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Concertina Collage Books

Lesson 3 of 6

Constructing the Pages

Molly Meng

Concertina Collage Books

Molly Meng

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Lesson Info

3. Constructing the Pages

Lesson Info

Constructing the Pages

The first thing we're going to do is construct the pages, so I'm going to take three of my scored cards and fold them having each one folded side, keeping it together. So the open side, the card is on one end like this, and the fold is on the other just to keep them in all the same direction, and then you're gonna lay them out, and this is what we're calling the seam of your book, so between each seem, I'm going to put them as close as tight as possible together, and I'm going to cut a little book finding tape, measuring the length of that I'm gonna cut just a little bit of that book finding tape and then cut it down again. So it's not a huge seem holder uh, about a quarter inch and that's what's going to hold this seems together, and I'm going to need because I have one, two, three cards and I have to open seems I'm going to need two of those measured out book tapes. I love this old book tape, but as I mentioned before, the age of the book tape definitely changes the consistency on th...

e back, so you want to be really careful with that. If your hands are wet, it will stick to it immediately it's an extremely strong adhesive once it's wet again, this is what was holding books together, so you want to watch that, and then you definitely don't want to use your tongue like you're licking an envelope on any of this, you want to make sure to use your water and a little paint brush and moving away from the paper laid down that finding tape keeping your seems together, because once this is wet, it has a fairly short life span of staying wet, so once we get it wet and you don't want to get it to wet, but once you get it wet, it starts the fabric book tape, starts accepting the water into the fabric itself and starts drying, so have a decent amount of water on there. If you find you've got too much, you can take a paper towel and just dab it over it as well, or you can take your finger and just run a little bit of the water off. You want to make sure you're seems they're totally straight before you bring your book tape in and then it here, your book tape, if it goes around the two edge, is not a problem, you're just going to fold it around, or you can cut it off either way, but you can see how I can't see through these two seems so now I'm totally solid between those two seems and that's where it's going to fold so I'm going to have a fold and then I'm going to carefully, especially because this is what I'm going to carefully fold this and have another full we're going to do one more because in this book we're going to actually have three of these cards so that's my folded seem that's my folded seem from the back oh, you can do it on both sides but with finding tape you end up having a little bit of a thickness if you end up doing it on both sides it could become a little thick and not have such a clean fold so we're gonna let that one dry wait just ready that so again the seems close together I mean a wet my book signing tape with a little bit of water and then follow that scene just to close it and this but finding tape gets so sticky which is why it makes such a great scene for these books I found you can use a masking tape you can use some kind of labeling while she taped doesn't work well it's just not an adhesive that that khun fold and then unfold unfold unfold it will fall off so you want to make sure you something pretty strong and I just found that bookbinding tape is some of the strongest so I do the same thing you can use your bone folder if you want to clear that seem out. If you got too much water on there, you don't have to worry. It will dry out. The bookbinding tape will absorb all that water and take it in and then I'm gonna bend around the two edges. Same way that I did this one. You can even see a little bit of that. I must have gotten a little bit of water because you can see a little yellow glue coming out, but we're not going to see it because once we cover these pages collage these pages, you don't even have to see the book finding scene. If you don't want tio, sometimes I leave it out. Sometimes I do it on top of the papers so I can see it. But if you don't want to see it, you'll just collage right over it. So that is now the inside of what will be your concertina collage book. We have both our pages seem together. We have are two ends and we'll start from there.

Class Description

Accordion books are a playful way to repurpose old books, greeting cards, photographs, and paper. In Concertina Collage Books, Molly Meng will teach you the tricks to assembling an extensive accordion book with a front and back cover. 

Molly is an artist, teacher, and storyteller who creates one-of-a-kind, mixed-media collage pieces from her extensive collection of estate sale finds. In this class, she’ll teach you how to: 

  • Choose an inspiring theme for your accordion book 
  • Reuse old greeting cards, artwork, and other paper 
  • Construct and collage the pages and covers 
  • Incorporate pop-ups, braided pages, and fold-outs 

Molly will help you plan and gather materials so you have everything you need for a successful assembly. She’ll also share tips and techniques for producing a polished and inspired final design. 

Learn how to convert your odds and ends into artful accordion books in Concertina Collage Books with Molly Meng


Nola Passmore

I really loved this course. So many creative ideas that sparked my imagination. Molly's instructions are really clear, and I loved that things didn't need to be perfect to work well. I applied what I learned immediately to make a concertina book for a friend's 50th birthday. I'll definitely be doing more of these. A great way to make gifts or use for your own memorabilia.

mary gabriola

This was a really fun class. I’ve made a few concertina books in the past, but I’ve never added other elements like pop-ups and inserted tabs. I got lots of ideas for new things to try, and a really good demonstration of the basics. I especially appreciated the discussion of all the alternatives - things like different kinds of adhesives, and when you might use each one.

Rachel Lyons

thank you thank you! i have sooo many greeting cards that i can't bear to throw i don't have to! great ideas and easy to follow.