Buyers Round Table


Buyers Round Table


Class Description

Getting your goods into stores can be a great way to make on-going, low-touch sales. But how do you make that happen? In Buyers Round Table, you’ll hear from retail buyers as they answer questions from the makers in the SF Etsy Sellers Group.

During this special event you’ll learn what veteran buyers are looking for and how to pitch your product so they can’t wait to buy. You’ll get tips on: 
  • Approaching buyers 
  • Presenting your work 
  • Appealing to store owners 
  • Packaging for retail sales 
You’ll hear first-hand how other makers got their handmade goods into stores and how you can mimic their success. 

If you are ready to expand into making brick and mortar sales or just need to boost for your pitching game, this is the perfect starting point for you.