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Stress Tech & Sweeteners/Sugar Demo

They're a couple more stress technologies that we're going to talk about things you can do that are profound and amazing. First one is something that I carry on great itself it's from zona and something that came out of the military the air force had a problem when they invented jets, pilots would pass out because at the top of a curve the blood pressure would change dramatically they'd start diving too much g forces blood leaves the brain airplane crashes it's expensive so they learned if you squeeze the control stick really hard you could control your blood pressure so they develop the whole methodology for doing this in the sixties and they still trained pilots to tense up and they were pressure suits and they do all these things well there's a company that makes this cool device that has a little embedded computer and a sensor and what it does is it literally has little computer screen and it tells you squeeze really hard in fact it says rest and then squeeze as hard as you possibl...

y can tells you to stop some of measures your hand force to the same thing the other hand seems like a pretty simple thing squeeze hard right? But what it's going to do based on the data I'm giving it from my hand force is it's going to tell me now squeeze not too hard not too light if you follow the algorithm on this which takes about four minutes total I'm not going to do the whole demo here it trains your vagal tone in your body it trains you to consciously control the pressure in your blood vessels which can dramatically help you maintain healthy blood pressure now this is a five hundred dollars device with the built on color screen and a monitor and stuff like that but it can have really profound health enhancing effects for people who need control of their blood pressure but of course you shouldn't use these sorts of technology if you have high blood pressure because I would be a medical use so I use it to maintain healthy blood pressure just so we're really clear on that it's called the zona it's on upgrade itself and it's pretty amazing it takes about six weeks for your body to learn too reset the way the nervous system is talking to the lining of your of your vessels it's it's pretty cool stuff this one of things no one's ever heard of this and it's really interesting if you go to zonas uk site they have a lot of research up on their side over there another piece of technology that I referenced is temperature feedback it's about twenty bucks off amazon has called stress thermometer has little cord little temperature sensor and you literally say turn it on put it on body stress mode and it'll actually tell you the temperature of your fingers and you could sit and stare at it and you can make your fingers warm again. If you have cold hands, this could be useful if you have sweaty palms, this could be useful, but it actually causes a relax station response in your body. You're not gonna probably take the one or so minutes it would take to get into the state to change that right here on stage, who knows? I might even get performance anxiety, bad automated meet protection system but what this can do for you if you're interested an entry level basic easy to do by a feedback it's kind of a neat party trick it's just not nearly as powerful of some of the other technologies we had, but you consciously control the temperature of your skin, and you probably didn't know that we're not going to do the adrenal demo here because it's too simple, all you do is go in front of a mirror, shine a bright light through the side of your eye and watch how the center of your eye contracts iris contracts if you don't have much adrenal stress, you should be able to hold it contracted for probably thirty seconds, but if it starts going want want, want, want, want which it will if you didn't get enough sleep or your overtrained that's a sign that you have entered the beginning stages of adrenal fatigue and you might want to try salt and water in the morning adrenal, glandular sze more rest and you might actually not want to try intermittent fasting when you're in a state of exhaustion like that is extremely common for people to not be able to keep their iris contracted it's an early sign of adrenal dysfunction, sweeteners and sugars from the bulletproof diet. If this is interesting and useful for you, check out bulletproof diet book dot com, please sign in there and you'll get the first chapter of the book for free as soon as it's released before the books really still get the tractor much earlier in the book, and I'd really much really very much appreciate that, because that will help me work with publishers to help them understand the demand for the book, so this is helping you please help me back. You'll get the full, integral thick for the bulletproof diet when you sign up and register and pay for the course here that's part of the bonus that you get, you'll be the first people ever to see this infographic sweeteners and sugars are a real challenge if you're eating paleo or you're eating, although a bulletproof it's nice to taste sweet, so the traditional natural sources of sugar are things like fruit and honey, there high and fruit does we've talked about what fruit does does to your left in into your triglycerides and to the aging of your tissues, so free clothes isn't a preferred source of sweetness at all, even though the american dietetic association will say, oh, fructose is low in the clay scenic index, it must be a good sugar that's why just eating on the glycemic index or the index of what sugar does to raise your blood sugar is not necessarily the right thing to do. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol we discovered zyla tall during world war two in denmark. They had no sugar, they wanted something to put on their pancakes, so they tapped a birch wood tree. I don't know if they had pancakes either during world war two, to be honest, but whatever it was they want to sugar, so they discovered they could eat this, and when they did, they had a huge reduction in cavities, and after the war, people went out and did the research and discovered that there was a kind of sugar alcohol there that when bacteria eat it, it prevents bacteria from sticking to things so's ayatollahs used today in toothpaste in minutes, that's used as a sweetener and, interestingly, fuse eilat tall in a neti pot or in clear brand nasal spray, spelled with an x that's something I used to prevent a sinus infection on a long flight because it keeps bacteria from adhering to the lining of your sinuses even you can you cook with silent all the trick was out all is start slowly because your body makes six grams of volatile day in your internal processes it's a naturally occurring substance in the body but you're not used to taking fifty or a hundred grams so if you say I was not tells great, I'll take two cups of it you will have disaster pants so what you do is a disaster trolls is what you'll have to do is start out with a tablespoon or so and see how it affects you it may have uncomfortable effects for a day or two it doesn't for most people but if it does you can see your tolerance. I would say ninety five percent of people that I've talked to tolerate silent all it has a slightly cool not quite minty but a cool flavor it is relatively easy to cook with, but it will not caramelize so if you want like a nice something blended in with butter like to make a butter frosting or you're trying to caramelize something, you're not going to get that but you want a sweet taste you can get a really nice sweet taste with some bulk and it's got forty percent less collars than sugar not that I count calories twenty percent people think stevia taste bitter and not very nice I'm one of those it's genetic it's also not epigenetic so that's not a gene that I can turn off by change my environment at least not that I know how to do so if you like stevia it's fine to use it the new true via stuff appears to be stevia and some other things I'm not so sure about the whole process behind that just haven't done the research there are other sugar alcohols that are useful here sorbitol and small doses is probably fine high doses of sorbitol have been linked with stomach cancer and I don't recommend sorbitol other sugar out calls like a retreat all work fine what we're doing with the sugar alcohol is we're giving you the sweet taste but the metabolism of a sugar alcohol is very different than fructose or one of these other sugars then we get down here to dextrose this is a double edged sword to be perfectly honest if you have healthy bacteria in your gut dextrose is probably going to be fine if you have a problem like in tests or like a bacterial overgrowth in your small intestine a problem called cibo you may find that dextrose is used in fermentation when they're brewing things like beer and wine so dextrous may cause uncomfortable effects or it may be just fine the reason that dextrose which is glucose that comes from corn is useful is that it can raise your blood sugar without raising the problems that come from straight straight group toasts a normal sugar molecule which is so gross is basically half glucose and half fructose if you're going for dextrose, you're essentially getting on ly the glucose side and you're cutting out the harmful for dose from the diet so it's not nearly as good for you as these other things which don't have the effect of raising your blood sugar levels but it's an acceptable sugar if it agrees with you these air very personalized some people love this taste some people don't some people love this and don't like it but you can try anything over here right honey we're gonna use a sweetener that has fructose in it it's the preferred one it taste delicious you mix that stuff like one of my favorite recipes is to mix that with upgraded chocolate powder and mtt oil and you get like a really creamy sauce. It's it's pretty amazing what you can get that way because it's a little bit sticky from the honey so if you want to drizzle a chocolate thing on top of a desert, wow it's uh it's something to appreciate but ronnie is a sweetener you're going to go out of fat burning mode especially if you don't have oil at the same time you eat it sorbitol we talked about maple syrup and coconut sugar both have a reasonable likelihood of containing mold from what happens during processing, especially coconut sugar. Coconut sugar is great on the index if it's high quality coconut sugar with a good production process, I find it's usually not a good production process. Brown sugar has more nutrients and is probably better for you actually, then cooked honey. The difference between cooked honey and raw honey it's pretty apparent here that is what typical run raw honey looks like it may be filtered even though it's raw and cooked honey is very runny and transparent. Another thing that's going on with cooked honey is that cheap chinese honey is coming in, and some of that stuff has been shown to be heavily doctored there's, a new process they do with a ultra pasteurized ultra filter. Honey to the point there's no pollen left in it, and you can't tell genetically where the honey came from. So there are rules about importing chinese honey because of pesticide levels and all, and the honey industry now is going through steps for bulk honey to remove all traces of genetic origin of the honey to make sure that they can take the honey from one country routed through another country, relabel its source and then sell it to a western country who will pay more for the really low quality honey can you believe cos we're doing this stuff is so un cool this is why I'm so obsessive about the processing for my own stuff I want to know every step owner who touched it I want to know why they did each step because it's not okay to do that and your honey actually should have naturally occurring poland and that's probably part of what honey does coconut sugar looks brown if you never tried it it's actually really good tastes great but track how you feel afterwards stevia could be a liquid or a powder this is a powder and powdered stevia usually has something to make the powder and oftentimes it's corn sugar from gmo corn likewise dextrose here get dextrose from organic corn and see how you tolerate it dextrose is a corn products on people don't do well when we get down here you get the really poor quality sweeteners these things don't do good things for you high fructose corn syrup you can buy this at whole foods by the way kind of cool they sell corn syrup in whole foods by the way I eat whole foods guacamole for lunch like I'm not opposed to whole foods I'm happy there's a whole foods but come on guys, you can do better white sugar we've all seen that fruit juice concentrate sexually is just fruit juice fruit juice concentrate is more syrupy than this, but it's harder to buy fruit juice concentrate so what they do there is they basically get some fruit juice let's see if you're going to juice one hundred thousand pieces of fruit do you look at each one to make sure that it was appropriate for eating or did you dump the truck into the back of the juicing machine? Yes, they're acceptable limits for insect parts in your fruit juice and your fruit juice concentrate as well as a number of fruiting bodies of mold and a bunch of other things I'm not saying for juice concentrate is always bad it's not I'm just saying your chances of getting something that is not a heavily process product are much better if you squeeze the fruit yourself or if it's fresh juice vs something that was boiled down and concentrated and reconstituted this's the whole process versus natural thing and finally let's talk about artificial sweeteners when I first started learning about nutrition I lost my first fifty pounds I had fifty more to go and I started looking at sweeteners and I found some pretty amazing stuff let's see if I have I don't have this one here because it's harder to buy is called a soul soul fame potassium or ace k they call it stuff tastes just like sugar I went crazy I would make these like stupid cheesecakes that were like so full of fat and some protein they're sweet and delicious what they don't really tell you is that basil sulphur and potassium is linked with benign nodule is growing on your thyroid yeah, I grew those two so I quit eating it uh that was not a comfortable thing to discover so actually it is a a social fame potassium it just looks like the white powder so it is not a sweetener I recommend it's one that's commonly used in sports beverages now sorbitol I mentioned sugar alcohol and finally we have nutrasweet a spar tame this is really bad news it's worse for you than msg eighty percent of the adverse food effects that are reported to the fda come from this stuff. It was declared unfit for human consumption by the fda scientists so the company that manufactures this the ceo of the company came over to the f d a to run things veto. The scientists said it was safe for human consumption left a year later to go back to his post running the company that makes this because we have no corruption in this country. This stuff is really not fit for human consumption because it does convert to formaldehyde in the body and it converts toe wood, alcohol and it's an exit torrey neural toxin it literally makes cells in the brain synapses in the brain fire and keep firing and firing and firing so it attacks the eyes, the liver, the brain it's just really not something that you ought to put in your body and if you have kids it'll make a misbehaved so don't give it to your kids think we covered all of them except maple syrup uh a couple of things first of all has because a spot time it's excited terry would you say it's kind of addictive because I have a lot of friends who love coke zero minutes and it's in there and I used to have an addiction to coax here it's highly addictive right yeah you get a little little buzz from it it's designed to do that man caffeine plus nutrasweet you're going to be like you took this out up down, up, down, up, down that's a great business model okay? It works for bad coffee to coffee made you feel good coffee talk has made you feel bad coffee machine so you have to give doing it but when you are using a sweetener it should not cause cravings for more of it or other's wieners that's a sign that the food you ate was not good for you and if there's one thing that any of those diet sodas will cause its cravings for more diet sodas that's just what they do the second one is a diva right bos where would you put that on here d rivals is is a faint sweetener it's a five chain sugar but it doesn't I have enough of a sweet kick for most people these of economically it's pretty expensive it's more like a nutritional supplement with the sweet flavor you can sprinkle it on something to get a sweet flavor but some people I think it tastes like vanilla I kind of like it some people think it has a strange sugary taste but a pound of the rivals is like a thirty bucks something like that maybe half pounds thirty dollars it's quite expensive so that stuff I would say use it cautiously and I'm working on ways to make it like mohr affordable but right now I think it's out of reach for most people as a sweetening agent so green but expensive yeah you touched on a gaga or super loose and knows where those are two big ones I think everyone has a misconception about thank you I did not touch on those that was a no oversight so uh gabi is cactus based high fruit oh hi fruit does cactus syrup what did I just invent those words that so I think I did but wow hcfcs even rhymes it turns out that the species of agave a has a whole bunch of different variants and some produce toxins and aren't really that fit for human consumption and some are pretty sweet but overall there's huge amounts of fruit does as much as you'll find in ah high concentration high fructose corn syrup inagaki there is no reason to prefer a ga ve over anything else except that at least the gavi isn't gmo that's a pretty small reason to eat oh god they eat raw honey not aggravate you'll be better off from a sucralose perspective super close has been shown to really change the composition of the bacteria in your gut the way they make sucralose is they expose sugar too high amounts of chlorine for long periods of time until the sugar is damaged. The super low industry claims that sucralose does not absorb into the body but other studies show that roughly I wanna say forty percent of it doesn't come out of the body we just don't know where it goes I don't want to find out in my body not enough research on it and the research I've seen is not promising I don't need to close on a regular basis occasionally it might sneak into something if I had to eat an artificial sweetener it would be either a social fame potassium or sucralose on an extremely rare basis because there wasn't much other choice thank you what do you think about molasses? Is that more like honey molasses is more like brown sugar um it also tends to be one of the higher in mycotoxin sweeteners s oh yeah I should put molasses on her actually bulletproof team if you guys are listening will you help me out that okay, next up, did you have any audience questions, or are we good? We don't actually we'd like to hear from you. If you got any thoughts on on sugar's, anything that davis touchdown so father self, then we'd love to hear your comments, join us in the chat rooms on dh. Well, we'll have to get those on there. And did I mention bulletproof diet book? Dot com would be the place to go to get the full list of all these things, and I would appreciate it. Gotta people couple people asking about monk fruit, and I'm not sure I haven't experimented with month. It appears to be sweet, like my initial review of literature seemed like monk. Fruit was okay, but I haven't dug in tow like the bio hacker perspective, so I don't feel well enough educated to give you like a thumbs up green or red, but probably a green or yellow. I would, but

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