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So all you guys expect you to start writing this down out there expect you to start writing this stuff down we need to talk about your business plan okay what does your business plan look like who what when where why so this is very important and I'm going to intentionally go a little slow here because I don't want to fly through this and then we create all sorts of crazy questions so the first thing I want you to do is think about who you are so we have a plan okay who are you and what do I mean by who are you are you a portrait photographer or your wedding photographer or you would senior photographer corporate photographer what kind of photographer are you? We've gotta understand what you want to go after what niche you want to be part of it so I'm gonna build this plan kind of like I would for my own business so let's assume okay uh let's step back here a second who are you? What space do you want to play in? Okay so I want to be a high end senior and wedding photo okay so I want t...

o be high end senior wedding photographer where do you want to dominate your local market? Do you want to go internationally? Do you want to go across the u s and so for us we thought about doing st louis chicago new york city so for all of for all those people out there and even you guys hear when you hear business plan, you start cringing like I'm an artist this is the last thing I want to do this is simplicity that's all it is is put this on a single piece of paper, okay? I have a white board at home that has goals and objectives on it every single year, and the reason this is so important is because everything we do needs to map to those goals and objectives to the definition of our business. What is your issue? What is your mission? And we'll cover this in a second and vision. What is your mission statement? How many of you out there can honestly say you have a mission statement or even know what a mission statement is? How many of you can say you have a vision statement or even know what your vision is? How do you bring on new employees that share your vision that share your mission statement if you don't have this out there, your corporate culture's a mess because your there's no guarantee that the people you bring on are going to share this vision and you might think lama sole proprietor, I'm not bringing on other people or you bring on second shooters were bringing on people on your back or you bringing on people who are gonna help editor images okay, these are people that have to share that that vision for you or else there's a chance of having a disconnect and so you are a high end senior wedding photography I'm gonna put you guys on the spot who are you? I'm a senior comma portrait photographer yes, but not anymore but not anymore. We've changed you just in the last thirty seconds. Yes, so you're senior portrait for senior comma portrait photographer yes, okay, we'll talk more. Um I was senior fashion photographer senior fashion photographer not senior comma fashion photographer you want to be a senior fashion photographer? I love it good. Okay, you guys, I want you to go and then you two go. Um senior and wedding fashion photographer ok, good, good hand over here I'm a creative senior and family porch of a dog for creative sr and family portrait are so you're not a creative family portrait photographer just created for both created for both. Okay, just make sure created family. Okay, this is interesting to start thinking about this stuff, isn't it? Because this might it's simple as this stuff is you might not have spent the time to think about this and I'm gonna share a little tip with you everything we're doing here by the way, me and my wife have been doing this little exercise here for the last five years last five years is what we do and I don't know if any of you have been till like w p p I or any of those kinds of trade shows we go there okay? And we will go through this exercise every single day on some of it stays the same for years but then as we get into goals and objectives, those change because you go to these conferences and you see these speakers who are very passionate, very successful it's going to impact and influence your business and if you just write this down once and never come back and look at it again your business is going is doomed to fail we have to continue to innovate, innovate or die that is what has to happen and you know you might be thinking while a man child you're a little heavy handed on the innovate or die thing right? Ask as some of the film companies as those film companies who insisted that film was never going to die they're not in business anymore they're struggling okay so we have to continually innovate so let's keep going here where for me I wanted to do st louis chicago new york city so I knew I wanted to go past my geographical location and you don't have to you might want to stay wherever you are that's totally fine okay but we have to document this writing it down forces you to make it real, this is real now. Okay? Um, right where? Where we going to do it. Why are we doing it? You know, maybe this just sounds like a silly question to be asking about why, but I know why I want to do high school seniors and why I want to do weddings. I can actually articulate that. And so why don't I want to do seniors? Because I love working with seniors. They're so fresh, so energetic, and they inspire me as an artist. That's why I love working senior see taylor, my wife, she doesn't enjoy working with high school seniors that's, not her passion. And so if your passion is not tow work in any given niche, then I would suggest you get out of there, right? Because if you're doing something you love, you're never really working, right? And so what goes, uh, what about weddings for me with weddings? The reason I love working on weddings okay, is because I get to document one of the most special moments in a client's life ever. I get to create memories for them on the happiest day of their life. That's why I like weddings. I can't tell you how many photographers I meet with them, work with who go I despise weddings I don't want anything to do with them they're crazy bridezilla is their nuts for me I don't get that sense I love being there I love giving up that day okay on that specific day and think about it if your wedding photographer you have signed up to sacrifice pretty much every saturday right during your life so you have to be okay with that so you have to I want you to ask yourself why would a racist because my penmanship is horrible all right when write who what when where why I mean that's kind of a little fictitious to a certain extent so when now right we need to be going after this now but when could be there could be things you want to do for example we decided to go after boudoir we knew we wanted to be boudoir photographers but it wasn't right now we put ourselves on a twelve month plan to go after boudoir so maybe you're sitting out there and you're going hey I want to be a senior photographer okay when are you going after it now that's great are you going after in twelve months we need a time frame here you have to hold yourself accountable for when you're going to deliver on these metrics you can't just sit here and again huge peppy for me guys I mean with clients or photographers as clients cause I do consulting and I'm helping you and back sal I saw you last year last year we had all these great information about seniors I love did you do anything with it? No, not yet not yet what you waiting for write what? You're gonna do it so thank you thank you and so the who what when where? Why we have to know what we're doing, why we're doing it when we're doing it everybody with me here because now we're going to move forward into goals and objectives yes, I just wanted to read off a couple of folks from the internet here answering your questions as well so a npo zd says that he or she is a wedding and senior memories photographer wedding and seeing your memory photographer all right I like it yeah he's going I like the talk on the keyword right? We're creating memories, right? What else would anybody else there's some funny ones? Paul villa flores says I am an international instagram er I'm an international instagram er I don't know about that yeah it's a business model to deliver on these are pretty these are pretty good square peg er says high fashion steampunk themed on ly a wedding photographer I love this exercise, man I love the responses that we're getting from people right? Because it shows you how even if we're all going after weddings or seniors how differently we can go after what we're doing guys, what I want you to understand is this little seemingly silly exercise we're going through starts defining your mission statement your vision so I mean, what was that last one that they just read that it was like crazy was all over the place but I loved it. Which one? The steampunk one yes what say that again? Let me let me find it oh, I think it went away high fashion steampunk themed on ly wedding photographer yeah think about that one he he or she just to find their niche do you understand what I'm saying? They're not going after my client I'm not going after their client. I wouldn't be appealing to them. They wouldn't be appealing to me that's the beautiful part of sitting here and going through this exercise you start realizing not only are you defining your business not only our defining your vision your mission statement you're defining your client that's very important that we understand who is our client that's beautiful cool let's yeah question kind of going into that at what point? Whenever you like for instance, eventually I would love to end up doing some kind of like editorial photography kind of style I'm gonna be cool just creating shots do you start off broad and work small so you can kind of keep yourself in business or do you try and go various very very narrow and try and hit those best you can but it may take longer to gain momentum I can only speak from my own experience when I started out here one I tried to be everything to everyone and I by all accounts I was not being good at anything I don't think my photo photography skill has changed that much over the years yes ivan made improvements what changed the most what impacted my business the most was going I'm not going to be everything to everyone I'm going to find my niche and I'm gonna play there and play hard and so my recommendation you would be you find your niche where you're saying you want to play you want playing that editorial space get there don't get their next month next year get there tomorrow like start photographing the way you want your business to be perceived and you'll find success because why your client now is not out here right as far as a client goes your client's here your bull's eyeing it you're getting right to your client and that's key we have to know who's your client right and so that's very, very important or else you're going to fail trying to make everybody happy so hopefully that makes sense questions here ladies we doing good okay so goals and objectives I'm going to race these guys so golden objectives this is the part that every year hell when we were starting off every three months this was being modified goals and objectives were being modified every three to six months and so let's talk goals and objectives let's start with you my man it's giving the mike how many seniors you want teo one hundred twenty and guys at home I want you doing this one hundred twenty seniors okay europe sister well wait what else seniors is not only want to know and I have the exact same vision is yours from somebody else is to give the family plan so that rolls me through the wintertime in the fall I don't do weddings because just giving numbers so how many do you want one hundred say out of one hundred twenty probably a family's and eighty families and then throw in fifty pets I love dogs fifty pence okay okay you're up sister I want to do fifty seniors sixty seniors six weddings six weddings twenty families twenty families all right so is this some goals right just out of curiosity how much do you want to see your business do grow sales gross sales sales two, fifty, five hundred I mean, the problem is I did twenty seniors maybe in my life so I know I know but what do I want to do? Yeah since this glorious a million dollars a year no no no you got to be somewhere reasonable right what do you where do you want to be? Your one hundred five hundred thousand five hundred thousand okay there's a good exercise you scared me at first because you were like a hundred bucks a million yes no so two hundred so two hundred fifty two five hundred case too wide right it's going to be very difficult to manage to this guy so you got to get specific with what you're where you're looking to be right so you're saying about five hundred k gross sales okay, perfect. Where do you want to pay more than five hundred dollars per sr so you're don't want to look at averages yet where you got your business play gross oh, god to fifty it be awesome to fifty would be awesome. Perfect. Okay, at home I hope everybody's going through this little exercise okay? Because that's what this is all about we're starting to put the rubber to the road, right? I mean, we've got to make this this stuff a reality. So you're saying you want to do about two hundred fifty k? Can someone get me a calculator because I'm going to screw up some math here seventy six divided by two fifty you've got fifty seniors, twenty families, six weddings you've got seventy six sessions, my husband's having a heart attack I bet he is right now maybe he's thinking about retirement I don't know um seventy six sessions we have a calculator coming kind of like three k give me give me two fifty divided by seventy six thirty two eighty nine forty seven that's not gonna happen you're not going to run a thirty two hundred dollar average on your seniors if you do god bless but we gotta put a real business plan together okay fifty seniors twenty families uh six weddings now this is this is loaded funny the way this is because of these weddings. Okay, so why don't we come this way when we approach it this way we've got what I would consider seventy portrait sessions and six weddings right? So now we've got that to me is a little bit better okay? Can we rana fifteen hundred? What year of you in your business? Uh just started third you start your third year. What is your current portrait average? All right, let's leave e turner okay, I I I do fifteen images on a cd for five. Twenty five. Okay, so is it fair to say you're running a five hundred dollars sales average right now? Okay, so I don't think we're going to be able to jump from five hundred two, three thousand dollars again I hope everybody at home is following this process, so if you want to grow your business we've got to grow it and we can't go from today five hundred dollars to a three thousand dollar average tomorrow that's not something that's reality right? And I'm here to help you understand that what I think we could do though is uh do is go from five hundred to a thousand would that make you happy so we'd be doubling your business if we were able to do that so now we go that would be seventy thousand dollars seventy k um in portrait sales what do you do for your wedding's today? Do you shoot weddings today and I started thirty five hundred what's your average joe uh four thousand so you do a four thousand dollar average today? Um so ken do you do engagement sales it's in the it's in the everything's bundled engagement so your contract average is your total wedding average? Is that correct? Correct. Okay, so if I could get your total average having marker situations perfect if I can get your total contract average from four thousand to fifty five hundred okay, now we're going seventy k on the portrait and then fifty five hundred what are we, uh thirty what you say we can get up to about forty k when all said and done, we just created one hundred ten k business for you, okay? And I'm assuming just based on the numbers you've given me that we will have now doubled your business okay, so let's keep working this okay? Because at home I want you to try and work this on your own because this isn't done right to me this is all hocus pocus at this point it's like yeah we can do one hundred ten thousand dollars tomorrow sounds great sound rude on the whiteboard uh how do we get there? Okay, so the first place we're going to get there is you told me that your portrait's are about five hundred dollars per session but you're selling on you're handing them the dvd of negatives, right? So what if we did this? What if we on your portrait seniors and on your seniors in weddings? We created three package levels for them we created a four, ninety nine a six, ninety nine and a nine ninety nine package level. All right? Actually, I'm gonna change that as we're even doing this just based on what I know about your business five, ninety nine seven, ninety nine twelve, ninety nine these would be the three levels that I would feel comfortable having your business start out selling packages based on where your initial price pointed. You will not shock your clients so much that you lose them and start alienating them so that you can still say packages start at five, ninety nine you with me because you look like you're no, I'm good seven ninety nine and we're gonna build what's in these packages by the way guys don't want to be a freaking out like what's in here. We're gonna build these packages after the break. Five ninety nine seven ninety nine see how close these are two, two hundred dollar price pump. What gets you from this package to this package? This is what I call pull through. Pull through are those items that get clients from one spend level to the next digital negatives are that pull through item. An album is a pole through item. Facebook posting is a pull through item canvas, larger prince, pull through items. So in theory and at this point we're just dealing theater theoretical. The next section we will start building these packages from scratch. What will have to happen here is you've only got a two hundred, dollar delta between these packages. This middle package should in fact be the most compelling package on the table. So in this package, there should be no web posting, no digital negatives, no large prints. If you put all that stuff in your base package, no one will spend more money, right? We have to understand conceptually what we're doing here, everybody with me. Okay, then there is, in fact, a big price bump between this middle package and top level package that's intentional we're going to put some bigger product up here. We might put a canvas uh two and a half inch gallery wrap up here on album up here. We'll build these packages out later, but the point here is this middle package should be the most compelling package on the table. We don't want anyone in this base package no one should walk in your studio and spend five ninety nine because that would be bad behavior, right? We don't want them here. It's bad behavior. All right, we got questions online, everybody good? Well, what I think is interesting as people are sharing just like us. These folks in here kind of what their challenges are let's hear some of the challenge. Yeah, so so dorian be said, I have just been posting my images on my zen folio sight and don't do a sale session it doesn't work parents are loving the images and say they're going to order but months later they haven't gotten around to it bingo guys, I hope everybody around the world heard that comment right there she's posting or he's posting online no one's buying anything, of course no one's buying anything. They're enjoying the images make no mistake clients do not walk into my studio and with the mindset of how much I hope we can get a lot of money today he looks like he needs a new car let's give him some more money, right? They don't they don't walk into my studio thinking that they walk in the opposite way they walk in going yeah okay, now we're gonna be in that five, ninety nine package we're not spending any more than that the husband wife they talk to each other they agree to it then mom gets in and sees this and ben she's like no, we're going here right? And then you'll see this debate happened in real life right in front of us and we just laugh because we're not the one selling we're not going no now in this package for you know, twelve, ninety nine it expires at midnight on the no we don't have to do that we let the parents figure it out because what's here something mom wants pull through mom is going to get us there no matter how much dad resists and wants to be here when we show him these amazing pictures remember I said we're gonna overwhelm them with images this is why because I need them to get to this twelve, ninety nine or in my studio this twelve ninety nine is nineteen, ninety nine okay, so I need to get them up there but this concept holds true no matter what your price point is so there's three packages that's how we run it any other feedback online yeah anna mae says if it makes you feel any better she is she is charging I'ma shooting burner of twenty images for one hundred twenty five dollars that's brutal and I hope the audience feels like I'm picking on you but I'm not I'm way we're gonna work your business plan so that you leave here and this is where you end up so where it's it's it's tough love it's salo I got nothing but love for you and I think that's exactly like you guys represent the folks that are out there online so keep keep your comments coming yeah that's perfect did you have another question? I see all the mic you know I was told to mike because it ended up here but if we didn't need to be here we wouldn't be yeah and know exactly right yeah I just never want to you know it's kind of funny for me being from the northeast my personality is one I think that people either love or they hate and I'm very direct on it's always in love helping people that's why I'm here to I'm here to help our industry and help all of you so but I think all of us even me included we need that dosa reality once in a while right like where somebody's just like no that's not gonna work not always sugar coating and I think that the whole shooting burn thing there's just so many people that fall into that category and I put that in my video when I applied was that I am a shooting burner and I want to get out of that but this is what we all need to know because nobody's teaching it and their people complaining about it throughout the industry dang shooting burners and you know I'm not doing it for a hundred and fifty dollars but you know what? We don't know any better and nobody'll teaches amen sister and that's what it's all about right it's it's that's what got me and education was knowing that okay I figured it out how do I help our industry? How do I help people? I mean, how that's why that magazine came to be is because we want to help our industry so you're right you get into this because you love photography you don't get into this typically because you love business and you need somebody to help bridge that gap so is this helping you so far you digging this perfect all right, so now this is where we can get you on the portrait side I think this is a good move I think it's a reasonable move where we don't alienate your client base did you write these price points down? Okay, so now let's come here way have weddings now can I push you a little here can I get you to go to ten weddings okay so the reason I want to get you to ten weddings is because weddings are a great way weddings are predictable income see portrait ce you never know one month you could knock out fifty portrait ce next month it could rain every day in the month I had that happen to me by the way month of october it rained twenty seven out of thirty one days force in st louis a few years back all my portrait sessions got cancelled because we're on location but a wedding is gonna happen no matter what right so weddings are huge in my opinion for guaranteeing here's what twenty thirteen is going to look like so I can get ten weddings on your belt we know that if we get um write a four five fifty five hundred dollars average out of this that's fifty five k justin weddings how would that help your studio ten weddings at fifty five hundred that is not a lot of money for a wedding and let me tell you why we could do a thirty five hundred contract average then we can do eh let's say six hundred to seven hundred engagement average then we can do eh six hundred you say two thousand dollars post wedding average that's much more manageable see so here's how we do it contract average for me and for you guys at home, you should all have a spreadsheet. All of us should have a spreadsheet and what this spreadsheet should look like his flip sweet what this spreadsheet should look like, okay, in excel, every business, any photographer should absolutely have this, ok? Because when I asked you what? Your contract averages I saw a lot of you like, um, yeah, you should know that number, right? Absolutely no, that number. So what you should have here okay. Is client name x y z sow, susie? And this is for your weddings now, contract him out. Engagement amount post wedding sari bridal. So what's gonna happen here is when the client comes in and they spend three thousand on the contract five hundred on the engagement a thousand on the post and maybe they're zero on the bridal they chose to do it or you don't offer it. Now, this is your total spend. Okay, so we're at forty, five hundred. This you should have in a spreadsheet in excel going straight across. This will take you five minutes at home. Do it. You should have this for every part of your business. This is your dashboard. This allows you to know if you're trending up trending down this contract average three thousand dollars, is that your middle package top package based package so in my studio our contract average is six to seven thousand dollars are pricing actually just changed? We just raised all our prices as we brought in studio c which is our sub brand okay, so our contract pricing is now going up so we're trending up our average engagement spends over fifteen hundred in our studio are post wedding averages almost two thousand I wouldn't know it if I didn't have this spreadsheet being filled in every single time then what you're going to do say it's three thousand two thousand five thousand okay then you're gonna have your average so what's your average contract what's your average engagement what's your average post spend you need to know these numbers very very important question would mean by post uh so after the client gets married okay they come back into your studio and they should be picking pictures of the actual wedding so post wedding you with me don't just take the wedding pictures and post them online that's a huge miss it's a great opportunity to upgrade them on albums so you could some of my clients come in and they'll and they'll select my mid level album right? Because they're their own budget they're they're getting catering halls, reception halls they're all over the place but now this allows me okay to focus on upgrading them to a new album upgrading them two more pages in the album what's that worth right guys we got seven, eight hundred images from your from your day I wanna upgrade you upgrade your album I think we need more pages do the same thing with seniors same thing with families babies the concept is the same it's an opportunity for you to upgrade them so you don't include like a bass wedding album in your wedding package no we do a base a basement one writes like in our area that's that's the first thing they ask is I don't do many weddings and I do that well how many images of my getting doing on a cd and what's the album of course want everything for fifteen hundred dollars whatever it is right and I don't want to go down the wedding around too much we're just exploring this here because this is now part of her her business plan but yes post wedding you need to bring them back in after the fact and offer them upgrades to the album right things have changed after the wedding and so all these numbers are going to provide you with hard totals of your business you should do this for seniors for families for babies everything you should have this dashboard into your business questions online absolutely let's get a good one way have questions what do you know anything can question from well eric slater what is the difference between packages or collections do you prefer one term over the other eyes I'm sitting here teaching teaching everyone I prefer the term just packages so we're all speaking english but to our clients we offer we call them collections just sounds well fans here he is playing with words that's all uh md wine heads had asked how does this apply to seniors are the same kinds of divisions exactly the same know what would happen in the senior world and I'll draw down here so what we would have in our excel spreadsheet is there would be tabs down here so they would be a tab for weddings a tab for seniors you know and then a tab for, um families or whatever so that becomes our our dashboard if you will so want to see your perspective you might just be tracking too mean numbers you might track um session fees ah and then you'll track um uh total spend or package amount and then you'll have the total number so because you're you're not gonna have them in multiple times. So for seniors how much of my capturing on the session fee what's my session totals look like and you know what session are they booking in or they booking my urban session? Are they booking my uh you know, indoor session so I need those numbers how many indoor sessions that we book taylor can easily tell me she'll tell me while we only booked two indoor sessions this year ten destination sessions, you know, seventy five local sessions, right? I'll get all those numbers what's my average per destination session that's where I need all these numbers in here. So it's very similar once you understand the's numbers and you have them all it's not a complicated program you need you just gotta plug him in and actively be looking at this information. How do you notify your existing client base that you're raising your prices? Do you let you call him one of the next time they come in? Do you let him know when they leave? Hey, by the way, in a few months of doing this, is there a better way that you found it do that? Well, I'm only going to share with you from my personal experience remember my numbers two thousand seven fifty thousand gross sales two thousand eleven cross the million dollar mark. We did not do that growing at ten percent a year, you're never going to get there. What ended up happening was after that first year I walked away knowing something had to change. I mean, we were literally sixty days from losing our home that's how close we were to filing for bankruptcy, and the reason we got there was because when I was modeling my business, I was modeling it after what other photographers were doing he's not crazy it was a business school graduate not trusting my instincts I'm like wow this how'd they charge by the pose like senior photography charged by the pose you guys realize this like so if you're like this that's one post if you're like this that's another pose that's insane and so we were building our business model that way and after that first year I'm like something's got to change so we decided to just follow our instincts and do we knew needed to be done with that being said we were raising prices in the first two and a half years prices were changing quarterly we were pissing people off no doubt about it because that that bride who could afford me in two thousand seven her bridesmaid couldn't afford me in two thousand eight that family that senior that came in and oh seven the sibling that was coming back in a year two years later we were nowhere near the same price point and that was just what you have to do. You've got to get your business as an entrepreneur, your responsibilities to your business and your family, you've got to get it where it needs to be, so change your prices immediately now the people who are in your queue, right? They're already working with you you've gotta honor your existing pricing right? That would be bad business but you can even send out an email blast hey guys, we're growing our pricing changed all orders that come in or all sessions that come in after october fifteenth moved in a new pricing model, right? Yep definitely more questions um one from ashley don't as photography do you think that the way you structure your packages with the middle package being the most compelling work in every type of photography pets newborn seniors etcetera yes, I wholeheartedly believe that this pricing model works no matter what your nitsch is it works it's basic pricing think about it think about the bundling model we talk about this all the time when you go to and I hate using this analogy when you go to mcdonald's right they've got the package one package to the happy meal right? They get all the stuff you can order your cheeseburger you can order your fries all separately but you don't right you walk in you go I'll take a number one I'll take a number two this whole concept of bundling consumers are already used to you go buy a new car okay rarely do you buy the base model nobody buys the base model what do they do? I want the sunroof right? I want thea the heated seats I want the bose sound system but option upgrade package to comes with heated seat moon roof and you know the vcr sold I'll take it so consumers are already used to bundling and all I'm doing with my package structure is tying into what consumer behaviour has already used to. One more question from trey to photog he wanted to know more about albums do you outsource them or use something like a blur book smart no you do use the same albums for seniors that you do for weddings yes and no for seniors we use we use press printed books a lot and so we just may and press printed books you can get from like bay photo they're thin page coffee table style books for a high school senior will give them three options one is in eight by eight ten by ten and a five by twelve okay and let me tell you a little bit about this the eight by eight is a press printed book and I'll get out of the way here in a second the ten by ten in the five by twelve these are uh tip true books so their wedding style books thick pages lay flat acrylic covers, metal covers and so the press printed book will get from obey photo the true wedding style books we get from signature collection albums these are all hand made top notch leather not every senior is going to be able to afford this the eight by eight album is our most popular seller but maybe twenty percent of our clients senior clients upgrade to this ten by ten five by twelve and I don't have one with me but a five by twelve is long and skinny so it's a very unique aspect ratio for the for the seniors these we will sell allah card and we'll talk pricing later for about fourteen hundred now no one comes into our studio right? It can hear the gasp of air no one comes into our studio on page fourteen hundred dollars for that right? Because it's bundled in a package this is just an ala carte price ala carte pricing has to be artificially high because I don't want people in my ala carte price in my priceless I want them in a package and we'll build that later so after the break we'll start building packages all right one more question um be a photo after they purchased do you post a gallery for them in case family wants to order something or do they get to see the images again so how do you handle the grandma wants a photo we'll cover this later but I'm going for the short answer on this is we yes, we do post online we use photo biz and we'll post a gallery online but on ly if they're in a package so if they just come in and go oh well can you post everything online? No we won't do it or we will what you'll pay for it so if you wanted if you wanted to come shoot in our studio want me to post online one hundred ninety nine dollars and we'll post it online but most people don't want to do that that's a waste of money because they don't even get pictures they're just posted online so instead I encourage them come in pick or your pictures and then in the package is the web gallery but we'll we'll cover that for sure all right let's keep going I know I've got about twenty minutes to break how you feeling feel good do you feel this is doable all right that's what I want to hear from you you got you gotta believe all right so she said yes for those of you in here so yeah she's a she's a believer um I'm telling you you've got to believe me when I tell you that this change I'm proposing to you is not out of the realm of possibilities okay but if you don't believe in it it can happen all you're doing is readjusting the way you sell you're still going to take the same images you're still going to have the same website it's that package structure if I can move you to a package structure versus shooting burn structure you're going to find more success and more money okay, I hate to bring this up because I know this doesn't e mean, this will help people in idaho and utah but I'm mormon and we're taught to be very, very thrifty so when I get a bride that wants to spend over two thousand dollars, I rejoice because they're you know, a typical mormon wedding you're spending around eight thousand for everything dress food reception so I think that's where I kind of go teo what is that your client is my client is that who you want your client to bay and the reality right now is that is my client that is my social structuring my husband's an attorney were in that over two hundred fifty thousand you know range personally, those are my friends right? And friends, by the way, make the worst clients just just so you know all right, yeah and those are the people that are calling and they're the ones that air wanting to spend that just he's my advice to you I will not shoot my friend's and family's weddings they make me crazy. They expect me to pay my own travel to travel across the united states to shoot their wedding and then shoot their wedding for free or near free. So my only advice to you is and, you know, well, we can talk some of this offline is because I'm sure a lot of people are facing this challenge we've got to define who your client is remember when we went through here and we're like the who? What, when, where? Why? We've got to be able to define your client. And so if you're telling me that your client is at a two thousand dollar level, you are going to struggle getting your clients to a fifty, five hundred dollar level. But you've got to find clients who see the value and what you're offering. Who, what, when, where, why, what's your plan, what is your studio, or, you know, louis vuitton of your area, or you going to be, you know, the the walmart of your area? Where do you want to be? And so you're telling me you and your husband are in a higher demographic. Why wouldn't you want to appeal to people who are just like you and your husband, there's? Nothing wrong with that.

Class Description

Join Sal Cincotta for his "take no prisoner" approach to the business of high school senior photography. In this photography business course, Sal digs into marketing plans, business plans, pricing, and packaging. Sal also shows how to create an ambassador program so that your kids are talking about you and advocating your business in their schools.

This business course also includes a series of live in-studio and on-location photo fashion shoots, showing you how to capture the most of-the-moment trends, poses, and backgrounds. Sal also covers why high school senior photography is at the core of every successful photography business. Seniors become brides and brides become long-term family clients.