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Identify Your Core Offer

Lesson 2 from: Create a Product Plan & Grow Your Standout Business

Tara McMullin

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2. Identify Your Core Offer

Lesson Info

Identify Your Core Offer

Lesson one, identify your core offer. We're gonna start with reaching your revenue goal with one core offer. So right off the bat here, I wanna just kind of dismantle that what else problem, because when I work with business owners, often what they're doing is pulling together this thing, this thing, this thing, this thing, just to make it all add up in a way that seems doable to hit whatever goal they've picked, generally out of thin air. And so today I wanna ask you, what would it look like to hit your revenue goal with just selling one thing. What would it look like to hit your revenue goal selling just one thing. The faces here in the audience, they're a little shocked. That's okay. If you're feeling a little queasy at home, that's normal. We're gonna break it down and make that look not only possible, but like really fun and doable too. Alright, now either you haven't hit your goal yet, so you've got a revenue goal in mind and you're working, working, working at working to get it ...

and asking yourself what else along the way, or maybe you hit that revenue goal last year or the year before, and you've since sort of stalled out. You've a business that's capable of generating that much money, and nothing more than that. And the reasons for this are maybe you don't know exactly what to sell, maybe you don't know how to sell more of what you're currently selling, maybe you're constantly creating new or more offers, so you're not getting traction in the market. Maybe your business or brand isn't top of mind often because you're constantly creating new offers and not giving people something to sink their teeth into, and then also maybe you've kind of stalled out or not hit your goal because people don't actually get what it is that you do or what you offer. In other words, that what else problem, that junk drawer of a business model you currently have is actually contributing to you not hitting your revenue goal, or having stalled out at the goal that you did hit. Every time you ask what else, you're kind of clawing defeat from the jaws of victory, as an old boss of mine used to say. And so we don't wanna do that anymore. So having a core offer, having that one thing, that's going to allow you to hit your revenue goals, or at least most of your revenue goal means that you always know what you're selling. You're never second guessing or figuring out where in the year you're gonna fit all of these things in to your marketing plans. You can focus on a strategy to sell more, so you can create a plan that actually is about selling more of that one thing instead of what else can I do to sell all of these what other else's I've created. You're not wasting time or reputation, or in other words, brand creating new things all the time. And perhaps most importantly, your brand is actually known for what you do. When people think of a need that they have, they think of your brand. Or when someone thinks of your brand, they know exactly the solution that you offer. In other words, you've whittled things down to that highest contribution. Your main tool. Your finely sharpened ax. Your highest contribution is your core offer. It's that one thing that you do. It's that essential thing that you do that changes people's lives. That transforms a problem that they have, that helps them finally reach a goal, or maybe that just helps them scratch an itch, or fulfill a desire that's really important to them. Jack Dorsey said this pretty well. He's the founder of Twitter and of Square, you know, so a slacker. He said, "There are a thousand things we could be doing." Right, any one of those tools in the junk drawer, that's something you could be offering. "But there are only one or two that are important." And so again, everyone's onboard with getting away from this what else problem. Are you guys on board yet? Or are you still scared? It's okay if you're scared. But we're really gonna focus on those one or two things that are really important instead of the thousand things you could be doing. Now I know I'm hittin' this really hard, but it's so important, and I also know how much resistance comes up around this. So your offerings probably look a little bit like this right now. If you think of this circle as your total revenue that you're bringing in for the year, 32% comes from over here, 16% comes from this offer over there, 8% comes from this offer, 24% comes from this service, and 20% comes from this product, right. It's a whole mishmash of things. What would happen if instead your business looked more like this? Think about how you'd spend your time differently. Think about how you would invest in things differently. Think about how you'd systematize things differently.

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Ratings and Reviews

Lindsey Warriner

Every time I thought the class had reached a point that I knew "enough" about, Tara dropped yet another game-changer that I'd never even considered. Great experience, great speaker, great class.

Alaia Williams

Once again, Tara has been extremely helpful in getting me to think through where I'm taking my business next. I'm excited about the opportunities that lie ahead!

Ate Myt

Although the course targets people who have already started a business, I found it very helpful for me as I start my own business. I particularly appreciate the step-by-step guide to developing a 3-pillar business model. Very practical. i highly recommend it.

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