Business Headshots and Portraits


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Shoot: for Business Portraits

So, what we're gonna do, we'll get rid of that. You can stand about where you were, here, and I'm gonna have you turn a quarter turn in this way. I'm gonna move this out of the frame ever so slightly, so that's still on. There we go. We're gonna go back and use this as our main light. Because he stood up, we wanna maintain that 35 degree angle. So, we're actually gonna raise our light up. Let me know if I'm gonna hit... Pretty clear. Pretty clear. Yep, yeah good. Clear enough, alright. So we're gonna call that good. So, we have the light tilted down, again it's still feathered in front of him so we're gonna get that good wrap around light. And then, we're gonna move our fill back in. Turn that on. Alright, because we moved everything around I'm gonna re-meter briefly. And again, just going for f8. I'm not so worried about the ratio and all-- Gonna have to take the thing off. Alright, here we go. Where we at? 8.2. 8.2, we'll call that good.

Whether you are looking to add to your photography business, make extra income during the off-season, or modify your existing portrait style, this class will teach you basic lighting and posing techniques to create modern business portraits. Commercial and Editorial photographer Dan Brouillette will share his lighting setups that he uses both in studio as well as on location. He will explain how he poses different subjects and give tips for earning extra income after the shoot.



  • Great class! Lot's of usable information. Loved Dan but wholly cow he talks fast. lol I had to rewind him a couple of times. Thanks Dan - You rock!
  • Excellent class, to the point, comprehensive, I truly enjoyed it. I am now interested in more classes from this instructor.
  • This class isn't really about headshots, but more for business editorial portraits or for advertisements. And besides that, the example picture (the nice lit male headshot) is a total other quality than what Dan shows in his 3 light setup. The nice lighting of that portrait, that's what we want te learn and what he's not showing in the class.