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Black and White Presets

So how did johnny look this guy's beard? How awesome is that this guy's great character but he is the best beer in santa barbara where I live what I want to highlight here was kind of a untypical way to do black and whites which is not curved it is using the black and white adjustment panel but going to presets and so often what happens is we jump right to black and white user sliders but there's some really interesting ways that we can do stuff here high contrast read a little bit too high the too bright for the face maybe the shirt needs to go darker you see where I'm going with that great way to start modifying images assed faras a different type of a starting point then you would have normally tried because we get stuck in little ruts presets get us out as do plug ins for that matter. So what this image I mean there's there's a lot I would do with the work flow on it some of it would be retouching and I'm kind of down to the end of my time a little bit so I'm just gonna go quickly ...

I'm using the the healing brush to get rid of some buttons I'm using curves this side needs to be needs to be dark over here and I'm just kind of, you know, going really fast the point of it mohr than what I'm doing, I think, is his beard's too bright download. You see that it's like you want the brightness to be up in the face, so I gotta gotta darken up this stuff here because I'm going so fast and my brush trips or so noticeable use the poor man's welcome town, that to soften my edges, and the image is going in a decent direction. Mohr work. But had I just used let's, just compare you sat and remove color. We wouldn't have the detail in this shirt, so the shirt's, too, right there, or maybe if I had just used the default, black and white, I wouldn't. Maybe I've done his face, but I would have forgotten about this, so sometimes what I've found is that presets lead to pretty interesting results, so just know that.

Class Description

Most people know how to use Photoshop features to create black and white images, but many of these conversions aren't very good. Join instructor Chris Orwig for Create Better Black and White Photographs and make black and white images that are expressive and strong.

You’ll learn how to use Lightroom and Photoshop together in a seamless way to give photographs rich and deep tonal range. Chris will show you how to change the brightness values of specific tones and help you selectively add brightness and darkness to direct the viewer's eye through the image. By working with a wide range of subjects, you’ll explore how to use presets and settings to help you achieve film and analog looks in your digital black and whites.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2, Adobe Lightroom 5.4



I LOVED this and loved Chris as a teacher! I get frustrated when the teachers jump around and don't explain things thoroughly. But Chris is great! Lots of new helpful ways to do things. Very informative and very helpful. I have purchased countless Creative Live classes and he is a new favorite! Thank you Chris!!