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Cloning, Patching and Content-Aware for Beginners

Dave Cross

Cloning, Patching and Content-Aware for Beginners

Dave Cross

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1 Class Introduction Duration:02:03
2 Cloning Duration:15:41
3 Healing Duration:24:42
4 Content-Aware Tools Duration:22:24
5 Final Tips and Tricks Duration:17:11

Class Description

Clone Stamp, Patch and Content-Aware are three of Adobe® Photoshop®’s most indispensable retouching tools. In this class, Dave Cross will define and compare these popular features and explore the different ways to use them. Flaws, mistakes and imperfections on your images can be frustrating. This comprehensive course will help you develop the skills you need to tackle almost any retouching challenge that comes across your screen.

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