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Chalk Lettering

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Introduction - How to Develop Image

Annica Lydenberg

Chalk Lettering

Annica Lydenberg

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1. Introduction - How to Develop Image

Lesson Info

Introduction - How to Develop Image

Hi. How's it going? My name is Tanaka Leitenberg on, and I am here a creative live in San Francisco. Um, I am here to do a chalk mural for these guys. And while I'm here, I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to share with you how it is that you can create a chalk mural yourself. So I'm gonna start off at the very beginning, showing you guys, um, different ways of creating your image. You don't need to have great handwriting. You don't need to be comfortable doing lettering yourself. You can use any method, and I will show you Teoh, create this initial image that you're gonna use to do the mural. The next thing that we're going to do is talk about how you transfer that image from the computer or from your sketch onto the wall. It actually doesn't even need to be a wall. If you don't have, you know, an extra wall lying around in your apartment that you can sacrifice Teoh chalkboard paint. You can use boards. They can be small, they can be large. There's all different types of ma...

terials that you can use to get set up for this next, we're going to talk about the tools that you use. Um, chalk is obviously super accessible and super cheap, and it's not permanent, which is fantastic. So once you get started with it, if you mess up, you can just wipe it right off and start again. It's a lot less intimidating than doing a mural with a brush or something that seems a little bit more permanent. You don't know what to do if you mess up, Um, and then there are also other materials that you can use that I'll touch on besides chalk that give the same appearance of shock. But that might be a little bit more permanent if you're ready to be a little bit more committal with your chalk mural. So the first thing that I started doing with chalk was I painted an entire bedroom wall with chalk board paint, and I would try and change it up whenever I could. The very first thing that I did was at the beginning of 2011. I did a giant 2011 over my bed. Um, this was just a project. A friend of mine had created some chalkboards and so I was just doing some samples of lettering on them. Um, this was for a friend's wedding down in Texas, and these were quite large. It was about 2.5 feet by four feet, was very rustic ranch wedding and I It's on all of her menus that are all of her wedding invitations and everything. So I came down early ended. Um, all the chalk signage. One really wonderful thing that I absolutely love about shock is that you can go out and do a little bit of guerrilla street art and not get in any trouble. So I did a giant giant happy birthday that took up the entire sidewalk in front of my friends apartment. Um, this was a piece that I actually did where I started to combine other things. It wasn't just chock eso. I'm still working on a chalkboard surface, but I'm now using some other materials that I'll get in two more later in the class. Um, this was for the same wedding town in Texas. Um, again, this was another piece where I used a number of different, uh, a number of different tools besides just chock in order to execute. Um, this was a collaboration that I did with my friend CERN, Who does these adorable little animals. Um, and it was just Ah, large piece for someone's baby shower where they were not saying the sex of the baby.

Class Description

A typographic mural uses words to produce a stunning and highly communicative piece of art. In Chalk Lettering, Annica Lydenberg will take you through the process of completing a large scale installation as she makes a chalk mural on-site at CreativeLive's San Francisco headquarters.

Besides being artistically gratifying, chalk lettering is an in-demand service that can bolster your client work. In Chalk Lettering you’ll learn the many ways to turn a small sketch or something you designed on the computer into a piece on a wall. Annica will discuss methods you can use to create temporary or long-lasting chalk murals and demonstrate freehand sketching and grid mapping. 

You’ll learn:

  • How to prepare your surface
  • Multiple options for transferring an image to a wall
  • Techniques for stylizing letter forms
  • The pros and cons of chalk, conte crayons and paint markers

Annica will help you develop a system for choosing type styles that work well together while enhancing the message of of your mural. She’ll also discuss the benefits of chalk and how practicing facilitates fine-tuning and makes murals less daunting.

Bending words into art, typographic murals are visual powerhouses. Watch one come to life and learn the techniques and process that go into making one in Chalk Lettering.


Manish Gupta

Annica obviously has great talent, her method needs patience, truck loads of it. Of course, if you don't have patience, you should not purchase this course. This is a great course for someone starting off in chalk lettering. I would personally love to have a segment on the actual techniques used in photoshop to fine tune the chalk lettering done on paper/pencil. I especially loved the technique of doing it with paper pencil and just inverting it in photoshop. Overall, a great class. However, I felt, portions of the video could have been time lapsed ( like the wall mural segment) to save the students some time. Looking forward to seeing more from her.

Letter Shoppe

What a great class! This was the best online education I was able to find on Chalk Lettering by far. Annica's approach is fresh and she does a wonderful job of showcasing her process in a easy and fun way. Highly recommended!