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Capturing Food in Motion

Steve Hansen

Capturing Food in Motion

Steve Hansen

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Class Description

The food in an image is quite another thing from food on a plate in front of you. Food photographers have the challenging task of recreating the many sensations that draw us to a good meal - its aroma, warmth, the anticipation of taste - using only one of the senses. To bring foods to life in pixels and on paper, Steve Hansen liberates them from the stationary plate. He captures them in motion, crashing and splashing into each other.

Join veteran photographer Steve Hansen for this course, and you’ll learn:

  • How to capture your food in action by using the right flashes and strobes.
  • Which lenses and settings to use to capture your food and liquids in vivid motion.
  • The basics of post-processing for images of frozen motion, and how to enhance the image you take in-camera.

It will be fun and messy - the audience will be wearing slickers to protect their clothes from flying food and liquid. In addition to learning about the technical requirements for capturing food in motion, you’ll learn how to sell your images to editors, websites and magazines. Develop the confidence to bring more advanced techniques into your food photography practice, and make your photos stand out in the crowd.

Summary (Generated from Transcript)

The theme of this class is capturing food in motion, specifically focusing on techniques for splash photography and crash photography. The class aims to teach students how to capture dynamic and visually striking images of food in motion, using techniques such as timing, composition, lighting, and post-processing. Students will learn the technical skills required for successful splash and crash photography, including understanding flash duration, camera settings, and equipment options. They will also learn about the artistic aspects of food photography, such as styling, composition, and storytelling. Additionally, the class will cover post-processing techniques in programs like Photoshop, including compositing and blending images to create the desired visual effects.

The benefit of learning the topics in this class is that students will gain the skills and knowledge needed to capture compelling and eye-catching images of food in motion. This can be applied to various areas of photography, such as commercial food photography, advertising, social media content creation, and personal projects. By learning how to effectively capture splashes and crashes, students will be able to create visually appealing images that stand out and capture the attention of viewers. This can enhance their photography portfolio, expand their creative skills, and open up new opportunities in the field of food photography.

Frequently asked questions about the theme of this class include:

  1. What equipment is necessary for splash photography?

  2. How can I ensure safety during splash photography?

  3. What techniques can I use to create splashes in my images?

  4. How can I achieve sharp and high-quality images in splash photography?

  5. Can I use natural light for capturing food in motion?

  6. What settings should I use for capturing splashes and crashes?

  7. How can I incorporate splash photography into food photography shoots?

  8. How can I create realistic and visually appealing images of crashes in food photography?

  9. What post-processing techniques can I use to enhance my splash and crash images?

  10. Can splash and crash photography be done on a budget?

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Ratings and Reviews


This course is so fun to watch! I love how hands-on this course is even while watching it 3000 miles away on the other side of the country. I love how Steve Hansen is like a mad scientist just throwing food everywhere just to capture the "right moment". It's great to watch a professional at work especially the behind-the-scenes that we normally won't ever know just by look at the final product. It's amazing how much work goes into this and actually gets me excited to try my hands on capturing food in motion as well - first need to find a place that allows me to get it messy :D I do prefer this type of course set up than the lecture-style some of the other courses are.

Christy cwood56

This course will NOT disappoint! So much quality info that can really help a photographer move to the next level. To see the actual shoots with food flying everywhere and how to capture all of it and turn it into an incredibly stunning image is worth every penny of the price tag. To spend an afternoon with Steve on a one to one basis would cost more than most of us could afford but that is exactly what this class offers! We see into the mind of an incredible artist and his creative process. This class has been invaluable to my personal education as a photographer. There is so much here and I will continually come back to it again and again to learn and refine my techniques and images. You opened up a world of possibilities to me with this class! Thanks Steve!!!

a Creativelive Student

I attended this class in person and I found it to be wonderful. Steve is awesome at what he does and he is great at explaining what he is doing and why he is doing it. This course will lay out all the steps needed to help you create awesome splash and crash photography. I highly recommend it.

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