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Live Sales Session

We have kendra and her mom joe they are here right now and we're going to bring them in just a cz they would into our studio and then we're going to take you through step by step the actual sales process I feel like this is new territory for us here not many retirees are willing to give you a bird's eye view into this and so I want to I want to practice a few things here one we've never worked with kendra and joe before so this is their first time seeing the images their response is I think you're going to be real life responses everything we're doing is very similar except for the receding arrangement we are set up this way so that you at home can get a bird's eye view into what we're doing so normally we'd be looking face into the tv but you don't look at the back of our heads on ly request I have is that you hold your questions until the end of the sales process will write them down I know you're gonna have a ton of sales questions but my ultimate goal here is to run this sales proc...

ess just like we would in real life so I don't want to disrupt it I don't want to disrupt that rhythm that momentum that excitement we wanted to be realistic so you ready ready all right let's do this kendra joe welcome all right picture's awesome teo all right well take a seat here make yourself comfy can I get you guys water so anything what water all right can we get a water can we get a water you can say taylor wei got people who handle it all right so what we're gonna do is I'm gonna start off with a slide show that just kind of gives you a feel of what we got that day just some of your top pictures you're gonna probably see about seventy ish and then we'll walk through all of them which you have about two hundred total so you've got a lot yeah so once we go through the slide show we'll go through all too all two hundred and try and whittle that down a little bit and I'll walk you through exactly how to whittle it down okay so just relax for now and then we'll get down to work so what did you get to see this picture do you love this picture I'm loving that one already I'm going wow I can't take my eyes off e looks a little bit different than when we were out there doesn't little bit alright enjoy wei have sound here it goes to kiss for dreams way world is got me to rommel friends get face is a good way wait wait like shot with you go I'm feeling in a national way wait go shopping sprees passport senala dreams we can't wait wait wait yeah yeah you get choked up your crime right now and uh baby good good all right my daughter but so awesome so tower is gonna take you through the process is not making me cry I got a reputation uphold that's right yeah yeah so that's not even all of them so now I'm gonna take you through each one and we're going to try and get rid of the ones that you don't like and there's gonna be a lot better similar don't worry you'll do fine uh so I'm gonna go through each one by itself just like this and you're just gonna tell me yes no yes no and we'll go through it that quick so the key to this is to go with your gut don't overthink it there's gonna be a lot that are really similar like you just saw but your face will just be a tiny bit different in each one so if you like the way you look in that picture just keep it for now because we can eliminate duplicates later and kendra you're going to like some that you don't like and vice versa if anyone likes it we'll keep it for now and then some things will look good and eight by ten and different pictures look good in wallet so don't worry if it's too close or too far because it might look better in a different size than another and you will like more than you don't like so I've already taken this through a process of removing images so don't feel like you're trying don't worry about what you're doing with the images at this point all we want to do is get rid of what you know you don't like your facial expression so it's not gonna be uncommon for youto like more than you don't like uh but the ones you don't like we won't look at any more so we'll never see him again so that's the key here right have fun all right so you just tell me yes or no okay yeah yes yes yes uh mom always liked the big smile yes that was before you were looking for your boyfriend once once you start looking for him then it became good looking away the way to the other one said yes well don't try and compare right now so make yourself crazy yeah if you like it just keep it if not we'll get rid of it yes yes yes yes yes yes yes one of you likes it gets big uh like the wind your eyes in this siri's they were really really popping you like that at it wait no no no yeah he's thinking now losing here yeah if you like that it yeah yes yes waiter yes yes love yeah we're with the ring flash these came out really good my baby looks like e yes. I like that yes yes I think yes I like e yes hee hee too yes because you know my favorites think it's something that would look gorgeous on about a sixteen by twenty four which is almost that size I just that to me it's timeless like that's never going out of style yeah your expression your eyes everything was perfect no I didn't like that one okay yes yes I love those eyes huh no I like that one yes yes love e e excuse us ok I think no I did a fake laugh yes knowing that you know that looks like a fixed yeah no uh uh I like that one that one's almost the same and you know yeah I liked the first one yes yes beautiful yes no and for these what we can do is uh we have a fifteen thirty size where it makes it really tall and skinny so we can crop it right on the door it might look really neat so don't let the side stuff destructive if you like the way you look like that space needle yes yeah exactly safe I'm gonna tell you because I was part of editing these there's a square one uh that really drives it home okay yeah all right okay so not to take you off your game. I don't you know there's another one coming still saying no to this one some batteries yeah that's a square one yeah I really like that one yes get closer up better but with the square yes e came out great yes that's a no for me like oh that's bad yeah going better know yeah e that look all too often uh hear that we're encouraging yes no, I think I love it yeah yeah that's definitely my favorite chair shots tell because I spent a little extra time yeah, I love that chair have you seen the big ones like you know what I think it was but I like to go back to that just so you know like it is you're looking at germans you see stuff like this with hair coming out don't let that get you away from it that would be something we would fix in post for you but obviously there's too much time invested into getting that out if we don't know if you're even gonna like the picture it's not that you don't like it once you order it then we could fix that for you okay yes no yes, yes, yes, yes, yes what we're saying yes lot it's good you're just never the ones you don't like your e I like that one no yes so, uh I like first better okay, yeah, yes like that one yeah, like hell you are in the wind yeah that's what I like about that one is remember how hard we're working to get you your hand like so and keep going you're doing it and I felt like that was the first one we got looked legit on the hand so good I don't want to force you but I like that I like yes yes no no yes oh I get it looks like a vintage called us over black and white it's just a special ed it so we just sound justus custom at its toe one thirty really likes on uh so it's not just one thing it might be like less color more contrast it's a bunch of different stuff I think a lot of the ways we like to end it images is rather into a straight black and white or go pure color find some kind of in between so we pull out some color de saturated and then on this particular image we added some texture to it to really you know if you know the rule of thumb is I always tell people like close your eyes open your eyes when you open your eyes were do you go now and die in theory wanted dr driving right to your face on I feel like your expression here was just perfect and looked comfortable uh you mean that allie look good thank you one the same but yes yes yes no no e s yes I know now let me let me help you here just so you know what? You're selected where you're standing on that board we did that because on the roof you couldn't have heels so anything you if you order this and anything we would edit that wood plank out from underneath it almost looks like a light from under oh, yes, oh, that one's had a lot of work done to it they brought in like this dramatic sunset picture so it's really just kind of a unique piece of artwork and on the screen here it's it's actually, just because the screen's not calibrated, it looks much darker than it would be from printed it so you would have this very warm sunset style image and you should say yes, I didn't see it like that right now. It's too traumatic, my personal sure, sure we'll keep it, but ultimately if you don't like it was there with a sunset ethan that yeah. Okay. Okay, yeah, look, another medieval. Yeah, and again, it's much darker in here than it actually is not so just keep that in mind. I'd like to see that one because I like the intrigue like, uh no, I'm gonna seem like the others, not so much in the way that's better way process right hands up here unless you wanted there and I'm not like a mention sorry but that's enough about me there yes, I don't like that one that's I like that that's really going that's better I like fell the one letter I feel like I'm I look like I'm falling back a little bit on this one okay my artist okay that's what I like yes now what you're seeing there is the original and then me dirtying it up a little this is the one he puts into facebook great that's great yeah okay I like it that way yes, lithe wow that's that's amazing I love the sophistication with just incredible oh wow like no no yes, yes, great cool pretty yeah so I give you one that's somewhat of a vanilla version and the one I put a lot of tax wrong just in case you didn't you didn't prefer one over the other. All right, all right, so that's it let's see how we did way so we started with two hundred get this you should tell you it's a little tricky I'm not used to having my mouth this way. Five. All right, so we went from one forty six starting at two o four so it's good just got rid of the ones you don't like that's normal amount it's progress twenty progress that'll make it easier for you to pick out whatever pictures you like for whatever all right so let me walk you through the pricing impacting you guys saw in that way I could make sense of it for you and if you have any questions just stopped me and you'll be going over the different yeah so here's what you guys have so there's all our different packages and products and I know a lot of that doesn't make sense because you haven't seen it so I'm going to try and explain it and show it to you as best as I can and then I'm going to start just on the top left and walk you all the way down so if you have questions just stop me okay? So in the black label it includes an eight by eight twenty page metallic album and normally I would have this here to show you so it's an album about this big it's like a coffee table book and the pages have a pro finish to it so there's a little shimmer and it holds about thirty pictures and that way you can kind of pick out your absolute favorites and put him in there and it's custom designed so you get to pick all the pictures and then we'll throw a design together and you get to review that design before it goes to print so if you want to make any changes to what you can so the design on the pages yeah so it's not the slide in type of album and it's actually printed on the paper just like a coffee table book okay more like a magazine yeah somebody I'm looking for yeah is the album album okay? Perfect. Well the album's good too because you've got so many great images you narrowed it down to one hundred eighty six one hundred forty six pictures on your wall or or like a shrine so having a breakdown space s o the album serves a great place where we'll put one or two big prints on the wall something similar like this you know, maybe the tower picture maybe the chair even would be great square print and then the album serves is a great place to kind of put the rest of your favorites right. Okay, all right below the album is a sixteen by twenty four campus which is about the size here it's a little bit bigger but campus comes ready to hate so you don't have to frame it it's got a nice texture on it just like a campus who would paint on if we print a picture on that and it looks like a piece of artwork and so it's wrapped on an inch and a half thick frame so it sets off the wall about that much and it comes with the hook's ready on the back and that's the one where I was saying that gorgeous black and white had shot up here on the left hey, is it that one would be one of my suggestions for that size. And then it would go well, because part of your color design is black and lights, bedroom, bathroom. So you have, like, a black and white lay out in your old upstairs in your bedroom and bathroom, but popping bright pink and popping right? Very cool. Yeah. So that's something that you could put on the wall and it would pop off the real cops'll thing here is if this weren't a canvas is the way we serve up our campuses is they have a black border. So then it creates that separation from the wall when it's sitting on the wall below the campuses that fifteen by thirty panel that's that, uh, seattle. Oh, so the picture that was put on a face that's our recommendation. We, we believe and we knew when we took it, you know? You remember, mom, I knew this was gonna be a big print. So that would be this or any of those variants in there that we edited. So I like the bass and white air. Best scorn. I love that's. Why? I want you just to see something that crop this's been cropped to fifteen. Thirty ccs, much skinnier than I pictured. It'll print that way and any bigger prints like that we mount on phone board so it's not just a flimsy sheet of paper kids a lot more durable it's almost like a like a tiring cardboard that it's mounted tio and that way a lot of our clients they don't even frame it they can just set it on an easel on a bookshelf and lean in yeah or if you do frame that you could do it like you have here because it's mounted you don't need matting or glass around it it can just be by itself in a frame and that way there's no glare over the picture when you don't have glass gives it a really clean look because you're looking so you're not seeing through the glass did you see that print there? Okay, that sounds good weii you like that? He wasn't aware of that too that way yeah, yeah two over to where I'm thinking this would go. The house itself has a lot of warm wood and warm colors and a lot of windows from sealing the floor windows and so a lot of light so we need thio work with that we're just going off what you're saying? You know, I edited this and just went with his street black and white just to kind of match the motif if you will, of your home do you like the concept of textures like I was putting all that grittiness do you like that do do and something maybe a little bit warmer go landon with warmer tone yeah so if you get this in a larger print I am definitely open to re editing it you put some texture on it so now that I know this is the pose if you don't like I'll definitely spend a little bit more time uh giving you an edit like similar did you like the first edit where was like on facebook or do you like one that's next to this uh that one down in the bottom left of the left corner because if you like the edit on this one we can put it on that picture if it's one of the bigger ones just because balance too to be like this perfect piece of artwork for you you're gonna have this forever so I wanna make sure it's the way you want I do want to stay black and white though you do look like I'm fucking okay would you like the tax on like on the right hand side was talking about the um maybe pull back a little bit from the dirtiness is my using right now um um maybe pull back a little bit? I mean I can't keep it clean black I want to I want you guys to love it it's whatever you want I have to look at I'm a little intrigued before we make a decision on that remember the one that was dramatic yes very warm you mentioned the song sunset I like to see you make your way said was on the screen was a little too dark right so how about this and keep in mind whatever you ought to do the album is going to be where a lot of these actually feel like you gotta put everything king e I wouldn't mind if I come over and help you set it off just keep in mind you got that book is a fallback texture on one and then just simple black and white yeah smaller or vice versa got it good another thing just to give even more options is you have an option for metallic paper s o under those additional discounts you see you can upgrade the pano tou metallic paper metallic paper was just a different finish so the pictures you're seeing upon these walls those air a mat regular finish where's the metallica's actual metal properties in the paper and what it does it makes the color just pop so if you pick a picture where there's vibrant color uh it looks amazing but you have to like the finish so it's all personal preference so later on I can show you guys some samples of that I'm gonna treat okay if you go below the pano that package comes with twelve gifts sizes and a gift sizes just anything eight by ten or smaller so it could be a four by six five by seven or an eight by ten it's your choice and you can mix up those sizes and they could be twelve different pictures as well so you don't ever have to repeat pictures if you don't want teo oh so grandma can get one absolutely yeah didn't have twelve totally different images yeah and your family can have all different ones and they should yeah I have a question you ever offered the product where there's maybe three pictures on one eight by ten or or we don't do collages just because we don't think there is timeless is having the picture by itself but if you like that look what we usually suggest is you go teo you know like a framing store and have them add it in a way that creates it like you could take all those five by sevens or gifts sizes and then you can kind of create your own collage just piece of recommendation the collage itself I don't particularly care for what I really like the storyboards so what that allows you to do is take maybe your top four five images and then go across in a very nice strip you know what I'm talking right so that might be an option a cz well I can visualize that. I like that idea. You also get fifteen sheets of wallets in that package, and the wallets are eight to a sheet, and each sheet could be a different picture again. So you can have another fifteen different images for that. And those air. What? You're just gonna let us out to your friends at school, huh? Okay, become like candy and a graduation announcements. Well, number on the back on ly agents right now. From what I hear about your dad, that would no, no, no. You also get a signature book in that package. And that's, just a, uh eight by eight black leather album that holds wallets for you. So it holds one wallet her page, but it has black kraft paper matted around it, and it comes with a silver pen. So your friends can right next to the wallet picture on this black paper. And, uh, what a lot of kids do is fill, collect their friends wallace, and put their friends while it's in the book and have them write a note next to their picture. I got you. Yeah, because you have all these wallets. But, you know, what do you do with a mad heart carrying them so it's a nice house with mom's breaking, but it could be that guy if you're in that package, all of your images would get posted online for thirty days so that's all two hundred that we started with you get a private lincoln password and you can share that with grandma anyone you want to, they can log in and look through all of your pictures that way they couldn't pick out their favorites too, if they want oh, wow, okay for facebook that's any pictures you order for prince? The same images would get posted facebook so you can tag him and have him on your profile so they're posted tio you get most of the our facebook yeah, and then you would just tag it or share the album. Teo, get it posted to your facebook. Okay, right? The facebook timeline templates what we did for this since facebook, you probably what have they created that new timeline? We created a custom one, so you're really stands out so it's got graphics with that includes your pictures so it's this really cool, graphic things, so we'll make take your pictures and make these unique graphics that you can use for your profile photo you're like buttons and your cover photo to wow yeah, school has one healthy you have timeline, you also get a dvd slide show with that package and that's that slide show that we started off with that music and those pictures so we burn that for you and you can burn copies for family and pass them out. You can put it on your facebook on your iphone you could do a lot of different stuff with it. So is that the one hundred forty six? Just the ones that we know that one when we opened up and you saw that slide two hundred? No, they know the way with animals. Seventy five way. Give it to you in a format that you could put it on your phone. You can share grandma complicated on your computer. Put it on facebook so you'll be able to go. You have a knife? Yes, two weeks. I've had teo coming up in the world right now, but we'll give you a copy that you can put on your phone so you can show all your friends and family. Okay, there's all that stuff takes on so far. Yes. Okay. And then one other thing something we just introduced brand new and I have you have a copy here? Um if you instead of a canvas, this is an acrylic print, so I want to I want you to see this. This is really cool, super thick, very, very modern and so this would be in lieu of a canvas are you digging that I like it yes. So that comes ready to hang its got the wiring on the back. You don't frame it. It's a nice, clean, modern piece that you put up just like that. Yeah. Comes readyto hang and so it's very comparable to a campus where campus can be a little bit more traditional. This is much more of a modern piece. It's. A total preference thing. So whichever one you like, it would be the same price. But that is a tough decision. I do like this. My mind also depend on the picture that you picked. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, my preference is, um, more not more modern in the steel and concrete, but more traditional. And again, our floor leveled. Our home is almost all windows, every room. Okay, so I am thinking glare when I'm thinking think it would be a much better, right? Yeah. Upstairs. Perhaps you just know you've got options. Okay, so everything makes sense in that black label so far. Okay. And then once you're in a package has got those additional discounts below that. So if you add stuff on you typically get a discount on it. One big one with that black label packages. If you add on gifts ices you get him for ten dollars instead of fifty. And that applies to your whole family so if grandma wants to pick her own eight by ten she could get him for ten dollars instead of fifty as well. Okay, all right. Okay. And then if you go to the platinum package that comes with a sixteen by twenty four print and that's where it's mounted to that uh hiring cardboard materials that's not just flimsy paper it's something like this you have ten gifts eyes is there and ten shoots of while it's still thes signature book where they sign next to the wallet picture all your images are in line for two weeks and any prints she orders still posted to facebook and then you still have that dvd slide show that animal the slide show once you go down to the silver it focuses on smaller prints so there's no big prints and no facebook or online gallery you've got four eight by tens eight four by sixes or five by sevens your choice eight shoots of wallets and then the signature book again all still makes us yes okay so from here you guys just focus on what you like or don't like product wise that'll help direct you towards a certain package and if you have questions obviously let me know but then once I know what package you're going with I can help you pick out pictures for your specific sizes, right? No I really want that metallic album yeah, I like that out in that when you add that to the platinum you're at the black marble label write you can always add onto a package began to figure out where you get the best discount if you are going to add on uh like you said an album to the platinum the black label it might be like a hundred dollars more but it gives you the canvas and the piano and only so many things to so just figure out where you get the best discount this is a one time yeah, like nearly senior once yes, and hopefully only graduate once um to dial back from that just doesn't seem like someone I think we'd like to work with a black label. Okay, great that's not thinking so that's getting there there's there's just so awesome. And how do I pick? So this gives us more opportunities? Yes, yes. And so I'll help you and also just to different pictures for different sizes. So why don't we start with the wallets? I'm actually gonna pause. Ok? I think probably at home people are freaking out right now. Mom. Just so you know, I don't want you to buy anything today, so just so everybody knows the home she came into this not knowing what to expect, she had never seen our pricing before on dh she just sold herself our black label package so I love you for that way not you know really prepped on any of this stuff so I fully expect you to buy nothing infact my gift to you is anything you decide you want mom I will get you one free print at my cost can discern acrylic just for participating on then if you want an album or something like that I will charge you my cost for ok that's my gift to you to wow you walk so you guys did great and I appreciate everything and and I appreciate you helping our audience understand the the whole process so mom don't cry get teo so I want it I want to get you guys whatever you want so that being said one thing we're gonna do I want to take some questions here but before we do or after we take questions I want to go now and talk about your overall experience what you thought what you felt in you know where it goes from here so ladies got reaction e just thinking back to that conversation of you know oh well here's your sixty which one do you want to take out you don't need to go there just reinforces thing you've been saying for two days it's not about overwhelming them it's about overwhelming them in the right way because that's exactly what she said it particularly with the structure I don't care which fifteen you get I'm not charging thirteen dollars oppose because those two are different if you want that in the wallet you want that wall of whatever move on at the end of it she's getting highest package she's crying her eyeballs out she making everybody on set wannacry making her daughter want to cry there people in the audience who are crying right now thinking about their daughter graduating in the last s and they had you know that kid that you know they did when they were between now they're granted whatever but I just think it reinforced everything you've been saying for the last two days um you know if you're gonna put it in place you gotta put in place the right way and it seems like you know, obviously it all ends up in the right place and that's in sales at the end of the day and that's why we're here well in the thing for me what I love about you know when when I started talking to creative live about doing this concept this was paramount for me I wanted to be able to showcase what a true sale session would look like I got news for you guys this is his close to riel as you could possibly get beyond me taking her credit card swiping it this is exactly how he would run our sales process so the only difference would be is we would have all our product here to show so taylor did a great job of painting his best a visual she could not having our entire product line so don't make the mistake of home and thinking oh I'm just gonna tell them what the product is if you want to shell it you've got to show it normally during this presentation I have every product including our packages sitting right next to me so as I'm telling him this is an eight by eight album I'm grabbing that ate by a man handing it to them so they can see touch feel it and fall in love with it so make sure you have samples for everything you offer otherwise it's going to be really difficult to sell but again I want to underscore something that's very important here they have not been prepped on what this was going to be like at all they had no idea what to expect mom was thinking she might have to actually spend money here today you know and that was what we were looking for I don't know how this would go I mean they could've sat down here that shows you I'm willing to put it on the line they could've sat down here and hated every single picture but ultimately as senior as a photographer and I'm getting choked up as I talk about this as a photographer it's understanding uh the importance of the moment of what we're bringing to the table this is a transitional moment in their life on it tends to be very emotional for our clients stop crying on a tuesday and tow have pictures like this of him would be priceless and I pay twice that well I'm locating fallon I'm afraid but listen we're running a seventy five percent off recession wait do this alright go for it but um I accidentally fell into doing it this way with because we'd let us head roadblock and they could not decide so I was like all right let's pick out what you want well the way I have some things I should have my prices before and so that immediately as they start going through the thinking all right well I gotta pick thirty images and so by the time they get halfway through the light well I can't keep picking images because I already have too many and they would start cutting out pictures they love because they're thinking what I already hit my limit so by going through this way and saying hey the summon you have it makes him think that someday I want to buy and when they open the packages up they immediately know where they stand because they don't many images they love instead of already boxed himself out of packages I don't know how you guys feel at home or anyplace else for that matter but I didn't do any selling. Yeah, that seem like selling. I don't. There was nothing sales going on. And that's the beautiful part. They sold themselves on what they wanted again. I'm the guy with the flashlight, showing them the path that's all I'm doing, I'm letting my artwork sell itself. I could see where I wanted to put something. Are you that specialize in what? I wanted to use it for your homework, right? Yeah. I love that. You were being vocal about that because I was queuing in on that like a she's telling me about her home notice. I don't know if anybody caught this when she said she didn't like a picture. Did you see any change in my body language? There's? No change in my body language. Not mean that's. My favorite picture. Hey, you know what my favorite picture is? The one they buy. It could have been a picture of a garbage can and they thought it was the best looking garbage. Can they've ever seen money? Let's, put this on a cannon. So? So at the end of the day, it's, do not let your ego get in the way it's up to let them like what they like. Not like what they like. I did not miss a beat. There were some images that you pulled out. Quite frankly, I was personally in love with, but I'm like, hey, this is your show, these air, your images and they now it down from two hundred to about one forty five one forty nine somewhere in that range, it's a great number two be out because they love all those images. You want to say what you just said it wasn't selling. You were guiding them through and listening to where they wanted to put their images and what they thought, and then you know what their houses like and everything that and I struggle with selling like taylor says she didn't like it in the beginning. I get terrified, and this is easy because you're just letting the guy choose the ones they want and then guide him into especially the structure you have packages that makes it easy. It's not like what you're going to eight poses on dh anything like that. So whatever you want, there's, nothing lucky about what we're offering. It makes sense to people and that's what it has to do for you if you go to a sales event and it doesn't make sense to you, you're like you get pissed off like, well, that makes no sense why would I do that? And so you just have to run your business that way. What would you want as a client? I really liked thie a number of of poses we could get the wallets fifteen sheets you have opposed on each one that flexibility that's a huge selling point on as a client it's appreciate so much when the cellar isn't like pressure you into like this is the most expensive one, but you have all this, so you really need to buy that one because in your pressured in like, it is a great package but it's so much easier to choose weighing you have freedom to be like. Well, maybe I want this with this added in and I can choose what I want because this is my pictures in the end, I'm gonna have him at my house it's appreciated good wanted you guys to make your own decisions and come to your own conclusions, so no, I'm I'm so happy you said something that was interesting because you and I have never had a conversation about our pricing and packaging you were looking at the ala carte list and you were going, well the platinum, but if I add the album, then I'm more expensive than the black label that was perfect because ultimately that's why our pricing you set up that way is to drive you let the pricing be the motivator so mom's looking at she's not looking to spend money she's coming in here going how can I save money out of what my husband kill me while obama than she knows what she wants though is this constant battle? What do I want first? What? You know what? Can I get a way out of here? Spending and she talked herself into that black label package so is interesting when you two first walked in before you just getting ready to come on set and you walked over and I was watching you and you looked over your daughter and you both just smiled and put your hands on each other because you saw that picture on the right up on the screen and you weren't even prepared ready to go on set and that's your initial reaction I wish I could have filmed it, teo teo to show it later, but it was it was a beautiful thing and for all the naysayers and say they just you know joe, right? If if so, I would have just posted these on online gallery and sent you a link wouldn't have had the same impact as being here no, this was much more impactful and the in the in person face to face and to have one of her best photos, they're ready and grieving us that pulled me in. Yeah, that's the first thing I notice is that you just don't get that. You know, you talked about it for three days. You have to it's the experience and to shoot it, burn it, and cinema later say, here's your images online in a gallery and in complete service, they're not at home crying. They're not at home. It's a complete service. And so, anyway, that's a nay stare. You know, anybody that's in a sarah out there having by this program watches segment alone and it's going to change you for sure? E I think watching this segment really even for me on I do this every day at home because we are an active studio. Uh, this just reinforces the value that our photography has for our clients, that it's more than just a picture, and it drives me nuts when we reduce our industry to a digital file. Because this this is a real people and these air riel emotions that air here tied to it because what is she seeing? Why she getting choked up? Because she's, seeing this image of her baby girl all grown up getting ready to go off to college that's what's getting her to cry, right and she's crying, and they're tears of joy. They're not tears of sadness on dh that's. The important part to understand. We don't want to miss on this on this moment.

Class Description

Join Sal Cincotta for his "take no prisoner" approach to the business of high school senior photography. In this photography business course, Sal digs into marketing plans, business plans, pricing, and packaging. Sal also shows how to create an ambassador program so that your kids are talking about you and advocating your business in their schools.

This business course also includes a series of live in-studio and on-location photo fashion shoots, showing you how to capture the most of-the-moment trends, poses, and backgrounds. Sal also covers why high school senior photography is at the core of every successful photography business. Seniors become brides and brides become long-term family clients.