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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Cloning, Healing and Removing Distractions in Photoshop

Matt Kloskowski

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Class Introduction

we're gonna talk about removing distractions inside a photo shop. So cloning, healing, content aware the patch tool, all the different tools to get that those distractions away. So what are distractions? I kind of have everything as faras photos going here. I've got landscape photos. I've got nature photos. I've got outdoor photos, have got people photos. I've got old photos. So there's a little bit of everything that's kind of all packed into this class because, you know, every photo has ah has distractions in it that we want to we want to get rid of. I think the biggest part of this class is not necessarily It's not necessarily the tools, because and here is my promise to you, I promise to you is that at some point in this class, I'm going to demonstrate, and I'm going to say now in this example, this is a great example to show how the healing brush doesn't work and then I'm going to do something with the healing brush and it's gonna work. And it's just I've practiced on these images...

I've rehearsed in these images. I promise you, this is not the first time I'm looking at these photos, and that's just the way it happens. It makes a liar out of me constantly or you'll see the opposite, which is I'm like, Oh, watch. This is just going to disappear and and I press it in someone's I appears in the location, so it's kind of about going through the tools, seeing where each tool kind of has a little bit of an edge over another tool on. And then toward the end, What I'm gonna do is just work through a bunch of projects, and you kind of hear me think out loud about like, I'll try something and it won't work. I'm like, All right, this isn't working. So why? And let's backtrack and do it this way.

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Ratings and Reviews

Barbora Lobkowicz

Great class. Learnt a lot of useful tips and tricks in a short time. Thank you Matt!

Norma Rediker

I usually don't leave comments but I really enjoyed this class because it focused on the one subject. Learning photoshop can be overwhelming. The way he walked you through the whole process of all the tools and how they can work together to finished the job was very helpful.


Thumbs up. Very useful class, well paced and clear. Thanks!!!

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