Gear for Hi-Sync (HS) and HSS


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Gear for Hi-Sync (HS) and HSS

Let's talk about gear. So Broncolor has recently upgraded, I think, their Siros line of stuff. It can now work with what they're calling HS, which is a similar technique to high sync. I think the Move 1200L can actually work with it as well, you just have to send it back and they have to tweak some of the firmware or something in the pack to make it work. But, the only limitation with the Broncolor is that you're limited to, I think, the top 60% of the power of the pack. You can't go down super low, because in a normal power pack, when you start going to the lower power settings, your flash races to get faster and faster and faster. And at some point, it can't trigger. It can't time the trigger with the lights to actually make it work. But, still, it's really cool that Broncolor has done this because now they have super high-end technology built into a few of their lights at least. Elinchrom has quite a few of their lights, the Ranger is an old one but it can still do it. Even their lo...

w-end D-Lites can do it. So if you're shooting in a studio like this, we could use, I think these are like $300 a piece, they're very inexpensive but they're amazing light quality. And then their two battery-powered units, and that's typically what I use just because I'm outdoors. And even in the studios, these get like 225 pops at full power, which we're not going to be at full power. So we can shoot for the next four hours in here and probably not run down a battery. So, just showing you that these are the two that I mainly use, the ELB 400 and the 1200. Profoto, of course, has the B1X, which is an excellent light as well. It doesn't use high sync or HS, it uses the high speed sync, the HSS that we talked about earlier, where it's giving off a bunch of little bursts of light. And we could technically use that for this shoot as well, because we're close and it's not that bright in here. And they have the Profoto B2 at 250 watt-seconds. With HSS, that's not giving off a whole lot of power, so I haven't used it, so I don't know. It's a sweet little light but it just depends on what you need. If you're doing portraits, it would be more than enough.

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With the advent of numerous high-speed sync technologies it is now possible to freeze motion like never before. Action Photographer Michael Clark will discuss how to use Hi-Sync (HS) techniques to capture fast moving action in the studio. Working with a parkour athlete we will walk you step by step through the process to figure out this exciting new technology and discuss how it can be used in the studio and out on location.



This was such a cool class! My strobe skills are intermediate at best, and I learned SO MUCH! Michael Clark knows his tech, and demonstrates how to make it work best for you creatively. I definitely recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn or improve their professional lighting skills, or manipulate them creatively to light with intention!

a Creativelive Student

What to say! Michael is a true pro in action photography, knows what he is doing, gets it the first time almost always.