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Happiness & Get Some Ice Cream Demo

There are lots of studies of happiness and chocolate just google it it has to do with, uh, serotonin and oxytocin and good quality chocolate certainly just taste good which can make you happy so interestingly, though, vanilla historically has been used from an aromatherapy perspective and even as food for that few people know this, but the original use of vanilla was as an herb hundreds of years ago as an aphrodisiac there's a really cool thing you could do with vanilla and this is a low toxin special process vanilla I take the whole teaspoon of this because vanilla has things in it called actually vanilla nhs or vanna lloyd's and you have the unalloyed receptors in the brain and this can activate them in a way similar to what say a hot pepper would with camp season so you take vanilla, it takes a little butter and upgraded m c t oil and you blend them together with hot water and you get like a vanilla something I don't know hot vanilla drink that is really delicious the vanilla when y...

ou drink it that way gives you like a really clean mental edge it's not his am pias bulletproof coffee with the caffeine effect but there's definitely clarity that comes from vanilla and I definitely feel a happiness difference from that coffee has also been shown in lots of studies google coffee happiness you'll see actual bonified university research about what coffee does for your emotional state, there's some other supplements, you can take two things, even like vitamin b. If you're low on vitamin b, you're not going to be in a good position to be able to be to make the neuro transmitter is transmitters that you need to be happy. Same thing with vitamin c, vitamin d, your basic vitamins, many of which we've already talked about today. If you don't have those things, you don't have your sink and your copper, you're not gonna have basic chemistry running to keep yourselves working the way they should work, and honestly, a well functioning set of meat will give you better chances of having well functioning emotions. If your body is failing, your emotions are going to be off, and you're not gonna be feeling happy the way you'd like tio. Another thing that you wouldn't expect is that house plants actually are shown in studies to increase happiness. There's a pretty good argument that you should have at least a house plant, and probably several, and nasa even did experiment. I kind of like space programs because I mean, who doesn't like astronauts, right? But on top of that it's, such a great bio hacking experiment, they could get all the data they want from astronauts, I mean they have astronaut diapers for goodness sake, everything that goes in and comes out of astronauts has to be weighed and measured because they're in space in a can and you have to know where you're gonna put it so they get data about human performance in conditions that are way outside what any of us are ever likely to experience. But that knowledge feeds right back into some of the things that we've talked about, like the whole body vibration plate that was developed originally to keep bone strong in space and things like the cerebral electrical stimulation device designed to let you get more efficient sleeping less times. You can spend more time fixing stuff in space who would have thought when those things were being made, like thirty years ago, that they would be filtering down the way they are now? I think it's way cool. Nasa actually looked at the effects of house plants on happiness, and I believe in that study it was depression there's also lots of sources of indoor air pollution. There are species of plants that removed from alba hide and in the resource guide that you get when you register, we list all the species pants that are specifically known to pull formaldehyde out of the air and benzene, which is a different set of species, and even trying chloral ethylene. But that was enough about plants well we're finishing the setup for get some ice cream I'm gonna tell you what get some ice cream is and how it came to be get some ice cream is named that because I created it as a way to get enough of the right kinds of healthy fat into my lovely wife dr lana at home she doesn't make me caller dr lana but when we decided to have kids she had polycystic ovary syndrome and she was infertile she was thirty five and we want to have kids so I started some of the research I've already done a lot of anti aging work and somebody on weight loss work but I started looking a lot of hormones and what you could do to turn hormones back on and the effect of small doses of toxins on her mortal regulation and I realized I needed a way to get lots and lots of healthy fat designed for hormone creation into a human being and it had to taste good. So over the course of about two years I perfected this recipe and you're going to see all the ingredients in a minute here but what it involves is egg yolks ah whole lot of aig jokes from the biggest, baddest heaviest eggs you can get from the healthiest chickens out there you want yolks that air so orange they hurt your eyes when you look at them if you can get him not omega three eggs and you used the yolks not the whites you might use a couple of whites but this is about getting the fat and specifically the foster title coleene that's in the yolk and all the nutrients the biotin all the other things that are inside there if you imagine what a yolk turns into a yolk is everything you need to know baby because that's what it is it's going to be uh baby chicken and it's going to feed on the album in and incorporate that the album in the egg white so from that perspective I said alright let's add some of those and one of the other sources of healthy fat that our bodies used to make hormones but then how do you make it taste good and how do you make it a normal part of what you do every day? The answer was if you're not pregnant, bulletproof coffee certainly helped in the morning but what do you do at night? Because if you drink a big hot couple bulletproof coffee at night you're going to be really productive but you're not going to sleep very well and sleep is important especially for fertility. The recipe for get some ice cream came about from this and there's a challenge making ice cream is hard when you make it at home if you want to follow the normal ice cream book recipes you put a ton of sugar a ton of milk, maybe some cream couple egg yolks, and it works really well because you're basically using some stuff that mix is to be a softer ice cream at first, but then it freezes pretty hard when you're doing it with the amount of fat that we're talking about. Getting the consistency right is a problem. If you go to bulletproof exact dot com, you can see the recipe and we have a new right up of the recipe and the resource guide that makes a little bit easier to get the consistency exactly the way you want it to be. One of the tricks for getting the consistency right involves having a seriously good blender. You just don't want to mess around with a bad blender. One of the other problems in teaching you to make this kind of ice cream is that if you put nine egg yolks in, eggs are different sizes. So it's hard for me to tell you. Use exactly a quarter cup of water because the ratio of water to fat is right. So if you decide to make this recipe at home, what you want to do is you want to play around with adding a little bit more a little bit. A bit less water too much water in an ice cream recipe leads teo ice cream that is more like ice milk when it's first made and if you freeze it overnight then you end up with ice cream. That is really well you have to chip it out it it's not very good if you don't put enough water in your good ice cream that's almost like frozen butter like you can get it out. But it isn't that satisfying. So playing with water amount is right. But you might be wondering by now why is it called? Get some ice cream? You go there, dave. I just wanted to give my little disclaimer again not just claimer, but let everybody know out there that we are sorry to take the bottom bunk. But we are going to be talking about bullet proof sex as we get into this segment and so just want to let everybody know if they do have kids in the room and they're uncomfortable with this topic to please go ahead and join us back after the next break. It was called good semester because you want to get some ice cream. What were you thinking? Sorry, I misunderstood day, miss underst I thought it was the british who was supposed to have smarty nine yeah here's, what happens an hour after you eat this ice cream you get a signal from the environment. I'll say the operating system for your meat and gets a signal from the environment that goes something like this. Hey, you live in a world or it's a season where there is everything necessary to make an uber healthy baby right now. So maybe you should go try and make a new healthy baby and you will find yourself mysteriously pulled to the bedroom. And this is not a joke. And it's, not a random footage claim for a recipe. You can make the rest of you without using my stuff. It's, just something that I noticed had a very repeatable effect. And when I shared it with friends, they all noticed the same thing. So I published the recipe. And if you read the comments on the block, it actually does that. And it has an effect. It's pretty well understood. Eating a lot of egg yolks, particularly in the evening, boosts testosterone and men. And in women, it boosts reproductive hormones like estrogen and progesterone. So what we found was a repeatable effect. And now that it's quite delicious. So what you do for this recipe is pretty straightforward. Blender, this's, ingrams, I have the conversions in the resource guide tio. To the normal american measurements attendees grams because I have a kitchen scale and why I'm developing a recipe I measure everything on my kitchen scale and graham's make it much easier to move up in down versus going by third of a cop in things like things like that there's also a conversion on the website I think we start out with our sweetener this is something you can vary it you like it sweeter add more you like it less sweet I don't have as much add some stevia taste good to you you can play around this, you can make it with honey if you really want to if you're gonna eat it at night it's not going to be the end of the world have some honey too much is not a good idea here we've got four yolks depending on the volume of this you can have even more than this and there's nothing wrong with tossing a couple extra and if you feel like it, these air just yolks this is four whole eggs. You can vary the amount of egg white in this recipe more egg whites make it actually a nicer consistency up to a certain point the maximum number of whites you would include wood before whites you could go down to one or two whites and it also depends on how bigger the yolks versus the white and the egg there's huge variation depending on the species of chicken in time of year, which is why ice cream recipes are so hard to deal with unless they told you a quarter cup of egg yolks and who measures it looks that way anyway, so each recipe of ice cream each bashed me very a little bit. I've made hundreds and hundreds of batches in order to turn lana's fertility back on and we have a six year old the four year old who had one child at thirty nine one at forty two with no fertility is descends other than bio hacking and that didn't include anything beyond say korman's that was our butter coconut oil you'll notice it's liquid that's because we melted it you don't have to be quite so religious about melting everything you can toss it all in here. The only thing that's hard to tell us in is if your butter is still in a cube or like a stick of butter room temperature's mixes pretty well I'll make it with cold butter, but then I had the butter first and hot water on the hot water and butter mixed together then you read the rest of the ingredients so you might have noticed this thing is like pure fat rite aid egg yolks like about a cup of butter cup of coconut oil like we're not uh we're not exactly going crazy here let's make it french vanilla what do you think so here way add some of this stuff you could add a teaspoon of it upgraded vanilla if you look at that you own a zoom in on that this is one hundred percent pure vanilla beans there's nothing else in here and they've been cured so it's a huge amount of vanilla and this enough to last for a couple of months usually and it's all tested for mycotoxins it also adds a really nice flex to the ice cream so you got a few little dots in it now here's the other trick to things you've got to know if you wanna be hacking your ice cream you've never hacked your ice cream I never act my extreme day this is apple cider vinegar who would put vinegar and ice cream it took me like months to figure out that's what's missing if you want to get that little tang that comes with good ice cream there's a tiny one in there you need about like ten drops maybe fifteen a teaspoon apple cider vinegar ice cream is not a flavor you want to try but a little bit is totally necessary to get exactly where you wanted to be that's one secret the other secret oh by the way line works really well like maybe a quarter of a lime could do the same thing as the apple cider vinegar you just needed dash of that in there m c t oil if you want to scoop your ice cream tomorrow, you must use upgraded m c t oil or brain octane. It has thermal properties when it's frozen that make any molecular gastronomy kind of stuff like me really intrigued. It gets a little bit soft and rubbery, but it doesn't get hard like butter does, so this provides able to scoop it out. If you have atleast one egg white and the m c t oil in here, you'll have ice cream that scoop a ball tomorrow like I could write a whole ice cream cookbook for low carb icecream. This is like my best stuff I spent like hundreds of hours on these secrets and they're yours finally one hundred grams of water, which is I'd say about a cup or something. If you do know water it's going to taste good, it'll taste like the nicest like putting maybe almost like uh uh, like a super creamy like kind of melty fudge sort of thing, but it is not going to freeze well, so we do this, by the way. Cover the blender with your hand. If you ever get this on your ceiling, it will never come off you could see why having a good blender like a blend, it is pretty important. There are some recipes for making high, highly sugared, not so healthy I scream that require you to cook the ice cream down into a custard in a pan totally not necessary when you do it this way and you don't wanna waste even a drop because it's that good now, especially during pregnancy, lana was known to not allow me to freeze it. She would run in and, like, pour some in a glass pour cement glass it's actually quite drinkable that way. If you're highly concerned about the raw eggs, you wash the raw eggs in warm, soapy water. If you're really concerned, you could add a couple drops of iodine to the water. Almost all of the salmonella is on the outside of the egg, and you totally can sterilize that I eat raw eggs, I've eaten ten thousand of them. Maybe your odds of there being salmonella is about one in forty five thousand, and the odds of that seminar making you sick are much smaller than that, even and that's for industrial eggs, not pastor digs, so historically, raw eggs were served at the mall at orange julius. Even so, when I pour this, you sort of see very thick and creamy that's how it should look when you put into an ice cream maker it's going to be just right. And we have like a magic super freezer over here right now we're going to the bag method do you have a lid and we could do it oh, there's the school I recommend fifty dollars kind of cuisinart ice cream maker that you can buy has a metal bowl that freezes but there's another way to do this is this a scarlet I didn't test this out of time. I think it is not anymore. All right, we're gonna have our lovely assistant vanna here take care of that and if you want to do this right now you can you could do it in a mason jar and you take a bag like a ziploc gallon sized bag full of ice put the jar after the ingredients are in the jar inside the bag with ice add salt zip it up in fact, here it's ready it's harder with plastic because the ice doesn't penetrate the plastic very well glass works best on you literally take it like that this gives you workout you get lymphatic, sir, but I'm not gonna do it for that long stage because it takes a while. What I am going to do is I'm gonna ask our audience to help and right now a little bit later are we going to have uh uh we'll have some samples for the audience? This is quite a production because I got a little bowls out but to be really clear one measuring cup that's all you need one blender container and an ice cream maker and that is exactly the number of dishes we're going to deal with pretty neat question can you had chocolate and or some cocoa butter too? Oh yeah, I'm so glad that you asked that because there's some some tweaks that I'll tell you how to dio if you haven't had your maximum of two tablespoons of way protein if you put a graded way which has a very light neutral flavor compared to most ways which are taste like socks honestly um if you put this in the scooping consistency when it's frozen is perfect like ben and jerry's perfect so a little bit of protein and there goes a long way way protein works better than egg whites for making it scoop herbal but it's an extra ingredient if you want what white chocolate you must melt this before you blend it in but you take the upgraded cocoa butter or cacau butter if you wanna be fancy about it, you melt it couple tablespoons even up to a quarter cup after the ice cream is blended, you dump it in and blended again and the the mouth feel at the end it's like eating a kind of a nice chocolate bar and if you want to go all out, add some of the chocolate powder in fact I could have some chocolate powder to that. What do you think? We're not going to freeze it though, but we can freeze it alright, I'll show you what it looks like when you do that very quickly you mentioned salt in the bag there shouldn't be rocks old common salt see, so any assault would worry even water softener assault, but I would use cheap salt because you're not going to drink the water when you're done, so you put him land pink salt in there, you're probably bad person is good and then another question I want to do blend is there a particular setting that you're blending it on? You want to get this as impulsive fied as humanly possible? As fast as your blender will go not long enough to heat it up a blend tech or a vita mix both are strong enough. If you leave them blending for two or three minutes, you will want to heat it up. You can make soup that way it kind of where's the blender out, so don't heat the ice cream but enough that it's super super blended and also make sure that your bag of ice doesn't leak and and what we're putting it in the bag of ice some folks were asking because we wanted teo have it be done quickly could you just put it in the freezer? If you just put it in the freezer without agitation, it'll form crystals if there's any water in it. So your best bet if you want to go that route and you don't have a nice cream maker, an ice cream makers easy, it has a metal bowl that you freeze and you dumped the ice cream in that put it in a little machine that turns it in twenty minutes lady of ice cream. But if you don't want to go that path, there are things you could do like you make a custard out of it, but less water and put it in the freezer. It'll set and you can even use a little bit of the upgraded college and which acts as a gelatin if you do it that way and then you can have, like a spoon nable putting consistency, which is pretty nice, but you're not going to get ice cream unless you're agitated. I have never been able to do that. You want a milkshake, though we can pull that off, you take what's in here, you add ice and magically it turns into a milkshake. So instead of adding the water, you had the ice, and in a rush, that'll do. By the way more than a few times my kids have had get some ice cream for breakfast because it's a great source of fat with little bit of protein in it there's no reason your kids couldn't have this for breakfast there's no reason you couldn't have it for breakfast I've certainly done that wait so I've incorporated the chocolate in and I'll just pour this into a ball so you consume it looks like you can have it every night but I don't recommend you eat eggs every single night take one night out of five or six nights off so you don't develop a sensitivity to eggs you don't want to do that thank you way address the salmonella issue but tobacco has been with us yesterday as well just you can't eat egg are there any supplements to use the mimic the impact of egg on hormones man if you solve that problem you let me know um look at how that comes out it's it's edible right now right so this would be an amazing chocolate ice cream it it's almost like just freezing chocolate pudding just bill cosby with his pudding pop things to come in and talk about that and is this an ice cream that's good to be eaten after a work out to help with recovery? Well I think you didn't want a bit of protein after workout help with recovery if you up to the way protein yeah, it would be good for that if it's just pure fat unless you're doing like a full heavy duty kito adaptation which I don't even recommended it adds additional stress you're doing heavy workouts and you need to recover protein and a little bit of carbs this is not a problem, so if you're going to do it for as a recovery I might even consider adding some raw honey in it so we you said that this was with regard to the p c o s sean ask table this ice cream help fertility and men with low sperm mortality it will well put it this way I've never done a clinical trial of ice cream mine or anyone else's and this is a recipe there's lots of evidence that egg yolks on a high fat diet helps with testosterone production that's been pretty well written about like since the fifties um sperm motility issues are actually mitochondrial issue the person is asking that question needs to mind their mitochondria go bulletproof for sure and consider supplements that encourage the function of mitochondria throughout the body and the sperm locks will be some of the first parts of the body to notice the difference and to reflect it yes mountain have you tried making in the rebel machine? I don't know the rebel machine all it's awesome what is it a nice crack that sustain alone ice cream machine you know, freezing the bowl just went on top of the character. I made it twice a day came out really good. That sounds amazing. I would recommend anything that makes ice cream making easier. Um, the other thing you can do that's kind of kind of very actually quite bio hacker is you you get either dry ice or liquid nitrogen, and I've been to liquid nitrogen ice cream parties. I mean, what do you guys do on weekends and what you do? There's someone gets from locals, you know, laboratory supply, store liquid nitrogen, and you put a little bit of it into the ice cream maker, even into the blender and proof you can make ice cream very quickly. You can also, like, freeze your fingers and lose your eyes and things like that. So you should have gloves and safety goggles, but it's a neat party idea if you have someone who knows how to do it. So I've seen bulletproof liquid nitrogen parties thrown to make get some ice cream, but my point here is just that you're going to eat healthy food. And if you've gotten any message here, you know I can eat healthy food because you're on a diet to lose weight. You're going to eat healthy food because you like to perform well, and you'd like to feel good every single day, and my goal is to do that every day for the rest of my life to the best of my assent, and if that is your metric that's your goal, then you might as well find delicious, creamy, satisfying good ways so that when you eat, you don't feel deprived. I don't feel deprived, you know, the bacon that I have curing at home that's waiting for you when I get back does not leave me feeling deprived bulletproof coffee leave me feeling happy and satisfied every morning and things like that. So this is an example of one of the kind of infinite number of hai fat, sweet tasting desserts with chocolate and coconut and vanilla and all the good stuff in them so you don't have to, like, give this stuff up, you just need to know howto hack it so that it tastes good. There's not raw vegan cooking a raw vegan version of this would have had the raw chocolate powder even my raw chocolate powder, but it would have had seen a raw coconut oil, but it would have been missing those delicious egg yolks and all the cholesterol that your body needs, the raw cholesterol, all the nutrients that aaron, those very nutrient dense foods and would have been based on soaked cashews, and you would have eaten it and it would have tasted delicious, but you would have not had the biological impact that you're looking to get, so this is a sustainable for you way to enjoy super quality food that tastes like it should. The one thing that I haven't mastered yet is pizza that is fully on the green zone in the bulletproof diet, that is, I've come close, but that is really hard to do, so when you get that one, I'll share it with you. In the meantime, you know, get some ice cream that's that's the way to do it by some of our followers for a nobel prize for coming up with his ice cream. So do pizza as well. I don't, I don't know maybe the heisenberg device from yeah, I don't know what comes after that. Kale, I know you had a question there, uh, it freezes pretty quickly. Is that part of the properties of it? It takes about twenty minutes in the average ice cream maker it's. Really a question of how good your ice cream maker is it's also a question of how cold your ingredients are when you start, so if the water was cold that I put in here, or maybe I put in ice water with chunks of ice the more you can drop the temperature before you start freezing it, the faster it'll freeze. So as I got good at making ice cream this way, I started using a higher percentage of ice going enough water to mix the butter in and to get all the fats emulsified and everything else can be ice if you're in a hurry, you khun, just make sure you had a couple extra ice cubes that might be a little more watery, but you'll get ice cream faster and best of all, you could just eat it with a spoon. If it's not frozen, it still tastes good. Is there a way to hack the recipe to where you can still make the girls want to go to the bedroom but not be more fertile? Why don't we leave that for the finishing discussion? I think I have an answer for you there. It has so many great questions about the ice cream because nobody interested, but I also know we need to get to our next topic, which of course is related the result, perhaps, of the ice cream it is, but I want to talk for second about this question you actually brought up a really interesting point. We talk about epa genetics and the effects of the environment on you there is inside inside of us very sensitive chemical detectors and you were attracted people based on their pheromones, and that is we've shown correlated to genetic differences, so you'll be physically attracted to someone who's inappropriate mate for you from a biological perspective, you'll be attracted to lots of other things, too, but that's a part of attraction when women are on the birth control pill, it reverses that, so we've only recently discovered this, but when you're attracted to someone on the pill, if you go off the pill, have kids later, you may lose your physical attraction is the person because you've basically hacked the part of your body responsible for determining biological compatibility animate. So what I would argue is that you don't know if they want to reduce fertility and a woman, because every way that I know of to reduce fertility, it also reduces the health of the woman now in men, there are some techniques to reduce or eliminate fertility that are much less damaging than they are for women, and even those have some side effects. But the short answer is you should consider being careful there, but don't sat it don't sacrifice long term health for short term birth control, both girls really important stuff you want to get it right, but if it leads to more breast cancer later in life or the things like that, if you care about this topic in more detail my book, the better baby book, co authored with my wife about the programme we used for our own fertility, is we have a chapter on that and on birth control and inappropriate things. For that it's called the better baby book. You can get it on amazon. We have information that better baby book, dot com. But it's actually really good question. Probably not the direction you thought it would go. But you should think about that because you want to be attracted to each other for life. If you stay together, and I think that's really important to understand that there could be, like, very low level, hormonal, pheromone things happening that you don't know are happening.

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