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Cinematographer's Preparation

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Cinematographer's Preparation

Lesson 16 of 16

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Parting Words

So as we wrap up jim love you to give your final thoughts sort of a go forth and conquer as faras preparing preparing as a cinematographer, right? So I guess if there's anything to that, I would hope people walk away from this with it's the idea that that you know you're thrown into this situation where there isn't really a roadmap tio tio tio how to prepare their isn't really you know, you don't really get it like the playbook that says here's what you're supposed to be doing when you know you're kind of set loose every once in a while somebody says, okay, get in the van and go and you know, it's like in the time before you get on the job is the time to think about how to put a system in place so that when you get there you're you're organized that you have that you have a way of thinking about things that you and that you that you are able to form an opinion about how things should be done and you're able to advocate for that without being, you know, obnoxious about it and you know, ...

and that you're able to communicate all the opinions and the ideas and you know, the creativity that you and the other people around you have had and you're able to take that and communicate it to the crew that that will actually help you make the physical reality of the film shoot. I want to thank you, jim, for for joining us here, creative life, big thank you to our in studio audience. You guys are fantastic on dh. Then, of course, out there on the internet, we also want to thank you guys for joining us today. Well, I'm doing thank you's, a big shout out to borrowed lenses. Bar lenses is a place that I absolutely door. They provide rental lenses, so if you don't know what lens you want to purchase, and you just want to try it out for a few days, these guys are your go to place for renting lenses. They provided us our equipment today, so we thank them all right, folks, out there on the internet. Thank you again for joining us today at creative live.

Class Description

Cinematographers need to do more than simply, “show up and shoot.” Preparing to film is a complex, considered, and artistic task and Cinematographer's Preparation with Jim Denault, ASC will teach you how to strategize and achieve the most creative, productive shoot possible.

Most filmmakers are in the dark about what cinematographic preparation truly entails. This class will give you with a step-by-step guide to preparing to shoot a whole range of narrative material – from the simplest moments to the most complex series of scenes. Jim will show how to break-down and analyze a script from an aesthetic, technical, and practical point-of-view. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Analyze a script aesthetically and technically
  • Evaluate and provide for the practical needs of a scene
  • Achieve maximum subjective effect within your shooting "strategy"
  • You’ll learn precise, effective, artistic, and technical approaches to shooting, which can be applied across all forms of filmmaking and length of material.

Working cinematographers, camera operators, and filmmakers will develop new skills for efficiently and beautifully conveying the artistic essence of their material.  


Zuhair Lokhandwala

Great class! Highly recommend to those starting out who are unclear about the process of getting the first job, meeting the director and keeping things organized so you feel more in control and have good clarity when you're at the shoot finally Thank you Jim!


This class is perfect for anyone who does not have years of experience as cinematographer ; it teaches everything a DP should do in pre-production, and is often not taught in film schools ! I'm freshly graduated and thus I don't have that much experience of pre-prod as DP, but this gave me everything I needed to know. It's also one of the few class of the genre online, and it's a fantastic one, thank you so much !

Christopher Lamb

There is nothing more valuable than learning from people that continue to work in their field. This course is priceless. To get into the processes and thoughts of a successful working Cinematographer -- there aren't words. Everyday I'm on set I think about the necessity of mentorship and this is the closest thing to that. Thank You Jim for agreeing to share your processes and techniques and to Mentor us in this digital age. Thank you CreativeLive for hosting this class and making it available.