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Heart Rate App Demo & Q&A

This is the bullet proof h r v sense application we have tuapse the food sense application is free and that's the one that looks at your food sensitivities that's also built into this app, which costs it was on sale for two or three dollars that maybe as high as five dollars. I'm not sure where the team has it today, but it costs five dollars or less for h r v sense, as in nazi nts but s e n s e I'm wearing a sixty dollar polar heart rate monitor that uses bluetooth it's a little strap that goes on makes look like iron man and it gets your heartbeat, your heart rate here and it's quantifying my heart rate variability right now and I will now look at here this is what you find on a hospital grade monitor. This isn't quite a hospital grade signal, but polish getting pretty darn close with their technology, low frequency and high frequency variability or things that a cardiology would track, they aren't that useful for you. What is particularly useful, though, is something that you're goi...

ng to see right now. One you can use it to help you relax you breathe in and breathe out as it tells you to when you're seeing it on the ipad, it moves pretty smoothly when you see it on the screen it's a bit jerky but the most important thing here is that you get a track of your stress throughout the day I'm relatively stress today one of my team the guy who is helping to prepare the content is recovering from a really bad g ive iris in the hospital and has been for the last week so for the past five days I've been doing a lot of the content that I thought was going to be ready and I've been going on average about three hours of sleep every night for the past three nights and teaching this for you all day which is why when you see my stress line this orange line up here it's pretty high and I would expect it to be high because it's normal and healthy when you're standing on stage in front of thousands of people doing your best to project what's happening that's actually a healthy kind of stress I love what I'm doing right now but it is a stressor on my body especially without enough sleep this showed that that's happening now my heart rate variability is reasonably good here. If I sat down in a room and did some breathing exercises I could consciously raise it by several points and if I did it for longer I could raise it even more but if I saw a really big dip right at the time when you know my cousin came in or something, then okay, why did I dip there? I had a meeting with my boss. What happened? Why didn't I write very really go down and what you find when you have this app running is that even when you're having a conversation with, say, a family member like sometimes things will happen and your heart rate number will start to drop and when that happens, it's because that emotional pattern matches thing just by pastor logic and started getting ready to fight even though it was your mom on the phone that's kind of cool, you have a thing that tells you when you're about just to react in a way you didn't want to react because you can see your number was at sixty and it's dropping to fifty and then forty five and there's a couple things you could do there you can take a deep breath, you could hang up the phone either one's okay, you should say bye first, but that's exactly the sort of signals that'd be very hard to pick up without something reminding you of what you're doing, and when you look at this blue stuff over here, that is just my plane heart rate, so yeah, my heart rate went up it down it's relatively elevated because I've had an extra couple bulletproof coffee and because I'm on stage under bright lights, doing what I do so it's normal for it to be where it is right there if I was resting it be around fifty nine or sixty the thing is, if you wear this all day, not every day that would be just ridiculous, but just for a week or two, you'll know what are the things you do that decrease your heart rate variability when that number goes down. It means that your nervous system is stressed whether or not you notice if you go out and you have three glasses of that red wine and your heart rate variability drops then and it's lower for the next day all day, which it often is that tells you something about maybe you want to switch to vodka not that I don't like red wine, I really do, but I can tell you you'll feel in perform better on vodka then you will on red wine it's just biochemical I'm so sorry red wine people I like red wine too it's not that I don't like it it's just that my heart rate variability doesn't lie of course you can save this it goes up to the cloud and you can look at your history of your sessions you can look at minimums and maximums you could look at even power frequencies if you want to get into the really geeky stuff and you khun tag each of these sessions I was in a meeting, I was sleeping, and you can get your heart rate variability all night long and see how well you recover at night. It's not bad for like five bucks, so I'm I'm not trying to sell you on a five dollars app. What I'm trying to sell you on is the idea that you can get data relatively painlessly and relatively easily. You could have the app running in the background on your iphone, your ipad all day long, and you can understand what your body is doing when you're not paying attention to what it's doing, and even when you are paying attention, you could know what it's doing that you don't know how to watch. Otherwise this is years and years of personal growth work in an older society, you'd be that strange guy with feathers in your hair, sitting on the outskirts of the village in a cave somewhere, trying to figure this stuff out if you didn't have the ability to have technology toe letyou apply what's normally very hard to develop skill to make it easy to develop skills so you can do whatever it is that you wanted to do the other ab, the free one, I'll show you a swell, which is called food scents. I haven't done it today because this is built into the other app that uses the hard strap, but this is the free one that I talked about yesterday and here you've literally say you want to measure your pulse and you can say a heart rate monitor or you, khun say manual entry here because it knows I have a heart rate monitor, so here you can use a heart rate monitor or you can type the number and if you get it from somewhere else but on the iphone, not the ipad, you can put your finger over the flash and over the camera and it'll automatically do everything. You just leave your finger there for a minute and it'll collect your pulse. In this case, I'm going to get it from a heart rate monitor and because I've used two different heart rate monitors with this, it may ask me to do this again, which isn't very much fun. We're not going to mess around with that. If that's the case, we'll just do a manual entry this matter of fact, I've never installed both apse on the same, yeah. Never mind, we're not doing that on the ipad it's the same it's, the same map, essentially that you just saw with hiv sense, but it's one on ly for for using on your finger with the flash it's just that this device, the flash, doesn't work like it does on an iphone, so I'm not going to try and and troubleshoot that demo while we're doing it. The main point there is heart rate does one thing and that's what we're getting from the food sense, heart rate variability does a different thing and that's what we're getting with heart rate variability, er h r v cents, they're both extremely useful, but for very different things. Uh, I was also using this for the last few weeks, and you also have the functionality for the hiv recovery when you contract it in the morning. Did you know when I explain them? Um, you can detect the there's three different things you can do with the main app. You can detect your stress all day long, which I find to be the most fascinating one, because you can see how you're responding to what's around you, but if you're looking at over training status, you can look at how quickly your heart rate recovers in the morning and there's, also a training module, and for for length in this class, we're not going to go into detail on those other two settings, but it's, a relatively rich feature set toe letyou get data, whether it's for training, whether it's for detecting overtraining or it's, just for detecting and controlling stress throughout the day. No, this is different from the device we saw the other day. The heart rate variability training device from heart math. This is the ninety nine dollars in er inner balance sensor. I'm not going to demo it again because you already saw it yesterday, it's the one that had the circle in it, it got big and small. I also carry these and I use this frequently because it's a very tiny sensor you don't need to wear a truss drop with it, and if you wantto teach yourself to put yourself into a pair of sympathetic, dominant state, this is the fastest way that I know of to do it. If you want to know if you're doing a good job all day long, this heart rate monitor plus h r v sense is the best way to do it. If you're sitting at home going, I have no idea that's too big of a decision, flip a coin, they both do really good things. Coming in about the app this one I think you may have touched on this apology is but a draft notice basically asking does the up record all the time or do you need to be actively using it? I think you said it does run in the back room records all the time runs in the background and it's got a pretty decent range it's a bluetooth range so if you leave this on your desk you're fine if you leave on your desk and go to the conference room in the other building they'll be a gap in your signal and snowcat is asking do you have a particular polar hrm you recommend for use with your arm? H avi and I think I think this is a h seven are someone on twitter from my team probably I'm forgetting the exact model number um another yes let's quickly what sort of question? Somewhere here I mean just to help you that the page six does the same as a page seven so it could be I've er yeah, I think I have the age seven that's the one that the developers recommend I've worked with sweet water on the development of this out so this bb eight seven thanks for their mentor also comments and I know you've answered this already, but people are asking is there gonna be an android version of this at some point available I have a phone call scheduled for monday with the developers about an android version uh it is a very small company, right? Like I get I do this stuff because like, oh, I want that I can't get anywhere else, so I want to do it for myself and then I put it out there and uh I actually have an android device it just isn't very fast, so yeah, I'm talking to developers it's just takes a lot for small companies to develop for both platforms and this will not work with html five for all you geeks out there, but I do have some other html five apse that will be cross platform and all of my future apt the plan is to make them cross platform, but please don't post on facebook android with a question mark one more time could cry so obviously this runs on bluetooth. As you mentioned derek w w wyatt has been asking talking about electronic interference with your body the other day as we were in the first day. How does bluetooth out to messing with your body's electric field? I think it does I would not want to wear a bluetooth heart rate monitor twenty four seven for the rest of my life I don't think it would be particularly healthy, so I used this toe learn but I don't use it to monitor all the time if there was a non invasive way to do it, that didn't even require an e m field on my body, I would love to do that. You probably will be able to do this coming up here. Some of the new video game box is like the new microsoft one, even from across the room, they can get your heart rate by looking at the change in the color of your face. Every time your heart beats you turn red, you didn't know that you actually do you just can't see that it turns red like that, so eventually we may have it to the point where the camera on your iphone will be able to tell you your heart rate variability or one of those android devices, too. Uh uh uh, it'll be able to do that, but it'll do it remotely by looking your face with the camera were not there but it's coming and it's coming probably faster than most people think. What I learned from working on my own harvey variability is that conscious control of it's? Not even that hard to do. I'm a certified heart math coach and an advisor to the heart math company and when you sit down with someone and you spend a half hour walking through they always get it most people when they plugged the device and they start breathing they realized there's some little thing I do and we don't have words for it but it's like you tell someone balance on a bike and so how do I do it? I don't have a balance you say well you do that thing where you like lean this way they lean that way there isn't a word for how to balance we just say you do it so the equivalent for your heart is there's a way to do it and there's a little switch inside your body and this illuminates the switch for you so you khun you can start playing with it you're less of a jerk when you've trained your harvey variability you get less road rage you're nicer to other people it actually works even though I've done a lot of neuro feedback and I'm a pretty calm guy I noticed that if I was doing hurry variability monitoring in traffic when someone cut me off every time the light would turn red which meant I was going into I want to kill that guy mode so it took about two weeks of driving where I could see the sensor without touching it which would be illegal or I could see the sensor just setting the phone on the dashboard before I could realize all right, someone cuts me off, he doesn't cut me off my heart rate variability doesn't change. I literally trained my nervous system to stop wanting to kill the other drivers because it was wasting my time. Your quarters all goes down when you do this and that's pretty well known, but I noticed that myself, and in fact, when I started doing this training, I had ah, lower quarters, all level. This was a blood measurement, but it was one hundred and seven, which is the lowest I have in seven years, and I spent more time subjective but still valuable data. I felt like things were easier. A question from cooper is decreased heart rate variability while adapting to become a fat burner by restricting carbon, take normal and if so, can you talk more about that effect and he's in london, increased heart rate variability or decreased decreased device decreased so someone's adapting to fat burning in a hurry? Variability dropped right, it's, because when you're adapting to fat burning, especially if you're losing extra weight, it it is a stress on the system. And this is why, when we talked about bulletproof intermittent fasting, I suggest maybe even taking an adrenal glandular. Or doing it when you're well enough arrested if you're super super stressed and you throw the stress of intermittent fasting on the body or the stress of, say, taking ice baths those were all stressors that stack on top of each other. So whether the stress came from throwing a kettle bell around or jumping rope or from a death in the family it's a big bucket of stress and you can pour stress and from however it's going to come from, which is why if you have a huge, emotionally stressful event or something else like that, you probably don't want to go out and do a super heavy workout you want to do a light workout, which is going to let you burn off excess adrenaline, but you don't want to do a really heavy one. Do you have any questions from our audience here? Yes, you find a heavy workout as a stress reliever, you know I also find that opiates argus trust well said the reason I say that is not that I use opiates but that this runner's high there are people who get literally addicted to exercise because they like the opiate effect when your body exercise is really intensely, it makes you feel good so you can rely on that opiate effect to deal with stress what they teach people who are like in combat situations like swat team members you want to read an amazing book on this it's called on combat and they talk about the physiological response of the body to really extreme stress and when you when you look at that this isn't swat people but when you look at what they do if you are doing swat team work after that you're not gonna be able to sleep until you do a workout because you have to release the stress from us they just they keep you awake you're too pumped up so you go for a forty five minute run or you lift a few weights and then that deranged the stress hormones and then you can sleep but if you didn't have something that's stressful to pump up your stress hormones you're just using the opiate effect to feel really good. I worked out an hour and half a day six days a week on away three hundred pounds because that effect I felt really good doing it but it wasn't necessarily biologically the thing I was going to make me live the longest or performed the best if so just put a closer on that if you're feeling a bunch of stress like that and exercise the way of coping with the stress you've got to find out where the stress is coming from and deal with that so then the exercise becomes something you do because you want to do it now because you have to do it ok, sorry. Got it? Um you talked about the middle a little bit where? Like, it keeps you alive. Basically. So, like, if we were boxing, you threw a punch my face I would close my eyes whatever react somehow and then most boxers khun train themselves to keep their eyes open but how do you keep them still being afraid of wanting to get hit? You know? Because I mean, yeah, you khun trained to keep their eyes open, but you don't want to train to stick their chit out. So how do you differentiate? Wow, that's a tough one. So we have survival responses and one of the best ones you're watching kid, learning how to swim our survival responses get the heck out of that water, you're going to drown like there's, no air in that water. Do you know that? Like, run? Okay, that's, what happens in every nervous system of every kid unless they were like, you know, raised swimming every day, which means they never develop that response, but, ah, that same thing is going on, they're so what you're talking about there is it's kind of like the new once question from the dog whisper, like, how do you train the dog to put the popcorn on its nose and weight versus to sit in the corner like they're just different levels of skill training. And I don't think I have a short answer that, in fact, even the long answer that it would probably be a guess as to what the techniques you go through to train the nervous system that way, because you don't want to stick your chin out. But you also don't want to flinch. Have you trained the flinch and training? The flinch is the number one thing that we're talking about in all of this, because you're flinching thousands of times a day, and you don't even know it. So detecting the flinch is the first step to training it.

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