Intro to Advanced IP for Photographers


Copyright, Trademark, and Intellectual Property for Photographers


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Intro to Advanced IP for Photographers

Though, and welcome to advanced I p for photographers I am so excited to be here with you today I'm so glad that you decided to join me for this course today we're going to talk about intellectual property in your photography business. This course is for photographers just like you, whether you do wedding photography or school photography or pet photography, no matter what kind of photography you do, whatever your specialty is, you're going to learn a lot about the intellectual property that's sitting in your business today, so I'm really excited to teach you about intellectual property and how you're going to protect your I p there's two major ways to do that in your business one is through your client service agreement, so if you have an agreement with every client that you work with that's going to do ninety percent of the legal protection, not just your intellectual property but the legal protection in your business it's also going to reserve your rights to the I p that you're crea...

ting, which leads the way to making profits right, which we all like, we all like profits so so that's very important, and then the other thing that we're going to cover is copyright registration your photos need to be copyrighted, and so I'm going to tell you exactly how to do that, and in fact we have a little bonus a copyright registration for photographers that you can download right on the page and we're gonna walk through that today as well, so I'm really excited to cover all these things with you and just so you know, if you haven't already definitely check out the first course that I did called protect and profit from your intellectual property that's sort of the one o one of this course and it's going to teach you how to find the I p that's sitting in your photography business, you've got a lot I pee in your business and it deserves protecting and profiting from so that course will teach you how to find it, how to identify it when you see it and also how to capitalize on it. So I would definitely recommend that you take that course first and then come back here and join me for the advanced eyepiece, so if you've already taken it awesome, then you're ready to go and just do you have some context and you know who I am? My name is rachel rogers, I'm an attorney. I actually practice intellectual property law I have a practice called rachel rogers law office and have been practicing for about five or six years now and I worked with photographers and designers and filmmakers and all kinds of creative's every day in my business and teach them how to protect their I p how tio you know, preserve their legal rights to their I p so that they can make a lot of money, right, and that's the whole point. So I'm going to teach you the things that I do with my clients every day in this course. So it's going to be highly valuable for you. I'm so glad that you decided to join me. This is gonna be awesome.

Class Description

Whether you photograph weddings, capture senior portraits, or shoot high-fashion images, understanding key concepts like intellectual property, copyright, and trademarks is an essential part of succeeding a working photographer.

Join Rachel Rodgers to explore the core concepts of intellectual property that every photographer should know. You’ll learn when and why you need model releases. You’ll also learn how to create client service agreements that protect your best interests. Rachel will also guide you through common infringement issues many photographers face.

The skills you learn in this course will enable to you to be your own best advocate, and both defend and profit from your images.