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Picking Outfits with the Senior

So I want to show you kind of what I was thinking for outfits and if you want to change anything, just let me know so I love this dress and I was thinking with the, uh, sparkly shoes and and then if sal was liking it it might even look cool if we did point shoes with it just to create something really different and whimsical I actually tried it on with those shoes too. Which one? Purple dress? Yes nice and then I love the white jeans with this top and the white court heels but that works well with it. Okay? And then I loved this top together with I haven't finished picking all these outfits yet so you're seeing me real time I say we go with either the black I was thinking the red right? Yeah, because I was thinking maybe put the black leather jacket with it and this would just be a nice pop of color deal. Okay, red shoes we'll do black leather jacket with this and then black shorts with this top and the patent leather pumps. Okay, good wear with this that I have ah bando is and yeah le...

ast mando and I have like a candy that I could put under it too, so we'll try see which one looks better since you're so sure yeah, and with this I just want to make sure that the top doesn't come over the short so if it does then we'll do the black paint I don't think it should okay perfect and then if we had time we might do just a crazy workout dance outfits so we've got a totally contrast ing thing so you're so you're a dancer yes night what what tricks can you do um I could do peer wide sleeps um splits I'm gonna I think would be cool because we're gonna we're gonna go on the roof later on and I think it would be cool if we did one of your dance moves you know, maybe a parallel or something where we've got the space needle in the background and you doing like well scorpions when you bring your leg over yeah can you do a scorpion I can pull my leg up like this like I can't hold it like you like so so I say what do you care what I think that would be beautiful like maybe you're just looking off to the side of your weapon we got the spacing anyone background you digging that so I would want to do that though in that purple dress but you're gonna be in heels could we do we have another pair of shoes no there's the loans I have but I couldn't do it in those shoes in the heels on these heels I'm impressed I haven't tried that maybe today's the day so you like all those yeah is there anything you want to change? Uh no okay, they all look good to me great also then I will have you start in this outfit we're going to start with this background so you can go ahead and get changed into that grab whatever cam e you need under it will get started. Okay. All right, sister. Thank you. Write so from that perspective that's about how the conversation normally goes but I'm hoping you guys see that even though we've picked these outfits out I'm already bouncing ideas off the senior on just some vision ideas I had because I didn't know she was a dancer so now I see the shoes and I'm seeing this beautiful, you know, that purple dress all of a sudden my mind is spinning with ideas that I can create one of a kind aren't pieces yeah, we're gonna take those standard headshots three quarter shots but if I really want to give them something that they're gonna have forever and look at and go I've never seen anything like that before that dress her doing her pirouette move is all about her that's her that's got her name all over it it's not something I'm forcing owners so questions I'm sure we have many, uh question from philly mike how do you handle weather delays with the full shooting schedule schedule he's from philly yeah so yeah so we prepped them with weather so in the email that gives him all the way details on what to expect that day includes guidelines for weather so uh says if it's an excess of ninety five degrees or if it's calling for more than fifty percent chance of rain the night before we will more than likely reschedule but the shoot will not be officially off until you've heard from us personally and so we prep people ahead of time because honestly in those conditions if it's going to be harder than ninety five degrees it's miserable and they're sweating and they're changing clothes outside so we used to push through it and just shoot during those conditions but it was so not only dangerous for sow to be in those conditions for like twelve hours straight it wasn't as fun of an experience for the seniors she has really long hair so and a lot of girls do a lot of the seniors I'm shooting are you changing their hair up with each outfit and what do you doing with that? We typically don't change their here unless they bring it accessories like headbands or bows or if they say well, I write with this out but I really wanted to wear my hair like half up like great you know how to do it? Yeah okay so when we go to that outfit just put it up real quick as long as it's not going to take more than five or ten minutes, they can do whatever they want an expansion of the weather question because you've talked about being booked up in june, and I think everybody watching this is hoping that that happens to them, yes, but that also if it rains for three days straight when you're booking, do you specifically block out days in june, august, whatever, like, you know, every tuesdays is we're going to block off so that we can move yes or if it rains and it's so close to the deadline, you'll bring them into the studio no matter what, do the headshot do the yearbook? You know, if you can submit it, if you can submit the yearbook, I do the yearbook shot and then in october deal with the rest of shoot. No, we try not to do it that way. So the way we were on our schedule, it will be monday tuesday wednesday are shoot days we can run three to four sessions any given day. So that's monday, tuesday, wednesday you're looking at twelve shoots a week that we have capacity to handle thursday, friday, our production days so we're going in we're prepping images where printing order in canvas, whatever we have to do if it rains on monday or there's a heat issue or for whatever reason thursday becomes the fallback day so monday becomes a production day thursday becomes another shoot day so we'll rotate now you know so that gives us flexibility to handle those types of places that make sense yeah so we definitely don't try as much I could shoot five days a week but we try not to do that just so that we can get production and handle these delays a question if the senior has glasses and doesn't want to take them off what do you d'oh photograph yeah it's a no brainer you gotta do what they want you now I'll try and coax him all day long to take him off I'm not gonna lie to him a different look but if they're telling you they don't like the way they looked with their glasses off why photograph it? Because then you're not gonna be able to sell it on that goes for anything by the way if they have an outfit they don't like obviously you've got to ask the question why'd you bring it on that does happen to us why'd you bring me on is usually mom so mom forced them to bring it mom's like I like this and I'll stay the month alright mom, how about we do this and I'll have the senior right there susie you're gonna wear this do me a favor let's make mom happy on then mom the other office let's do it suzy want warms to do so that becomes a happy medium because ultimately mom's got the money you got to keep mom happy one more question I'm gonna talk through our lights out okay, cool um sure bear from london, ontario asked what items do you make sure that you have on the location all the time like umbrellas or mears? What are the most important things you bring uh to have on location I think you have to think about not only yourself while you're shooting because you want to be comfortable you also have to think about the senior so we actually have a cooler with us in our car with water snacks anything you could possibly want we also have towels I'm you know a notorious sweater I'm working hard, I'm laying on the ground, I'm running all over the place very high energy I'm I mean, I'm dripping during a photo shoot in the summer so I've got a towel with mia faced power so that I can, you know, towel off those air kind of creature comforts. The other thing we have is faras like gear goes, I've got almost everything I could possibly want in my in my bag a reflector, a stroll you know, off camera flash, I've got three you know, canon five eighties I've got my range of lenses everything from a fifty millimeter one two you know, seventy, two hundred twenty four, seventy, sixteen, thirty five extra batteries I do not want anything to happen while I'm on a photo shoot where I'm like I left that at home, so I'd rather have all that stuff in my car have too much equipment not enough so here's what I'm thinking because we've got fifteen minutes to break what I'm thinking is I'm going to run through I'm going take one or two more questions and then I'm going to run through our lighting setup and then when we come back from the break will start actually shooting shooting so that sounds great yeah let's do that let's get two more questions, okay? And a question from stellar gal we've had a couple of people asked this do you ever dio senior friends shooting at the same time? Like b f, f s best friends pff session where they're having more fun and also we'd seen do you ever do group sessions? Well, from time to time, it's not something we sell, but from time to time we will have if they're b f f is there on the shoot, I'll have her jumping, you know, do a cool shot of the two of them together, but I don't like doing joint sessions we tried this once uh and it failed miserably we mostly tried it with twins so the parent was trying to save on the session fee and uh one of pictures of the kids together so we tried to combine the session with twins and never works out no, it doesn't work out because I don't get to give the kid the attention they need and they never get really comfortable because by the time they're ready or you know they're getting comfortable now I got okay, I'm done with you I'm going to your sister on going back and that would hold true if you were dealing with you know uh friends or group forget it if it's a group I mean you're gonna have a very difficult time so if it's a group I had scheduled a whole lot their session if it's paying my friends here jump on in I'll take a few snapshots of you but I'm not going to spend a whole lot of time there because that's not where the sale is gonna happen. Okay um I guess there's so many still about like where you bring hats, jackets, glasses from the scene yeah, you gotta bring your own hats, glasses, jackets I guess I'm wondering how many how many times do you change lenses like you said that use the seventy two, two hundred a lot but I noticed on your website you have a lot of wide angle shots yes, I would say my eighty or ninety percent lenses a seventy, two hundred to eight that's, my favorite lands, you will rarely see me come off that I mean, even here we're set up in a studio environment and I'm going to be using my seventy two hundred. That is my go to length. I just like the way it looks. I like the way it crushes the background. Uh, but I know to sell that panoramic shot that fifteen by thirty. I've got to go to my sixteen thirty five, so I will drop that in, but it's it's only going to be one time per outfit per location. I won't shoot a whole lot with that given session, so I know I already in my mind. No, we go to the rooftop, we start shooting up there and out in the street later today, my sixteen thirty five will come out to get that big shot, but eighty percent of the time or mauritz my seventy, two hundred that's, my go to.

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Join Sal Cincotta for his "take no prisoner" approach to the business of high school senior photography. In this photography business course, Sal digs into marketing plans, business plans, pricing, and packaging. Sal also shows how to create an ambassador program so that your kids are talking about you and advocating your business in their schools.

This business course also includes a series of live in-studio and on-location photo fashion shoots, showing you how to capture the most of-the-moment trends, poses, and backgrounds. Sal also covers why high school senior photography is at the core of every successful photography business. Seniors become brides and brides become long-term family clients.