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Create and Design Memorable Presentations 

Andrea Pacini

Create and Design Memorable Presentations 

Andrea Pacini

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Class Description


  • Understand your key audience.
  • Create memorable presentations from scratch.
  • Apply professional design principles for an engaging presentation.
  • Construct an engaging storyline and share a clear, compelling message.
  • Make a lasting impact with your work.


In order to deliver a presentation that’s guaranteed to communicate your ideas in an impressive and memorable way, you need to know how to effectively refine your message and elevate your design with powerful visuals.

Delivering your message with a killer presentation is an essential part of business. Gone are the days where a stock-standard speech with a whiteboard as your aid would suffice. Having a captivating presentation that grabs hold of your audience’s attention is key but it requires skill and a brilliant formula to achieve this.

Now you can master the art of creating and designing the ultimate presentation that is bound to leave your audience amazed. Unpacking 4 key principles for perfecting your presentation, this practical and theory-based class will teach you how to define your key messages, translate them into a clear storyline, support your story with strong visuals and deliver your point in a way that no one will forget. You’ll even get to design your own presentation along the way!


  • How to master the ideation process with expert brainstorming techniques
  • How to understand your audience
  • How to communicate a clear message
  • Storyline strategies
  • The fundamentals of presentation design
  • How to present with confidence and ease while making a memorable impact


  • Freelancers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business owners
  • Anyone wanting to improve their presentation skills
  • Anyone wanting to pitch a new business or concept
  • Anyone wanting to grow their audience
  • All experience levels


Andrea Pacini is a presentation coach and founder of Ideas on Stage UK. Since 2010, Ideas on Stage has worked with thousands of clients, including Microsoft, Lacoste, The World Bank, and over 500 TEDx speakers. They specialise in working with established business owners who want to grow their business and increase their influence through great presenting. Andrea is on a mission to change the way people think about presenting and his 10-year vision is to help 1,000 purpose-driven entrepreneurs share their message, make an impact and be memorable.

Class Materials

Bonus Materials with Purchase

Exercise #1: ABC - Understanding Your Audience
Exercise #2 - Define Your Objective
Exercise #3: ATR - Brainstorm To Find Your Key Messages
Exercise #3: Mind Map - Brainstorm To Find Your Key Messages
Exercise #3: Traffic Light - Brainstorm To Find Your Key Messages
Exercise #4: 70 Words
Exercise #5: Storylines - Develop Your Storyline
Exercise #6: Storyboard - Sketch and Design Your Visuals
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Ratings and Reviews

julie haskett

I was just beginning to create a series of presentations when I noticed this course. Serendipity! I thought I knew what I was doing, but learned some great techniques. More importantly I learned what NOT to do. Now I have much more confidence in the process.

michal babula

A lot of useful information.


Exceptional course. Very well organized and taught. The course was engaging and practical, with clear actionable approaches, examples, and activities from beginning to end.

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