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Dr. Justin Marchegiani

Let's, bring dr justin marching. Gagnon, if you've seen some of my videos there's times when I talk about, in fact, even here I talk about how bright lights up here turn off this muscle for me. Sometimes the guy who figured that out is actually dr justin. So, justin, tell me a little bit about your your background. You got to do the kind of work you do. You're down in cupertino, off tien's, right across from apple's headquarters have been to your office lots of times. I know you've got one of these in there, but how'd you get to do the weird stuff you do, man, because you're kind of like a bio hacker here, what's that old expression seek and you will find. So I just tried finding the most successful people in helping people heal from chronic injuries, pain, hormonal issues, infections and just kind of jumped on their coattails. Any success, you know, you've got success. Awesome. And what do you trained in? So my background. I have got a kinesiology degree from u mass, so I did a lot mu...

scle testing, exercise and rehabilitation. And then from there I only could get so far with patients, so then bringing on the bio electric healing in the vibration really helped essentially energised my patient's recovery and then the next aspect was looking at these chronic infections and the hormonal milieu that really helps create the anti inflammatory environment that allows the body to heal. You've got about ten minutes worth of slides and then you're going to do a demo, but before just so people who are online listening what are you going to do for the demo? You've got some frankenstein gear of somewhere over here that even we don't have to bring it on now but just give us a hint of what's to come, so what we're gonna do is we're gonna actually scan the patient who has an injury we're gonna find out where the actual injury is coming from and again where the injury, where the pain is and where the actual cause of the injuries are usually two different things, so we're gonna get to the root of that and we're going to use electrical stimulation actual stimulation, yeah, pretty powerful. So you're going to see electrodes moved across skin and muscles twitching and it's quite dramatic, actually. And can we make someone screamed today? We could because because you've made me scream like a girl in a pretty intense day, all right, I'm really looking forward to hearing your presentation I'll be right off stage over handsome and thank you cool, all right and left and right for effect all right, so the whole goal of today's talk really is to heal faster and perform better in the simple bio hacks that if we can incorporate into our life it's no allow it just to perform better and it's not about working harder it's about working smarter and those of the simple things were gonna go over today. So again, first kind of epi genetics is the foundation I'm going go through this live briefly, but we have three main stressors in the body physical, chemical and emotional stressors, physical old injuries, chemical hormonal imbalances, fatigue, hormonal issues, chronic inflammation and emotional things as well. All of these actually interact on our jeans and flip our genetic switches on our offices called epi genetics and we want to control our stressors toe weakened smile. All right, so we have the ability to express optimal health and if we don't express optimal health right, this leads the symptoms chronic symptoms eventually lead to disease so again, our body is designed to adapt and all of these stressors actually interact on one another. So chronic pain from an old sports injury creates chemical inflammation. It may prevent you from doing certain activities that you enjoy doing like golfing or playing with their kids. All right, so all of these stressors kind of accumulate this is kind of the key thing is we have our natural stress bucket here and all of these stressors actually go in our bucket, right? Physical, chemical, emotional were eating gluten. We're getting exposed to mycotoxins, right? Drinking bad coffee. All of these things add up in our bucket and stress tends to accumulate in the typical person is running out alright, stress accumulates, our bucket overflows be if symptoms now this is called bucket dysfunction of my world, right? And typically we're getting prescribed a medication that inherently more toxic and providing more stress onto the bucket. So we have this vicious cycle that just goes around the clock, so our goal kind of his bio hackers is really to go in figure out where those stressors are and actually go backwards and pull them out so we can allow the environment to hell that's kind of the first thing, even when we're doing physical issue's trying to help people from old injuries heal most thing I see with chiropractors and physical therapist and even medical doctors is they don't get the environment, the hormonal environment set up for healing, to be essentially to be able to progress. So, like I said, right here, this is another slide kind of depicting that whole process our bodies designed to adapt, right? We have stress, physical, chemical and emotional if we don't address it, we continue to maladaptive and we eventually work away to face three where we see symptoms we go to our doctor right and eventually more symptoms leads to premature death so our goal is to remove the underlying stressors, remove the barriers to healing so our body can start adapting and moving backwards that's kind of the goal and the foundation for that with all my patients is really the bulletproof died right? Because it's providing the raw material and the biggest thing is the fat because we'll go over the hormone cascade what you're going to find is all of europe all your fats or the precursor to all your hormones right all of these hormones that helped build you up and providing the raw material for joints and tendons and for ligaments to hell. So your brain right really important thing seventy percent of your brain's fat so we want to provide the raw material but we also want to provide the right stimulation so the brain raw material on one side stimulation on the other side we're going to go into the stimulation part so essentially our bodies designed to absorb force and the number one stress on our body is gravity coming right down on us twenty four seven and our bodies designed jobs were forced ideally like this diving board is the man jumps up, the board comes down, it goes back up forces being dispersed each way just like here this gentleman here being in a good posture and having his muscles in balance we're seeing force being absorbed properly and we're avoiding the injuries were avoiding the pain we're avoiding the inflammation so again, ninety percent all the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by movement so appropriate sections really important that's why doing specific adjustments using whole body vibration and current drive that is basically it's allows us to essentially put the patient on steroids, if you will, in regards to just flooding the brain with all that good healthy movement to hell and here's the important thing on ly ten percent of our brains energy goes into thinking and performance in metabolism and immune system. So our goal is to get this ninety percent down so well. So the body can be essentially more focused on the healthy immunity performance function looking good all those good things. So again, what's actually happening here we have two main signals going to the brain. We have pain movement or your pain and we have appropriate section are just in general movement. So when we're in chronic pain, what we see is this pain signal goes up, right? So our goal is to use specific modalities electricity, specific manipulation, soft tissue in vibration to flip the switch, to take away the pains they know and to bring up the movement signal because if we're stuck in that pain lock we're creating this hormone called cortisol and overtime cortisone actually destroys the area of the brain called the hippocampus lot of dr robert sapolsky is work out of stanford show this so we it's really important we provide the right stimulation of the brain so nutrition right the bulletproof die it's kind of the foundation and the stimulation really is good movement providing current and pro perception through vibrations always the best option in my book that's the goal healthy healthy brain so here's your muscle right here your muscles designed to absorb forced okay so imagine this muscle here this is a muscle belly right imagine it being cut in half so we're looking at it going up so this is the muscle cut in half right here okay these little ions right here have to interact and that creates a deep polarization it brings that charge from one ten closer to zero and the muscles contract in relax our bodies able to absorb force through that muscle elongating so a normal contraction looks just like this so imagine jumping up in the air and coming down you're gluten your hamstrings have to be long gate towards or force so now if we have injury to the muscle so our muscle can't be polarized these ions can't go back and forth we can't generate a muscle contraction so what happens is this we eventually have inflammation or injury right over time if we don't fix this this is what happens this is what we call a compensation pattern force comes in and then we eventually maybe develop a limp so for instance I have a division one college athlete that flew in to come see me for the week he has chronic ankle sprains and what we found as after assessing him is his hip and knee muscles are not stabilizing properly therefore forces being distributed down to the ankle so our goal is to get that on turn these muscles on properly with specific techniques and vibration and current to allow this compensation pattern to be adjusted and we have all the inflammation right here and that's creating the injury so we want to fix this so the muscle can now absorbed force properly that's the ultimate goal and earlier will air of coming up here will show you how you can use specific current to find the underlying cause because a lot of times the pain or the inflammation is not necessarily where the causes so again quarters all the excess cortisol is really driving and the breakdown of that brain driving the hippocampus so we also want to look well we want to perform well but we won't want to be able to think well at the same time so really uh kind of a holistic set of goals there that's what we're trying to avoid here no homer simpson brain all right, so again, there's a concept and function neurology called hemispheric city so when we become more sympathetic dominant meaning we're breaking down faster than we're building up we tend to have a hemispheric city so one side of the brain or the cortex becomes dominant over the other right in certain sides of the brain have different characteristics, right? Your left brain more analytical, right brain, more picture, more emotionally oriented. So what we find is this hemispheric city creates more sympathetic tone that's kind of why we use things like the em wave or h r v to drive up the parasympathetic. So what we see when patients or people are in that sympathetic lakas we call it we see digestion issues. For instance, we see excess cortisol so here's someone with a hemispheric city we're seeing one side of the brain a little bit more dominant over the other, and we contest that by doing specific muscle test doing specific neurological tests to assess what side that maybe on and they can affect digestion because we're not able to break down nutrients were creating excess cortisol and many of those receptors around the tummy so we start to see in the waist so this is the foundation here because of our hormonal milieu, if you will is not in balance it's not going to provide the raw material for us to heal so all of our hormones come from cholesterol. This is why the grass that butter high quality fats and proteins are the foundation if we don't have those building blocks are hormones not gonna work? I can attribute a lot of my female hormone patients over the last ten years have come directly from the low fat craze of the last twenty years, so I rather get my patients eating the raw material so their hormones are balanced, so essentially we have cholesterol up top we start seeing quarters all here. This is dealing with the stress and inflammation and blood sugar side and on this side over here with the pink and the blue those are anabolic hormones, so we have our progesterone and estrogen that help keep women fertile and have a healthy cycle and we have our androgynous hormones for our men. We both have each just different ratios reach so when we have a stressor that could be a physical pain that could be a chronic stress or from an infection or emotional issues that takes our hormone substrate our precious cholesterol and drives it towards cortazar. And if we don't address that stress or over long periods of time that quarters all eventually starts going down along with our anabolic hormones, so now you can see we're breaking down faster than we're building up and if we keep that stress or their cortisol eventually drops out too so our goal is to remove that stress right kind of be stressed detectives meant allows our hormones to come back on track so looking at the adrenals thyroid different functional test to assess inflammation provides the raw material so when we do the vibration would do the current it gives us the ability to heal so that's kind of confusing I know so hormone pool that equals cholesterol right we have our stress hormones on one side anti aging hormones on the other side if we have these chronic and city of stressors what we find is this we see the out of balance in our hormones right we see the stress hormones start going up anti aging down so our goal is to get to the root of the stress bring the hormones back in the balance and then this allows us to essentially perform better and heal better so the big idea what's the big idea here what's the key takeaway well again get bulletproof the foundation all my patients is to have the high quality fat to have the low talks and food the anti inflammatory food that's the foundation for anyone that wants good hormonal health and performance grab a low hanging fruit all right really important make sure your bodies and balance get us ass get tested try to find someone that does specific muscle testing to find your imbalances because if your muscles aren't firing properly force gets absorbed by disk tendons and ligaments, and we get itis, or inflammation and breakdown, so we want to get to the root of the issue again. Use functional test to assess your hormonal milieu. Right. Court is all rhythm test looking at your thyroid, looking at different markers for inflammation, c reactive protein, check testing for infections. All these things are really important because they rob your body from the ability to heal. Last stand point is a lot of things going on here to kind of navigate your journey towards health. Any questions? You can feel free and visit my sight. Justin health dot com slash free dash consul for any questions, I look at your lab tests for you and make sure you're on the right track. At least thanks for having me.

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