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Presentations with Keynote

Lesson 15 of 15

Using Apple Keynote on the iPad

Erica Gamet

Presentations with Keynote

Erica Gamet

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15. Using Apple Keynote on the iPad

Lesson Info

Using Apple Keynote on the iPad

right. So this is the IPad. We're ready to go with this, so we'll start with this and we're gonna show the same presentation. I'm just in the keynote application. I just launched it and went into presentations, and we'll go back out in the second, see all those, but I want to see this is the same exact thing. I'm just gonna hit play, and hopefully it's just gonna play for me. And wherever I'm supposed to advance it manually, I need to tap on the screen. So I'm tapping to get it moving. And I believe this is automatic. See if I had rehearsed, You know, if I had paid attention when I was showing you the rehearsal thing. I'm just tapping that. And actually, as I'm doing that, you see, they can't see it up in the upper left on my screen is I have a little red and green dots. So again it's tell me I'm in two of 26 I have a little green dot telling me now you can tap, so I'm tapping its red. Now it's green. So I'm just going to go ahead through each of those will go through these kind of qui...

ckly because these slides, of course, are cool. So I'm gonna tap on each of those. So here comes our classy build that we're gonna dio. Well, that should have been a typewriter and didn't come in. That's interesting. I wonder if that Samora display thing, because that was working on my pet earlier. Now, that's weird. I don't know. Those should be showing. Actually, the builds that we had my flashy builds should also work Very interesting. I don't know if it's cause I'm in display mode because it because it knows it's hooked up to another display. But when I've done it without that display and just doing it, the actual presentations work. So everything that we were able to see it on the screen, but not on your IPad. Yeah. Are you seeing? So try that again. Oh, you are seeing it? Yeah. I am not saying it. That's why because because this is acting as the presenter. Display hooking? Yes. So you guys are saying it. Okay, good. Excellent. Well, then, I'm just going to trust that everything looks good. We want to see the over the top builds. I want to see these days, they're gonna come in automatically. Yes, because it tells me it's red. Okay, none of that's even showing on my IPad, so that's very interesting. But at least it worked here, So it's good to know, Um, it's still telling me it's red and it's waiting and it's waiting. Good. That one's an automatic one. So yes, even though I can't see what's happening, maybe it's probably not powerful enough to drive the display and show that and showed here. Now I see my pile of stuff ready to go, and it tells me it's green. I'm gonna tap to the next one that's there, and it should be building in. Excellent tells me to advance it so that presenter displays a little different, so hopefully they can. I don't know if you can see that, but it's waiting. It says Wait till advance. So that's but I mean, if you're standing with the IPad, you're probably standing right up by the screen. The whole point of having the IPad and doing it from there. Is that your mobile? Right. So I'm going to sit there, and I'm gonna walk around with that so I'm going to be able to look at the screen, so I don't need to necessarily see everything that's other. And I only have one screen. Where is the presenter on the When we did from the Mac, I had the current slide and the upcoming slide and let's see if I can. Actually, I knew current and next together I just wonder the and now the orientation changes, which I'm not going to do on my IPad. So now I've got to that air here. So maybe maybe we could do an overhead shot so that they can actually see what's on here. So let's see if that actually shows. So that's what I when I switched it to that. So I'm not gonna turn it cause I'm cabled in here. But let's turn this back to just current. I can show you what I'm seeing. Oh, uh, now it didn't come back. Let's see if I can get that, too, till back. How very interesting. I went back to the set up I had before, and now it's not showing it. Oh, wow. Oh, let's turn back, says portrait. Let's go toe landscape. Here we go. Sorry, that's what I did wrong OK, so actually, it's different when you're driving all these different things that are here. I have a landscape and portrait depending on how I want to handle it. So when I did current next, I hate portrait current Next landscape. Let's do that. Now. That looks like what we had before on the Mac, Actually. Get back. Right place there. There we go. So I have that. And again I can see what's happening. But I can't see all the all the animations that were happening before some was gonna tap that one and see the animation. It's the animation. Doesn't happen here it all for me. Yep. But if you've been feeding up there, you could see it. Exactly. You see that feed? Yeah. Can we see back? I'll jump back once that feeds up there. Let me go back back here. We'll go back to this graph one here. Okay, so we go to that one. Say, let's hit the next one, and then we'll do the animation one. So they're staying at home. They're seeing the picture and picture the picture in picture. Okay, that works great. So everybody can see. Sorry. We're trying. Teoh. Depressed e o. Okay, great. Trust me, it works. Just that's all I'm saying. You've listened to me all day. You must know that I I will tell you when I don't know if something's working. I know it works because I've used it is just and again, this is something you're going to run into is a presenter. Because you think I've got this figured out, and then you go to this projector and it's, you know, 10 years old and it doesn't work. It doesn't want to play with the IPad or something like that. So I guess that just kind of says, you know, test out your stuff ahead of time, of course. But yeah, it's great that you can actually work with us. I'm going to get out of the presenter display. We're just going to jump out and actually get back to my presentation. That's here. So I'm gonna hit presentation. I'm gonna go out to presentation's Good. That's perfectly what I want. So here I can see all the different presentations that I have available to me. So I'm gonna go and just help on this one here, and I just have a couple slides in this one's not a finished production. I just was working on it actually had several client ones that are in here, and I had to go and clean them up so you don't see them, you know, very delicate information. And so I'm gonna come in here and just show a couple things that basically works the same way. Except you've got different buttons across the top. So you when I'm working on an item, if I tap on an image so you can see it, Okay, so I tap on that image. I have a little paintbrush, which is the same paintbrush we have on the screen where it says format. And like I said, that's kind of nice, because now those icons match between the mobile and the desktop app. So if I click on that, I'm gonna come in here and I have things like style. There's the styles that we saw before Style options so we can scale the border. I can. I can decide if there is a border or not. I can scale it, choose the type of line that's there. There's all my picture frames that I had before and effects that I had shadow reflection, opacity, just like we had before. So again, that's something to keep in mind. The one thing I can't do if you notice, is I can't replace that image. That image was a placeholder text. So if I add, I'm going to just add a new slide really quick, because I can see that in the lower right hand corner. Have a little plus, and that means it's one of those image place holders. So when I click on that and put an image in there, it will replace it. But unlike the desktop version where I can say replace this image, it doesn't let me do that. The next image I place is going to be just plopped onto the slide. I don't know if that's an oversight or a bug, or if it's going to be coming in the next the next version or what. But in here I could go ahead and, um, add the come on under the plus, I can add my image. So I go in here and these are images are all sitting in my photos on my IPad, right? So or a concert from some rules. Are you take a video or photo right now and put it my presentation so I could make a presentation. We could take a shot of Ken if I lift up my IPad. I'm afraid of breaking everything, so it's all going to sit here. I'm gonna instead go into this and we'll go ahead and put an image in there. I just chose it from there, and it did not put it inside their like it's supposed to. I'm going to undo. I want to hit the plus. Sorry I do that wrong all the time. The plus works differently than the on the desktop version wanted. The plus that's going to go ahead and add in an image in that place holder. If I double tap, then I've got that mask, just like we had before. I can move the image around inside, or it can grab the mask and change the mask itself. It's a little touch here because it's, you know, it's the eyes, the touch and we're trying to move it, and sometimes it doesn't work really well. But I have the same thing where I can scale items, fit them in there. When I say done So for me, I found that creating a lot of stuff in here isn't terrible. It used to be really bad. I mean, in the very beginning, when I first Koski No, it's been on the IPad, I think, since the IPad came out, it's been around a long time, but it was awful, like I could do very basic things. But here it's nice, because I can actually take that presentation that we had and I could make changes to it. And it has, like, settle his animations. But now I consider and go. Okay, I need to change out images now the things I can't do, because that was a placeholder. Like I said, it can just replace it so far. So I'm going to paste another excuse me image in there and size it and in style it to make it match. And that's where I think it falls down a little bit. But I could do things like click on this on this slide the master slide and say, change the transition, and I have all those same transitions that I had before. Let's go ahead and I'm going to use your favorite. I'm gonna put droplet in there. So I'm gonna go ahead and say, Do that and I would play to see what happens, and it's gonna hopefully play. And there we go. It's really slow, of course. And then when I'm done, was gonna click done. And I've made a change to that actual application that's here. So for me, I don't find myself going back and forth between the two. But I like that. I can create it on the Mac, put it on here and has everything built in. But I can also started here and get a lot done and even the transitions and the builds in the animations that I couldn't do before I can actually do on the IPad as well. So again, that's just me working back and forth. The nice thing is that when I work, I don't use I called. Like I said, Right now, I'm gonna get that rest of that transition done at some point. But what I generally do you can sink it through ITunes, which is what I used to do when I sync everything dry tunes. But because I don't sink my IPad through ITunes anymore. I you know, you can do it through the cloud, but I just either email it to myself or I use Drop Box and Dropbox. I think a lot of designers are used for that so I can put my keynote from my Mac on my Dropbox. Then I can come into Dropbox on the IPad and say Open in or if I email it to myself, you know any attachment you get. If it doesn't automatically open up, you can tap on it and it says, Open in. You can choose what application? Open it in so I can open up my Kino files that I emailed myself or that I don't drop box. I could open them up in the app on here and work. I tend not to go back and forth because I feel like they're not exactly the same. And there's gonna be little things that get lost if I'm building something like this because it's I don't know. I just feel like the IPad is too small a device to actually be trying to lay out all these animations and stuff like that. But if I just want to say I need to work on the plane and start my presentation. I'm going to start putting the text in there. I'm gonna start putting the maybe the images if I have them. If I don't have my IPad, I won't released. I have it all laid out. And then when I get to my Mac, I'll go ahead and probably email it back to myself. Or I could do it back through ITunes or whatever, and then I'm gonna open on my Mac and start making changes there. So just the fact that Aiken work on that and see that And then for me, the big thing is to be able to present off of this thing, to not have toe have my Mac book pro to lug along, even though I almost have to lug it everywhere I go. But I long for the day when I only need my IPad and I have the matrix style screen in front of me or not. The Matrix was a minority report. You know, the screen in front. I want to be able to have all that when I have all that and just can work from one small device. I'll be super happy, and I feel like it's gotten a lot closer with Keynote. So for me, I'm using the IPad Mawr for keynote. But it certainly hasn't replaced the desktop version for me yet. But Apple has a plan. I don't know what that plan is. They never consult me on it, but I have a feeling that plan will be 85% good, because that's usually how it happens is like, That's awesome and these 15% of not so much but Apple tells us where we need to go with some of this stuff. And I'm excited about some of the stuff that you can do. And I hope that everybody else kind of got some good stuff out of it and got excited and go out to questions really quick. But I'm done with what I want to talk about. But let's hear if there's anybody else wants. Toe has any questions or whatever. Fantastic. Well, do we have any with you, Theresa? I have a question right past. It's just something that I missed. So when you saved the file to HTML, then you opened it in Safari browser, and so then it played just fine, right? I was auto advancing. It okay. Oh, you auto advance step. Okay, because I was wondering, does it open fine in the other browsers? It should. It was just a nature female file, and I'm sure it's html five. So yes, So I just dragged the index file on top of my safari browser. Could have dragged it into any other browser. Okay, so that would be a way to share it with other people exactly so that they can actually get. And that's that would always be a good fallback if something happens, you could always put that on Dropbox or on your website or somewhere on the Web that you could access from somewhere else. Or let's say you were going and you were doing this one presentation. But he thought, I am not dragging my laptop to Iceland or something like that. That's where we're going for this presentation. You could put it online and just do it that way as well. You know, just use somebody else's computer and not have to worry about having the files. Absolutely. There's a lot of a lot of good options, I think, for at least showing it, you know, it's just when people want to actually start making changes to it. But I'm of the mindset that I don't give out my files that actually, you know, if I've done something for a client, I don't give them the files I always liken it to If you say thanks, Mr Picasso, for making me that lovely painting. Do you mind if I use my crowns and make some enhancements to it? That's how I feel when people want my design files or my You know, can I have the keynote file? Because I want to make some changes to it. No, I created you. Ah, creation. And I will make the changes when you get that changes. But it's nice that they can at least take it and present it. And also, they can't mess it up. You know, if you gave him the HTML file or the quick time file, here it is. It looks like I expect it to. And it's going to continue to look like that when you show that. So all right. Thank you. And a couple more questions. One had come in earlier from starts with me when you have been talking about the apple, the toolbox that you can go and you confined templates or other things that you can actually in app purchases. Yeah, and start talking. I was wondering if there is anything else that you have bought or other things that you found might be useful from as tad on, you know, basically the themes because fame's tend to come with all those extra elements. There's actually one. I think it's keynote h. Q. I think it's still around. They been around forever, and June no jumps off Jom soft, and I think they have, ah collection of templates on the Mac App store, and they're not all in the Mac app store. At least I don't think they've all moved over there. So just do a Google search for keynote themes. But they often come with not just cool charts and everything, but they'll have, like bullets or little, just little doodads like there's one that it was just all maps and international symbols. So is like all the round, glossy badges you know, just with different flags of the world. So just different things you could drop into your presentation. And I think those are amazing because those air elements I'm not gonna be able to make, you know, I just need them toe to build the drop right into my presentation. So and what about creative market? Is that something that you've explored? Yeah. Not for keynote themes, although, actually, no, I didn't go look at a couple. I think it was that or graphic River, but creative market. I used for other things, Like for in design themes, things like that. So and their stuff is really, I think, pretty good, but I can't speak for the keynote surgeon was saying that they do have. Okay, they have themes there. I thought I went looked at one, but I never actually purchased Aquino theme from there. Cool. Cool. All right, well, we had one more question, and that was that was from was from from Francis, who thanks you for all the wonderful learning today. And Frances is pretty new to using Keynote. And so is wondering if you have any suggestions for practicing or ideas around. What you could things toe practice, what we've learned today. So Francis was saying like, OK, I know that I would need to go in there and do things, but I'm just not even sure, Like, what are things that I could create? Do you have homework? Or just take something that you're passionate about, Like your favorite TV show? Or, you know, I don't know what's bigger in a game of Thrones. I don't have TV. So, uh, game of Thrones Ehrlich for me, I'm really into doctor who and so like you, I would probably just go and make like, a doctor who think and be like All right, here's all the things that you know happen here or whatever and just kind of and then say Okay, well, it's Doctor who's I need, like, a space theme or, you know, something like that or time, you know? So then I'm like, OK, I need to find a theme that fits that or create a theme that fits that. That kind of just gets you thinking, What is your subject? And I would do the same thing. Who is this for a my talking to the doctor Who? Fan club. I don't know, you know. So do these people already know Doctor, who are Do they not know it? You know, that kind of thing, and I think just find something you're passionate about that. You could at least make up 10 slides about or whatever. You know that. So it's something you already familiar with, you're not also, you know, it would not be charts and graphs for me. Let's just say because I that would spend too much time trying to figure how to do that when all I wanted to figure out how to use the tools in Kino for that. So, yeah, that would be my suggestion if he's doesn't have an actual you know, Project and I were talking about that at the break that I just love working keynote so much. But I don't have a lot of projects anymore that come up with that, that I'm just always thinking. I need to make something So I make things for my mom photo books for my mom because it gets me in here playing with the different options that air here so well, and especially if it's something that, like you, said, you're passionate about that you're gonna want to create this story exactly using the tools Exactly. It's not right. Some dry information that because you're gonna have those jobs, right? If you're doing for other people, so you might as well at least get into the You'll be fired up about the subject matter. So now you'll get fired up about Thea the actual tools that you're using to make it, I think.

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