would say steer clear of these because you're really trying to push your limits we're going to push your limits be super clean and when you're not trying to push your limits say, do whatever you're going to dio so first step of this recipe is we had some onions a little bit of broccoli and sliced fresh gender remember a little while ago in the spices segment we talked about how to use gender this is an example of how you use ginger I'm adding them into our saucepan which looks suspiciously like a glass bowl because this is a cooking demo and we're not going to spend ten minutes cooking these down and what we're going to do now is cooked this in a saute pan on about medium medium low heat without any oil or liquid for five minutes so we're basically that's like dry salt tang and then we're going to let it start cooking down and you can add liquid after that and liquid there is the other ingredients which is a cup of water when the veggies were done you take this off but first we had the carrots let's see olives and I'm going to squeeze a few of these oranges I'm not going to squeeze all of them normally would use a juicer oranges are not particularly high on the diet because they're high in fructose so that there's something that I say don't eat a lot of but we're talking about eating a good amount of beef and we're adding a little bit of orange so less than twenty five grams a day of fructose we're still well within that if you have an orange in a dish like this it's not a big deal good ad, one bay leaf for flavor if you've never cooked with whole bay leaves, you don't eat the bay leaf I've seen that happen more often than not it's kind of funny, um, teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. This is an amazing thing you really want to keep the apple cider vinegar, because if you don't add that it doesn't come out right, and it was such a small amount, just a teaspoon if you pay attention to the amount of vinegary is sometimes and some recipes, ten drops of vinegar takes it from a boring, bland dish to something that is just a little bit cheesy and just bouncing full of flavor. That's probably the single hardest ingredient to get right, so add your vinegar slowly in this recipe, I said a teaspoon, but depending on how much meat you have and everything else you may, when you're done, taste it and say I went a little bit more of that some oregano, sea salt and when the veggies are mostly cooked down, you can add a little bit of sesame oil and g or butter. G is preferred for cooking because it doesn't have any of the proteins that butter has, so g doesn't burn like butter could into that, and then the final step, we're going to add the meat. We cook it down until the meat was just done by by now the vegetables were already reduced so you cover it and you cook a gently and when you're done you have some pretty amazing beef and the final thing that you do after it's done cooking mostly is you add a little bit of oil were trying to do here is boost the amount of medium change legless rides in your food this meal would have no medium chain triglycerides when you do this it keeps your body and fat burning mode and it helps to fuel the brain that's why one of the main reasons you use this kind of stuff a little bit of em city like this is going to be undetectable you're not going to taste it you're not going to see it but later after this meal you're going to be strangely satisfied and your brain work better so this is something that you find the sprinkling on most of my recipes but they had the m c t oil at the end it is heat stable to three hundred twenty degrees but just cause it's heat stable doesn't mean that you want to cook with it because the bottom of the pan on a typical electric stove get stuff to four hundred degrees so why bother destroying the oil when you could let the oil be added at the end and still tastes good bleak for me to ask broccoli is technically a gmo food is it not? Andi I think colleague claire it was something we manmade and he wanted to know there may be a gmo strain of broadcast throughout most broccoli organic broccoli is definitely not gemma well, I don't know the exact story I read a little bit about what was that something we somehow engineer like broccoli didn't exist until we came up with just about every vegetable we we've we've civilised wild celery will mess you up it's full of very strong I tries to protect it from predation even celery in a field that's been attacked by bugs or in a drought is inedible because it has too much of the nitrates in it so I'm not sure where you're going with the question we'll know he was saying that broccoli you know it didn't exist like one hundred years ago and I was like, I don't really know I remember reading something about that, but I figured obviously you would know but yeah, I don't knows that we're head agree of broccoli to be perfectly honest, I can't tell you that that when you read old stuff from one hundred plus years ago they talked about you don't eat a lot of trashy greens and that would have been something like kale in charge and collards those didn't used to be like the choice of vegetables just a quick question on the beef what about using droids if you can get drives, do you like that or not? The art of curing meat is an amazing thing, and a proper dry aged steak can be one of the best flavors you'll get and one of the links on my site eyes to a dry aged place. However, a lot of the aging facilities that they get a bit funky and dry aging introduces a potential for fungal contamination in fact that's part of why when you hang half a cow it loses thirty percent of its weight because there's some moisture that's lost but there's also a layer of basically you could see it it's a white mold that grows on it right? They trim all that off, but the mold sends little tendrils into the meat, which is why it gets tenderizing flavored that's not to say it's always bad. I have eaten a lot of rage meet that because I've had stak e buttress in my kitchen I'm kind of the walking canary for mycotoxins a lot of rage meat has that problem and it's a documented problem in research about food safety so it's a question of what grew on it what quality was the facility that did the aging and how much of a trained artisan with a focus on quality was the guy who grades your meat fails to rage in a factory somewhere probably not if it was dry aged by the head chef at a high end restaurant who went out and petted the cow before it was put there. It's probably fine the links on my site are ones that I personally vetted as having either the right process or that I've eaten and it's the stuff that's primo thanks this is what it looks like when you're done especially when you take the time to garnish it I will tell you in my house unless I'm taking pictures of food for the blogged we eat it when it's fresh and hot and I heat the plates in the oven and I'm not going to take that much time to plate it and make it pretty because it's not going to last very long and that's the way food should be you should look at it go that looked really good but it's gone now that means you did it right he's coming in about food but also about gmo which you just mentioned dave and I'm going to get it wrong again but lamonica ll d monocle is asking why you believe gmo is bad obviously there's a big debate going on right now about the science whether it's four against what is your view? Well the guys who raise animals for a living are finding that when they use gmo foods that the fertility of their animals goes down and they make less money from that so they're switching out the diet of pregnant animals, and we mention that fertility is a great biomarker for health. We also know that if you take a pile of gmo grains and put him from an animal and you take a pile of non gmo grains, they'll eat all the non gmo. First, there are extensive studies online about the safety, especially the epigenetic effects of genetically modified foods, and I've been fortunate to spend time with some researchers who are doing work on this and it's it's. Pretty scary what happens? Because genetically modified foods also can modify what happens inside your gut. So the way we change the genes in those foods is not the way foods evolve. I've seen one approach where you actually genetically modify something, look at how it behaves when it's genetically modified, learn what the genes do, destroy the seeds of the genetically modified thing you just created, and then start hybridizing grains or whatever you're trying to change to make those changes happen in a way that's normal, but doing the type of genetic insertion they're doing has been shown to change the composition of the bacteria, and you're got through something called in rn ey, so it has not been proven safe it's banned in much of europe and were running one of the biggest experiments on humans that we ever have. Until we've done a lot more research there's no way out supported and the research I've seen that is not funded by monsanto and companies like that shows that this is a very, very bad idea and once the cat's out of the bag, it doesn't go back in. The other reason I'm opposed to jay mo's is that they destroy the quality of our soil because of what they do to the bacteria in the soil and the fungus in the soil because of the chemicals that we sprang genetically modified crops. If you look into the system of soil and food and eq and iko biology, there is no moral argument for genetically modified foods that I confined they do not help to feed the world they do not help the environment, they don't bring food to starving people. That is just p r it doesn't work like that, and if you look at what sold it's there to make the highest profit for them, most sectors of industry is possible and food is not about highest profit food is about fueling people. I am not opposed to capitalism I run a company, I make products, I have an mba from one of the top three business schools on earth I'm a capitalist but you cannot kill my children so you can have cheaper grain it's not okay and we're affecting the fertility of our species with job genetically modified grains so long answer to a short question but we can go on and on about that it's interesting because I was really interested in your comment about broccoli because I was looking at this recently in parents are naturally blue but people didn't like heating blue food, so in the late eighteen hundreds they they changed it so they changed all the genetic so it became orange because that was mohr aesthetically pleasing but I don't know that it's called gmo in those days it wasn't prices it's interesting because the companies who are trying tio make it illegal for you to know your put a genetically modified that's kind of interesting that they would do that instead of just saying oh it's so good for you, we'll label it is gmo and then no one will buy it. But those companies like us to think that by breeding things the way we've done for thousands of years it's the same processes j mo but it's not to take a purple carrot to make it in orange carrot over multiple generations you take the carrots that are less purple and you allow them to breed you pollinate those ones and eventually you can come up with a new strain what you do if you're genetically modifying it is well you basically take a gene from something that's orange maybe your favorite kind of jellyfish you insert that in such a way that you're not sure what it'll do and you see what happens that looks kind like an orange carrot and you do some basic testing on and say they go let's plant it now if you find out later say that that carrot also makes formaldehyde which is a problem we just discovered with a genetically modified thing we released into the wild that is now making formaldehyde that'd be a bit of a problem because formaldehyde is really bad for your liver but we have unintended consequences that we will still not understand fully until things have been out in the wild for twenty and thirty years and have swap their genes with other crops so the difference between choosing a natural I chose mohr orange carrots and over time I got orange carrot engine it genetic modification of organisms is the pretty different processes but marketing guys will tell you they're the same perfectionist is asking when supplementing most most vitamins are already above one hundred percent of your daily needs so how does your body get rid of the excessive amounts and is it harmful? So this person perfectionist was their name? Yes they're assumption that your daily needs are dictated by which country because they're very different depending on what country you live in uh she if they've not given where they're from the term shouldn't worry you that your daily needs are different in canada and the u s perhaps our canadians better looking than americans, the british here's the thing whoever said that was your recommended daily need probably made that number in nineteen thirty six, sometimes maybe nineteen fifty. And, for instance, your vitamin d numbers are based on the amount of vitamin d that would be required to prevent rickets, which is a disease of vitamin d deficiency. Now, if your goal is to not avoid rickets that's not my goal, my goal is to perform at the highest possible level. My vitamin d levels are going to be different also in the u s the recommended daily necessary amounts in the o r d a of four hundred units of vitamin d is the same for an infant as for a six hundred pound black person, and I brought race into that because if your skin is dark, you don't make vitamin d and the sun is fast, which gives you a huge advantage if you're in the sun a lot and it gives you a disadvantage if you're out of this on a lot. So if you weigh more and you have dark skin, your vitamin d needs are going to be in order, magnitude, potentially more than the recommended daily allowance. So for the guy who says, well, this is what you need everyday, like, sorry, we're not all robots. If we're all exactly the same and we all were mechanistic in the way our biology worked, then that would be a reasonable question. So the other part of the questions we have a liver and we have kidneys that excrete extra things. One of the things I'm grateful for every morning is that I have expensive pee because if I have extra vitamins, I pm out that's, okay, my body is much better at getting rid of those than it is it pesticides so strong thoughts thank you for sharing. I love the british policeman think apologize that we talked about victim is absolutely, but I didn't mention orig arno, and I didn't mention parmesan was that wasn't already gone that is that, like a japanese folding paper thing, I'm actually once asked a neighbor of sheet or a go or no, she said. I hope not. I just had a check up.

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