Capturing Action in the Studio

Lesson 5/10 - Setting Up for Hi-Sync (Nikon)


Capturing Action in the Studio


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Setting Up for Hi-Sync (Nikon)

So I'm gonna set up for high sync. This is very specific this part to Elinchrom. So if you're not using Elinchrom strobes I would highly recommend that you look at your manuals for Broncolor or Profoto or your Speedlites if you're using your Speedlites. If we had maybe four or five Speedlites we could probably do the shoot with Speedlites in high speed sync mode as well. We just wouldn't be able to add much in terms of light modifiers in front of it because that might knock the light down too strongly. Or too much. But for Nikon cameras you basically set up the high speed sync capability in the camera not on the trigger. So basically you go to the custom settings menu which is the pencil in the back of the Nikon. You go to the bracketing and flash section. And then you're looking at flash sync speed and then on the back there I think I have a picture of it. You wanna go to either auto FP 1/250th of a second or 320th of a second whichever one is on your camera. The D810, D850 I think it...

's 320th on most other Nikon cameras it's though 250th of a second. And then once you're in manual mode shooting with a flashes if you go above 250th of a second they automatically engage the HS or high sync mode on the strobes.

Class Description

With the advent of numerous high-speed sync technologies it is now possible to freeze motion like never before. Action Photographer Michael Clark will discuss how to use Hi-Sync (HS) techniques to capture fast moving action in the studio. Working with a parkour athlete we will walk you step by step through the process to figure out this exciting new technology and discuss how it can be used in the studio and out on location.



This was such a cool class! My strobe skills are intermediate at best, and I learned SO MUCH! Michael Clark knows his tech, and demonstrates how to make it work best for you creatively. I definitely recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn or improve their professional lighting skills, or manipulate them creatively to light with intention!

a Creativelive Student

What to say! Michael is a true pro in action photography, knows what he is doing, gets it the first time almost always.