Protecting Your IP


Copyright, Trademark, and Intellectual Property for Photographers


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Protecting Your IP

What comes with value theft? Unfortunately and no one knows this better than photographers I have to say out of all my clients, I think photographer's work is stolen probably the most it's very easy for people to just steal you know your work and your photos especially if they find him online um it's rampant in your industry and it can be really disheartening, but the reason why people are stealing from you is because your work is incredibly valuable. So that's why you have to recognize that value take steps to protect it on dh, then turn those potential infringers those people stealing your work into customers and I'm going to we're going to talk about how to actually do that. S o theft of intellectual property like I said is rampant two hundred to two hundred fifty billion an I p assets is stolen in the u s every year and that's just the u s counterfeit copyrighted and trademark material amounted to six hundred is a six hundred billion dollar industry so stealing I p stealing other p...

eople's I p assets and creating counterfeit goods or misusing member? Misappropriating them in some way is a whole industry there's a whole industry dedicated to steal in creative works and generating revenue from them, and I've seen it honestly, I probably don't have any clients who haven't experienced this in one way or another so really important to understand why this is happening and how to prevent it so and another stat counterfeit I p, represents five to seven percent of global trade. Ok, so it's, a substantial piece of how money is moved and money is made around the world. So we're not going to be victims here, ok? We're not victims were not going to cry about it. We're gonna do something about it. I'm going to show you exactly what to do step by step process for protecting your work. So now you understand I pee in your photography business. Your business is made up of intellect, your property, your creative works used in commerce, that's all it is this I p that you have is highly valuable. Okay, it's worth a lot of money. It's, how you generate your revenue, it's, the assets sitting in your business and the I p requires protection. So that's, what we're going to learn today exactly how to protect your work and how to profit from it.

Class Description

Whether you photograph weddings, capture senior portraits, or shoot high-fashion images, understanding key concepts like intellectual property, copyright, and trademarks is an essential part of succeeding a working photographer.

Join Rachel Rodgers to explore the core concepts of intellectual property that every photographer should know. You’ll learn when and why you need model releases. You’ll also learn how to create client service agreements that protect your best interests. Rachel will also guide you through common infringement issues many photographers face.

The skills you learn in this course will enable to you to be your own best advocate, and both defend and profit from your images.