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Shoot: Living Room - Ari, Eli, Zoe - Part 2

Lesson 32 from: Children's Posing Guide

Tamara Lackey

Shoot: Living Room - Ari, Eli, Zoe - Part 2

Lesson 32 from: Children's Posing Guide

Tamara Lackey

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32. Shoot: Living Room - Ari, Eli, Zoe - Part 2


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Lesson Info

Shoot: Living Room - Ari, Eli, Zoe - Part 2

I remember I said don't don't press on press on press if you've lost him all right jump up we're going to fan on zoe jump jump out move come back to you later crawl away go find a dog good boy alright ready you jump up for a second zoe we're gonna we're gonna fan you sister you're doing really well you're doing a very good job you're doing exactly you all right? We're under the fan all right, I'm gonna have you come sit on the edge of this by right to the edge yep we're gonna have one leg like this one leg like this gonna fix your shirts don't know what's happening over here and we're gonna get some fan in your hair going back and we definitely want that awesome hat you were wearing okay does that sound good to you? Does it seem like I'm kind of a close talker considering you just met me yeah I think so too. All right, ready? Oh yeah stylish all right, so let me show you exactly what I think would look cool here. Um can we pull the fan up here? All right? So I'm you ready? Just see how...

this like this can do that yeah remember the knees how they're your knees together and your legs are kind of out from there I love that I'm just missing lenses these two are attached that's weird you started talking about language earlier in beth ninety seven was wondering does she worry or has she ever said or done something with the kids that might offend the parents how you have used the word toe booty quite a lot yes do we think trudy's offensive that booty is cute but maybe I'm missing something definitely write and let me know if I'm offending everybody I work with um but uh I think booty is cute I think if I were to say you know a different word that would not be as fun um one of things I was going to say is that oh like magic um what they says must say is that before my kids got at the age where I really heard them speaking language and hear words that they would pick up and kind of be concerned about the fact that I didn't want to protect their innocence for as long as possible words like cr ap or s u c k or um and you know f r e a k I n I'm just doing that for his benefit waken spell but every year you know to me that was like a cute little thing it wasn't till I got older that I'm like oh it's kind of substitute further um and I can see how it becomes a gateway word so I'm just a little bit cautious that gateway words now more than I used to be um but I'll choose the sillier ones that I think are gonna be offensive oh, I love it all right? We're gonna do that on dh then we're gonna have okay? And we're gonna we're gonna go like there you see that? Um one of the things to keep in mind for lighting when you're photographing one person is there's obviously quite a different weighs a lot of ways toe light somebody but if you light the side of the family as the side of the face that is closest to the camera and you give that some nice shadow along the jaw even for a child that's very flattering. Um, yes, right there. So one of things I'm gonna ask you is if we can flip it now we can go like this on the other side of the fan thank you so much. And then bring this. Yep. Thank you very much. All right, just like that he's here and then we're gonna light this. You're not just like that yet. And then just yeah, can you hold it like that with fan it's crazy, right make you do it. All right, great. Alright, zoe, through there, chill your chin a little bit to the reflector and then member gonna lean forward, huh, that arms up on that on the edge when straighten up your shirt underneath real quick but these are all those little details we just straighten up right before we shoot I'm gonna shoot at a two eight um probably not my I s o now down quite a lot because I only have one subject I need you to kick that leg up kick that leg out kind of like this yeah and you're leaning forward the chest a little bit like this yeah, there you go beautiful you pull that, um hat down just a little bit on your head but I'm sorry hold pull it down in the back and kick it up a little bit on top yeah I'm just try to manage shadows you know just a little bit and then glance towards the reflector and then eyes back at me already and then quickly oh, I know a bit more good, good and then and one of these I'm noticing is we have a very slight frame here she m s so what I want to do is your shoulders a little more towards that wall like this with your shoulders more towards the wall. So see instead of this this towards that wall it's a fake wall really close really close yeah that's it that's it anything you don't even know what you've achieved and that could bring the reflector and just a hair under yet there we go. I want you to say to me I can't believe I'm rocking this I already know I want to hear it I can't believe it you two look so good all right, I'm gonna come and close, ok? I gotta do this so you can see it but can you see this o you know what that is me hold on one second just kind of sticks the focus sometimes. Hold on. That was me. Okay. Ready? Get it together, lady, go try that again. I can't believe I'm rocking it. Go. All right, we had everything except that last component. Chin up. Just a hair. Yeah, and do me a favor. Whatever you do, do not look at your brothers. Don't look at them. They're coming up on you. Ignore them. They're not there. Take the reflector a hair out of the shot. They're not there. You don't see the right now. That's not there. That's not happening. That is not happening for you. Very good, sister, I'm gonna tell that. Reflect our little under and up. We'll awesome. Dude, come here for a second. I'll show you something. Come here. Come here, I want you take this microphone, don't throw it, they would get so mad at me gently hold it and sing a song okay I love that word here told uh uh reflector up and out a little bit yeah just like that beautiful are your brother still here? What damage they're causing reflector back six inches back button focus works really well for this reflector black six inches yeah good beautiful they're not the scene we don't even see him lovely and that's getting really close so dip the hat back hair uh back top up back down uh clean up a little bit out down just a little bit there they're very good and here I'm gonna go pretty close in and I'm gonna cut out the hot it's just gonna be a small portions I don't care that's a little high on top I'm gonna ask you to do this if you don't mind and then I'm gonna do this beautiful like this ladder ladder beautiful but more time beautiful that was so pretty you see that you see the difference in expression and proximity let's see you want to see you don't use it and you should all right beautiful lovely all right, zoe jump up, sister. All right, we'll take a any questions and they were to move our set around alright, so any questions there should just be powering I would take you power through okay, I'm gonna switch back to my twenty four seventy and what we're gonna do is everybody on the couch we're gonna try a totally different shot, you know how before we had them all snuggled up there all snuggled up together and really tight and what happened with that is I had I had to compete for their, um with them for all the fun they were having smacking each other around here I'm gonna try now something that's not uncommon if you look at this shot right here and I'm going right on the right on the kids something that's not uncommon in any sort of interior is that unless you're using on camera flash you're gonna have some shadows caused let's just make sure he doesn't get behind their fault um you're gonna have some shadows cause from the overhead light under here so you could do a couple things you could put on income on camera flash um or you could do some sort of local available light source like a tungsten light unscrew the lamp and then pointed at them um I have done that before I'm not sure if this cord will reach but um for three kids I will get a lot of light out of this pointed at them um and this would be kind of more of direct light I think I would break this lamp if I did that normally though that's not a problem um so I'm gonna try this with flash okay, this will be completely out of the way and then you know what do me a favor pull your back onto here back legs out completely yeah and then so he did me a favor exactly as you are kind of going like this but you see how my legs or kick completely over yet and knees down just like that um close I glad you're comfortable. What did you say to her come up like that? Yeah, so you're sitting up with arm here but like always close like that but with those legs out you my darling my love my teacher mama you can drop the reflecting now I need you to wrangle the human please grab him I want him off for right now we're going to physically literally throw him in yes, I'm trying tio I don't need the actual fan for this right now. Thanks you guys just designing all right? All right. This is what we're doing what we're doing is this this is happening you see how messy it is a besides, that is not abnormal for me just you're getting all the shot you moving it all back takes you about seven minutes while you're having a great conversation with a client about the salinas the shoot afterwards cleaning up is also building relationships multi tasking all right, good, good. So do you know what we do here we're gonna throw your brother physically like hurling him aiken asteroids in the sky we're gonna throw him in the scene guess what your job is the only job you two have just keep looking at me um no no if he lands on you you're just gonna have to feel the pain there's really nothing we can do about that um all you have to do is stay focused on looking my way and and we're gonna even practice this ok just to make sure that you know what you were doing um imagine if you will a media or just hit you when I go five but you're just gonna keep looking at me you're gonna feel the impact but you're gonna keep looking at me ready one, two, three, four, five what you should at least show me a shockwave give me something to make me feel like I believe it let's try again once you threw for five okay, good, good that's kind of what's gonna happen here we're going to a nice long wide shot and then we're gonna have a meteor attack. Um I probably I'm going to need to move that table just a hair more this is the scene this is pretty this is lit fairly well to what I want I'm gonna have that table out of the scene, we're gonna have expression and we're going to be throwing down our third child that's right? We've none of us live here. Okay? You ready? You're gonna go like this is your job fall from the sky turn and smile father this guy hello? You don't have smiled. I just turned okay. You guys ready? The falling will commence it's going to probably be painful. Let's, pick him up and hurl him in. All right, you're towards me or towards me you do not look at him. You're not destructed in anyway. Say goodbye, he's. Going down. Oh, that was so gentle. Why was mama so nice to you? Mama was so nice to you. Let's do that again. My goodness, she was friendly. I'm gonna what I'm noticing from this shot real quick is, um we shot with her hands till the frame. So I'm gonna say, lady, I need you to run dropping run, andi, I think you're being way too kind to him. You need to drop him harder. You could tell he wants to be like, thrown ready. So it's come in and just why are they tell me, mr? But you know what? Don't really drop him very gentle and sweet. We're just being so silly, really gentle, really gentle or do you think maybe that he would like a photograph with you? Yes you guys go right in the middle and urine all crowd around mommy all right ready you smack down right there bring them on yours your snuggle bug remember I said about moods go like the breeze you just respond to it come on in oh that's good that's good oh that's very good beautiful alright hunger type hugger type pretend she's a turtle say I love you little turtle she's a battle you know eternal says this ready here's a turtle sound ah ah no no no no no no you eternal sounds like it's in pain do you know that again and they just you know what a turtle says when he's going really fast you know he says he says everybody run oh the tv's every year now ok tv's gonna show right here look right here look it's going to show up right here the picture you see it dashes the strike and well too get your hand down one two beautiful very nice thank you. Thank you family clearly not extended session we keep going we get everything perfect but I don't miss out on mommy and baby you guys great job. Thank you. Go save yourself thank you. You were awesome like so good oh oh other side other side I was very awesome fantastic thank you so you're gorgeous thank you everyone for that now um tomorrow we did have a question basically about kind of hyperactive children like that would you just keep going until you got it yes yes so I have said one of the things I'm doing repeatedly is two things one I keep saying obviously we should in contrast you light and I wouldn't choose to do this obviously we have a one time remember shooting really amount of short amount time I'm not I wouldn't choose to do this I'm I'm repeating that not as a disclaimer to cover myself although yeah I'll take some but the other big thing is because I don't want you to feel I'm teaching you something that's the opposite of what I actually dio and what I actually do is when I go into a client's home I'm there for a couple hours I work through things if I have a hyperactive you saw that they don't stay up there that's exactly what I said my presentation there here and there there there they want a rough and tumble but then you say let's do robin templer know hold me that's very normal I think adults are a lot like that to s o that's one of the things that I tried to be very aware of it soon as I see the sign of the turning instead of saying get back in that mood I say ok we're here now let's work with this on dso in a place like this my honest field this word normal shoot is within five, ten minutes, we've got soft smiles all the way around, not even that, like, five minutes. We were really close, the two. On the end, they knew they were getting twenty bucks. Things were going really well, and we just had to make his smile, just a hint, smaller and re engage the older children. That was all we need, teo. So I feel very comfortable that we would have had that, even with the hyperactivity cause, I think it runs out of steam pretty fast.

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