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Shoot: Shoot: Wyatt & Pepper

Good. Okay, so we're gonna do nikki nikki we're gonna shake it up a little bit just for you. All right? I want to kind of go over here a little bit and do you think why and pepper up for a little field trip okay that being up here um what we're going to dio is on our budget design challenge which you haven't seen yet and it's so suspenseful because you get to see it we went out and got some equipment and made some equipment which we're going to show you how to do and make on the chief but we're gonna use it right now since we're right here and one of the things I want is the plywood somebody hand me the purple plywood nice and maybe go over there and help me from that side and we'll do and purple side to me that vertical you got your lifting all right, erba im sorry is going against the white wall, okay? All right. So two things if I were doing something like this in any sort of location I would absolutely have mom or dad come over and be the security so mom, if you could be security a...

nd hold this so there's no chance of flops on them, okay? And so that does flop on them it's all you all right um what we wanted d'oh it's somehow fly you guys up here I think that's what dads for now he look he's coming in he's got like his arms out like he's flying oh, why what? Use me nicky you appear to be nice, okay? What's the rule about falling not so for this shot. What were going to dio is do you want to figure out what you wanted for lighting or do you want me to suggest it it's up to you? Uh well, not that awful really. I just need to get some reflectors air like a bee flatters you got okay, what do we get when we try flattery is gonna kill I would suggest that that may not be tall enough. What you may do better with is a reflector that you enlist a parent to help with wicked and especially a matching parent a matching parent named greg. Yeah, you know? And then you direct where you want him to go, what you want to do, how you want them to be and then let me know I'll make little suggestions as well. I'm thinking I'm going silver side and tio ah like I'm gonna do this for you first started like that ish and I will tell you that sucks, okay how're you doing language good let's see what you guys want to do you guys wanna be snuggly or you want to be far apart far part let's write something like this first I'm gonna get you to step aside far back as you can and maybe over here a little bit not don't push it back maybe just like on paper you're going to stand right here you want to stand right here step a little bit for how does that can you look at me good job and I'm gonna move you again because I wasn't quite right don't do it like that and I'm gonna come right down here and you guys are gonna look really tall, ok? Good idea. Yeah let's try can actually quick question he's not really yeah nicky such epic danger tell me what you think about the lighting in terms of the even isn't lining in both their faces she's great he looked not light enough. Okay somebody so what you think maybe move him in? Don't think so but they didn't want to be close together they will you are gonna have to snuggle you have to suck it up right? Language. Okay. Oh, you want to be in the how about like this store and you come right here because you're working with really even skin tones in terms of two of them they want to put your arm around her a little bit that way do you wanna hold hands like this? Maybe like this what do you think you just want it you just want to be dapper huh? You just want to be handsome just like you like that okay? And you're gonna put your hands up let's see oh, I see it can you pick up on your tippy toes you stand flat and you try and be taller does that work? I'm gonna steal this for a second sorry cameras oh, there it is let's see was it looked like so I need you to stick your head like this you want to show that to camera nicky yeah, I just, uh you go to the local what are you shooting with? I am on a fifty oh, sorry you're on a fifty uh it's your way of setting sixtieth at apparently at my camera like have it on like the energy conserve mode so I get a good shot and I believe him shooting at two point five so you're at one sixty two point five what's your sl six forty okay, so I would suggest that you think about lifting your s o and your your shutter speed because I'm a little afraid that if you are one sixtieth it's one over sixty yes yeah that you're gonna have to know one one sixteenth story it's crazy how hard this holy lied all right, so one one sixty and then you get your good okay then you're good, but I couldn't but my eyes so kind of thing still because that way my focal plane would be a little like about my aperture yeah, I mean if you want to go ahead I would go I'll go ahead and make your appetite a little deeper so maybe like a three to one other thing you want to think about is the way you have them you've got a really cool light right here on I mean cool as in temperature wise s so you may want to bring them forward a little bit so you don't have to combat some casting of that purple, which was another cool tone maybe have so smart a bit, jeeves you may wanna have them come forward so you don't have to worry about that so much and then on and on you lose that as an issue and then go ahead and have that reflection go back. But if you have the silver reflect, you're going to have a cooler reflector do you have the I was just more thinking that the the muslim wasn't doing a very, very grace that you could perhaps, but I think the other thing we could easily have, like one of those really fun gold reflectors, yes, but we could also take this late move it over here in china that oh, that didn't seem like it was an option to anything's an option portable studios let's do that would make my last man here so much easier right that would be like intensely here jim what do you guys think she had used the bright light sure you're pretty easygoing eh e wo hee do you still love each other you know what he's still just a sure way separates soc you all right it's time for forcing its where the highway now is that the way it goes? I think it depends on the situation huh? You're quite a logical manner thank you all right let's get you tio pepe what do you want to do you want to hug your brother lets you come up here you know you're not into that what about high five a giant high five could we get that what if I physically just pushed him all right no way I'm a sound effects oh are you gonna do it here you take a picture look you wanna do it push the button oh almost do it again let's see there's his eyes puts fun let's get the reflector trying this year like that's not our use this hand oh there we go let's see oh god his nose that's crazy horse your nose no you're interested huh forget that I don't even like noses right look how cool he looks let's take your picture let's see she wants to hug you if you have to second up I mean you're gonna have to love it all right here we go we're gonna do it we're gonna do hold it for three seconds steel you really wantto like control the situation here don't you now how about a smile half smile cover you look great I love you're smiling you look at your brother again ah good one headroom oh ah a couple things just promotion since I should have gone not from both right well you know it's actually I think it's really sweet shadow loved a little bit lower do you see that shadowing you say yeah so he uh he they need to come out away from the board more away from background um up a little bit higher and I still think you have room to make well pose you want those I think you probably have some flexibility on that my still so you're basically telling me just to be a jerk right just get in there read the love all right so we're try coming this way a little bit more I'm gonna get pepper and white just switch spots okay, now you're gonna stand in front of that board for you side of the board one more step forward perfect right there that's exactly what I like does that work for you? No it's not that comfortable do you think I don't think it was c it's way too dark it's not even comfortable at all? We can't be that close to joining him all right, this is where it's going we're going to spread the love three second hug you're gonna try it my way and then we'll do what you want after okay, but on this side of the board this side of the board like turning them to light a little bit uh all right three this week no full on hug looks like that do it. Oh, I see oh, maybe trying upper yeah, like a mid angelique of their body angle. Yeah. Okay, now now you could do is count down all right one let's see what you got we're just shooting out with what he gave you really bad. Uh, claire on the glasses okay said the glass claire, one of the coolest things you could do is when you were wait let's see where it goes. I remember how we were talking about england just a hair up and down it's not like a dramatic all the way up and not all the way down it would be just a little bit. The other thing you can do is have until tomorrow bit like I just don't think you know that seeing as I've worn glasses my whole life, but I like to know but you have a big wade front light here that's not unusual that you'd have that so um it's not yours, not your vault oh that's really good but think about you know in terms of perspective one of the most natural perspective get that sucker that's really cute one of the most natural perspectives you can have in terms of a child is at their level and then you could get funky and crazy and go up and down all sort stuff but a lot of times if you can at least deliver a couple of those with with everything else that you're done with your eye which is fantastic all right I would like to take a picture of your crocs together because that could that work you have to touch if I take a picture your crocks right because you guys have matching shoes but they're like uh complementary colors at the same time mer I talked about some children very logically minded would that be okay with you if I take a picture of your shoes you don't smile you could even make me like uh horrible angry face when I take a photo of your shoes with at work all right, give me your angry face well, I take a picture of your shoes I just for fun cameras because these cameras would love it because everybody loves an angry boy you are the son of craig swanson and you're a champ right? Something tells me that white could you can you get into one you won't win, okay, there you go oh, you see what she did there. I see what you did there, yeah, who told the move their shoes together, and then she shot again. Get in there, get in there. I need the other foot in there, too. Wonders won't dio oh, he's catching on to the oh, ding it, smart kids, that's it. You got nicki, so I kind of dig the ones where he's a little bit out of focus and she's. My yeah, that's. What I find that's really fun, I think that's a fun, cool shot. Yeah, I'm good. All right, everybody for nikki and why it never very good. Yeah, I mean, that's. Cool, because I love I love how you okay, put your shoes together, and they accident close as well. Very cool. Just don't happen.

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Celebrated children's photographer Tamara Lackey leads a special worldwide workshop on the magic, art, and business of child portrait photography. Take a live, front-row seat with Tamara as she works with a wide range of kids. You'll watch as she works to put them at ease, gets them laughing, and coaxes out their natural personality for fun poses and great family portraits. More importantly, you'll be part of an ongoing weekend conversation with fellow photographers around the world about how to grow your own successful portrait photography business, while balancing personal and professional lives.