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Cloning, Healing and Removing Distractions in Photoshop

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When to Use the Content Aware Fill

Matt Kloskowski

Cloning, Healing and Removing Distractions in Photoshop

Matt Kloskowski

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Lesson Info

5. When to Use the Content Aware Fill

Lesson Info

When to Use the Content Aware Fill

so content. Aware fill is probably the newest of the technology, and it's interesting because it's been around for his private around for 45 years at least, and they sneak updates into it. You just don't know. It's like a new version of Photoshopped comes out on content aware didn't change, but it actually did. Change under the hood just works better, and we just we never knew. But the way content aware works out is you make a selection, and I usually you could make a selection with any selection tool you want so you could take your lasso tool and you can select around something. Or you could take a more refined selection tool and select something. Um, you make a selection and then you go to edit Phil and inside the fill dialog box, you choose content aware. So that's the kind of technology that if you looked at the Rocket, actually started to rebuild part of that rock. So it's really it's looking at what you're trying to fix, its looking at everything around it, hence content aware, U...

m, and it's making making an adjustment based on that so incredibly, incredibly powerful stuff again, you can use any tool that you want with it. There is a keyboard shortcut. If you do shift, delete on the Mac or shift backspace on the PC, that's the short cut to open up that Phil dialog box. Uh, so you come in there and just choose content or Phil, it's gone. A little side note to that one is if it doesn't look good the first time edit, undo and tried again because it works a little bit different every time. Even if you make. If you use the lasso tool and you make this latest little change to the selection, it can totally change the way that works.

Class Description

It happens to every photographer when they are going through their images. A stray branch, soda can on the ground, or other distracting element in your favorite image. Why not just remove it? Sometimes it’s easy, but sometimes you just can’t make it look right. On top of that, there are several tools that all seem to do the same job in Photoshop®. In this class, Matt Kloskowski will walk through which tools work best for which jobs and how to remove those distracting elements from your photos.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2017


Norma Rediker

I usually don't leave comments but I really enjoyed this class because it focused on the one subject. Learning photoshop can be overwhelming. The way he walked you through the whole process of all the tools and how they can work together to finished the job was very helpful.

Barbora Lobkowicz

Great class. Learnt a lot of useful tips and tricks in a short time. Thank you Matt!

Beatriz Stollnitz

Great in depth explanation of the different ways to use cloning and stamping in Photoshop to remove unwanted objects in your photos. As usual, Matt explains the topic clearly and at a great pace.