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Upgraded Brain Trainer Demo

I have the upgraded focus brain trainer here. A lot of people ask questions about that. This is a device that it's handmade for each person who wants one there's a couple hundred of them out there now, it's one that picked the only one on earth that reads blood flow in the front of the brain and plays it back to you and under a third of a second, which is the amount of time it takes to communicate with your biology rather than with your conscious brain. So we couldn't actually hook someone up to that and see the blood flow in their brain up here kind of cool. I saw a hand go up and see if you've been appear you've been on the vibe, so who hasn't been up yet? All right, now you look like you've got kind of a thick head is just gonna problem that's a lot of my crossfit friends, you know, just kidding, let's see if this is going to reach over here, so I've gotta warn you, they went for bright blue and I was telling the need, like rainbow colors, but why this is a blue had been I have no i...

dea, but you're going to look like richard simmons or maybe slim goodbody if you remember him, I don't that's, probably for the best slim but slim goodbody it was, uh, tv character from kidsshows who are least hard with all of his organs on the outside of it. So be very happy to remember that so what's going on is inside this device. There is a very bright red led and a little camera. And all it's doing is it's looking at what's bounced off of your brain. I'm not just a me in a lot of people actually may not know what c f s is or emmy is, I think it's called a swell. Could you just give us a brief explanation for that for our audience? Sure, um, I think it's been around about twenty five years now. Um it's not very specific as to exactly what it is, but it's called chronic fatigue syndrome, mostly in the u s and my algae encephalomyelitis in the uk just because of the different research that kind of poured out. Um, so, you know, basically people were retired. They get fibromyalgia, which of their muscles ache, they get post exertion alone, malays, which means, like, you know, if you try to do some exercise or anything like that, you'll have a crash afterwards and you don't have any energy, maybe have to lie in bed ah, headaches all sorts of neuro symptoms appreciate that. Thanks, damien. I think we're ready to go to her. And by the way, I also had chronic fatigue syndrome. I was diagnosed without the aussies called yuppie flu and there's a variety of things that time with it. But by addressing my own mitochondrial nutritional lifestyle issues, uh, it's kind of striking some of similar is with what terry talks about but it's amazing what you can do when you fix those things when you feel yourself properly and it's why, when I go to dinner with friends honestly I don't give a crap if they want me to drink red wine, it makes me weak. It is kryptonite for may I don't care if they think it's rude I didn't eat their mother in law's pasta. It was rude but I'm sorry having failing mitochondria and neurodegenerative diseases is worse. So be militant about what you put into your body because it's your body so health before manners that said wei have blood leaving his brain right up my spot to catch it there fly forward, you can do it what's going on here and you that would make it go backwards what's going on is a very simple game it feels very natural, normal to fly forward, it feels not so nice to move backwards. Neurological e we can't see what's behind us so our brain doesn't like moving backwards it wants to see because it's afraid you'll fall if it cliff and a tiger lei you so when you move blood to the front of your brain in this little video game you fly forwards which feels good to your nervous system when you move blood to the back of your brain away from your prefrontal cortex where your focus and attention happen, then you move backwards your brain doesn't like it so much so what we're doing here is we're literally teaching him to consciously put brain and put blood in the front of his brain when blood goes there, oxygen goes there when you have more oxygen you could have better mitochondrial function in the front of your brain and you get the ability to remove waste products as well. So all you do is you sit here for five minutes a day or more if you really have the brain stamina I find after five minutes I'm exhausted nero feedback is a relatively relaxing thing to do this is a relatively stressful thing to do this is lifting weights with your brain it is not about breathing deep like the heart rate variability things you khun d'oh those air relaxing and they turned down your sympathetic response you are full of effort right here getting tired yet yeah, so five minutes of training on this actually quantitatively improves your ability to pay attention even later that day and the next day in the next week in weeks after so you are permanently giving yourself knew skills and I say permanent not knowing if in twenty years if you never use your attention if it's going to be there but if you lead a normal life with normal simulation this new skill sticks I have found his transformative I could pay attention all day long even when I'm tired just effortlessly the only time I'm going to lose attentions if I'm so tired or if I've eaten wrong and my brain starts just literally like turning off, which doesn't happen very often, but if I'm under you know bright fluorescent lights I haven't slept very much and I ate msg I can tell you I'm gonna go down those are my encrypt tonight's you probably have your own and you know what? I bet chemistry is one of them even if you don't know it. So this kind of technology it's a thousand dollars and almost all of that substantially goes to the guy who invented and saunders the little thing for you um and there's about a six week period to get one of these but the cool thing is how many kids can you teach to pay attention with something like this in a day an entire classroom's worth in fact, you could teach an entire classroom in one a month a large classroom every kid could do it a couple times a day and then it goes to the next classroom so on a per person basis given that you need five minutes maybe call it ten with hook up in order to do this, you can actually do quite a lot and how you feeling right now feel like I'm trying to move something with my mind and it's just not working try to before, but it also didn't work when you are trying to move forward do you find sometimes you can do it? Absolutely and it's really frustrating? That was a key word frustrating every time you want the brain to change and you're giving it positive things like that, you will feel frustrated just remember that frustration instead of going I'm frustrated I'm frustrated yes, soon after genesis must be coming soon so you're right now untangling the wiring that is in your body about moving blood flow a cz a matter of fact I have floating around probably not on stage right now, but I have a little five dollar device from amazon it's a digital temperature sensor this is relatively hard to do because it's the brain but you can put the sensor on the end of your finger and look at the screen and anyone here can learn to raise the temperature there finger by a couple degrees consciously it takes about five minutes it's one of the most primitive forms of biofeedback it's also relaxing for the body there's a very advanced form and aside from the headband we have a little signal processor here that's crunching the data from the sensors down enough to get into the pc fast enough to give you the real time feedback so this is pretty fancy and the overall scheme of things but it's not one hundred thousand dollar university great device with a supercomputer backing up it runs on a pc a cheap pc and it's within the cost of a relatively nice mountain bike. So for me it's important? I mean, I'm getting lots of really interesting comments here from the internet thank you all very much for joining in hey moe is asking that what is difference between this and a really good video game? Is it just the feedback? It's the feedback it's the closed loop the bio hacking loop where we're teaching your brain to do something. So if you're playing a video game do you do with your hands? So I have ah awesome driving game on my ipad and I can teach myself with that thing to for instance, I do this when airplanes are landing at least until they tell me to turn it off or if I'm in a car I'll play it because I'm trying to train myself to have my hands independent of the g forces. I'm trying to become more sensitive to gravity on myself, so I'm training my nervous system that way, but I'm using my hands is the interface your hands are doing nothing right now, right? You're doing it all with your brain. Okay, that's all the difference if this essentially is a video game, but the video game is fly forward, fly backwards because that's all the signal we can get from the brain it's entirely possible. If you wired up two of these one on either side of the head, you could teach yourself to play ping pong and move the back and forth between the size of your brain. Sounds cool. I'm up for trying it. There's probably limits on how quickly you can move blood, but the fact that we're doing it at all is a miracle of modern signal processing and the idea that we can get this back to his brain. If we try to do this ten years ago, it would have been a three or a five second delay, and the brain doesn't think in three to five seconds, your nervous system and if it's under a third of a second that's the realm of speed that's. Response time that's why, if you ever try to like catch of fish and water by scooping out the fish always knows how to move before you because you move with your conscious mind and the fish moved on automated pilot so we're teaching your brain to basically make its automated pilot work better, so I have clients who've done this three times and then they go to work like my god, I'm paying attention all day long, like it's noticeable, right? And then what did they do with the thing? It even goes industrial? Or they give it to the guy in the office next of them where they do their wife or their husband and they do their kids and they do their neighbors and it's just a few training sessions. Me? I don't know how many training sessions I've done quite a few I haven't my executive assistant schedule on my calendar to do either this or some other intervention, and I at least a third of what I'm actually doing when it's on the counter. So this is the sort of thing I build into my day instead of, you know, taking a smoke break, I'd take a pack, your brain break it's the same thing, right? How it's changed from the time that he started to what it is doing now on top the green line body and getting a little tired. That's a session games only point three percent. You know, when the host of the saturday good morning america, dan harris, was at my house filming, I put him on this. They cut that from the segment of the films, like, for two days for a nine minute segment, but, uh, he got his split up twenty percent in the front of his brain. Do you think it's possible to get a higher score? If you're not being watched by thousands people online? Totally not. I mean, I almost wonder, there's something wrong with your brain? I'm totally give me hard to get in and go backwards. It's performance, anxiety and it's totally fine. Do you want to do it somewhere? Are you feeling done? I'm feeling a little done. I want to, like, get a high score now, now that I'm negative three point five I feel like I may have gotten dumber. I was just gonna ask steve uh, you know, someone who's been on this thing? How would it look if you were on there compared to force right now? You'd be going forward the whole time. And now with the graph look, way all work on it, it's going to get a baseline. All right, so my baseline is gonna be higher than his and the bass line is going to be up and then from there I'm going to try and do this like a golf handicap, right? So you get on it says make it better than it wass but for me it's pretty much better than it was before this is in terms of you were willing to invest x amount of time and x amount of money to get you know why amount of benefit this is one of those things where it's more than a little bit of money to be perfectly honest but it's not a five thousand dollars feedback device or a fifteen thousand dollar forty years of zen you know thing so it's it's on overall scale at the lower end and the benefits can be applied to many people without spin any more money, which is really nice uh and they're noticeable within a week or two for everyone I know who's used it consistently, so it definitely meets the criteria for being a riel technology that I recommend without reservation of people. I don't know anyone who I'd say you shouldn't do that how was this control the sea just thinking go forward or is it you said you have all sorts of controls in your body that you don't know about? So there was a time when someone's had right a bike right? And you said, I don't know how to do it. You fall off the bike and eventually somehow the balance control kicks in and once it kicks in, you know it, right? So what's going on here is his brain is learning how to kind of ride a bike, and in this case, the bike is how do you move blood with funny brain so he's doing something that in english is called move blood to the front of your brain? It's correlated with the ability to pay attention, but when you pay attention, you doing mohr than move blood to the front of the brain. So it's it's kind of like if you were learning to ride a bike and someone wanted to tell you here's how you put the brakes on, right? So maybe he's learned just how to put the brakes on or how to take the brakes off and he's exercising that part of it, which is going to make him better at the overall act of paying attention or riding a bike. So I have a question from chewbacca again, find mine. You clearly are very sensitive and aware of your brain performance. It's in the moment itself, is we're talking about with dr terry walls for those of us who are not as in tune with our brains as you are other than journaling, are there ways for us to measure brain fog and performance in the moment of the kid? Asked this yesterday as well brain dash trainer, dot com uh friend of mine runs that site it's free and you can go there and do a battery of cognitive profile test. In fact, you saw my modafinil numbers where I looked at my performance like that. That was a five minute test when we did the study of bulletproof coffee and executive in function uh, executive function like brain function on executive like ceo executive um, we did fifty four people with two weeks of upgraded coffee, beans and two weeks of another company's coffee beans and had them do two batteries of cognitive performance per day, and the data showed really clearly that there was a big boost incognito performance from the upgraded coffee versus the other coffee on seven of nine measures of cognitive function. Surprisingly, butter was neutral and even slightly down on two of them, just testing better without the presence of the m c t oil. We didn't test that in that study that was actually institutional review board approved even, but we use that website software because it's the same software that using universities but it's free so they go three minutes a day, five hundred eight, fifteen minutes a day, you pick no cost and actually, matt from boulder, this last you have to be off sadly, our final question for today, but he has had a suggestion. He was thinking that maybe for his colleagues, instead of this be a great thing to do on site as a team, so maybe that should be your next booking day. But in the meantime, he's saying, have you heard of he's? Put it in capitals, muc muse from indiegogo. Is this a similar device? And he'd really like to know if it's comparable or used for the same purpose? Muse is actually more like this. Music is a low uh, I have one on order, I believe is ah lo let's have a little quality that's the wrong word, a low signal integrity feedback device for the brain. It's getting electricity, not blood. This is a t g and the muses e g. This is one hundred fifty dollars open source e g that does something similar to this, but with much slower processing. So this sort of thing is roughly like the muse, but the muses and a much cooler headband, so it interacts with like a video game. This is the sort of thing you'd have to glue these with pace to your head and look even mohr robot like than tina did

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