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Shoot: Capturing Atlethic Movement

Lesson 20 from: Commercial Photography: From Start to Finish

Joel Grimes

Shoot: Capturing Atlethic Movement

Lesson 20 from: Commercial Photography: From Start to Finish

Joel Grimes

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20. Shoot: Capturing Atlethic Movement


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Lesson Info

Shoot: Capturing Atlethic Movement

Now he's got dreads so that could be kind of a cool look right? So maybe what we do is let's put let's slide the gloves on let's see the gloves on maybe get him to a little you know this and get the dreads toe flap a little bit um if that's the case let's move into the high speed zone and by the way just to clarify because I want to make sure people understand these strobes have two settings action and color color is designed to if you want to do product shooting and you have one stroke going at full power one stroke going at eighth power the color temperature is equal but we don't care right? We're gonna have it at action and there might be a little bit shift in the color not much not to me I've never noticed because I'm colorblind but no one no one's complaining at this point that I've heard of so we're gonna we're gonna go to action mode at one six thousands of a second so this is actually said it color so we're gonna go over here and change it to action I'm going to go and walk the...

power down to so here we're at one six thousands so one hundred thirty wass and make sure it's on action john you see that okay and then I'm going to set this one of the same get action okay, so we're gonna go down to action and here I don't really care about the output, but I know it's gonna be a little less than what we did over there, so let's, go over here to my scale, we'll lower it a little bit and then I'm gonna set my camera. We'll start at s o four hundred. This is what I normally do. I'm just gonna tell you what I normally dio so we're at four hundred s o, which is plenty safe in terms of, you know, noise. I shouldn't have any noise and I'm going to sneak a little bit. I'm going to try five six of the second, I might actually not have to go that that wide open, but so let's get you get you get your gloves, get up in here like right here, and I'm gonna raise that here second, but give me a little like this and flip your head and get those dreads kind of swing a little bit, so let's see what's that well, you know, whatever, but it was just try, we're going to get a little action, so I got to make sure my focus is good so here's a little trick if you're going to deal with focus and you got some of movement it's much better to have them moved sideways than toward the camera so if they're moving toward the camera unless you have a fixed spot it's a much harder to get nailed and focus so I usually have my athletes go sideways that makes sense okay, so let me get in here let me focus a little bit here make sure we're all nailed and here's what I've learned about action it's hard to nail it it takes a couple practises right? Because I'm not really sure what he's doing and how he's moving but I want you to go like this and just do a little flip okay, ready one two three okay, now you came toward me, which is fine, which is fine but here's what I want I want this hair to swing around that toward john so I want you like this like like maybe doing like a right hand don't really throw it because I don't you knock me out already jamie focus again go for there you go. Oh, yeah but I've got way too much light that's pretty good to too much light on him here, right? Okay, so let's lower this down one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve I'm gonna go down to stop and a half this way too late for me, okay, so maybe don't swing so wide okay, so you're kind of coming in and made a little up kind of thing so here we go focus go for one two there you go I'm gonna watch him it's gonna be hard to catch him because again I'm there you go still too much power here it's not moving enough for me can we get this thing down? Okay, here we go again go for it there we go there we go a little bit of that dread coming around okay and then maybe you take your left hand and drop it down right so it's like this so so the gloves aren't put perfectly equal let me focus again I'm always going to make sure my focus is good ready? Go for it yes okay that's not bad not bad still too much power here look at this so we're to go away I want moved I want mood okay, here we go again. Go for it. Okay don't look at me so you're look you're just you're in here like this and you're just giving up on flick that head ready go for it there you go. I think we have any more debt but that's this is looking better. Yeah, we get that little head flipping around and maybe not go so wide all right, do this, then swing your body towards jonah a bit more now make the soit make the ark that we still see your six pack in your side light ready all right one two three go for there you go and this may not be the perfect movement right? Maybe okay so if you're boxing you wouldn't have your you know that I don't know maybe you would but we're still not moving out look at this I'm gonna go even darker here there's just not enough uh is too lit in here for me okay so let's try we're gonna get we're gonna get it folks you're ready go for it yes now he's doing it he's not going tio okay she says now we're getting it look at all the muscles in his uh in here and everything everything's coming in so think about this just do it give me give put everything into it pretty one two three yes say he's little by little he's getting it oh my gosh this is crazy. Okay, so now that's good that's good, but maybe not quite that far out. Okay, so it also let me back up just a little bit because you've got a big glove the wide angle lenses going to distort a little bit so let's pull back a little bit and that way we don't we're not quite as wide on my lens here okay, ready all right we'll get a shot she looks too pretty there are you trying to, like, use this for your calling card? Wait, here we go. Okay. Ready? Get me okay. Yes, yes, now. Okay, you see that? Um there's a lot of its timing. What is timing on my part? So it's going to take a few? Now, when I have an athlete going out of the blocks like like, uh, kron clemens, the gold silver medalist, you want to get ten, maybe at the most ten launches out of the blocks, you're not gonna get thirty and this is a world class athlete. There's just not gonna do that because that's a lot of energy expelled. In fact, when kronk came out of blocks, he is literally his back foot was a foot off the ground. That's how much energy is x deserted out? So and when you have someone doing something, this is not too much energy, but like there's a picture of a girl jumping that she's in an alley and she's got, you know, she's like, well, I got hurt. Maybe she did about twenty of those jumps and she was just sweating and she was it was huge amount of energy, so keep it in mind that when you're using an athlete and they're doing like, you're only going to get so many attempts so you've got a kind of a nail and you've got to be careful we're getting close there were getting close okay can we focus here again I could go for yeah that looks like it's getting better it's getting better okay just keep doing it we're going to do a couple here and we don't have to do everything with this move right? I'm just trying to think I love it I love it when the dreads get to go flying right so try to get those dresses move okay, there you go. I might have been way too late on that one now it looks like he's dancing he's dancing with gloves that could be a new thing no dancing with stars dance with gloves here we go all right, so maybe also that's not a bad one that they think I can't leave that's not bad maybe maybe your chin down a little bit like you're you're you're doing the uppercut kind of thing here try that again yeah yeah don't think I would say see how both gloves are equal we need like one glove down see so there's a little offset that someone I could say this tribe there you go yeah no no no no this is good good okay there that's that's not bad that's not mad every muscle because every muscle is like really tense come on here he goes nice put everything into it so we get him get him kind of going that's a good look at look at this look at this so let's maybe try different thing maybe you're doing an uppercut doing this I don't know I'm just gonna start following you just start doing stuff I'm gonna put my watching whatever you want just start doing it e now what I don't know is if I'm missing his glove out oh yeah I like that one went way out but that actually looks pretty good when he would do it the last one I'm missing my glove this could be kind of cool when you actually make the glove really big I mean as it is a kind of a bold statement here it should come up here that I did quite a few but so I don't know if we need back up at all let's do this you step back a little bit no no try that with that way and then now when you throw it it should be in there okay hold on. I don't want to get to and I want people to see everything so yeah, because that would be really good if we could catch that on film what would you do give over there just act like he's hitting you think this is good? We'll add we'll add like spit going okay okay, so um yeah do that where were the glove? Let me focus again we're ready ok, so but it may be that left glove is downright actually see your six pack now come toward me a little bit but they're okay I know you see ok, so now come forward just a little bit right there because I want to make sure I mean you're in the zone of my light ready that's a pretty good look right there see that but I'm missing the edge light on the side of his face there but okay ready has a long reach look at his guys got the reach I missed my glove try to get can now swing toward me and do it so jim here's your shoot your gloves go in this direction right here so toward toward the camera a bit more okay, now now even more okay. Wow look at this depending on what you're after but that's kind of a cool look right there the gloves a little bit out of focus but I do know how much I could do for that. But the fact is is that it's definitely stretching that long lenses stretching it good or bad as an artist um you know it's your choice? What if this isn't emma right? This is boxing so you can't really you can't say drive the knee um but I'll just say is maybe we get a little more body movement jumping or something I don't know do they jump in boxing? I wish you'd run off okay, try something here yeah just try something hold on let's take a look at that so okay, so let's do this one this is not really action so much but I would you would you come back dead center and I want you to have your gloves you go just give me that you know, that kind of could come forward a little bit come forward a bit okay, now let me make sure I'm focused here, okay? And you're looking in the lens ready give me that just you're the champion of the world okay, we need a little more out of you and we need a little more yeah yeah yeah I like the sound there you go now what I would do those have been that my knees I mean but you're like on and leave matched the fraction hold on, let me focused ok, ready go for it okay, maybe curve a little bit like you're you know yeah, but really slicks one two, three go for there you go there you go. There you go take a look at this one that's pretty good little worker uh I don't know I don't know I mean maybe up a little higher try that okay, go for it, okay someone you know you're the champion you're just told me and I just I just teo teo all right I'll do this one where they're down the sides and just stare me just stare me down like there you go okay so you see what I'm doing I'm just playing around I mean again until until I get him in there and start playing and you know there's a limit to what he's going to do to so I can't always I'll push it as far as I can but they're just a limit um just like with troy paula mono he's like he doesn't want to do this he's the one look mean he's a nice kind of planet off the field and he's off the field right in a way I might give me your game face so but there's a limit they say no I got him I think I got a shot that kind of work but I would love to have done something like this but some athletes want that they were like you know don't even ask me I'll do that because they want that persona so every act is going to be different um why don't we try just for kicks let's take the gloves gloves off and then let's get you jumping let's see if we can get you one jumping almost like a um kick fight kick kick fighting thing just to see what we can do and usually I dropped down in terms of height and so if I dropped my camera what do I do? Drop my life okay, so let's do this I don't want you hurt yourself and I've done this a lot of athletes and I just did a girl recently she's bodybuilder type and she wanted this really cool laurel croft look and we got in high sch hills and she wanted to jump I said okay please whatever you do don't fall the first jumps you slipped bang ragnar elbow so it's not worth it no matter what you do it's not worth getting hurt over but remember your zone yeah zone is gonna be right about here and you do this this is what I want now get tell you guys prepared for this I want I want you to do like your jump drive a knees up go like that, okay? And maybe I don't know about looking at the camera but golf that way so you're jumping kind of on an angle this way it doesn't make sense so it turn your body that way, ok? And I'm gonna try to catch you jumping yep, I'm ready okay, all right, so I missed you by a mile no that's okay, but I'm gonna have to probably go like this, but but here's the thing I know you're not a kick jumper whatever but kickboxer because I'm a kick boxer I gotta use the right terminology right but it's kind like you're driving your knees up okay so let's see what happens here focus go for that's not bad I mean we got the hair flying right okay okay try it again okay we got that hair really flying ok so cliff you're our coach what should I do here should I should I get him is that that glittering yeah be right jump up come down like you're just going there you go howard yeah he's like oh that's a good one that's a good one okay ready go forward to grandpa now you can see right away that this background is at least twelve feet high and he's about four feet from the background and he's already jumped exceeded the background that's the challenge of jump people jumping now with a white studio well there's not a lot of light up there but this is the challenge of the first time ever did anybody jumping I was like whoa you know you expected a nine foot seems to be plenty it's not so we could shift everything toward the background get is closely canto the white so they make sure that his the dreads we can knock him out but maybe here's a feel it's not so much how high you jump it's more of the positioning that makes sense yeah okay, so let's just go a little less height but a little more drama okay, I'm ready. You could if you want you do whatever you want. We'll go a little higher now there you go. There you go okay, I think I missed one foot there is that the last one you got your foot out of there um and here we could see that this overhead lights not getting a lot of light on him now so maybe pick a little more juice out of that tried again here we go. We won't leave this one in the ground but I just want to maybe turn toward me a little bit when you do this I can see a little more your chest ready one, two, three, four if you want to run and take a step and do it just don't hurt yourself that's all I can say yeah well any rate you guys get my point we could do this and you got dancers I've done some dancers a beautiful the form the just you know the beauty that they bring to you know a photo opportunity with movement so there's there's no end to this in terms of what you could dio I've shot ball volleyball players are really hard um because if you have a net how do you have if you have a team, what do you do with them um, if you want to spike, you know, but who they spiking to there's a lot of hard things to dio well, saying the boxing he's, not boxing someone, but he's kind of got the position. I think the best stuff we did was that kind of swinging, you know. So if it was for a client, I'd probably do another, you know, twenty, thirty of those. Before I said, I'm done.

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Joel Grimes reflects the true meaning of a passionate modern artist. Seamlessly blending his old school film techniques in todays ever-changing digital world with such amazing realistic results. Not only in his own body of work, but achieving the same outcome while teaching LIVE, even when things don’t always run smoothly, much like the real world. Thank you Joel for sharing your hard work and talents, your struggles, most importantly, your honest open teaching style with such detail in every segment. Much appreciate CREATIVE LIVE for keeping it real with good talent, on and off screen showcasing common humanity in us all. Indeed, a revolutionary company. Manny DaCunha.

a Creativelive Student

As an editorial and photographic professional it's refreshing to find new cerebral information that goes beyond simple instruction. It was motivating to see Joel, a highly respected professional who is successful in "real-life", display his thought process, points to be successful, and insights into his art. When you have been in the industry, working full time, you need those moments to relax, visualize and re-energize so you can look at projects with a renewed vision and passion. Joel and his Commercial Photography course did that and more for me. If my schedule allowed, I would certainly join Joel at one of his workshops. Only thing better than this CreativeLive would be attending live. Thank you Joel.

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