Cloning, Patching and Content-Aware for Beginners

Lesson 1/5 - Class Introduction


Cloning, Patching and Content-Aware for Beginners


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Class Introduction

This is one of those topics where it's kind of so basic to Photoshop that it's so important to know and because when you think about the number of times at least I know in my experience people hand you a photograph and say, can you just take that out? And their pointing to some part of the photograph and realistically we can never take something out we have to make it look like it wasn't there. So really whenever people talk about retouching, or cloning, or healing, or patching, what we're talking about is covering something up with pixels from elsewhere. One way or another that's the bottom line. So when sometimes people say can you take that thing out and there's nothing else in the photograph the answer will be, well no 'cause there are no other pixels to borrow from to cover up whatever it is that's causing the problem. So we'll go through and talk about the basics of cloning and et cetera but also talk about some important tips right from the get-go a lot of people start off learn...

ing from example the clone tool a certain way and then as they start progressing down the road they realize oh maybe there was a better way that I should've started using at the beginning, so I'm gonna try to set us up properly for that right from the get-go and it probably wont surprise you for if you've seen my other classes where I talk about working non destructively this is no different. There are plenty of times where back in the early days of Photoshop I used what was then called the rubber stamp tool before it was called the clone stamp tool a certain way and then later on I go to try and re-edit it and I couldn't 'cause I was working directly on the photograph which was sort of the way we did it back then. And thinking about that now it seems like that was a lot of effort that we no longer have to do luckily. But this is my social media information for anyone that cares about that kind of stuff. I'm always happy to have people come on there and see what I'm up to and I promise you on things like Twitter I don't post photos of my lunch, I actually do occasional Photoshop related stuff.

Class Description

Clone Stamp, Patch and Content-Aware are three of Photoshop®’s most indispensable retouching tools. In this class, Dave Cross will define and compare these popular features and explore the different ways to use them. Flaws, mistakes and imperfections on your images can be frustrating. This comprehensive course will help you develop the skills you need to tackle almost any retouching challenge that comes across your screen.